Back to Boho Chic

As we work our way through August, we realize the school year is fast approaching, and it is time to start thinking about our back-to-school wardrobe! The leaves are falling, the temperatures are slowly beginning to drop, and for us fashion enthusiasts, the style trends can begin to be worn in full force for the fast approaching season. So what style has caught my eye? Bohemian chic. Cool enough for the school year? Definitely. This Fashionista rocked this style by making it her own and modernizing it.

This Fashionista nails the boho chic, cool girl look by personalizing it to fit her own creative style. Her simple accessories, consisting of reflective sunnies and a choker, add just the right amount of chic to the look. The dark medium wash of her jeans is one of the most popular shades of denim, making them the ideal choice for this Fashionista.

Her laser cut suede vest is the perfect layering piece for those cool mornings and evenings. It’s also great for adding some texture to the outfit. Her moccasins are the perfect transition shoe during these next few months since they won’t weigh down the look. The caramel brown color of the shoe is the right choice too since black may look too heavy. She completed these trend essentials with a cream colored peasant top, the perfect blank canvas to truly make this the definition of a boho-chic look without overdoing it.

Autumn is coming fast and so is back-to-school. Thanks to the boho chic look of this Fashionista you’ll be ready to jump back into the classroom with style!

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How I Mix Fabrics with Color Schemes

Hey there, Fashionistas! I hope everyone is enjoying their first few weeks off from school and loving the warm weather. My favorite part of starting summer is getting a new wardrobe and getting new styles for the season. Lately, I’ve noticed that satin, suede, and pastels are really popular, so I thought I’ld share with you what I found when shopping for some new clothes for summer 2017!

When I went shopping, I made sure to stop in at Forever 21 because their stock is always up on the latest incoming looks. What I also love about shopping there is that it has so many different styles that can work for pretty much anyone! Not to mention the fact that there are different sections of styles that correspond to what different people like—I really love that. For my outfit, though I found the top and the skirt in the same area, I didn’t think they’d work until I tried them on, and voila! Both of the fabrics for these are Contemporary Satin.

The shoes are also from my Forever 21 trip (just a different section than the skirt and top). The shoes are suede, which I liked for contrast. I also fell in love with the pastel perriwinkle color—it really screams summer!

For other accessories, I wore a long necklace (from Francesca’s a few years ago), but you can choose anything that fits your style and make it your own! I hope this helped you shop for some new summer styles this year!

What will you style this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

STYLE ADVICE: Spring Fever

As we move closer to the warmer spring months, it is easy to reach for our favorite transitional pieces. We finally get to stepping away from our chunky scarves and parkas and trading them in for a combination of light fabrics underneath a light spring coat making it the perfect go-to this season. It is no secret light shades of pastels are always on trend during the spring months and this Fashionista is taking note of this timeless trend. Adding these light touches into your everyday wardrobe is the perfect way to get spring fever.

This Fashionista is showcasing her own spring fever with her various feminine touches. She is wearing the most perfect spring coat, the light tan color and the big pockets show the versatility. Not to mention the suede trend has been a big trend in seasons past and this coat makes it easy to incorporate suede for the spring. Underneath the coat, she is wearing a silky collared blouse perfect for adding different textures to her look. To keep the outfit casual for school, she added a pair of medium wash jeans.

With any outfit, the details are just as significant as the outfit itself. She is wearing a pair of trendy lace-up flats creating the perfect combination of neutrals with the entire outfit. As for jewelry, she kept it very minimal with a simple pair of dangly earrings and a chunky boyfriend watch.

A combination of light feminine touches is all you need to create the perfect look for any spring fever.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Rock ‘N’ Roll Pink

With spring semester coming to an end, now more than ever is the time to let your inner rockstar shine.

When you think of a rock star, Mick Jagger, Elvis Presley, Stevie Nicks, and a plethora of other prominent individuals may come to mind. But really…what makes a rockstar a rockstar?

Besides fame and talent, style plays an integral role in the making and portrayal of a true rockstar. With the spotlight shining on that individual, their attire is on display exhibiting not only their taste in fashion, but who they are.

In his cover story for Rolling Stone magazine, Harry Styles quoted The Clash’s Paul Simon saying, “Pink is the only true rock-and-roll color.” Wearing a millennial pink suit, by Edward Sexton, on The Today Show, Harry Styles proved this quote to be true.

The rainbow is composed of a vast spectrum of vibrant colors. However, there is something about the color pink that makes it pop. With a variety of shades, pink can express spunk, passion, sweetness, and innocence.

The moment I saw this pink, faux suede moto jacket and its matching fitted A-line mini skirt, I fell in love. This shade of pink exudes an ethereal essence (coincidentally matching my nail polish was an added plus). Moto jackets emit a rockstar-chic flare due to their unique structure and design which ideally contrasts with the femininity of this pink faux suede fitted A-line mini skirt. Suede is a picture perfect fabric since it adds a distinct look to each piece.

