TREND: Deep V-Neck Cardigans for Men

As Fashionistas, we have been wearing deep V-neck cardigans for quite some time. But guys are new to this trend and I’m loving it. Normally, you see men wearing them casually, but I thought this Fashionisto put a nice formal spin on it. The cardigan let him look a little bit casual-cool without completely leaving the realm of formal dressing. I think the key to his outfit is the extreme deep cut of the V. If you’re looking to find a cardigan to copy his look, I think Urban Outfitters has a perfect option. To go a little more casual, you can wear it with a plain T-shirt, or show your style a little more and wear a plaid or  plain button-up underneath. American Apparel has deep V-neck cardigans with oversized pockets, stripes, lots of color options and even a super stylish double breasted cardigan! Just remember you need to balance out the deepness of the V-neck by wearing a shirt with a normal collar type underneath!

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TREND: Nude Shoes for You

Some people on this earth were simply blessed with legs that go on for miles and miles so that they tower above the rest of the population in their leggy glory. If you are not one of the select few, then fake it! I’m sure you’ve heard that black clothing is slimming, or that horizontal stripes create a wider looking body frame. Well, there is a lesser-known trick to make your legs look longer that involves a fabulous pair of nude shoes. The closer the color of the shoe to your skin color, the longer your legs will look. The color draws the eye to the line of the leg in its entirety; so even if you are wearing a dark pair of jeans like this Fashionista (at the Valley Magazine Fashion Show), your feet appear bare and your legs longer than if you were wearing a dark pair of ballet flats. Nude shoes, be it flats or heels, are also a great way to combat the stumpy effect of wearing pants or tights and shoes of the same color. Check out this great pair of studded nude shoes with a tiny wedge heel from Steve Madden. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative and some super-trendy shoes, head over to and take a look at these gorgeous champagne heels for New Year’s, or this adorable pair of Oxford heels in a neutral hue. The best part about these shoes and color? They are great for year-round wear!

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WEEKEND FORECAST: Stop Working Out and Work Your Wardrobe Instead

Gaining weight around the holiday season is almost inevitable.  When we’re not eating with family at home, we’re eating out as a way of reuniting with old friends.  This time period between Thanksgiving and the upcoming winter break is stressful enough with papers, projects, and final exams without having to squeeze in time for the gym.  Don't hide under a trench coat everyday (although there are some classy styles surfacing in various stores nowadays) or resort to to the sweats worthy of the time when you actually do make it to the gym. Hold off for now, and make dieting a goal after the last of this year’s festivities.  Instead, make your wardrobe work for you by using these simple guidelines below.

Structure A stiff button up or great blazer can instantly give you the hourglass shape you desire, and a casual dress in a sturdy material like corduroy, tweed or denim can also help hide flaws and provide warmth as the temperature continues to drop.

Volume A lack of structure can also be a benefit, such as by choosing dresses and tops with an empire waist.  Bubble skirts, voluminous sleeves and shoulder pads are back in style and are another great option that can emphasize other parts of your outfit while detracting from waistline.  If you choose to pursue the strong shoulder trend, avoid bright colors and opt for neutrals for a more refined, modernized look.

Color It’s probably the oldest trick in the book, but it’s a known fact that black is slimming and never goes out of style.

Detail Feminine ruching can flatter your midriff. Draw attention to your face and not your expanding waistline by utilizing accessories and details like cut outs, studs, sequins, and buttons near the neckline of your top. If you want to show some skin, like during the Pitbull concert December 4 in the HUB, consider an off the shoulder top. Interestingly enough, this off the shoulder dress disproves the myth to stay away from horizontal stripes when trying to achieve a sleek silhouette. Off the shoulder sweater dresses are also perfect for day.

This Fashionisto I spotted in Borland, shows that you don’t have to completely cover up in order to look good this season. He makes use of some of the tips above with his slimming black jacket and by drawing attention to his face with his thick frames.  Geek chic is definitely in, and it’s possible to achieve the same look even if your vision is 20/20 with a pair of faux frames.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rules Are Made to be Broken-In.

