Here’s How to Graduate in Style

Graduation season has finally come to an end and like many other students, I have just graduated from The University of Liverpool! Becoming a part of the graduating class of 2017 is equally exciting and scary, but at least I can confidently say that I put my best foot forward on the most important day of my life to date.

Whether you are graduating or are supporting someone who is, graduations are one of life’s most frameable moments. It is all too important to celebrate in style! After all, these photos will most likely be framed on your parent’s walls for the rest of time. With that in mind, what on earth do you wear!?

Some universities give suggested dress codes. For example, at my university, it was suggested that men wear a full suit, shirt, and tie while women should wear trousers and a colorful blouse. That description seemed rather uninspired to me. It is definitely important to look smart but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your own personal style and flair. This is your big day and you’ve earned the right to shine. These memories will be with you for life, so make the most of the opportunity and groom yourself to within an inch of your life.

While I was a jumble of nerves and excitement on the inside, I was a cool, poised, and polished Fashionista with a bright future ahead of me on the outside. I bent the rules slightly by opting to wear a smart, high-necked, white lace, midi length dress from Boohoo paired with some beige heels from Mango. I wore pearl earrings from Asos, gold pearl bracelets from Zara, and a gold pearl necklace from H&M.

One thing I would recommend when choosing your graduation outfit is to make sure that it can be worn more than once. There’s nothing worse than a lovely outfit that only sees the light of day once before being relegated to the back of the closet. Think of ways you can restyle the outfit for other occasions. For example, I have a wedding coming up in about a month that this outfit would be perfect for. To make it more appropriate, I would switch out the graduation gown for a light duster jacket and accessorize with a bright red shoe and matching clutch bag. Don’t let your dress be a one hit wonder—reuse and restyle!

British graduation codes are quite strict about what is suitable to wear to your graduation, but that doesn’t mean you must abandon your style. You just have to be more creative about what you wear. Make sure your style speaks volumes and your outfit is photo worthy.

Hears hoping that your graduation ceremony was great! What did you wear to your graduation ceremony? Share a photo on social media and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

A Walk Through Venice

I cannot believe that I can finally cross Venice, Italy off my bucket list! It is one of the many places that I have dreamt of visiting. I absolutely love the atmosphere in Venice with the beautiful buildings, the delicious handmade food, and the cute shops. I will add that it was very hot and humid in Venice which made having gelato a must. But hey, I am not complaining. Since we were in Venice for only two nights; we attempted a walk through Venice.

We began this day on the beautiful island of Burano which is known for the colorful houses. My favorite memory from Burano was having gelato with the whole family while sitting on a ledge that led you into the water. After exploring Burano, we took a water taxi back to Saint Mark’s Square to enjoy some fine homemade pasta. The taste of fresh pasta was unreal; I could eat that for the rest of my life and not complain. Now, we reached my favorite part of the evening: the gondolas. After seeing countless pictures and movies, getting on a gondola was a must. We rode the gondolas at sunset and I believe it is the perfect time because the temperature gets slightly cooler and the views mixed with the sunset are so beautiful.

Because I love Italy, my look for this summer day was inspired by the gondola drivers who wear red and white striped shirts. This striped ruffle sleeve top fit perfectly with my aesthetic and was light and airy for this hot day. I kept it basic with my bottoms and wore a pair of black leggings. I love this minimalistic yet trendy outfit because even though it was humid, the cotton material helped me stay dry without feeling icky.

When traveling, I like to focus more on the outfit and keep it simple for shoes. I usually bring a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of sandals as my choice of footwear. Although both options seemed fitting for this look, on this day I decided to wear my Birkenstocks in the Arizona style. And for my favorite part of any outfit: the accessories. I wore a burgundy backpack to complement with my top. This backpack is suitable for traveling because you have the option to wear it as one or two straps. For jewelry, I decided on a gold bracelet, a black studded ring, my favorite rose gold watch, and you cannot forget your trusty sunglasses!

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Style Which Radiates You

Growing up, I was not always expressive about my sense of style. I felt that expressing myself was excessive or what would be better known nowadays as “too extra.” In my mind, I had an idea of outfits I loved, but always wore what I thought was safe. The journey of radiating myself through fashion did not come all at once, but as my life carried on.

As I learned more about myself and my style, I became more comfortable with what I wanted to wear. When I was younger, I was more introverted, and so, my style was more conservative, but I always itched to get out of my comfort zone. Exteriors do not mean everything, but being myself through fashion allowed myself to have self appreciation.

Along the way, I started to recognize what worked best with my body shape, and what was not only comfortable but stylish to me. Eventually, what I wore became my own skin. I want to share with you three life events which allowed myself to get outside of my comfort zone.

