Who Says You Have to Put Away Your Linen After Labor Day?

Labor Day is just around the corner. In a fashion sense, many think this means you have to retire all your summer clothes for fall and winter. If you ask any Fashionista, this statement is so false. Wearing white and linen can be appropriate with any outfit, any time of the year!

With these hot summer days still present into the early fall months, wearing linen past Labor Day is totally acceptable if you do it right. I am here to give you a few tips and tricks to picking out the perfect summer inspired fall outfit.

1—Wearing a summer inspired outfit it totally okay in a warm climate, such as by the beach.

2—Adding a pop of color to a white basic makes the outfit not stand out as much.

3—Wearing a fall shoe ties in the whole fall outfit. This can be anything from a sneaker to boots.

4—Long sleeves complete a fall outfit. Adding a warmer clothing item to a skirt is a perfect way of keeping warm when the temperatures drop as the seasons goes on.

5—Sunglasses may give the look a more summer vibe, however, they bring the whole outfit together for a casual daytime look.

6—Make sure you accessorize to finish the perfect summer inspired fall outfit. Adding simple jewelry or a scarf to a linen or white look will complete the outfit.

7—Be creative and unique with your outfit choices.

8—Be comfortable and confident.

The change of season gets many excited for new fashion trends, but also prohibits items to be worn. You do not have to wait until a new season to get the okay to wear certain clothing pieces. Carry over pieces into the new season and feel confident in your choices as a fashionista!

Do not be scared to wear summer clothing items year-round. Make your closet appropriate for four seasons instead of changing it up every couple month. Having a variety of clothing and knowing how to style each piece brings uniqueness and diversity into your clothing options. A Fashionista knows how to use each piece in their closet in a unique way while still looking cute and feeling comfortable.

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Take Your Cut-Off Shorts from Sloppy to Chic in Minutes

The hot summer months mean the inevitable return of a warm weather staple: cut-off shorts. No matter the trends they always seem to remain in everyone’s closet. Cut-offs are the perfect item to throw on and be ready to go in minutes. With a classic this casual though, it can seem daunting to dress them up and achieve a polished summer street style. But with a few simple pieces, you can style your cut-off shorts and take them from sloppy to effortlessly chic in minutes.

To dress up cut-off shorts, it is all about keeping it simple and pairing them with classic pieces. The cut-offs I am wearing are “Urban Renewal” from Urban Outfitters. My go to way to achieve a put together look is by styling cut-off shorts with a button down, statement watch, and slip-on sneakers

A linen button-down is the perfect lightweight shirt that you can button-up or down as much as you want and even layer! Rocking this shirt in navy, from Gap, is my favorite because it is a great, neutral alternative to black for the summer. I love accessories and when trying to polish to any look, you cannot  go wrong with a watch. I am obsessed with this Michael Kors statement piece. 

I also added some aviator sunglasses, to shield my eyes from the sun’s rays! I love the way metallic accessories look against a bronzed glow (a fake one of course)!

To complete this look from head-to-toe, I slide into my blue, suede Steve Maddens. They are a super comfortable sneaker that create a more polished vibe than simple flip-flops would. Pairing this look with platform espadrilles or Birkenstock shoes would also be a great option.

To finish off the overall polished, yet casual look, I styled my hair with a one inch curling iron, leaving the ends out to achieve beachy waves. I kept my makeup bronzed and light to compliment my hair, as well my overall outfit and create my favorite polished summer street look incorporating cut-off shorts.

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Why I Definitely Made the Right Choice by Going on Birthright

Traveling, especially out of the country, is a special opportunity that not everyone can afford, be it in time, money, or other costs. Recently, I was given a chance to travel to Israel for free through the Birthright Israel program. This program gives young Jewish people a chance to travel to the Holy Land at no monetary cost. This trip lasted for 10 full days, and I was able to see all different parts of Israel including Tiberius, Tel Aviv, Safed, and Jerusalem. Myself and 39 other Jewish Americans aged 18 to 22 went on the adventure of a lifetime. I must say, the 12-hour plane ride there and back was definitely worth it!

Who better to go on birthright with than your friends from birth? So, that’s what I did with four of my closest friends since the womb. I loved having them there and sharing the experience with them. However, the best part of the trip was making all new friends. I met people from all over the East Coast, and I am still in touch with them today. The ice breakers that started those friendships were a little awkward, but after going out at night together we really bonded.

Besides all of the amazing people I met, the places I saw were unbelievable. I am one of the laziest people you will ever meet, but I hiked four mountains, including Masada. The thrill and adventure of the trip were so exciting, I just had to remember to stay hydrated. An added bonus was the plethora of amazing views Israel had to offer. Overlooking Masada, one could see the Dead Sea. I also got to shop at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv. The stereotypical markets were filled with cute shops, bartering, and the most unique items you could find. We also went to the beach in Tel Aviv, and that was definitely my favorite part of the whole trip. The water was crystal clear with almost white sand. Plus, I got to show off my cute new bathing suit from ASOS.

