Spring into Sakura

Spring is the season of final exams for students but it is also the time where cherry blossoms bloom. I guess it is nature’s way of providing such beautiful pink scenery to help students deal with the exam gloom. In this post, I would like to share the perfect outfit for sakura watching.

In this ever-changing weather that can be rainy and sunny, hot and cold, all at one time in spring, it is essential to have a coat that keeps you warm. Here I have an oversize gray coat on top of my favorite wardrobe staples, a simple black T-shirt and classic blue denim.

During exam time, a watch becomes a student’s necessity. I accessorized my outfit with a Gran Ben watch in navy blue from St. Vincent & Newport. This watch features a minimalist and contemporary design with Roman numerals. The sapphire crystal glass and Seiko quartz movement is the perfect timepiece of style and function that is suitable for any occasion. Accessories that have these slight accents in the detail create a personal unique statement that keeps you on time during exams and complements well with the whole outfit, all while keeping you smart and stylish.

Backpacks are also an important item among college students to keep your study materials and other essentials, thus it is also an opportunity to express your own unique fashion style. I styled my look with a black leather backpack from mywalit. The backpack is a combination of both sophistication and simplicity. It acts as a perfect addition to any outfit. This black Panama backpack is made with nappa leather making the backpack understated, luxurious, and sophisticated in aesthetics, yet lightweight and durable in function.

Finally, I completed my outfit with a pair of Lance shoes from Aureus. Taking inspiration from golf, this modern sleek footwear features a microfiber and canvas upper that is water resistant to tackle those spring water puddles—it’s all in the details! With the lightweight comfort and versatile color, this is the perfect footwear for students to have in their wardrobe to be worn from day to night with an elevated classy profile.

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How to Achieve the Best Vintage Looks From Thrift Store Finds

Everybody loves having a little bit of vintage in their closet. But instead of spending $60 on a pair of fancy jeans, wouldn’t you rather buy a pair for $10 or less? I know I would! It’s easier than you think to add these pieces to your wardrobe and at a cheaper price.

Thrift shopping has become so popular over the past couple of years and it is continuing to rise. All you need to have is a good eye and some spare time. But, where do you start and how do you find thrift shops in your area? The best place to start is your local Salvation Army. Yes, I said it, Salvation Army. It is extremely cheap and you can tailor your vintage closet to your own style! The items you find at thrift shops like this one are one of a kind because most of the time, they are super old. But, this is what makes them perfect to complete your look!

Now you may think that you are limited to what you can and can’t get from thrift shops, but this is certainly false. Depending on where you are shopping, these types of stores can carry anything from oversize denim jackets, mom jeans, and velvet skirts to vintage blouses and rock band T-shirts. Bigger thrift shops will carry items like shoes, hats, bandanas, jewelry, and other statement pieces as well.

Now, how do you put your thrifted outfit together? It’s easy because it’s all about the look you are trying to achieve! If you are feeling super ’90s one day, the look you are trying to pull off will most likely be basic. A pair of mom jeans and a cropped T-shirt will be perfect. Adding an accessory like a bulky, black belt will complete the look.

If you are trying to go for a cool, funky ’70s style, you may want to search for a high-waisted plaid skirt and match it with a colored sweater. Finish the look with a flat or heeled shoe.

Being able to put together your own one-of-a-kind look and styling it yourself is what makes thrift shopping so enjoyable. But, the absolute best part about it is walking out of the store with 10 pieces and only spending $25. There is no better feeling!

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Floral is Back to Spring Into Summer

At last, the spring and summer seasons are finally upon us! I can honestly say I forgot what good weather was. Now that I am not hidden in layers of clothes, I am excited to change up my wardrobe. I ran into this Fashionista and her outfit embodied my favorite go-to spring and summer floral look.

Considering the harsh Jersey winter this year, the sight of a floral dress is so refreshing. Dresses, in general, are my favorite pieces to wear during the warmer months of the year. Whether they are simple T-shirt dresses, solid color shift dresses, or floral ones, they are easy to throw on to create a girly, effortless look. Her outfit is the perfect way to spring into summer—see what I did there?

This Fashionista sports a lace bralette, floral dress, and simple, brown sandals accessorized with Ray-Ban aviators. This look is perfect to wear to school, lunch with friends, or just being out and about. The aviators are unique in that the tint gives a pop of color that pairs well with the floral details on her dress. The brown sandals are perfect for comfort and ease, following the theme of simplicity in the outfit. A pair of Converse or Vans would be a good way to make this a more casual, sporty look.

This dress also has that perfect length for styling it into a tunic as well. Pairing it with ripped skinny jeans or ripped boyfriend jeans would be the way to go. Pair it with some trendy sunglasses, a crossbody bag, and the same sandals and you have a completely different but still cute outfit. Pieces like this are my favorite because they are so versatile. Be on the lookout for more looks for my favorite season of the year!

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STYLE ADVICE: Ground Breaking Florals

I’m here today to tell Miranda Priestly (aka Meryl Streep in the Devil Wear’s Prada) that florals can be groundbreaking even for spring!

