Earn Your Stripes With This Timeless Design

Stripes first began in Medieval times evoking symbols of darkness and evil. Only those who committed unspoken acts were doomed to wear the design. Criminals, prisoners, clowns, and hangmen were all seen wearing stripes and continued to throughout history.

Fast-forward a few centuries to the Queen Victorian era of the late nineteenth century. Stripes were reborn for the use of the royal family. From the family’s beach obsession and yacht activities, stripes became associated with sailors and have since been a nautical design.

Decades later, Coco Chanel then adopted the navy and white striped look in the early twentieth century. Inspiration struck her from the stripe-usage in the French Rivera. Navy and white stripes were then pretty common in her chic designs.

Post Chanel, ranging from the ’50s to today, stripes have been a classic design. They work well with everything and are appropriate for every occasion. Stripes are timeless and considered the new basic white T-shirt. They are a definite must-have and can be worn various ways.

Is the idea of horizontal stripes appearing to widen your figure true?

In my opinion, the answer is false! While it’s true the eye follows the movement of the design, it, in fact, does not appear to stretch your figure. Call it a mind trick; it is more of a distracting optical illusion than an unflattering design. Waldo wears stripes for a reason.

If you love stripes, own it. In truth, this really goes for anything you want to wear. An outfit works best with confidence!

Stripes are seen on any garment, and range in all different line weights. The design is very versatile and will serve looks in any predicament. Dress stripes up for a professional meeting, or relax in a more laid-back striped shirt and jeans.Stripes can be worn in any season! Rock stripes with denim for the summer and fall.

Mix bold stripes with bold accessories.

Strap-in and share your true stripes with confidence on social media. Tag @Cfashionista when you do!

Back-to-School Outfit Inspo From the Coolest Girls on Campus

Created with Topshop

Between scary professors, the guy across the hall, and hundreds of new classmates, the first day back to school is not without its pressure. Yet while the first day back used to be the time to go all out, every cool girl has come to learn over the years that it’s the kiss of death to look like you tried too hard to look good—and who has time, anyway? You have syllabi to review and reunions to host.

Fortunately, we got the chance to catch up with the coolest girls we know to check out their style essentials and back-to-school basics. Keep scrolling for some seriously effortless inspiration on how to style key pieces to impress on your first day back.

When you go to school in NYC, it’s easy to blend in with the millions of people
roaming the streets. Instead of choosing muted colors this fall, I wanted to pick
statement patterns like these attention-grabbing stripes to help me stand out. Plus,
the cream color warms up the top and makes it a great autumn take on nautical
stripes!” – Kiki Murphy, Style Guru at NYU

I’m in an all-girl rock band and I like to add a touch of grunge to all my outfits. I love Topshop’s MOTO line since the pieces are both flattering and badass. I can totally see myself rocking their MOTO Lace Up Denim Mini Skirt both on campus and on stage.” – Tigerlily Cooley, Style Guru at Fordham University

We all have those days when we can’t figure out what to wear for class, which is why
it’s good to own wardrobe staples that are easy to throw on. I like that I can rely on
Topshop for those basics, as well as strong statement pieces for when I want to spice
up those everyday looks. It’s definitely my go-to destination for back-to-school
shopping!” – Jade Sayson, Style Guru at Columbia College Chicago

The first week of school is all about creating a solid foundation for the semester—so why not do it with your wardrobe, too? Instead of going all out with statement pieces and over-the-top looks, create a vibe that’s simple but strong. Feeling inspired, but lacking the basics your wardrobe needs?

Be sure to check out Topshop for 10 percent off everything for all students—because it’s possible to look great and actually still afford all the textbooks you need to pass your classes.

How Your Matching Matters

It’s already mid summer now, what are you waiting for? Take out all your cute tops and shorts and put them on! But wait, before you take out your clothes from the closet, there’s something you need to know: matching matters!