The first would be entering college. Starting college, you are faced with numerous independent decisions and freedom. Here I allowed myself to experiment with what suited myself and what made me happy. The idea of a clean slate helped me be comfortable with trying out different styles.

The second is being a business student. As a business major, I am constantly learning about dressing professionally in the career world. I realized what defined professionalism was not looking good, but being respectful through dressing appropriately. Here I got the opportunity to expand my style in terms of a more mature look (and maybe even an excuse to dress up).

The third, and my favorite, would be traveling. Having had the chance to study abroad in South Korea, I was able to experience a foreign environment which had its own unique fashion style than one I was used to. Being abroad greatly molded the way I thought about fashion. There were students from all over the world studying abroad with different trends, which intrigued me. My style was my own and represented where I came from. Here I blended my personal style with the fashion exposed around me. A prime example of what fashion can do. Fashion could also radiate your past, present, and who you want to be in the future.

Here is an example of an outfit which radiates me. My main piece, the sheer kimono was bought in Japan and is perfect for the weather in Hawaii—allowing myself to cover up but still feel breathable. Underneath, I wear a basic cami tank top and distressed high-waisted shorts, casual and perfect for a hot summer day. My accessories, the oversize sunglasses and chunky black platforms, were bought in Korea which added an extra dash to my overall outfit.

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What I Learned from Carrie Bradshaw and Blair Waldorf

Patricia Field is a crazy, wonderful genius, who also happened to have trained mastermind, Eric Daman. If you don’t know, these two were responsible for the clothing phenomena of Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, respectively. I’ll go out on a limb and say that the shows have done more for fashion than even Dior’s remarkable S/S 17 collection. So, I set out to find some of the fashion rules followed by both sex columnists and Upper East Siders.

There’s no such thing as too much

Remember “The Ick Factor” from season six of Sex and the City where Carrie chows down on a Big Mac in bubblegum pink Oscar de la Renta? Or in the second movie where she strolls along in the crowded streets of Abu Dhabi in a full skirt, Dior T-shirt, and, of course, Manolo Blahnik heels? If we look at Samantha in the series, all of her ’80s-styled power suits exceed acceptable business attire. All the characters in Gossip Girl do a little too much, too: Blair can be comically preppy, over-the-top sequined jackets are a staple for Serena, and even Dan delves slightly too deep into hipster style. Patricia Field, the woman behind all these iconic looks, has always been eccentric herself—with bright red hair and a lot of accessories, it makes sense that the characters she and Daman dress always look over-the-top.

Always cultivate a signature style

Signature items may seem to be for icons, but aren’t we all a little iconic? Carrie’s necklace, Blair’s headbands, Samantha’s huge earrings, Serena’s heeled boots: All of these give the characters a sense of stability and comfort. While aspects of the outfits can change, their unchanging accessories leave impressions of their character. Eric Daman’s real-life signature style consists ascots, button-downs, and blazers. When the stylist of Gossip Girl follows a style rule, so do I. My signature? Two rings stacked on my right ring finger: One my great grandmother’s, the other my mom’s.

Flats are cute, but heels are forever

Fashion has been shifting toward flatter footwear in an effort to allow for stylish, long-distance escapades. While I love a good Oxford or ballet flat occasionally, I still stand by the pump precedent set by Bradshaw. Walking may be easier lower to the ground, but it is so much more fun four inches higher. Carrie Bradshaw is synonymous to Manolo Blahnik, and all the girls of Gossip Girl have some enviable kicks. Growing up with women traipsing around New York City with heels under their feet gave me the power to strap on my stilettos and be bold.

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A Mid-Chilly Summer Night’s Dream

With the summer upon us, don’t put away your jackets just yet! This Fashionista shows you how to ride the cloudy days with her street chic style.

My Zara jacket fends off a cold hour but is thin enough to keep on when the sun comes out. Most of my summery jackets are loosely fit, enabling me to layer underneath but stay breezy. Throughout the classic camouflage design are triangular studs on burgundy patchwork, giving it a modern taste.

Statement necklaces are my favorite fashion accessory. They can transform any look and are a wardrobe must-have. A trend is to contrast them with toned-down or business shirts. Here, I paired my Bebe choker-esque piece with a relaxed white V-neck for a touch of glam. Since I have a jacket on, I wear a short-sleeved oversize top.

Another piece you may be tempted to shy from are jeans in favor of miniskirts or dolphin shorts. With the right type, the popular style are perfect year-round. Pick low-rise jeans with distressed tears to let your skin breathe. Closed floral Nike sneakers celebrate the summer but keep the rain out. Pair thin ankle socks with running shoes for lightweight flexibility. Absorbent fabrics are crucial to keep in mind. Therefore, when shopping consider chambray, linen, and cotton.

