How to Wear an Off-the-Shoulder Top in Style

Lately, I’ve noticed that off-the-shoulder tops are starting to trend for the summer. With the hot weather arriving, these tops are essential because they will keep you cool from the heat. There are so many different colors and patterns for off-the-shoulder tops, and they pair perfectly with any style.

This Fashionista is wearing a light, blue and white striped off-the-shoulder top. She paired this top with frayed black shorts and a black belt with a unique silver buckle. Here, she tucked the front of her shirt into her shorts to accentuate her belt buckle. To make this look stand out, instead of wearing the typical sandals or wedges, she chose to wear white Adidas that have a hint of blue.

For the finishing touch to this outfit, she wore silver accessories: a silver choker, a silver bracelet, and silver rings. This Fashionista told me she loves to shop, but she tries to create her own style with different trends; whether it’s the shoes or a different color scheme, she’s always making herself stand out from the rest!

It’s always okay to follow the latest trends, but it’s even better to make these trends your own and add a little flair to it. Don’t be afraid to not follow trends, either—having your own style is awesome! However you decide to dress, trendy or not, don’t be afraid to be your own person and not follow the status quo.

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Trends Your Local Fashionistas Are Following This Summer

It’s finally summer and all I can think about are the trends I’ve been seeing this season. I’m super excited and I already feel the creative juices flowing! Summer, for me, is a time to relax from the college craze and explore different styles. Of course, there are some trends we just have to follow each season. To start this summer off, I put together an outfit with a couple of the major trends from this year. This look could be worn for a day out with the girls, or a date night with your S.O.

We’ve all seen off-the-shoulder trend skyrocket this past year because everyone wants to be giving the “cold shoulder.” It doesn’t necessarily take an off-the-shoulder top to serve this hot look. I took a striped button-down shirt and positioned it to create an effortless borrowed-from-your-boyfriend look. Vertical stripes have been a major trend this year and are easily wearable for anyone.

The next trend I’ve been recently loving is the block heel. Summer calls for sandals, why not spice it up with a block heel? I’m obsessed with these strappy ankle-wrap heels from Macy’s. What I love most about these sandals, besides the color, is the versatility of the shoe. If you wanna show off some leg, lace the straps upwards for a flirty look. Since I wore black jeans in this look, I wrapped the laces around my ankle. By cuffing my jeans, I was still able to bring attention to the shoes.

Finish off the look with a choker, a trend that seems to have swept the nation. Different choker variations have come up on the market, appealing to everyone’s diverse style. I added a black satin choker to my outfit to dress it up. This look could totally be rocked without a choker, to keep it casual.

Now that you’ve found ways to add a twist to this year’s major trends, throw on some sunnies and hit the town!

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Things Are Heating Up

It’s finally summer break! Or maybe it’s already summer for others. Regardless, it’s July and the temperature is rising. Now what?

First things first, I just finished my first year of college and summer is a little different:

1—Where are my friends from school? (and why don’t I have a roommate?)

2—No meal swipes?

3—Is it okay to stay up until 4 a.m.?

4—Oh, and also a low rating for unpacking—I do not recommend. My experience was more like an episode of Hoarding Buried Alive than anything else.

Okay so summer… What’s the deal?

On one end, there’s this overwhelming feeling of freedom, vacationing, pool parties, and being with friends and family 24/7.

On the other hand, summer is a time to crack down and make back money lost during college. Of course, also to save up for future college expenses (like late night snacks and lots of coffee). Or maybe get back into a workout routine (I think that’s a thing?)

So what will it be?

For me, I’ll be living at the beach all summer, which, on the surface, means more sun and more time in the ocean. But hey, just because I’m about five minutes walking distance from having sand between my toes does not mean my summer is going to be all fun and games. I just started a new job that I’m super excited about and, of course, this internship! Both of these things are pushing me towards my career goals which are just an added bonus because I think I’m really going to enjoy both opportunities.

Besides the obvious productiveness of a job and internship, I plan to do a little more. I want to try some new things and get the most out of my summer (wow, that sounds super cliché but it will have to do). This includes:

1—Going places. Visiting new places with friends, and traveling alone. Even if I do get on my nerves half the time, I still have to learn to live with myself (kind of scary, right?).

