As we all know, florals for spring are groundbreaking. That was sarcasm just in case you did not get the little The Devil Wears Prada reference. Spring is that wonderful time of year where you see all the beautiful flowers bloom, and the weather starts becoming sunny and 75. Just because the season symbolizes florals and pastels does not mean that what you choose to wear during this time has to reflect that.

This Fashionista I spotted is wearing a black and white look that you typically would not expect in the spring, which immediately caught my eye. It looks good because of the risks taken in the outfit. For example, we all love that the overalls look has come back. Although this is true, I rarely see people wearing them. Overalls are also thought of in the context of being denim and for summer days. This was a unique spin on the classic overall look. This was executed well because of the combination of the form-fitting, white turtleneck and the chic black overalls. This Fashionista flipped the tradition on its head and made it into a classic cool girl look that everyone should take note of.

Another interesting thing in this outfit is the fun socks and sandals trend. Most of the times I have seen this trend, it has been a statement to an outfit. This shows a way that you can make it tie in well with your look, and wear the cute trend casually.

The last lesson to be learned from this look is to always keep a classic statement of yourself in every look you have. Personally, I always wear three small, thin hoop earrings. This Fashionista kept her glasses in the look which made this look even more her.

STYLE ADVICE: Making Statements

Nothing is better than having an outfit with the smallest, quirkiest details that only someone who is really paying attention will notice. There is no better satisfaction—on both parts—when these intentional placements are pointed out. Details make everything complete. Look closely at this Fashionista’s outfit; what do you see?

What I see is the intertwining of a fashion and political statement. Political statements don’t always have to be tense discussions, protesting or Facebook fights with your uncle. They can be simple and small—oftentimes going unnoticed by some. This Fashionista mastered the art of this intentional collide of fashion and politics—and rocked this outfit into her Wednesday classes. We attend one of the most politically active schools, which happens to be right in the political hub of Washington, DC—this outfit did not go unnoticed by anyone here.

But forget politics for a second. I also see my favorite animal: a panda bear.

For this look, this Fashionista layered a maroon ribbed sweater over a blue and white stripped button-down collared shirt. To accessorize, she wore a dainty copper necklace that had a globe filled with purple flower petals. Over that, she wore an oversize denim jacket, a must for anyone’s closet—no matter your personal style! Now in her jean pocket, she attached three pins. The first one is a Gryffindor pin, where are my Harry Potter fans? The second pin, is a pin supporting International Women’s Day and Women in the Arts. And the third pin, my favorite, is a pin in the shape of a hammer with the words, “smash the patriarchy.”

For bottoms, she is wearing your essential pair of high-waisted, black mom jeans. They are cuffed at the bottom, giving some space between her pants and her black booties. Popping out of this space is a panda bear. I’m not sure about you, but I have never seen anyone wear socks that create this affect. I love funky socks, and funky socks that give the impression that a panda bear is emerging from your shoes and waving? Amazing. How rad!

Today, this Fashionista showed us that our outfits can be more than a fashion statement. They can be a political statement with a hint of lightheartedness and cute panda bears.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Throwback to Move Forward

If you know me, then you know that I prefer colder weather and closed toe shoes over flip flops and blooming flowers. Instead of indulging in the season of new beginnings, I revert to the iconic parts of the past. I favor the old-school inspirations of spring fever heard in the melodies of bands like Sugar Ray and spurred on in teen movies like Dazed and Confused.

Basically, in the spring I take a trip down memory lane, and so does my wardrobe. If you Fashionistas and Fashionistos will join me on this trip, we’ll start our journey with the basics. First and foremost, I need vintage denim that makes my butt look just as good as Bruce Springsteen’s. Graphic T-shirts and band T-shirts are my essentials for spring because they aren’t as heavy in material; they can be layered, and they can be dressed up or down. Retro T-shirts are prime because they are the ultimate relapse to a bygone era. But for me, I only find it hip if you know who you’re sporting on your chest.

A spring motif I indulge heavily in is pastel. Pastel colors are a classic indicator of a more fun, vibrant season. Pastels also add a sense of playfulness and youth to your outfits, whether it’s a hint of mint green or head-to-toe orange creamsicle. Plus, the brightness of pastels ease you into the richer, deeper colors that paint the landscape of summer.

Like I said before, I’m not a big flip flop person. I’ll wear the occasional sandal, but I like to add flair to my outfits via shoes. So, in spring and summer I gravitate toward platforms. To put it simply, if the Spice Girls wouldn’t wear them, then I don’t want to wear them. Platforms remind me of what wearing roller skates looks like, and I appreciate the look and the lift.

Speaking of socks, a new trend to be on the lookout for is wearing socks with sandals, which is why I paired my platforms with these tropical pink socks. If I enjoy anything about style right now more than style from the past is that we millennials can make anything look cool.

One thing you can’t forget about in the spring is accessorizing. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory because they have no rules and they instantly make you look cooler. Sunglasses can emphasize your eye makeup too, which is fun to play around with and adds depth to your look.