The whole experience was about trying new things. For example, we slept in the Bedouin Tents one night. It was definitely a culture shock, but it’s also so interesting to see how other people live. We also stayed in a Kibbutz one night. It reminded me a bit of a plantation because it is a collective community primarily based on agriculture. Without seeing and trying all of these new things, I wouldn’t have learned from this trip or made the unforgettable memories that I did.

Israel is an amazing place filled with wonders one could never imagine and the friendliest, nicest people. My entire trip was an adventure I never wanted to end. Unfortunately, it did, but I will be coming back, and for now, I’ll meet up with my friends and make tons of new unforgettable memories

Would you want go on Birthright, a never-ending adventure? Let me know in the comments below!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Lattes and Looks

In case you haven’t noticed, comfy is the new cute. We can’t get enough of stylish athleisure and dressing down our outfits with our favorite sneakers. There is just something about these looks that makes us seem like we are so effortless. The Hadid sisters are great inspiration for this trend.

There are so many ways to achieve this look but my current favorite is dresses with sneakers. It is quickly becoming my weekend uniform for so many reasons. First of all, it’s starting to warm up which means it’s time to show some skin. Secondly, it takes very minimal effort to throw on a comfy dress rather than pick out an entire ensemble, not to mention the less time you take getting ready the faster you will be at the coffeeshop with a latte in hand. Last, but not least, who doesn’t want to look like an off-duty model on their Saturday morning coffee runs? Count me in!

For this look, I decided to wear the most comfortable dress I own. It is a black slip dress with lace detail at the neckline.  The fabric is so soft and the dress is flowy in all the right places. The dress is so versatile because it can be dressed up or dressed down in so many ways. To dress it down, I put on my Vans and left the laces undone to further add to the effortless feel. Finish it off with a  jean jacket—my favorite addition to any dress. Throw on some sunglasses and you’re on your way!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring Breakers

Depending on what part of the country you are from and what university you attend, spring break can be anytime from March until April. No matter where you go to school or where you are headed, spring break is a must. Not everyone gets to go to school in a sunny warm place year round and when they have a week of school off, they head there immediately!

My spring break style is a casual laid back look that is versatile and can be worn to do lots of different activities throughout the day. Let’s start with the main part of my outfit or should I say the key piece. Denim overalls are a big trend right now and your spring break trip is the perfect time to show them off! I love my overalls because they can be worn anywhere.

Over my spring break trip, I wore these overalls to the Grand Canyon, hiking, the mall, and out to lunch. Another popular item right now is the pair of white sneakers. I got these right before break and loved wearing them to walk around in over the course of my week off! These come in lots of different shapes and sizes and can even come with laces to match your style. The must-have item on any trip though is a pair of wire framed sunglasses. Nobody can go out in the sun for a week without these bad boys! My personal touches are matching the red lipstick to my red T-shirt crop top and the tattoo black choker that I wear everywhere. Happy spring breaking Style Gurus!

BEAUTY BAR: Pucker Up Spring

Let’s call it like it is. Makeup is a skill and a beautiful skill at that. Between the tools and techniques and the dos and don’ts, there’s a reason they are called makeup artists. Speaking as someone who’s at a beginner to intermediate level, eyelash curlers look like torture devices and blending eyeshadow tints is a mystifying feat. Thank goodness I stopped this Fashionista who is clearly a pro.

Of the tips I’ve picked up along the way, I’ve learned that makeup is just as paramount to styling as the outfit itself. The two should complement each other and above all, reflect your personal style. With spring just around the corner, this Fashionista took to her cosmetics counter to create a fresh look, complimented by wardrobe basics, and let her lips do the talking – pun intended.

This Fashionista’s beauty headliners are threefold (and all doable!). First, to create her sun-kissed glow make sure you properly blend your base foundations and then apply a highlighter to your upper cheekbones for subtle shimmer using a tapered brush, along with a touch of blush. Second, mix in her winged eyeliner to your routine, preferably using a liquid product. Lastly, for the wow-factor, add a colored lip with a vibrant shade like her flirtatious violet lipstick.

With an already established focus, this style queen opted for classic shapes and neutral staples for the rest of the look. As another nod to springtime, this Fashionista is sporting one of this seasons biggest trends: floral embroidery. Her detailed top paired perfectly with black distressed denims and ivory sneakers and is accompanied by tortoise shell shades and gold jewelry.

Between the smart, effortlessly casual outfit and masterfully fun makeup the look contains balance that exudes this Boilermaker’s youthful flair.

STYLE ADVICE: Stay True to You

Attending fashion school in the trendiest city in the world is not always an easy task. There seems to always be someone who is dressed better than you, has more clothes than you, or who is trendier than you. After three years of college, I have realized that it is more important to tune those thoughts out and focus on your own unique style!