Any fellow bag lady knows the importance of a multi-use piece! Carrying all my must haves requires a medium-sized bag. To alleviate weight and keep it off my body, I hold the satchel with my hands or activate its thick shoulder straps. Furthermore, faux leather paired with a draped style give it a slick feel and ode to harsher winter months. Also, on the bottom there are metal studs to protect the exterior from wear and tear. More purses need to have these for the sake of financial value and avoiding dreaded puddles.

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What to Wear for Your Freshers’ Party

Being a fresher can be difficult sometimes. You are sent to this whole new world where perhaps nothing seems quite familiar—halls, dorm rooms, or even the people around you. But the uncertainty and naiveté with which you enter college is the most thrilling feeling you’ll ever encounter. The first and foremost thing to look forward to is your freshers’ party. Fliers are distributed everywhere, everyone is talking about this huge party, and you probably wouldn’t want to miss out on it. Your freshers’ party is the ultimate place to get to know your seniors, get chatty with your own batch mates, and perhaps get a chance to talk to the cute guy you’ve been eyeing throughout your class!

It is a very troublesome task to find the perfect dress for your first party in college.You don’t want to overdo it, yet you want to look chic and elegant. I know what you’re going through! You want to stand out in the crowd in a very subtle way.

The first thing that pops into your mind is the little black dress that is hanging in your closet. But get out of your comfort zone and ditch the LBD. How about a lovely sequin dress? A sequin dress adds the right amount of glamour to your silhouette.

Not a fan of sparkle? In order to minimize the shine in your dress, pair it up with a mid length sleeveless trench coat, preferably in the same hue as your sequin dress.

I opted for a silver sequin dress with an off-white trench coat. Note that I ensured the coat and the dress match the same category of color. Furthermore, I teamed this look with ankle strap heels and tied my hair in a low bun. Finally, to add a little pop of color, I opted for a wine shade for the lips. Accessorize the look with a good watch and a pair of pearl earrings.

Voila, you are good to rock your freshers’ now! How would you style your first fresher’s look? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

Every Girl’s Summer Necessity

For some people, summer is a relaxing time where they travel the world, sip coffee in beautiful cities, and have time to strategically plan out stunning outfits for every occasion. But if you’re anything like me, summer is filled with full-time jobs, studying, and trying to save up enough so I don’t have to eat ramen noodles every night. One way I stay stylish in my busy, bustling summer season, is my go-to summer T-shirt.

Every girl needs their go-to summer T-shirt. If you’re as busy as me, especially in the summer, sometimes you have to shove the idea of putting together an awesome outfit to the side most days. However, I have recently discovered an amazing life hack so you do not have to do so. On one of my rare days off, I stopped in my favorite local boutique and was sifting through the racks. My perfect summer T-shirt jumped out at me and I have worn it at least once a week for the past two months. Finding a basic T-shirt that fits your style is a necessity because you can wear it every way possible, and save a lot of time getting ready while still looking stylish for the day. Here I styled mine as if I was going on a dinner date or spending the day shopping with my girls.

Extremely versatile, you can wear your perfect summer T-shirt dressed up or down. Sometimes I throw on mine with my Nikes and leggings if I’m running errands or with my go-to denim shorts if I’m grabbing lunch with some gal pals. A versatile T-shirt is a necessity in every girl’s wardrobe for this summer.

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Summer Nights

I think we can all agree that summer nights provide the best vibes and hold some of our favorite memories. These nights also hold the perfect opportunities to show off your favorite outfits. Whether at a bonfire or on the shore, there is always a nighttime event that allows Fashionistas to dress to impress. Read on to see my personal style and hopefully get some inspiration for your next evening outing!

Most summer nights have near-perfect weather, ranging from 60 to 70 degrees. This is my personal favorite temperature, as it allows me to pair a long sleeve shirt with shorts without being too hot or cold. Comfort is key for these nights, which is why you cannot go wrong with a flowy off-the-shoulder white top. It is the ideal balance of flirty and sophisticated, making it a delightful choice for a casual night with friends at home or a fun date night on the boardwalk.

Since this blouse is simple, I coupled it with a pair of navy and white striped shorts to add a pattern to the outfit. These are mid-rise shorts, which allowed me to tuck the front of my shirt into the waistband, providing almost full visibility of the shorts. The navy and white stripes really get me in a summer mood because I almost exclusively see this pattern during the summertime.

To pull this outfit together, I added a few accessories to spice it up! My gray bralette accents the symmetry of my upper body and provides a nice middle tone between the white and blue already present in the outfit. For jewelry, I wanted to keep it simple and elegant. I added a gold necklace with a ship wheel to give the look a beachy feel, but any plain or designed gold necklace would work. I also added three gold bangles with small designs, which go along with the simple tone of the rest of the outfit. For shoes, you can choose anything from a flat sandal to a tall wedge!