My spring wardrobe has definitely become one big throwback. What I’ve learned is that no matter what era it comes from, if it is something I like now then I probably liked it before and I’ll like it again. If there’s one thing you learn from my style, I hope it’s that you find what you like, know what inspires you, and hold onto it for as long as possible.


Some people take fashion way too seriously. But what’s the fun in that? There is none. There is absolutely no reason to live in a world with no fun. With spring around the corner, and the snow (hopefully) going away, there is no reason not to be happy. To me, the best time of the year is when sweaters are packed up and shorts are brought out. There is something inspiring about starting with a new season. I see it as an opportunity to change and improve myself and my outfits.

Although many people think spring is a time for pastels, I do not. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a nice salmon pink pant, but it is just personally not for me. So, this month I decided to prove that dark colors can work in warm weather and you still can have fun while doing so. In order to prove this, I found this Fashionista sporting a lace-up oversize rocker T-shirt, Converse sneakers, and fun patterned socks. The smiley face socks made me laugh and also reminded me of the fun of fashion. Paired with the rocker T-shirt, it was the perfect match of fun yet also a little bit edgy—which is also trending this spring. The print on the socks has also been seen as decals on jeans, which creates the fun but edgy effect that everyone seems to just eat up. The black Converse brought a mix of fun yet casual, while also matching the black T-shirt.

I am hoping that this spring I will be able to have more fun in fashion, starting with just a smile.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers Are a Fashionista’s Best Friend

Cold weather is still wreaking havoc on us, even though it is almost April. This leads us to think more about staying warm rather than styling a trendy look. My question, much like the little girl from the Old El Paso taco commercial, is why not both?

This Fashionista has combined style and warmth to create one amazing look! Her secret? Layering a simple, white T-shirt with a knitted sweater! The basic T-shirt is an essential element in everyone’s wardrobe, and in the cold weather, it can be a great foundation to build on. She paired this with yet another layer: the ever trendy parka. The parka jacket is such a versatile piece of outerwear. There is no denying the importance of this heavy duty jacket when the temperatures are low.

The cold weather is no excuse for skipping the bold patterns. This Fashionista definitely stands out with her army print pants. It subtly mixes the camouflage and the knit, but it works! The colors compliment each other very well.

This Fashionista is also not one to shy away from accessories. The layered necklaces are one of my favorite pieces in this outfit. They make the neckline of the shirt and sweater so exciting. Who said you can’t keep accessories in mind during the winter? Accessories take any outfit from zero to 100 real quick, and the cold shouldn’t stop you from wearing them.

Another piece I loved in this look are the shoes. Matching shoes to the sweater really tie in the entire look, and the subtle hint of the wool socks is trendy… and a great way to show off your sock game!

The two lessons to take away from this Fashionista are (1) layers can be both stylish and warm and (2) cold weather should not stop you from accessorizing.

STYLE ADVICE: Neutral Zone

Spring is almost here and as I am writing this, a huge snowstorm is supposed to be hitting the northeast this week! The weather during this time of year is so confusing! Just when it seems like spring is around the corner, it gets cold again. Planning your outfits for in between seasons can be challenging to coordinate. You can never go wrong with layering and wearing neutrals.

This Fashionista definitely loves her neutrals and has mastered this look. One of my favorite looks to create is an all neutral outfit or a monochromatic look. So when I saw this Fashionista’s outfit, I was definitely drawn to it. I love how she mixed the different neutrals to create an interesting look.

This Fashionista told me that she loves wearing skirts all year round. In order to stay warm during the winter, she paired her button down suede skirt with some knee-high socks. Button-down skirts are one of the trendiest pieces right now, so if you like their look I would recommend getting one! They are super cute and can be worn during the whole year. She definitely makes this outfit work by making it fashionable and practical at the same time. She continued with the neutrals, but tucking her gray crop top into her skirt and pairing it with a black tote bag which is perfect to use for classes. To complete the outfit, she decided to wear some black booties, simple accessories and kept her hair and makeup neutral.

My advice for when you don’t know what to wear is to neutral it out! They are easy to pair together which makes for a sophisticated and chic outfit!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Knock Your Socks Off

Yeah, he is probably just a normal guy, walking around in some jeans. He has a goofy grin after talking to his friends about his night, so nothing really sets him apart. But then you see them. Those two glorious pieces of fabric that turn a standard daily look into a “holy cow, that man has his priorities straight.” I am talking about his socks, my friends. For those men out there who are not willing to take that baby step outside of their comfort zone to prove that they like to party, disregard this article. Read some other Style Guru’s article about how a leather jacket is totally rad, or you can stick to this article and learn the hard facts of life. I am here to preach about what no one will ever admit to you. Socks are super cool.

Now the greatest thing about magnificent socks are the elements of surprise, meaning pants. It isn’t as exciting to see someone with cool socks from a mile away. No, it is much better to think you are sitting down with a normal college man when BAM. His pants ride up a tad and you see the bottom of his socks. Conversation starter? Obviously.