I’m not saying that you should wear the same color for your tops and pants, but to focus on details—that’s what makes your look special. Stripes are an element that will never be outdated, but it doesn’t have to be black and white. White stripes on red color is a good choice. Dark red goes with any color, especially jeans. The bodysuit shown in this Insta is a good example. Since the top is the focus, the bottom should be simple, so it won’t make the whole look jumbled.

Now, the choker is the soul and the matchy-matchy part of the look. The top’s front is very open, which makes it look like something is missing. But a choker can make everything better. It compensates the emptiness of the front part. A black choker would be classic, but a red one can bring a fresh element to the look and also match the top.

Another great matching element of this look is the sunglasses and bracelet. The sunglasses have a frame that is red and green. The bracelet is the color of the Italian flag, which also has red and green elements. It’s a striking match of colors which attracts people’s attention. At the same time, it’s not a big chunk on your wrist that may disrupt the unity of your look.

There are so many different and cute clothes to wear in summer. But to make yourself stand out from the crowd, the right color is essential, as well as the details like matching your color.

What’s your favorite way to match for the perfect statement piece? Let me know in the comments below!

A Curious Case of Stripes—5 Ways to Wear Striped Pants

In case anyone was unaware, patterned pieces are in. One of the patterns I always seem to reach for is vertical stripes. Not only are they stylish, they are also flattering on the body. A vertical stripe will make you look longer and leaner. I’ve found five different ways to style a striped pant, no matter the occasion.

1—Beach bum. The first way to wear your striped pants is over your bathing suit. These are perfect to pair with a one-piece bathing suit so you can hit up brunch with the girls, then make your way to the pool afterward.

2—Fashionably Formal. The next place to wear a patterned pant is to a job interview. Pair them with a nice blouse and a black blazer to look polished and put together, while still being stylish.

3—Trendy. A third way to rock striped pants is to pair them with some of the latest trends. Off the shoulder tops are a staple of summer 2017, so why not rock them both together. Throw on your sunglasses for an effortlessly chic vibe.

4—Sporty chic. Pair them with a pair of casual shoes and a ball cap to pull off the “I just rolled out of bed, but I still look good” trend.

5—Casual. The final look is simply casual. For this look, all you’ll need is a band shirt or any graphic T-shirt and some classic sandals to complete the outfit.

There’s never just one way to wear an individual piece of clothing, and part of fashion is being able to experiment with different looks.

What is your favorite way to rock striped pants? Let us know in the comments below!  Share your favorite looks with us on social media by tagging @CFashionista.

Striking Stripes for Summer

For me, starting the summer off right always includes the perfect outfit. Whether I’m heading to the city or just hanging out at a family BBQ, I can never go wrong with stripes. Stripes have been around for forever, and I think they’ll be around for a long time, because who will get sick of them? Definitely not this girl! Stripes are so versatile and can be seen in everyday wear on every type of Fashionista. No matter what your style may be, adding stripes into your wardrobe is always going to make it exciting and unique.


Stripes can go with just about anything and come in tons of different colors, shapes, and sizes. My favorite go-to in the summer is a striped T-shirt dress. This T-Shirt dress stood out to me because of how the black and tan stripes complement and flow with one another. The neutral colors also make it easy to add some pops of color and intrigue in your accessories. T-shirt dresses are fun and easy to wear, plus you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion!

Layering with stripes creates a whole new look, and a denim shirt is one of my favorite ways to layer. Since it is summertime, denim jackets can be a bit heavy but denim shirts are the perfect piece. Denim shirts are lightweight and can be the final touch to any outfit! There are so many different washes of denim that can match just about anything, so you can never go wrong. I thought this lighter wash looked great in contrast with the dark stripes in my dress.

Finding the right shoes to complete any outfit can be tricky but knee-high gladiators can be the solution! Knee-high gladiators add a little something extra to your outfit to tie your look together and draw the attention to your legs. They’re the final touch to your summer look, so you can be ready for all types of summer fun.

Let us know how you feel about this summer trend and show us your stripes style by tagging @CFashionista!