2—Watching sunsets and sunrises. Even if I go back to sleep afterward.

3—Keeping a Journal. Maybe I could make something to look at when I’m old and forgetful.

4—Workout more. Running on the beach provides a great view and a breeze that blocks out the sound of your own heavy breathing—what a benefit!

5—Being outside a lot. (with sunscreen of course). Besides all of this and typical summer festivities, who knows what else will happen—after all, it’s only the beginning!

What are your plans for the summer? Post a summer-esque photo and tag @Cfashionista and comment below!

The Impact of Accessories: From Casual to Glamorous

During the summer time, I always find myself wanting to look like I put a lot of effort into my outfit. Even when I wear casual clothes, I try to elevate it by using accessories which results in a totally different take on a normal outfit. A striped T-shirt is an item that everyone should have in their closet. Today, I paired my basic striped T-shirt with ripped jeans. Rather than keeping the outfit looking just like this, I decided to make it look more dressy.

By adding accessories like a statement necklace, wallet, watch, and sunglasses, this look has transformed from looking casual to sophisticated. In addition to all of these accessories, I rolled up the jeans to show off my ankles! Rolling the jeans up elevated the whole look and created more emphasis on the sandals. If you wanted to glam the outfit even more, I suggest wearing heels instead of sandals. Also, it looks like I put so much effort into the outfit but in reality, I just rolled up my jeans and added some cute accessories.

Let’s take a closer look at the accessories. In order to dress up the simple shirt, I wore a statement necklace. Not only does it make the outfit look glamorous, it also immediately captures people’s attention. In addition, I added a watch and a wallet. The solid forest green wallet contrasts with the striped pattern of my shirt. Also, the wallet and watch further dress up the entire outfit since they add a classy feeling overall.

Both comfortable and stylish, this look offers a polished and put together vibe. I hope my tips help all of you Fashionistas!

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Print Mixing and Other Playful Styling Tricks

One of the biggest dangers of the forthcoming adulthood is so simple but astounding. We forget how to play. We forget how to run on the streets, how to laugh loudly and to not care what that grumpy old lady thinks of us, how to act, how to tell our teddy bear about our day, and how to believe that Toy Story actually could happen and that one day we will grow wings.

“You, adulthood, my darling who is sneaking toward me,” you vainly roar and shout, “I’m not afraid of you!” I slowly developed a weapon which helps me foist the playfulness into my days, no matter how hard you fight against it. In the morning when you are still stretching and yawning, I slide into my wardrobe and I hide from you. When I finally wriggle out from there you can’t do anything, I’m ready to hit the road! Today I start my journey wearing a striped skirt, a white blazer, and, most importantly, my silver shoes.

The shoes are the subjects of a lot of jokes. All four of my roommates fooled around in them and they used them as a mirror. Print mixing is another characteristic of my look which is hardly accepted. Although this trend is already widespread in the world, here the women around me are still trying their wings on this topic. To make my outfit complete I imagined a white blouse with a V-neck, which adds sophistication to this playful look, and embodies an overall charm and self-assured presence. My wardrobe may be huge, but it’s not endless, so I had to create this piece myself: I transformed my white blazer into a blouse using a safety pin and I tucked it in my skirt.

The feedback on my style can be very different, as people comment ‘I would not wear it that way,’ and ‘It’s interesting, but meh.’ At first they discouraged me, but over time I realized that as many people stand against it and dismay me, as many will appreciate my style one day. Our society hardly accepts new ways, we tend to stick with the traditional. If we go on untrodden roads, who knows what could happen, but this can also be the best part. We are a blank canvas and we can choose any color and brush to doll ourselves up. Compliments, of course, caress our soul, and after a while I got a lot of them. These outer influences, though, will be neither my engines nor my fences. What’s more, if I hear now the negative opinions, I’ll wear my playful print, color, and shape combinations even more proudly. I feel like playing with them raised me to a balanced and self-confident state of mind. Adulthood, my darling, is that you on the corner? Don’t be so impatient, I’m coming.

How do you make your outfit more playful and brave? Tell us in the comment section!