Since coming to FIT this past January, I’ve learned that many students wear all black and joke that it’s the unofficial school uniform. Outfits with color are harder to come by on a college campus in New York City. I spotted this Fashionista on campus with her gorgeous floral jacket! Of course florals during the spring and festival season are a typical pattern to see, but more commonly on dresses and skirts. This Fashionista’s jacket definitely has those Gucci vibes with floral patterns a major part of their latest collections. For those of us not on a Gucci budget (aka most college students), Forever21 has floral denim jackets. This look is super easy to recreate if you just want to purchase in store. Or if you’re feeling crafty floral patches can be a quick fix to spruce up a jacket you already own!

On this campus, sunnier and warmer days does not equate to brighter colors. Instead of focusing on vibrancy, I love how this Fashionista stuck to the unofficial all black dress code. This fashionista easily completed her look with silver and metallic details. One of my favorite trends this season were mules! Typically we see mules in plain black, but this Fashionista made her floral look edgier by adding metallic mules.

This Fashionista totally proves Miranda Priestly wrong. Florals don’t have to be cliche for spring. Floral denim is totally trending and can easily become a DIY project.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sliding Into Summer

Here in Western Pennsylvania, “springing” into spring and summer, is not the easiest thing to do, when the average temperature may only be around 50 degrees. However, you must take the days as they are given to you, and work with what you have. This Fashionisto does that, by incorporating fun, bright colors into his wardrobe, while maintaining the light spring feel. It is difficult to use season-appropriate colors, when the temperature makes you think winter is coming. Despite the harvest-colored accent, the white base in this outfit, is extremely important, as it livens the look up, and provides a fluid pop of a season-appropriate color.

The solid white points in this look, are not only well balanced, but also bring a light summer flair. It can be a challenge to look ready for summer, and not be freezing, but this is a great way to do so. The white sneakers prove you no longer have to trek through two feet of snow, the white cap can block out some warmer weather sun, and the white hoodie allows you to showcase any tan or lighter hair, that you may have already acquired. The cap also ties the white base, and the plaid flannel, together perfectly. The simple red embroidery complements the design of the flannel, while not overpowering it.

Many of the articles of clothing shown, are mainly solid. Adding a detailed and bright flannel, like this, captures peoples’ attention. (And what fashion loving person doesn’t want to make a statement, am I right?) It is important to note that the bright-colored clothing is located in the center of the body. This draws attention to the focal point of the look, and provides a well balanced, eye pleasing outfit.

Though it feels like summer weather should be here, the temperatures are still unpredictable, especially on the East Coast. Be prepared for whatever this life throws at you, and slide into the summer months with style.

WHAT TO WEAR: Senior Week

It’s the most emotional time of the year: graduation time! This is such a busy time of the year with so many lasts, goodbyes, and events going on. But one good thing about all of these things going on is that you can take lots of pictures to remember all these events. The first thing I always think about when I know I am going to get photographed is “what outfit am I going to wear?”

Senior week, there are a ton of events going on to hang out a few more times with your closest friends. This outfit is easy to wear to many senior week events. This Fashionisto is rocking the different color combos with his green dockers from Kohl’s and an off-white Pipeline waffle shirt also from Kohl’s. Layered over the long sleeve is a Somona blue button-down which can also be found at Kohl’s. To keep this outfit casual, it was smart to keep the shirt unbuttoned. If you want to dress this look up, just button up the shirt. To add to this casual look he chose to wear some simple black Vans. To pull this look together, add any sunglasses for those sunny days.

This outfit is comfortable and versatile for many fun activities. This outfit is perfect for spring transitioning into summer because of the fun colored pants and a colored shirt. Wearing colored pants instead of jeans is a creative way to dress up any outfit. This Fashionisto looks dressed up but still casual. Not many people would think to pair these two colors together, but he definitely pulled this great look off.

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Floral

College finals are now over. I can finally let my brain rest. School may be out for the summer for some students but it’s nice to make sure that I refresh my brain on the stuff I learned in school every now and then. For now, I’m going to enjoy the nice weather. This summer, I’m looking forward to traveling and to new adventures that I’m going to take on. With all the traveling, I’m going to need to pack some clothes that I can wear in multiple ways so I don’t over pack too many clothes. I saw this Fashionista’s laid-back outfit, and I got the idea of mix-matching clothes.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for any day of the week and when your traveling. If you’re a person whom doesn’t wear much floral, a black floral dress is a way to go. Black is a neutral color and with the small floral prints, it’s perfect because the floral prints are not that big or bold. Keeping the neutral color look, she threw on a gray cardigan that has a hint of black and white thread in it. She finished off her outfit with nude lace up sandals. Not only do the shoes give her height but also they elongate her legs. This outfit is simple and girly—great for going out to brunch with families and friends.

What I love about this Fashionista’s outfit is that every clothing piece can be worn by mix-matching with other clothing piece. For example, you can throw on a T-shirt over the dress and wear a floppy hat with flat sandals. When putting together outfits for your next trip, be sure to mix and match clothing pieces that you’re sure that you’re going to wear. That way you won’t over pack.