This Fashionista is a creative person and that reflects in her outfit choices. Even with an outfit as simple as a top, shorts, and a plaid shirt—she makes it look effortlessly cool. With spring weather approaching, it is time to begin to think about how we can dress accordingly as well. This Fashionista pulled it off perfectly, opting for a long sleeve black top and fringed black denim shorts. Sometimes when you want to add a touch of uniqueness to an outfit, the best thing to do is start off with staple items and then build. This is exactly what she did!

Once this Fashionista had her staple items, she added handmade necklaces and bracelets that caught my eye immediately. She then added a black and white flannel which she tied around her waist. This is the perfect touch to the outfit, and also a smart outfit choice because once the sun set and it got colder, she was able to wear it as an extra layer. She topped her outfit off with New Balance slate gray sneakers. These sneakers are not only sensible for walking around the city, but they are so cute!

My main piece of style advice to college students would be to stay true to whatever you feel like wearing! One day that may be pajamas and the next day that may be a ball gown, and that is what makes fashion so incredible.


Funky, rebellious, and fashionable are enough to describe a unique style of this Fashionisto. It’s such a pleasure for me to meet this guy. I was intensely inspired by his exotic taste of fashion and his great ambition to his future career as a film producer. Indeed, working with people like him motivate me to work harder and accumulate knowledge and experience of field studies in fashion and photography

Getting back to his unique style, I was totally impressed by his colorful unisex shirt. It looks chic, eye-catching, a little bit feminine but suitable to his body feature. Moreover, this oversize shirt works very well with his white shirt and skinny gray jeans that remind me of a very famous Korean singer, idol G-Dragon. If you had heard about Kpop boybands such as Big Bang or Super Junior, you probably would recognize the similar outlooks of them on this Fashionisto. Furthermore, the unusual thing about his outfit is the Nike basic pair of shoes which is also an emphasized point. Before the shooting, I had told him that his shoes would not be compatible with the rest of his outfit because it looked too casual compared to a high-end fashion look by intensely velvet pigments as well as the material of his shirt. Nonetheless, thanks to the white shirt, which seems to be strange, everything turned out surprisingly harmonized that express his characteristics at the same time: youthful, adventurous, and creative.

It’s been two months since the time I transferred from Austin College to Texas Christian University. I have never regretted this decision that opens many opportunities to meet wonderful people, who share the same interest with me in fashion and photography and together enjoy the creative works of arts.

WHAT TO WEAR: A Red and Black Valentine

The white winter wonderland is visiting the city of Boston once again, and another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Red roses and movie tickets sold out like fire and so did chocolate and leather clothing. Many say “leggings and jeans are your best friends for winter days.” But what if winter feels like forever? Especially in the city of wind, like Boston, where there are rarely any warm days in the harsh northeast winter to wear other adorable clothing in your closet. But who said leather aren’t a real deal too?

Leather leggings and jackets are the eternal magic spell of the ‘cool girl.’ The reflection of the black, shiny leather pants makes it hard not to set your eyes on when one passes by. Especially when it comes in a set of leather jacket and leather pants. Leather jackets could be more playful than the pants as they normally come with some fun such as fur or shearling. Our model here is wearing a shearling coat. The burgundy fur gives a total black outfit a major color contrast. Meanwhile, the dark, red velvet sneakers complement the redness of the furry hoodie. Her bag of the day is set to break away from the overall red and black concept with the Stella McCartney’s Falabella, Degradé Snake Shoulder Bag. With a slice of an exotic taste added to the look, she rather looks classy and sophisticated. It is never too much effort to put on that leather-rocker-girl look once in a while to rock up your mood from that plain white, snowy weather.

WHAT TO WEAR: Dress to Impress

Although I’m sure it’s not new to you, fashion isn’t just for the girls anymore. Gone are the days when old gym shorts and the shirt you slept in are a go-to for class. Done are the socks and sandals combo for when you’re stepping out for lunch. While I’m still a huge advocate for a day here and there lounging in sweatpants, it’s never a bad idea to try to dress for success. Even if you don’t have an interview or a date coming up, always dress like you’re going to something exciting later.

Men have notoriously been able to get away with comfortable clothing more than women can, but I think all the ladies can agree—it’s nice to see a little effort, and it doesn’t have to be hard. This Fashionisto paired his V-neck sweater with some casual green pants for a comfortable yet fashionable take on an after class outfit. When trying to pick something that will be comfortable enough to walk around in, yet nice enough to be ready for anything, a sweater is the way to go. It gives off the same professional vibe as a button up without the stiffness. To wrap up the look he added a watch and some simple tennis shoes, making the outfit perfect for anything from class to drinks with co-workers. He layered the sweater over a plain T-shirt, giving him another option in case it gets too hot.

Don’t ever think, “It’s just a Thursday, who do I have to impress?” You never know when you’re going to meet your future employer, or who knows, maybe the love of your life. Remember, you can never be overdressed or overeducated.