How to Stay Cosy and Chic on a Long Flight

It’s official! We’ve survived exams, and summer is finally here! This newfound freedom provides the perfect opportunity to relax, go on adventures or even build up your resume—whatever your heart desires. Traveling can be one of the greatest ways to spend your free time during these summer months. Whether you’re backpacking around Europe, partying in Ibiza or off on a family vacation, you’re sure to have an amazing trip.

As exciting as traveling is, it isn’t always smooth sailing. Booking flights and finding the right accommodation can be stressful, not to mention figuring out what you’re going to pack. (Find out which 10 items fashion girls are packing this summer here). Worrying about what to wear to the airport is something you don’t have time for.

Mastering the art of airport style is no easy feat. Comfort is always key, but no one really wants to step off the plane looking like they’ve been travelling for ten hours – no matter how true it is! If you’re like me, your Instagram feed is full of stylish bloggers and celebs, whose airport style looks impossibly chic. I’ve come up with a fool-proof way to stay comfy and stylish on your travels. If you follow these rules, you’ll look like a seasoned traveller in no time.

  1. Layering. This is the most important rule when dressing for a long journey. Pairing a jacket with a jumper and tee is the best way to stay cosy while travelling. Airplanes can get particularly chilly, so a stylish sweater is essential for staying warm. If it does get a bit stuffy, you can always remove a layer and show off your cute T-shirt. A leather jacket, like this one, will keep you chic and prepped for whatever weather hits when you land.
  2. Shoes. Airport security is one of the worst parts of flying. You don’t want to be that person who keeps everyone waiting while they untie their boots. Slip-ons are my go-to airport shoe. They’re cute and comfortable, and a lifesaver if you get distracted in duty free and have to sprint to your gate!
  3. Scarf. Limited space in your suitcase can be a total pain to work around, so anything multipurpose is always welcome. Scarves are the ultimate travel necessity, no matter the season. They can be worn as a sarong at the beach, as a shawl on cooler nights and even double up as a blanket while you try to catch some Z’s on the flight.
  4. No belt. Aside from the obvious use of holding up your trousers (for those of you whose bikini body workouts were actually successful), a belt can totally transform your outfit. However, belts are a complete no-go when travelling through an airport. Not only do they make airport security that bit more difficult, but they’re not particularly comfortable when sitting in a stiff seat for a few hours.

Have I missed out on any of your airport essentials? Sound off in the comments below. Show us your favorite outfits to travel in by tagging @CFashionista on social media!

Trade All-Black for Summer Colors

As the seasons finally change from spring to summer, one trend I always look forward to is the amount of color in everyone’s wardrobe. Here in the midwest, everyone crawls out of their hibernation den and soaks in as much vitamin D as possible. We trade in our puffy winter coats, Ugg boots, and leggings for rompers, crop tops, and sandals. Personally, I’d like to retire the winter attire forever, but unfortunately I can’t do that until I graduate and get a big girl job! The one thing I will say about the midwest is that the frigid winters really do make you appreciate the warm sun when it finally comes out to play.

I came across a Fashionista that embodied the Midwest summer vibe to a T. She is wearing a beautiful off-the-shoulder mossy green colored romper from Forever 21. She paired the romper with brown leather sandals from Steve Madden that completed the look. The simplicity of this outfit was a grab-and-go decision as she jetted out of the house to meet her mom for happy hour. Her romper brought out the bright green color in her eyes, and they stunned me as I stopped to talk to her. I would’ve never guessed that she only spent a total of 23 dollars on her gorgeous romper—thank you, Forever 21! To add a little flair to the ensemble, she decided to put on a small, dainty gold bar necklace. The necklace tied everything together perfectly.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love a good all-black outfit, but colors truly create a great energy for the summer. Don’t be shy. Throw some color into your wardrobe and you won’t be disappointed!

How do you style color during the warmer months? Tag your photos with @cfashionista to share with us!

STYLE ADVICE: Summer Simplicity

Finals are over and summer break is officially here. That means concerts, road trips, and vacations galore. But what are you going to wear for all this fun stuff? Summer clothes used to be more casual and relaxed, but today we see simple, but tasteful outfits. Whether it is bright colored tank tops or earthy colored shirts with fringe, simplicity is in. Graphic T-shirts used to be the go-to, but are now barley seen at all. Accessorizing is now the best way to add to an outfit.

My Fashionista is a fashion merchandising student at my school. She loves simple but chic looks and takes part in all of those summer activities. She is wearing a simple blouse that was a thrift store find, ripped, loose jeans from Forever 21, shoes from Steve Madden, and a brimmed hat from Forever 21. She loves to shop well known brands, but also enjoys thrift shopping and seeing what she can mix and match together.

My favorite parts of this Fashionista’s outfit is her shoes and her accessories. The shoes look just like the famous Gucci pair that we all know and love, but they are actually from Steve Madden. Besides that, the gold necklace and septum ring add so much to the simplicity of this outfit—perfect for any summer activity. For girls, this bold lip color can also add so much and bring attention to your look. Makeup adds so much to a look, and this Fashionista accomplished this perfectly.