This semester has gone by fast. I just want to say thank you for reading, and I hope everyone has a fantastic summer! I’m so glad that I got to meet and connect with Style Gurus all around the world! See all of you Fashionista/os next semester!

STYLE ADVICE: Modern Minimalist

Less is more. Minimalists may have affection for simple and clean lines, but it is all in the details that make this fashion style interesting. They focus on superior materials and understated luxury design as well as practical function and longevity of garments. This Fashionisto was spotted wearing a Topman navy blue parka coat, a classic wardrobe staple piece for spring’s rainy weather. With spring just around the corner, this coat is versatile balancing function and fashion; it can be easily dress up or down depending on what to put it with. In this look, he chooses to layered his outfit to stay warm against the chilly breezes that still pass through in this mild spring weather, and using cool and neutral tones can tone down his outfit to allow layering, creating a modern classy vibe yet still embody his personal minimalist style.

This Fashionisto starts off with a black pullover layered with a collared button-down shirt, which he wears a pair of black denim and finishes off with a pair of mid-top Patron sneakers from Aureus. Minimalists are conscious in design and modern materials that reflect that. Taking inspiration from golf, this modern sleek footwear features premium genuine nubuck leather upper that gives a luxurious look, polyurethane (PU) insole cushion with Am-Tech Sole Technology, direct injected sole construction that provides high durability. The simple style of these leather suede shoes are perfect for those who run daily errands and wants to combine comfort with an elevated style.

Another essential possession for men is a watch. He boldly accessories his outfit with a black mesh chrono watch from Gilchrist Watch Co. (formerly The Gentlemen’s Watch Company). This watch features a steel mesh strap with a sunburst dial and contrasting 3-hand analog display in red. The stopwatch and calendar window also maximizes a watch’s functionality. Statement pieces that have these slight accented details can accentuate your entire look and make you stay sharp, classy, and effortlessly cool whether you are suited up for a formal event or in your weekend wear.

Last but not least, backpacks are also an essential item among college students and an opportunity to express your fashion style. This Fashionisto sported a stylish black leather Panama backpack from Italian brand Mywalit. Made with fine smooth nappa leather that has a beautifully soft finish, this is the ideal backpack tailor-made for students to be worn from day to night in comfort and sophistication. Not only does it looks luxurious in aesthetics due to its timeless leather material, but this backpack is also lightweight and durable in function; it has multi-functional pockets in the roomy interior that can fit a laptop. The classy simple design and the premium practical quality ensure a modern yet upscale look perfect for any occasions from casual hangouts to professional work environment, and it perfectly aligns with the characteristics of a modern minimalist.

STYLE ADVICE: Spring, Into Summer

Say goodbye to all of those boring winter clothes and spring into summer with a romper like this Fashionista’s that is perfect for both seasons! Spring and soon, summer are upon us so bring on the florals, colors, and festivals! Rompers are so popular during these warm months because they are easy to wear and can range from casual to dressy. This pastel floral romper is no exception, it is perfect for a hot spring day and a cool summer night.

This Fashionista pairs her floral romper with her favorite pair of tan heels which kind of dress up the romper and would be the perfect duo to wear to an event such as a summer wedding. For a more casual look, you could add your favorite pair of sandals. The romper is form fitting on top with a loose flare bottom, giving it that effortless and summer chic look while adding shape to her figure. Kimono sleeves are in full effect for this romper and add life to this outfit. She accessorizes with a simple silver bar necklace to pull it all together.

With the emergence of warm weather comes new trends. Spring cleaning of one’s closet tends to bring in new warm weather apparel to life. Bright colors and patterns are once again loved, and can really boost your spring and summer wardrobe. I don’t know about you guys but, I am always super excited to swap my sweaters with tank tops. Let spring and summer breathe fresh air into your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. Can’t wait to see all of your rad spring and summer outfits!


WHAT TO WEAR: When Dressing for Spring

As the weather patterns slowly start to change, we are caught in that awkward transitioning stage that takes place in between seasons. It can be a confusing time for us when we’re trying to dress for the wacky weather. It’s all about finding the perfect balance for your look.

This Fashionisto created the perfect outfit for a winter to spring look. Layering pieces is key for battling the unpredictable temperatures when the seasons are changing. A lightweight leather jacket is a great transitional item; it’s suitable for both warm and cold temperatures and gives your look some edge. Underneath he wears a flower-printed button-down shirt which helps to channel some hints of spring. Styling details are also a major way to highlight the changes in season as well. He cuffs his straight leg pants, which is actually something I find myself doing when styling my outfits for spring. The minor detailing is somewhat reminiscent of a capri pant which is a staple piece for this time of year. Keeping chilly weather in mind, he styles this look with some long socks that peek out slightly from his cuffed pants, which also adds a pop of warm color. He throws on a pair of slip-on Vans and rounded black shades, giving the look an effortless vibe.

So, when dressing during this time of the year, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Layering lightweight pieces is key for dealing with drastic changes in temperature from day to day. You can channel the changes in season with simple outfit detailing like floral patterns and styling fixes. Also, sunglasses are great for any season! You can never go wrong with a cool pair of shades.