To make this outfit even edgier, I opted for this “Ride Free” graphic T-shirt. With a V-notch and by tying it in the front, this cool and effortless look screams rockstar. Making this casual T-shirt into a crop top also created a unique draping effect. As a result, it perfectly shows off the high-waisted skirt. Sticking with suede, these black heels add a sexy confidence to this rock-and-roll-chic look.

Since silver detailing adorned my pink, faux suede moto jacket, I opted for silver accessories. With this silver cuff bracelet, vintage vibes are accentuated. A little sparkle can make any outfit shine, so this silver and gold, embellished choker was the perfect addition. This dainty, floral tote bag distinctly stands out with its pink, white, and purple hues and dreamy design.

For your next ensemble, don’t be afraid to make a statement. Always make an effort to show who you are through what you wear so that you can to embrace your inner rockstar.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Graduating Guru

It is that time of the year where classes are wrapping up and people like me are scrambling to find the perfect outfit to show off my four years of hard work. I like to stick to the classic graduation trend and go for a white dress. You would think that finding the perfect white dress wouldn’t be that hard, right? It is actually a lot harder than you think, not to mention all the other girls out there trying to find their perfect dress as well and everything selling out.

I took a classic style here and made it a little flirtier and fun. I absolutely love these shoes because they have a little heel, and klutzy girls like me don’t have to worry about falling off the stage in front of thousands of people. I love that they wrap around my ankle and tie. This is such a trendy look for today, and the ties help to show off your leg.

My dress is great because it is a more affordable version of the one I truly wanted and really resembles look I was going for. I love how sophisticated this dress is. It is a great purchase for Fashionistas who want to get a graduation dress that they can surely wear at another event later down the road. The bottom hem with the flowers adds some dimension to the dress and makes it a lot less boring. This look all put together makes me feel so grown up and put together. This is how all graduating seniors should feel!

Don’t forget to wear your signature necklace for good luck! I love my coordinates necklace because it is just the perfect size and I can wear it with a nice dress or with my everyday wear. I get so many comments on it, and it is a great way to show off a place that you hold close to your heart.

For all of you graduating Fashionistas out there, good luck! Be proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished thus far.

STYLE ADVICE: Spring Into Spring Florals

We all know that spring lasts a grand duration of approximately 48 hours in Florida—it serves as a mere bridge, if you will, between what we call “winter” and summer. Although the temperature accelerates rapidly, there is no need to sleep on spring fashion. This Fashionista was stopped in her tracks, on her way from the local coffee shop, sporting the ever so classic floral print in a form-fitting skirt, stitched with neutral tones of green and brown hues, and trimmed with two cutouts along the bottom for added detail.

Bralettes, and specifically ones that can double as tops, have been especially trendy this past year. This Fashionista paired the floral skirt with a cream-colored halter bralette, with intricate embroidery and scalloping along the sides. This top is wildly versatile, and will most definitely serve as a spring staple—it can be dressed up or down, as well as layered with loose revealing blouses over it, or with button-down shirts and sweaters.

No ensemble is complete without at least one element of jewelry. This Fashionista took into consideration the busyness of her top and bottom pairing, and decided to keep it simple with a gold ring choker. The floral patterns on the fabrics should be the main focus of the eye, and the necklace does the ideal task of adding to the color scheme in order to tie the whole look together. A tan and suede crossbody purse is the perfect complement to the earthy colors emanating from the Fashionista’s outfit while also matching her similarly-colored T-strap sandals. From the skirt up, this boho, flirty, and girly look could go anywhere—off to a farmer’s market, to the mall, or even to a nice dinner date; a cardigan, sweater, or other form of outerwear could add mild sophistication. The footwear helps to enhance the casual nature of the outfit.


BU campus is full of creative, casual, and boujee trends. This allows each student to express themselves in different ways. Spotted: a pre-med student roaming around Bay State road, while listening to Kanye West tunes. Every student here at BU walks to classes with their earphones in, listening to whatever kids listen to these days. I find that the music they listen to, has an influence on how they dress.

Kanye West has his own fashion line that usually includes oversize men and womens’ shirts. Immediately, when I spotted this student I knew he was a Kanye West fan. It is hard to purchase Yeezy clothing because of the staggering prices, but we can achieve the same style by putting our own spin on it.

This Fashionisto started with a loose, oversize, gray T-shirt and layered a long sleeve, light pink sweater on top. These colors are perfect for the spring. With the different lengths of both tops, we can see the contrast between them. To add another layer, he chose a dark blue cardigan. I loved this addition because it is entirely individualistic, swaying away from the Yeezy look.

For the bottoms, it is usually smart to pair the tops with jeans, or in this case, dark navy skinny jeans. Now, the shoes are the most important part of the Yeezy look because of the color and material involved. In Kanye’s collection, he tends to go with more neutral colors for his shoes. As seen in the pictures, the boots that this Fashionisto chose to wear are a beige color, suede material, and have a military look to them. It is, of course, mandatory to tuck those jeans into the boots so the details of the boots can be seen.

