Last month I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, and Stockholm, Sweden. One of the most interesting things to me was seeing all the different ways people dress in comparison to back home. Neutral colors, simplicity, and versatility are huge components in the European fashion world. I was lucky enough to come across a Fashionisto who defines the art of neutral tones.

This Fashionisto is dressed in black, tan, and army green. Basically all the colors you will see over in Europe. In Europe, especially Denmark and Sweden where the weather tends to be colder, you will see a lot of layers. Danish and Swedish people love to layer up on neutral tones when walking on the streets. This Fashionisto does as well. Since there is a lot of walking to do in Europe, you have to be comfortable yet fashionable. As you can see, this Fashionisto did so by bundling up with a black peacoat and two scarfs: a black one and a black and tan one to enhance his wardrobe. To add color, he paired his coat with army green pants to fit in with the European’s neutral tones. Lastly, he added some comfy black tennis shoes and sunglasses to finish off the look.

Although this outfit may be simple, you would not it see regularly in the United States. That is why culture and traveling are so important because you get to experience fashion in so many different places. I am glad I got to partake in this European wannabe’s look because it truly masters the essence of European fashion.

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

Sun, sand, and style. These three components can make any occasion worthwhile, especially spring break: a quintessential time for college students to relax and have fun. Dressing your best and wearing what you love correlates with improving your mood. When you look good, you feel good, so use spring break to express your style!

Among the sea of people tanning and swimming in Miami’s clear turquoise waters, this Fashionisto’s spring break ensemble caught my eye. Style breeds in a city like Miami. As a place that makes trends and rarely follows them, fashion in Miami is beautifully unique. With Miami’s strong Cuban influence and vibrant colors, these factors contribute to everyone’s style.

This Fashionisto used Miami as his inspiration for this spring break ensemble. With temperatures regularly higher than the ’70s accompanied by a tropical breeze, a winter jacket is unheard of. This Fashionisto opted for a light blue linen collared button-down shirt, ideal for a day at the beach and even a night out. His monochrome button-down imitates Miami’s blue skies and is the perfect companion for his eclectic swim trunks. When in Miami, the beach is a priority. Swimwear is therefore embedded into one’s wardrobe as another way to express style. Mirroring the ’90s, this pattern on his Chubbies Swim Trunks is most likely found in various ensembles on the TV show Saved by the Bell, making this Fashionisto the modern day Zack Morris. The vibrant blue, green, pink, and orange that pop from these swim trunks are typical colors in exotic flowers and neon lights scattered throughout Miami.

With such beautiful weather there is no need to Uber, so these gray Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Low lace up shoes are ideal for taking on adventures in Miami. The sun illuminates this city everyday, making these aviator sunglasses the perfect addition to this Fashionisto’s look. A watch may seem unnecessary to some, however, this Fashionisto’s black watch is an essential accessory. Not only does it keep him on track with the time, it adds a distinct feature to his spring break ensemble.

Whether it be Miami or Mexico, take advantage of spring break. Explore a new city and your style!

WHAT TO WEAR: How to Dress in Southern California

One more quarter for us here at UC Davis! This month I was fortunate enough to come visit my family in Los Angeles for spring break. Here in Northern California, we are still getting a mix of cold and warm days, but in Southern California it was HOT, and I loved it. I was able to wear some nice spaghetti strap tops, some trousers, grab my sunglasses, and enjoy the day out. While I was out, I was lucky enough to run into this Fashionisto. Immediately, his outfit grabbed my attention and I knew I had to share his style.

Personally, I never pick up anything in maroon; it doesn’t seem to be my color. After seeing this Fashionisto’s trousers, I immediately changed my mind. These trousers are a beautiful maroon color—nice and loose for walking around and enjoying the weather. Usually everyone reserves this color for the fall. The maroon stands out in the background of colorful leaves. However, the spring sunlight perfectly captures and brings attention to this color. You can cop a pair of a similar look here (unfortunately no maroon, but a statement color nonetheless).

Since the trousers are the statement piece of the outfit, the white top is a good decision made by the Fashionisto. This top is simple and pairs well with the trousers.

To make the outfit more fitted, the Fashionisto chose to wear some tight laced-up boots. Because the whole outfit is more loose, the boots makes the outfit look more well put together and casual. Plus, boots are one of the most comfortable shoes for being out and about. Most of us already have a pair of Dr. Martens hanging out in our closet, but for those of you missing out there is no need to worry. You can easily cop a pair of these shoes here.

There is definitely no hesitation in declaring that this outfit is perfect for Los Angeles weather!