The whole simple tone of his outfit, being black and gray consistently, is the look you want to go with when you are pairing it with those snazzy socks. Yes, I am saying that the jeans, shirt, jacket, and shoes are the accessories of the outfit, and the socks are the main attraction. Sue me. I would like to take a quick moment to compliment his jacket, though, because he looks fly. Is it a sports jacket? Is it from Lululemon Athletica? Is he going on a jog or going to the Queen’s charity ball? We will never know, but it keeps with the tone of the mystery. And what is with his Converse? How long has he had them for? Has it been a few years or has it been a few weeks of taking them through the grossest parts of Tucson? The world may never know.

My point to this article is to get those socks. The ones with the sloths on it? Add to cart. The ones with chicken wings and bowling pins? Yes please. The ones with those watermelon slices on it? Yes, I am talking to the basic white girls out there. Be trendy, because watermelons are apparently trendy for some reason. It is a fruit! How is a fruit trendy? I will do my research and get back to you, Fashionistas.

WHAT TO WEAR: Streeting Your Look

Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centers. So being a Style Guru in an urban center, you should master the art of “streeting” your look. There are many street style groups to choose from, such as Hippies, Teddy Boys, punk fashion, Skinheads, preppy, and many more. I have decided to address the urban style (colorful apparel, large accent jewelry, skinny jeans/pants, jackets, T-shirts).

The number one thing you must remember is to not always go by the rules. Sporting an urban style means you can always stray from the path of wearing what’s expected of you, since new trends can rise or be brought back from the past. Starting off with the apparel, the Fashionisto didn’t choose a colorful apparel, but did replace the colorful aspect with a printed sweater. Printed sweaters or T-shirts with patterns and stamps is the key to mastering this look. As for the pants, he has chosen a colorful pair of trousers but really kept the whole look in earthy colors. The trousers are and should be skinny to complement the apparel.

A traditional good old leather jacket is always fit for the occasion. Keep it shiny, keep it rock and you got yourself an urban look. If you do not own a leather jacket, you can always replace it by wearing a denim jacket. This works like a charm. To complete the look, he has a colorful deep red beanie with a small detail design in the center. You can go for a sport hat with a print on it as well. We also have a chunky watch, a vintage looking pair of glasses and, of course, the socks.

Socks are such an amazing and fun detail to work with. You can spice up every look with this tiny accessory. It doesn’t catch your eye right away; however, you will find yourself appreciating a good pair of printed or patterned socks. For the shoes, I believe that the best option is a pair of sneakers: comfy, urban, fashionable.

I hope you have found this helpful and insightful.

STYLE ADVICE: Winter Blues

February can really drag on, especially if you live on the east coast and you’ve already had three months of cold weather. So getting dressed up and feeling put together can feel like a drag, especially when sweatpants are so comfortable. But February is only a month away from March, and March means spring!

One way I like to dress up in the winter is by making sure my outerwear and footwear are on point. On cold windy days, these two components of your outfit are basically the only ones being seen when you’re braving the cold. Wearing a basic, foolproof outfit underneath your coat statement coat or jacket is the way to go.

This Fashionista kept things simple underneath with a basic black crop top and high-waisted jeans, but what made her outfit go from bland to grand were her shoes and coat. She paired her outfit with beautiful camel colored wool coat that was warm enough to save her from being cold. She then took a simple pair of red heels and matched them with my favorite trend: fishnets. For the past couple months, fishnets have taken the fashion world by storm. They look great as socks as shown here, underneath ripped jeans, or as a shirt. I’m loving it and I hope it doesn’t go away any time soon.

Pretty soon we’ll trade in our coats for light jackets and our boots for sandals and cute sneakers. Until then, you can easily spice up your outfit with nice outerwear and the right shoes.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Canadian Tuxedo

Possibly the greatest Canadian tuxedo of all time can be attributed to the 2001 American Music Awards when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears fulfilled our teenage dreams. Considering denim on denim has long been deemed a faux-pas, some might face the combination with hesitancy; however, the true blue separates are more of a basics double-whammy if you will. This Purdue Fashionisto thought so as well. The great thing about basics is that they can always use a little something— that’s where the details come in.

This Fashionisto’s jacket alone came with a few surprises. Not only is the jean jacket‘s construction impeccable, but it is detailed with stitching, gold buttons, and a marigold, corduroy collar. To combat the cold, he layered a denim shirt of a different wash and a charcoal puffer vest underneath. To complete the tuxedo, he added a pair of dark jeans to complement the jacket and detailed with a slight cuff to accentuate his colorful ankles.

To add some color to this muted ensemble, this Fashionisto opted for a pair of orange and black striped socks—a note for all men, whimsical socks are always a functional way to add a pop of color and personality to your everyday. Speaking of personality, this detail connoisseur topped off his street style-esque look with a pair of white sneakers, accentuated with a darling heart, and accessorized with black Diesel backpack.

A cuff here, a stitch there, a hint of texture, and a pop of color can really go a long way and transform any outfit, ultimately giving a nod to your undeniable style.