The Biggest Fashion Trend on Instagram Has Nothing To Do With Fashion

Summer is always all about adding color pops to your look. But who said you can’t take color beyond your wardrobe? Colorful walls have been popping up as the star of Instagram lately. From the perfect OOTD background to standalone shots, these pops of color are the perfect way to accent a look (and garner a like or two).

This is an example of an outfit I put together with stripes and soft solids with a pop of orange as the background. The stripes are really the center of attention, making the background also noticeably vibrant and fun without distracting us from the bigger focus. The outfit I put together is a beautifully striped dress with a silk beige scarf and a cut-off jean jacket. I like how fitted it was on my body so I decided to pair it off with some Adidas Superstar shoes to give the outfit some street style vibes.

The background in your photos is just as important as the outfit you put together to express yourself. The scenery will set the mood and let your audience know exactly what you want them to take in from your post. This will also make a simple outfit seem more interesting rather than “plain and simple.”

What do you think of these colorful walls that are trending on Instagram—do you think they can make or break your outfit? Show me your take on the trend, and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

5 Things Every College Student Should Know About Money

Whether commuting or dorming, we all know that college life can be expensive and loves to run our wallets dry. We’ve all been there, but no need to worry because I’ve cracked the code on college spending. Here are five easy tips that you should know to help you be a pro spender on a college budget.

Get a main source of cash flow Apply to everything and everywhere. No worries your dream job is still waiting for you somewhere. But for now make up a spiffy resume to show off all you’ve got to offer. Even an on campus, or an minimum wage, your wallet will thank you forever! Maybe even get a side gig like babysitting, dog walking, selling unwanted clothes, or tutoring other students on campus.

Cut down eating out If I do the math, all the money I’ve wasted in Starbucks and Chipotle could probably add up to a new car. Save yourself! Instead pack your own lunches and snacks, and treat yourself only once in a while. This saves you tons and is an excuse to have a cute lunch bag on your hip.

Head to the thrift shop I basically live at the Salvation Army, and if you look hard enough, you can find the cutest pieces for the cheapest price. one mans trash is one college girls new fur coat! Am I right? Heres an outfit with mostly thrifted items!



Learn to say “No” The “Girl Boss” herself, Sophia Amoruso, once wrote that “money looks cuter in the bank than on your feet.” So true! I used to be an avid over spender and all of my money went straight to my closet. But even I looks bomb, my bank account was empty! Discipline yourself and just know that if you don’t have enough the super cute new top, it isn’t meant to be.

Write up a budget plan Yes, literally jot them down on paper. Writing down your spending plans can help visualize attainable goals. Decide how much you need to set aside for spending on necessities like food and laundry. Then decide how much you want to save up and how much you’re willing to spend on fun things like going out with friends or shopping.So there you have it Fashionistas, five tips on how to spend and save smart.

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The Top 5 Trends for the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a time for celebrating America’s independence with BBQs, fireworks, and the best of red, white, and blue fashion. While it’s tempting to throw on a white T-shirt, jeans, and red shoes, I have gathered some of today’s top trends to amp up your Fourth of July wardrobe! Each of these styles will easily take you from a BBQ bash to a fireworks show.

  1. Bodysuits. Bodysuits are the best addition to your wardrobe. You can wear them to every event. Keep things simple with a red bodysuit, or go a little more patriotic. Pair it with some cute shorts, and it’s time for the family BBQ. Right before you go out, toss on a jean jacket and some Vans for a night to remember.
  2. Slip DressLight and airy slip dresses are perfect for fireworks shows. Pair it over a neutral top and some cute sneakers. The silky sheen will light up with every firework in the sky, transforming you into your own show! Sneakers will also make the walk back so much easier.
  3. Matching Top and BottomBuy them together or style them yourself—a matching top and bottom pair will make you look pulled together with minimal effort. This look is great for those of you slaving away making deviled eggs and potato salad before the BBQ. This is your time to shine! Whether you’re wearing red, white, or blue, pair your matching look with cute wedges to steal the show.
  4. The New DenimDenim is a classic for the Fourth of July, but you can amp up your game with new styles. Frayed denim jeans will look cute with a faded flag tank and sneakers, or take it a step further and try a frayed denim skirt. You can pair it with mules and a white T-shirt for an update to the classic look.
  5. SwimsuitWhether you’re by the beach or at your neighbor’s pool party, this look allows you to transition from eating to swimming and back again. Pair your bikini top with a button-down denim shirt and shorts for a playful look. 