STYLE GURU STYLE: I Brunch, Therefore I Am

Well it’s official, spring is in the air. Spring is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. Spring also holds a lot of promises. For example: the actual sun, the freedom of spring break, aggressive pollen, and in my case, very aggressive tan lines. And where there are sunny spring break days, there are sure to be many outdoor brunch dates and rooftop cocktails. But sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect combination of comfortable, casual, AND on trend.

I present to you: my ideal spring brunch look. Despite the unfortunate tan lines, I chose to rock an off-the-shoulder frock anyway. This pinstripe print throws an unintentional nod to seersucker, a Southern spring staple. The hanging sleeves can be tied or hang free, allowing for versatility. I paired the dress with my favorite raw-hemmed Levi’s to keep things fresh and updated. Because comfortable footwear is key when one is slinging mimosas, I chose these textured Superga sneakers. And I do mean comfortable, these babies were there for me as I trekked the unforgiving cobble streets in Europe last summer so if you’re looking for a reliable new sneaker, I highly recommend. For accessories I kept it simple with this white cotton choker that’s giving us MAJOR 60s Twiggy vibes and rounded it off with my favorite black leather bucket bag from Zara. Pro tip: Zara’s bag selection is always ON POINT and won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re riding solo or with the whole girl squad, you can count on a trendy off-the-shoulder piece and denim combo to casually slay while enjoying that avocado toast and all of the mimosas.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Pretty Lucky Overall

I stumbled upon this gem while on vacation in Florida. We went there for spring break and hit up all of the beaches along 30A. Every beach along this stretch of highway is super picturesque but my favorites were Seaside, Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach. These photos were taken in Seaside in front of their post office (can you believe it’s so cute?!). I highly recommend a trip their if you’re considering it! It’s perfect for young adults and families. It was definitely an ideal get away for our spring break!

This Fashionista is to die for in this super cute but totally wearable look! She actually told a crazy story about how she ended up snagging this overall mini dress. Apparently, It was sold out in January of this year, but she was completely in love with it so she checked everyday for the restock. We’ve all been there! But even with her determination she still didn’t see the precious restock that her heart desired. Then, on March 3, she was at a concert and the opener was wearing a dress by the same brand and it brought her back to her own object of affection. She checked right then and there and it was in stock! She ordered it immediately then refreshed the page right after her order was completed. Low and behold, the smalls were all sold out again so she must of got the very last one. It was just in time for spring break! Can you say destiny?

I love the way she styled this outfit! It happened to be pretty cold in Seaside this day, but she didn’t let that stop her from bringing her A-game. An off the shoulder sweater looks so sweet under overall straps and this cream one compliments the baby blue dress flawlessly. Espadrilles are without a doubt my favorite spring shoe look. I’ve already picked up two new pairs and the season just started! The strap detailing on hers add such interest to the look. Her dainty gold choker perfectly accentuates her exposed shoulders, adding just the right amount of pop and femininity. I would totally rock this look to a brunch or a shopping day with friends!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter in Spring

Spring break has come and gone and it’s almost that time of year to break out those summer dresses and sandals. Me, being the crazy Californian, decided to travel to a much colder location for the break, Seattle. While most people were spending their break laying on beaches getting their summer tan on, I was getting rained on while hiking through snow. I’m a cold weather kind of girl for two reasons: one, the fashion and two, the ability to bundle up.

My attire for spring break in Seattle consisted of coats, scarves, and lots of layering. Since it was not my typical attire in sunny, San Diego, I went all out. I spent most days outdoors, so layers and two pairs of socks were necessary. For one of the days, we decided to spend time in downtown. I decided to go for a casual, comfy look to walk around in. Starting with a pair of black jeans as a base, I threw on my favorite oversize turtleneck sweater (with two shirts underneath for warmth). For shoes, I went with the classic pair of white kicks. To keep extra warm, I threw on this mustard coat with a hood to hide from the rain.

I like carrying a backpack around especially when I’m traveling for the purposes of keeping everything safe and also because there’s so much more space. I chose my black backpack with zippered details that can be worn as a shoulder bag and backpack.

I love to bundle up and cold weather gives you that option to dress comfy yet stylish. Maybe next spring break I’ll go some place warmer. Wait, I’m graduating in May. Okay, so maybe in the summer!

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Louvre at First Sight

With spring break happening this past month, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Paris with my best friends for the week. With two full suitcases and my passport, I took an eight hour flight to Paris from Atlanta and anticipated the week full of food, fashion, and amazing experiences I was about to embark on. 