This is my last article for the semester, and I am so happy that I got such a great girl to write on. Thank you so much to all my readers for the love and support. I have enjoyed and learned so much for this experience and cannot wait to keep up the hard work to make it someday.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spinning Through Spring

This month’s Fashionista is nothing short of fabulous! When I spotted her walking by I just knew I had to talk to her. Those shoes, those jean, that top… everything about this outfit was perfection. As we chatted she told me she was headed to a concert that night with a big group of girlfriends and I thought to myself, “I could not have picked a more perfect concert outfit.” She was in a bit of a rush because her dinner reservation was quickly approaching, but she was happy to let me snap a few pictures and tell me all about her outfit details!

My favorite part of the look are these amazing orange studded Steve Madden chunky heels! The white jeans with the fraying and faux cuff are from a local boutique close to her home in South Carolina and this off-the-shoulder, orange silk top is from a local boutique here in Lexington, Kentucky. She kept her accessories on the simple side with a long gold necklace with some detailing, a neutral Kendra Scott pendent necklace, and no earrings. The outfit had so many fun elements, so I liked her decision to keep the accessories a bit minimal.

This outfit is perfect for transitioning from spring to summer because of its light colors and breezy fits. I asked her what inspired her outfit for the concert and she said it was the shoes! They are definitely a statement and could be a bit hard to style but they’re worth putting in the extra effort. What originally drew me to her (beside the killer kicks) was that she radiated confidence, the confidence that just draws you to someone. She was so sweet and her energy was contagious and I think it shows through in her photos. I hope she had as much fun at the concert as I had learning all about this fab outfit.

WHAT TO WEAR: When the Weather Can’t Decide

One day it’s 40 degrees outside and the next it’s 80. This time of year, that could be the wide range of temperature just in one day. As it is safe to assume, it can be extremely difficult to dress for a variety of seasons in just a 24 hour span. While in the morning you may be tempted to throw on a chunky sweater for your hike to class, by the time you’re ready to come home you would rather be in a flowy blouse.

This Fashionista takes on the indecisive weather by pairing a super chic jacket (that perfectly embodies the spring essence while still keeping warm), with an all black ensemble underneath that is perfect for the winter months. You can’t possibly go wrong with a classic black mock neck top and a pair of distressed black jeans that can be a great transition piece from season to season. Let’s not forget the stellar pair of Steve Madden platinum heels she’s wearing. These add the perfect pop to any outfit. They pull the entire outfit together while still adding a cool girl twist. This combination of spring and winter pieces creates an outfit that works great for any season that you may come across in one day.

Considering the challenge for multi-season dressing, I find it best to always keep a classic jacket on hand (with maybe a little bit of a twist) like this Fashionista did so you can make a quick transition through out the day. It’s easy to throw on and off so you’re never left too chilly but you’re always prepared and, of course, always looking fabulous.


Turning heads on campus with her intriguing denim conversational top, this Fashionista’s outfit is nothing less than daring and unique. When it comes to trends, its all about pushing the boundaries.

As she hints us with Rihanna vibes, her inspiration comes from not wanting to let go of her distressed denim skirt. Fun fact is that the top was a skirt that accidentally ripped and took a turn for the best. I know what your thinking—she’s a total trendsetter.

She is living proof that you can get the best of both worlds with your clothing.

The simplicity of accessories allows for the outfit to seamlessly look effortless. Midi rings are a go-to for a touch of sophistication, especially those with diamonds.

Chokers have obviously been a huge trend and I think this is the best one I’ve seen so far because it hangs down her back to her tail bone. This simple black choker is spiced up with detailed gold tassel chains and served as the perfect accessory to add to this outfit. Keeping her culture alive and vibrant, she opted for a vintage mustard and black-printed head wrap adding a beautiful aesthetic. I can’t forget to mention that her denim fringe heels are so bomb.

If this hasn’t convinced you to want to switch it up for a day, trust me your going to miss out on a “good outfit day.” Getting dressed is supposed to be fun and alluring. You get the best days when you least expect it.

WHAT TO WEAR: Pretty In Pink

As most of our semesters are starting to get into full speed now, we find ourselves just wanting a minute away from work and studying. The perfect remedy for a long and hard week of school is a fun night out with friends. A night out with friends is great because you can always wear something that is laid-back, without feeling like you have something to dress up for.

Hanging out with friends allows you to get your mind off of school for the night and just relax. Being about to relax means being totally free and comfortable, and that includes your outfit too. Finding the perfect laid-back but trendy outfit is ideal for a night out with your friends no matter the occasion. For me, hanging out with friends could involve anything from shopping, seeing a movie, going to eat, or going to a concert.

This Fashionista found her fit of a trendy but laid-back outfit for a night out in the city with friends. She chose to wear a more grungy, but chic outfit. On her top, she wore a band T-shirt that she did a DIY on and added some rips to it. On her bottom, she wore black ripped jeans and finished her outfit off with an eye-catching pink leather jacket, and the cutest Steve Madden statement shoes.