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Why You Should be Wearing Seaside Stripes This Season

Before you finish packing that suitcase stop to check if you’ve included this summer’s most popular trend in your vacation wardrobe. If you watched the recent fashion shows, then you know what trend I’m talking about: stripes. Stripes have always been a classic, however, this season, they dominated the runway in the form of colorful seaside stripes. While these stripes do look great by the beach side and pool lounge chairs, don’t be deceived by the name. The name “seaside” stripes do not mean they’re solely reserved for those occasions.

To prove it, I walked through the streets of Central Jersey in this playful blue and white seaside striped blouse. For a more flattering look, I left the top two buttons unbuttoned and then tied the bottom front into a bow to make the top slightly form-fitting. Next, rather than pairing the shirt with boring white jeans or shorts, I decided to go for a bolder look with a copper button-down denim skirt. Surprisingly, the two different colors of blue, instead of clashing, ended up complementing each other and drawing out both shades of blue. The combination of the lightweight blouse and the denim skirt allowed me to walk in ease through the 97 degree weather. Tip: If you want to make it even cooler. Unbutton the shirt and wear a spaghetti strap tank underneath.

From my handbag collection, I chose a pastel pink bag for a pop of color to liven up the entire outfit (as shown in the slideshow above). My favorite part of this bag is the rose-gold sequins lining the straps of the bag.

Moving onto the accessories—the key to creating your own personal style. I never leave the house without at least one accessory. For this outfit, I chose two gold pieces: a gold criss-cross ring and a diamond-embellished gold choker with the outfit. For my final touch, I placed a couple of freshly picked lavenders in my breast pocket.

Stripes are such a versatile trend. Besides this outfit, I’m excited to see how many more ways I can play around with this summer’s most popular trend.

Any trends that you’ve been obsessed with? Let me know in the comments below!

Why You Need Stripes in Your Wardrobe This Summer

Every new season calls for a wardrobe update: what should you include in your new summer 2017 wardrobe? Of course, you will need the essentials such as swimwear, shorts, flip flops, etc. But did you make sure to grab your staple piece for the summer? You need one piece that you can go to any day of the summer to ensure that you are always on trend. It’s the piece that can complete your outfit for any occasion with minimal effort. I think everyone now knows what piece I am talking about, but don’t feel bad if you don’t! Below is the answer to completing your summer 2017 wardrobe, and it will not bust your budget either.

That’s right, stripes are the staple piece of this summer! This trendy gal paired her favorite off-the-shoulder striped top with her cut-off denim shorts, edgy black choker, sunglasses, and a hat to pull it all together. The simplicity of this look was taken to the next level by her touch of stripes. The key to this outfit is simple; the black stripes in the shirt. Although they are smaller stripes, they tie this outfit together through connecting her accessories such as her belt, choker, sunglasses, and hat band.

Stripes can easily add dimension and character to any outfit. By simply adding stripes to your outfit, it can transform the entire look. Stripes can add a casual, boho, classy, or retro feel to any outfit depending on the thickness, color combinations, and style of the stripes. Whether it be pinstripes or thick stripes, there is a stripe combination out there that will flatter every body type. Your stripe options do not just stop at tops, though! Maxi dresses, fit and flare pants, and even a striped accessory can be part of your closet to achieve your trending staple pieces needed this summer.

Want to know the even sweeter part of this summer 2017 trend? This style doesn’t even have to break your bank account to serve its purpose. The staple of stripes will never be out of style, so investing in your striped clothing no matter the price, you will definitely be getting your money’s worth! Another great benefit of stripes is that it is not subject to a single season. Stripes fit into every season in different ways, so your purchases have many uses in them. This on trend, off-the-shoulder striped top only costs roughly $25 from American Eagle Outfitters.

So what do you think about stripes being the summer 2017 staple piece to have? Let me know in the comment section below. Or even better, if you think you can rock this striped look this summer, show us on your social media account! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!