Last, but certainly not least, I added my final touches with makeup. To stick with the simplicity of the look, I filled in my eyebrows, did a slight contour and highlight, a light lip shade, and mascara to make my eyes pop. The mascara is my personal favorite part of this makeup look because my blue eyes are emphasized due to the blue stripes in the shorts. For my hair, I decided to keep it down and let it flow, just like my shirt.

Your fun summer nights deserve a cute and comfortable outfit to go along with them. Share your favorite nighttime looks on social media, and be sure to tag @Cfashionista!

A Night Out on Different Campuses

Whether your definition of going out includes tailgating and game day dresses or tall boots and tight skirts, every Fashionista knows the perfect evening starts with the perfect outfit. Getting dressed to impress can mean so many different things depending on your school. An outfit for a state school party is going to be different than a look for a night on the town with your art school friends. Let’s explore what “going out attire” could be at four very different schools.

The style at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is anything but boring. Even the craziest clothes are accepted. Going out usually means throwing on unique shades of makeup and sporting something sheer and shiny. Whether it’s a music venue or a bar, Chicago has a special nightlife. With some of Tarte’s Trendy on the eyes and a Free People dress with some black booties, this Fashionista is ready to hit the streets—and then the L [train]—and then party!

The University of Missouri has a very different type of going out attire, quite the opposite of the party girl in Chicago. Tailgating, football games, bars, and frat parties: “Mizzou” never stops partying. This means your outfit game has to be strong all day. Every Tiger knows that your game day dress is just as important as the game (if not more), and the accessories have to be just as eye-catching. This dress from Altar’D State is a perfect piece to throw on for game day and look flawless. Make it your own by adding a unique handmade necklace, like this Fashionista did, or go with this cute piece from Anthropologie!

The University of Loyola Chicago definitely feeds off the vibe of the city, making the night wear chill and easy to achieve. A good pair of jeans will go a long way with the right shirt and accessories. A stylish yet simple watch and hat dress up an otherwise casual look. This Fashionista is definitely ready for a night out in Wrigleyville or Lincoln Park with her friends.

Washington University students live by their motto: “Work hard, play hard.” Your going out outfit has to be fierce yet manageable, as the night usually consists of frat party hopping and then grabbing a late dinner in the cafeteria. A unique denim cut with a cute and simple shirt will make sure you are photo-ready but also always ready to roll. Check out this J. Crew look put together by this Fashionista!

What does a night out at your campus look like? Tag @CFashionista to show us what you’re wearing!

The Perfect Outfit For a Day at a Beach Town

When Starbucks announced that the S’mores Frappuccino is back, you know that summer has officially started. Summer is all about the beach, sun, tan lines and açai bowls. I may live in Florida, but I am no where close to the beach. Luckily, I got to spend Memorial Day weekend with two of my gal pals, Sammi and Ampi, at Neptune Beach, Florida. Neptune Beach is a cute beachfront city east of Jacksonville with a white sand beach, retro-style coffee shops, a variety of restaurants and friendly locals. However, a girls’ weekend getaway is can not be complete without the perfect outfit!

The perfect outfit would have to blend every little unique aspects of the city.

The color blue represents calmness, purity, and freedom. Blue is the color of the sea, sky, and of my outfit! I decided to wear a laced Persian blue crop top with a blue tribal-patterned skater skirt. Everyone thought that this combination was a co-ord set, but I actually bought the top and the skirt separately.

Instead of pairing the already-vibrant blue top and bottom pair with black or white or any other color, I thought that the whole outfit would look more calming when paired with shades of nudes and gold. I accessorized with my favorite gold, bangle-like wrist watch as it added a bling factor to the outfit without overdoing the rest of the outfit.

The tawny brown leather crossbody bag gave a carefree yet pulled-together look that I was trying to accomplish.

Since, we planned on walking around and exploring the city all day, I opted for a tan laced-up suede block heels. This block heel is my go-to shoe because it is super cute and comfortable. I can walk all day and night with these pair of heels and my feet will not hurt at all.

When visiting a beach town, walking around in your most adorable bikini is acceptable as well. A lot of locals from Neptune Beach were walking around wearing cover-ups and flip flops. However, if you’d like to be more dressy to go around town, get brunch, and get some work done in the cute little coffee shop or sipping cocktails on beachfront bars instead of tanning all day at the beach, you can always decide to be a little more dressy.

Just don’t forget to put on some sunscreen!

What’s your go-to outfit when venturing a beach town? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.