For accessories, we have a silver Omega watch, paired with a magnetic bracelet, and a pair of shades. Sunglasses are a necessity here in Boston because even though it may be 20 degrees, we have to look cool and smile through the horrible weather.

This specific outfit is a great everyday look for men all over the East Coast. It provides men with a stylish, yet smart outfit. Music always influences teenagers to do crazy things, but in this case, Kanye did an astounding job in influencing this Fashionisto to put Yeezy aesthetics in his spring day outfit. As Kanye would say, “Believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness.” Stay RAD my Fashionistas and Fashionistos.


Spring is here and ready to stay. Well actually, not really in Oklahoma. The weather here has ranged from hot to pretty chilly, but we have been having a few days with the perfect spring weather. I need to take advantage of these days though because soon it will be super hot and humid to the point where I won’t want to step outside!

During this transition into warmer weather, one of my favorite things to do is pair a dress with a light jacket on top. This Fashionista executed this style so well. The black A-line dress fits like a dream and adds a fun mod vibe to the outfit. It’s suede, which makes it interesting, but you can still breathe in the dress. The zipper adds a flirty flare to the outfit too. Both the jacket and dress contrast quite a bit, but I think they compliment each other. The green utility jacket is yet another closet essential I think everyone should own. This jacket works great for the fickle weather because it’s light, but it is great to throw on if you get cold.

Okay, these shoes scream fun. They add to the mod style of the outfit, but they do so with a more current fashion. Platforms are huge right now, and I feel like these shoes could add the perfect pizzaz to a simple outfit. The earrings add some fun to the outfit without overpowering the whole ensemble. Statement earrings are some of my favorites, and this pair is awesome because it adds a subtle statement.

This outfit fits perfect for the transition into warmer weather. Mod styles make a unique statement because it tends not to be the trendiest style at the moment. This outfit is one of my favorites I’ve shot so far, and I hope you enjoyed it as well!

STYLE ADVICE: Spring Style Savvy 101

Good news: spring has finally sprung! Bad news: the weather in New England hasn’t quite gotten the message yet. As much as we all want it to be 60 degrees and sunny every day, this simply is not the case. Early spring means we still have to deal with cold, snow, and rain on a sporadic schedule and attempt to dress accordingly. Even on colder days, it’s simply impossible to get yourself to put on another chunky winter sweater, but it is still too soon to start wearing the sundresses and sandals we’ve been missing for months.

So what’s the solution to this season transition crisis? I think this Fashionista might be on to something. Her cold day take on the well-loved sun dress is interesting, functional, and very trendy. The trick is layers, layers, layers! To keep warm, she layers her slip dress over a simple turtleneck, a look I am loving.

She layers more than merely articles of clothing, though. She also layers texture and patterns. Instead of topping off her striped turtleneck with any plain black dress, she chooses a simple satin dress with lace trim. This makes for an eye-catching contrast between pieces without risking the potentially distracting or clashy look of mixing patterns; not to mention that interesting fabrics like satin are super trendy.

Bare legs on a frigid day with a chance of rain means warm boots are a must. Though it is definitely a bit too soon for sandals, there is also no need for winter boots anymore. These low suede boots are the perfect shoes for this outfit, being both weather appropriate and a great addition to the laid back, springy look. The final touch of this look that I love is the simple touch of casual bracelets and rings. This chill, beachy feel is achievable in any season and any weather, but is an especially great way to add a bohemian element to this particular look and show off the warm weather mood this Fashionista is definitely feeling.

As a whole, this outfit comes together quite well, showcasing warm weather vibes, but using layers to make it cold weather comfortable. So next time you’re struggling to piece together an outfit on a chilly spring day, take your inspiration from this Fashionista!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Embellishments, Patches, and Pink

As Hubert de Givenchy once said,“Luxury is in each detail.” Even the smallest details can elevate a look. After all, details can help you both remember and visualize something, in this case a look.

Think of red carpets or your own wardrobe. Sometimes you might not remember the designer who created the look but you’ll remember that it was an emerald green dress with gold beading around the neckline and was paired with a metallic heel. Or the jewelry design and embellishments on a pair of heels. What a pop of color! That personalized embroidered jean jacket or those patches on your jeans. The metallic-toned heel on a pair of black booties. How about that black trim on your sweater? Or that statement necklace paired with a simple solid sweater or top. Really anything that adds something special to an already great look. The details truly matter!

This Fashionista’s blush pink look is perfect for any casual occasion. She wore a simple yet chic pale pink sweater with the French word “amore” patched on. The sweater which is neatly tucked in is paired with a pale pink skirt with embellished with small beads creating a checked pattern.

You always need a jacket in the city so she layered a maroon utility jacket to complement the pale pink. To top the look of she wore a pair of very trendy nude suede over the knee high boots. Her hair is perfectly curled and nails a painted a pretty shade of pink to match.