In a city full of many cultures and styles, the street style through out the streets ranged from romantic dresses and sandals, to black jeans and leather jackets. The weather was relatively cool but that didn’t stop people from wearing what they want. All around I saw trendsetters sporting their style of choice and living their daily parisian lifestyle.  

While exploring the Louvre, I immediately fell in love with this Fashionista’s outfit. Sleek, sophisticated, and modern, her look presents just one of the myriad of styles that surrounded me through out my trip. In her look, this Fashionista is wearing ripped black jeans with flat black booties which are perfect for a long day of walking and exploring museums. On top, she is wearing a sleek white button down and a polished black double flap jacket, easy to take on and off when warm. To accessorize, she adds a beautiful gold statement belt and reflective sunglasses that tie the entire look together. 

I absolutely love this look because it is simple yet extremely cosmopolitan and on trend. Her use of accent accessories give the entire look a high end ambiance without overdoing it and becoming gaudy. The rip in her jeans dress the look down and make it suitable for an every day look while also keeping the elegance of the style. 


It is finally spring break for us Kent State University students, and my family and I spontaneously decided to take a road trip. We left Ohio and headed to Louisville, KY for the first time. The city is filled with urban culture and fashion will that makes you do a double-take while walking the streets. On our day of touring the city, I wanted to wear something comfortable and still fit into the environment of Louisville.

I chose to wear my crimson red track jacket that would be my statement piece for my outfit. Underneath I wore a simple white tank top so just the top could be seen when my coat is zipped. Black distressed jeans are a good way to make the focus appear more on my top and make the red feel brighter. This outfit alone is great to wear for an everyday look walking around town or to class.

We are still stuck between winter and spring weather, so you should always be prepared for whatever the temperature may fall too. Since I was doing a lot of walking and touring the city, I layered my favorite denim jacket over the top in a light wash and rolled the sleeves of my track jacket for more contrast. I chose to wear my vintage white Tennis Classic Nike sneakers because they are comfortable for long wearing occasions. I kept my jewelry minimal. Here I am wearing my Giving Key necklace engraved with the word “ASPIRE.”

When traveling whether it is to the coast or urban areas, you should always wear something that looks and feels great on you. With the return of vintage athleisure, it is the perfect medium between comfortable and fashionable!

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Fashion

Spring Break is here, and what better way to spend it than looking fashionable? This Fashionista is excited for the perfect weather in her spring attire, and cannot wait to catch some rays in the sun.

This Fashionista is wearing a beautiful Free People top, that has a very funky, spring-like pattern to it. The shirt is loose and has bell-sleeves, making it perfect for the April weather in Las Vegas. On the bottom half, she is wearing Free People jeans that are very unique. They have more of a flare at the bottom, and are finished off with a slit on each side. These are the perfect everyday pants, and can either be dressed up or dressed down.

For the details of the outfit, this Fashionista has chosen to go with a vintage coin necklace passed down from generation to generation in her family. The green and red beads are very vibrant and basically scream that this rad Fashionista is looking for a good time this Spring Break. The shoes she has on with this look are simple black Tory Burch sandals. These are more expensive than most basic sandals, but last forever and complete any look no matter what season it is.

Whether you are ready for a nice lunch in the city, or a shopping day with your girls, this outfit is the way to go. It is a simple look to achieve, yet will have heads turning as it is a very fresh and youthful for the spring time.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Break Fashion

Although a brief period of time, spring break has always been one of the best and relaxing times for students, regardless of what grade they are in. As college students, the frequent school work persuades us to enjoy the free time that we have, spending most of our time doing some of the things we love the most. Although catching up on sleep is one of the best things to do during spring break, my friends and I planned a trip to New York City. It would be our place of relaxation and excitement, while exploring the different things out there. After making this decision, the United Nations headquarters was one of the main places we had in mind to go.

There may be many things to explore in New York City, but there was something very unique about the United Nations headquarters. It seemed like a huge place filled with diversity, historical and current knowledge, and so much class! We all dressed very decent for this tour, however, one person out of the group dressed extremely unique and owned his fashion style.

This Fashionisto’s look was a mix of professionalism, comfort, and personal style. For his sharp look, he paired his black pants with a white long sleeve button-down shirt and a pair of black and white air sneakers. To prepare for the cold, he added a long gray wool jacket and a gray scarf. Personally, this fashionisto likes to dress very decent. Although a very simple look with pants and a shirt, his use of the gray  jacket and scarf helped switch up the look to a more professional look. Overall, he was the best dressed out of the team! For this Fashionisto, going to a place that teaches the present generations about past events and possible outcomes in the future, nothing could mean more to him than to dress well enough for the good contributions that the UN has offered.