Go ahead and take a break from your hard schedule, and have some fun! Always remember that just because you are going out does not mean you have to sacrifice trendy for uncomfortable.

STYLE GURU BIO: Kelsey Hassard

Hello #RAD Fashionistas/os! I’m Kelsey Hassard and I attend North Carolina State University. I am a sophomore majoring in fashion and textile brand management and marketing. I’m stoked to be kicking off my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista!

I’m an advocate for taking risks in fashion, discovering new music, appreciating art, eating good food and surrounding oneself with kick-ass people.

Originally from Long Island, just a few towns shy of the Hamptons and a quick train ride outside of the city, my style was influenced early on by quaint beach towns and boisterous urban cities. I believe in self-expression through fashion which is why I can’t ‘title’ my style one specific headline. But if I did, I would call it “Bo-hedg-y-ban”, an eclectic mix of bohemian, edgy and urban threads (but that sounds a little verbose).

At a bare minimum, 1/3 can compile my ensemble at any given moment… the color black (usually head to toe, because why not), my wrists stacked high and my neck layered in ALV Jewels, and last but not least, Steve Madden shoes. Whether I’m looking for an edgy finish to a blacked out leather look, or a bohemian statement piece to pop against my bronzed summer skin, Steve Madden shoes are my go-tos.

I’m a huge music guru as well; I can spend hours upon hours sitting in a coffee shop, perfecting a Spotify playlist. I absolutely love going to music festivals and indulging in nonstop music, art and fashion for days. Festival fashion has to be one of my favorite fashion genres. I love the endless opportunities that fall under festival wear, from metal accents and lace undertones to acid wash denim and studded leather.

For today’s look I paired an oversize Free People sweater with black distressed denim jeans that I added a raw hem to for an edgier look. I topped off the look with classic black Chelsea boots from Steve Madden and layered ALV Jewels Nikki Choker and braided horn choker.

STYLE GURU BIO: Gabrielle O’Donnell

Hello, everyone! My name is Gabrielle O’Donnell, and I am a sophomore at Liberty University in Virginia. My major is strategic communications with a focus on social media management. My dream job would be to work on the web design and social media for a fashion or a magazine company. Living and working in the city would be a dream come true of mine. Since I am from New Jersey, whenever I am home for breaks from college, everyone knows that you can instantly find me in NYC exploring new places or trying out new cafes.

This semester marks one year that I have been working with CollegeFashionista, and I am so thankful for all of the amazing opportunities and friendships this internship has given me. The countless CF adventures in the city are memories I will always cherish and remember.

For my Style Guru Bio, I decided to shoot in New York City for a fun vibe to go with my look. When putting together my super trendy outfit, I decided to pair a lot of this winter’s biggest trends. To begin, I am wearing a solid white T-shirt paired with a lace, crushed velvet dress. Under my dress, I am wearing a pair of black tights and then matched with gray, sparkly socks and my white oxford shoes.

Accessories are always important to tie an outfit together, so in this look, I wore a black choker and a pair of cat eye sunglasses. It was only fitting to wear some of the winter season’s hottest accessories in this look.

I am looking forward to a fun, adventurous spring semester and an all around wonderful 2017! I can’t wait to show you some of the most stylish people around Liberty University’s campus, so stay tuned for many posts to come!


Lately, I’ve realized that fashion and style are two different things. I know there have been people who’ve said it before, but I didn’t really believe them, I guess. Audrey Hepburn once said, “Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.” And I’ve come to agree with her on that.

I used to think that people should dress in a very specific way—the way I learned from Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. And while there are timeless truths about fashion (in my opinion), it doesn’t mean that breaking them suddenly means you’ll look unkempt or unruly. Rather, it just means that you have a certain style.

A while back, I started a Pinterest board of clothing for someone I know. He hated most of what I had pinned for him. Go figure. His style is somewhere between skater and adventurer (with a strong affinity for shirts that he got for running marathons), and I had pinned dress pants with button-down, fitted plaid shirts. So I left Pinterest alone for a couple months.

Then, for some reason, I felt the need to update it last month. As I scrolled through his board, I realized that most of the things I had pinned didn’t fit his style. So, I deleted most of the pins and started searching for band T-shirts and outfits with hoodies, because that’s his style. It might not be what’s on the front cover of GQ, but it fits who he is. I even pinned a David Bowie shirt for him—because he loves Bowie.

And while I don’t own a Bowie shirt (even though I have a Bowie The Labyrinth shirt on my wish list), T-shirts aren’t typically the first thing I pick out to wear in the morning. Like I’ve worn in all my other Style Guru bios, I typically incorporate cheetah print into my wardrobe. In my opinion, wearing cheetah print on cheetah print is perfectly acceptable, which you can see I’ve done with my sweater and skirt. To break it up a little, I’ve layered them with a long, flowing, solid-colored shirt. I guess I don’t follow conventional style rules either.

So, I finally joined the “style and fashion are different” club and realized that I’ve been living in the “in style” but not “in fashion” realm for a long time. And sometimes I look at myself and think, “What was I thinking when I put that on?” But then, I do it again.