The Truth About Stripes

Over the years, stripes have been one of the most controversial topics in the fashion community. Some critics say that they make the female body appear larger, others say that the right kind of stripes can be extremely flattering on the fem-figure, with the ability to create a flawless shape. This debate has led to many women steering clear from all stripes for fear they will make them look larger than they are. But who’s to tell us that horizontal or vertical stripes can’t make us look our best?

Recently, stripes have made a huge comeback. Thick, thin, horizontal, and vertical stripes are all seeing a significant reappearance. Many different fashion companies, ranging from high fashion to local retailers, are releasing new lines of striped clothing. Versace and Louis Vuitton recently released new summer lines with striped pieces. Local retailers such as Windsor, Charlotte Russe, and Express have also focused on incorporating a variety of striped attire to create a casual and appealing look. The progression of the trend has given both men and women the ability to create looks ranging from business casual to sexy, preppy, and even punk.

Finding the right stripe style for you can be difficult, but once you do, it can take your style to a new level. The effect of stripes depends on your body type and the shape of the stripe. Horizontal stripes create an unbroken line, which makes for a continuous shape. Verticals, on the other hand, create contrasting views between the black and white, which can distort the visual appearance of the body. This doesn’t mean that vertical stripes can’t be worn to make a desirable shape; it’s important to find the right thickness and spacing between the stripes that compliment your body.

There are endless options for striped clothing. Almost every fashion company releases items that will fit your style and body type. Personally, I find a variety of chic pieces at companies like Windsor. They sell a striped clothing line that has extreme variations between stripe size, color, and style. I’ve found numerous pieces suitable for my body type and created several different looks. Never listen to those who say stripes aren’t for you, find your stripe and rock it!

What tips do you have for those looking to find the right stripe? Show me your favorite striped looks on social media, and be sure to tag @CFashionista!

It’s All About The Stripes

I found a long lost love for this summer: stripes! Bold stripes are always a statement as they have been worn everywhere from the runway to the street.

Stripes are an amazing go-to. I chose this romper because it’s comfortable for the hot weather and it’s summer, the more relaxed season of the year for college students. You can take advantage of the fewer credits hours by wearing outfits that help you de-stress and feel self-assured. You could also wear this attire to hang out with friends right after classes. This outfit is so versatile and could be worn for different occasions.

To go to class, you could pair it up with a pair plain of sneakers or sandals. While to go out with friends you could use the same or pair it with heels. The pair of glasses, necklace, and bag add a vintage and sophisticated feel.

I have a few tips that I learned from this styling. First, love and be confident in your wardrobe; it will be much easier to create looks that you’ll feel beautiful in since the clothing and accessories in your wardrobe are based on your style. When you add little elements, it should result in a stunning look. Second, create the look you have in mind. For example, the purse had a long strap but tucking it in was a much better for the look I imagined. Third, wear stripes; tops, rompers, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses. You’ll clearly look chic and feel très chic like this Fashionista!

How do you rock stripes? Comment blow or show us on social media by tagging @CFashionista!

Spicing Up Your Summertime Classics

Gingham, seersucker, and stripes have been summertime’s classic staples for decades. As fashion has evolved with trends coming and going, these timeless patterns and fabrics have been constant. Those summertime stripes are a massive trend this season. They have been used in ways that are both simple and chic, as well as bold and statement making. Stripes are also being implemented in the modern button downs that graced the S/S 17 runways in unexpected silhouettes and deconstructed styles. This Fashionista has taken the base of both these trends, keeping them casual and wearable for a wonderful daytime ensemble.

What I love about this babe is that she keeps things simple—taking the bold stripes and avant-garde button-down trends and streamlining them in a way that any Fashionista can pull off. She pairs her blue and white button-down with some high-waisted denim shorts for a classic and crisp summery look. What could have been a very understated look, this Fashionista made it all her own with the addition of black and silver accessories. She rocks a black leather belt with the etched hardware so much that I sought for one myself. Complementing the belt, she wears a metal choker with black enamel detailing. Both of these pieces are gorgeous, detailed interest elements that soften the look and feel of the traditional striped shirt. Again taking a twist on the traditional she ties her entire look together with the most adorable slip-on loafers with metallic silver that complements the hardware sprinkled throughout her look.