(No) It isn’t summertime.
(Maybe) He knows the rules of fashion.
(Undoubtedly) This Fashionisto is wearing white pants and shoes.
(Absolutely) He has style.

White can look beautiful for a bit of winter twinkle, and is often seen on coats, scarves, and tights. But this Fashionisto dared to sneak in white trousers and high tops, during one of the ugliest and most unpredictable times in Michigan weather. Luckily, the drizzle, snow, and even freezing temps broke for his game of fashion roulette.

Casual delivery and confidence allowed his playful fashion attitude to beam through when I caught him on a mild, but dark, fall evening, almost as if he was was picketing the fashion rules with a smirk and a sign reading, “No White After Labor Day!”

Spotting this risk-taker got me thinking about the rules reigning over the Fashionistas that often have great style, but lack confidence to pull it off. Living in East Lansing gives some of us little opportunity to showcase our stylish passion daily. We don’t strut between skyscrapers, there’s no clackers among marble floors (or Prada, I’d bet), and we take taxis after a few too many beers, not because we need to go up or downtown.

I think of the reasons we might hold back. Most prevalent, the fear of being overdressed could give us unfamiliar attention. Many times, catching a quick, silent glance up and down from a stranger can change our confidence into the self-conscious question defense of, “What’s she looking at!?” We also might fear we seem unapproachable, prissy, shallow, or vain for putting an effort into how we’re perceived by people we don’t know.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Style up your sweaters!

Wearing a sweatshirt to class is obviously acceptable, but why not spice it up by wearing sweaters that are a little trendier. Lately I have been stocking up on sweaters of all different styles and colors. This season adding an oversized sweater to your wardrobe is a must. Mix it up with solid knits, or even stripes. This Fashionista was spotted wearing a black and white striped cardigan on her way to class. The addition of this fabulous cardigan, to her black leggings and black tank, added some flair to her look.

I have found some great sweaters at Grand Central boutique on University, and at Forever 21. But another way to spice up you every day sweatshirt look is to make some cuts. Simply cut the neck of your sweatshirt off, and you will have a new off the shoulder look!

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FASHION NEWS: Keds Gone Wild

The movie Where The Wild Things Are has finally hit theaters world wide. Although I have yet to see it, I do know it is full of adorable creatures and costumes. In honor of the movie, the company Opening Ceremony has devoted an entire line to the movie. The collection includes cute graphic t-shirts, warm jackets and cool jewelry. Joining the collection will be a debut by one of our favorite sneaker brands, Keds. The sneakers have gone wild in ponyhair animal prints such as zebra stripes and cheetah spots. The shoes will sell for $125 a pair. Look out for these wild kicks when they hit the market in December.

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What students were wearing over LABOR DAY WEEKEND..

Labor Day Weekend was all about fashion at Purdue University. Bold stripes and plaids were the must wear items seen on Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike.

Getting their last fill of white in during Labor Day were the Fashionistas/os at University of Illionis.

Bloomington’s large campus makes being stylish come with a twist. Leave it to the Hoosier’s to complete both style and comfort with sneakers. Indiana University Fashionistas/os definitely made Labor Day way more fun.

University of Michigan Fashionistas/os love showing school spirit in maize and blue. Enjoying Labor Day and sampling foods at Taste of Michigan was where the scene was at in Ann Arbor.


This Fashionista was strutting down Grand River, listening to her iPod when I rudely interrupted her sunny day. But her purple skirt and neon sunglasses were drawing me in. Purple is a great color for this fall – wear a dark purple lipstick or get a plaid with some purple stripes. You can even get your own purple skirt here.

Fashionistos can pull off purple too, I like this heathered purple tee, paired under a sleek blazer.

Hint: This Fashionista was heading to MSUFCU, probably to get some cash and buy this acid wash hoodie to layer over her skirt this fall.

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