This Fashionista has taken the parts of the seasonal trends that work for her and implemented them in a way that fits her wardrobe and her life—to me, that is true style! This summer when you’re wearing those crisp summer classics, don’t be afraid to mix it up and add pieces that contrast your clothing in both color and shape. Modernize your traditional accessories by opting for metallics or other bold colors.

What are your favorite summer classics, and how do you make them modern? Show us on social media and be sure to tag @cfashionista!

How to Dress Like a Londoner in the Summertime

Rainy and cold even in the summer months, London fashion has adapted to the chiller air and unpredictable weather. Spending my summer abroad in England, I have started picking up on the differences between American and English fashion. While similar, London summer style sticks to layers and adds pops of color to liven up the overall muted color palette seen on many of the locals.

This American in London brought her love for patterns and textures with her abroad and has blended her style in with the local look. Taking a striped camisole such as this one from Madewell, this Fashionista layered her look to add another dimension to her outfit while keeping herself warm in the rainy weather. Pairing strappy shirts and dresses with white T-shirts underneath has been one of my favorite spring and summer trends. Straight out of the ’90s, this look has me falling in love with layers all over again. Sticking with ’90s inspiration, this Fashionista opted for a pair of platform sandals and a minimalistic choker. Known to rock edgy looks, many Londoners can be spotted in vintage-inspired outfits with statement-making accessories.

As a final touch, this Fashionista topped off her look with a textured denim jacket such as this one from ASOS. Screaming cool-girl chic, this American in London has perfected the art of blending in with the locals this summer by sticking to layers with small pops of color. While I do miss the colorful wardrobes of Americans in the summertime and clothing articles like shorts, London in the summertime has taught me to get creative with pieces in my closet I wouldn’t think to layer together.

Do you have any experience with dressing to a different style while traveling abroad? Let us know your tips on staying stylish while abroad in the comments below!

Smell the Roses Because School Is Ending and Florals Are Trending

Hello fashion lovers of all walks of life! Whether you are strutting the runway, walking through the busy streets of New York, or strolling down your local farmer’s market, this summer’s latest fashion trends will surely accommodate you. I was on the lookout for what’s hot this summer (pun intended), and I found so many different trends! With that said, I was forced to narrow the list.

We can’t talk summer fashion trends without first going over beach attire. One-pieces are owning the poolsides and seashores of summer 2017! These stylish one-pieces I’m talking about are not like our childhood one-pieces we cringed to wear every summer as we yearned for the day that we could finally fill out our very own bikini. No, these one-pieces are surely not cringe worthy, but style worthy! They have a low cut on the side and a high hip cut to show off our bodies natural curves. All the while, it gives just the right amount of coverage; I call this the perfect balance.

Let’s talk colors! This season is about all things bright! I am talking pinks of every shade and yellows of every hue. This season’s colors are truly getting their summer vibes on!

Now onto my favorite part: patterns! This summer, patterns have taken center stage. There are stripes galore, polka dots for days, and florals forever! These looks are going to be the scene just about everywhere you go.

Not all of the fashion trends for summer 2017 are for everyday-wear, but if you are daring, I say go for it! After all, fashion is all about taking risks! One risky trend that stood out to me in particular were robes! Yes, robes are a summer 2017 fashion trend. I am serious guys; it’s all over the runways. Gone is the day that you have to spend hours getting ready just to buy your morning caramel macchiato with coconut milk. Now you can just roll out of bed, throw on your cute robe, and head over to Starbucks before the line gets too long. Now to truly pull this look off you need to dress it up with a statement piece necklace and a cute pair of heels. I did my own rendition of the robe look on my friend by incorporating a few of this season’s trends!

I want you all to give this daring look a shot and show me your rendition of the summer 2017 robe trend on social media! Make sure to tag @Cfashionista on Insta!