Running Through the Summer

When it comes to beauty and health, summer is the perfect time to begin new habits. Between school work, jobs, and internships, semesters can be really busy. So, what better time to start experimenting with workouts then right now? It can be difficult to find a workout that suits you best. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, preferences and dislikes, but I am starting to discover that working out is a lot easier outside.

I love going to the gym and taking workout classes, but I also started to go for runs and hikes in a nearby park. Running is something I used to hate, and now I find it incredibly enjoyable. The fresh air and difference in scenery is great motivation and prevents the workout from getting boring. Also, nature helps improve both mental and physical health. Living in NYC most of the year, life can get crazy. Nature is not easy to find, so this activity is extremely therapeutic. You can absorb your surroundings, listen to music, and even bring a friend along (membership is free when you’re outdoors!).

Workouts are always better when you are wearing the trendiest gear, and this Fashionista proves just that. This matching sports bra and stretch pant set are so fun! Its vibrant colors and cool pattern definitely fit the summer vibe. I love matching sets because they are super easy to slip on, and you don’t have to worry about creating sets of your own. Don’t worry, if you’re not comfortable with wearing just the sports bra as a top, a solid white T-shirt is perfect.

When it comes to working out outside, the perfect sneaker is crucial. These white Nike sneakers are made for exercising and are insanely comfortable. Nike is always super trendy, and this sneaker also comes in various colors. Before setting off, make sure to put your hair in a ponytail, grab a water jug, and throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses so the sun doesn’t get in the way of that killer run.

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Day-to-Day Changes

Lola is low-maintenance. She is also dramatic. She’s a beautiful young woman who goes sans makeup most days. Her style shows that she really could care less what anyone thinks—which is true. Life is art in her eyes, and the clothes she wears are no exception. They aren’t just haphazardly thrown on. They’re thought out and have the perfect amount of coolness to them.

Her style is a mix of many influences. “I get a lot of inspiration from my mom and also the ’70s,” said Lola when I asked her how she’d describe her style. “A lot of what I wear just depends on my mood.”

Some days may be a flirty floral mini dress while other days it’s a cropped tube top and bell bottoms. Today, it’s a cute Levi denim mini skirt and vintage graphic T-Shirt. Her outfit is casual and effortless. What brings it up a notch, is her yellow suede jacket and red platform sandals from Anthropologie. This whole package gives off major cool vibes without looking like she tried too hard.

The final touch on Lola’s everyday look is her crazy sunglasses. They’re erratic and unusual, but typical Lola. They’re my favorite part about her outfit because it takes it from cool and collected to fun and playful. Instead of being an untouchable Fashionista, she becomes your best friend that you can laugh with while eating Thai food—and that’s the best kind of friend in my book.

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Oh Chic, What Do I Wear This Summer?

Summer is my favorite season—the warm weather, cool vacations, and of course, the fun fashions. It is the time to say goodbye to flannels and scarves and hello to sundresses and sandals.

This season try something new, stray away from the typical bright colors and bold prints and wear the chicest combination: black and white. It is a classic combination that never goes out of style.

I know what you are thinking: who would want to wear black in the summer? Fear not, I know it may be hot, but adding subtle pieces of black into your outfit adds the chic element to any of your summer looks.

This Fashionista’s look is very simple. She is wearing a white lace sundress that is off the shoulder, which makes it perfect for any summer outing. She paired it with black gladiator sandals that tie up. The fringe on the end is a fun little addition. A summer outfit would not be complete without a pair of sunnies to go with it. She chose classic black sunglasses to finish the outfit off. The lace detail in the dress does not call for many accessories, but this Fashionista chose to wear cute little flower earrings. Simplicity is essential this summer.

Black and white pieces are super easy to work with. They always leave room for a pop of color, so try a bold lip to really make the outfit stand out. So bring on the concerts and barbecues because you are summer ready Fashionistas!

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The “Optical” Summer Shades for Your Face Shape

As summer approaches, my go-to accessory is a pair of cute sunglasses. Not only do they provide relief from the sun, they also enhance my look and the shape of my face. Here are some tips for picking out the best pair of sunglasses for your face shape!

The first step in finding the perfect pair of shades for the summer is recognizing your face shape. Do you have a square, round, heart, or oval-shaped face? Most people are a mixture of more than one shape, so pick the one you feel is most dominant. Once you know what shape you are, you can start finding what shades look best on you!

1—Square face. Bold, head-turning features make up a square face. Angelina Jolie is one of the many celebrities who have this face shape. Anyone else have a square-shaped face? If you have a square-shaped face like me, we have a few different options when it comes to glasses. Curvy frames look the best because they balance out the straight lines of our natural face. Wearing frames such as aviators, cat-eye glasses, or oval glasses will give you a super cute look!

2—Round face. Soft, sweet, and feminine features make up a round face. This face shape can be seen on celebrities such as Ginnifer Goodwin. A round face typically has a very similar width and length. You want to pick glasses that give the appearance of a longer face. However, if you want to make your face shape stand out, try out some round glasses. Rectangles and other geometric shapes will give you the best look. Pictured above is a large, round frame that will make your face shape pop.

3—Heart-shaped face. Romantic, approachable, and friendly features make up a heart-shaped face. This face shape is very prominent on Reese Witherspoon. To even out the proportions of your face, try wearing glasses that have thick bottoms that will elongate your face. Frames that are heavier looking such as the cat-eye style are sure to look great on you!

4—Oval face. Balance and versatility make up an oval face shape. Chelsea, who is featured in these images, has a mixture of an oval and round face shape. Kate Middleton is a perfect example of a celebrity with an oval face. Luckily for oval face-shaped people, basically any shape of glasses will look good on you!  However, rectangular glasses such as the Oakley’s pictured above, tend to be the best, because they balance out the shape of the face.

Whether you are going to the mall or out to see your favorite band in concert, a pair of cute shades is sure to make you look great! Be sure to use these tips when picking out the perfect glasses. Now…are you ready to go out and find some shades that are “optically” pleasing?

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How to Beat the Heat With These Hot Summer Looks

It seems that I switch from one extreme climate to the next. I went from the cold rainy days in Pullman, straight into a California heat wave. When temperatures are shifting between 90 degrees and 110 degrees, sometimes it feels impossible to come up with a cute outfit. With summer temperatures on the rise, here are a few simple, trendy, and fun looks to rock this season, and still stay cool.

Denim skirts are huge this year, they are chic, comfy, and, of course, a closet staple. This first outfit is perfect for summer because it pairs an adorable striped crop top with a high-waisted jean skirt. I love the vintage look of the buttons going all the way up the skirt—little details like this really make an outfit. Plus I love how this Fashionista decided to dress down the outfit with Birkenstocks. They definitely make this outfit more casual, and perfect for an everyday look. Also, these signatures Ray-Ban sunglasses are a classic for any summer style.

Another genius way to stay cool this summer is sun dresses. Dresses are a great way to beat the heat because they are loose, and most often sleeveless so you don’t have to worry about those embarrassing sweat stains. Plus they are super easy! All you have to do is pick your dress, some cute sandals or maybe even booties like this Fashionista, and you have a perfect look for all your summer plans. I love this Fashionista’s dress because it is a unique and bold pattern that will surely catch other’s attention.

What are you wearing to beat this summer heat? Leave a comment below.

How I Created a Retro Throwback Look For Summer

As someone who lives in Seattle, the city known for rainy days and cold weather, I am excited that the sun has finally come out. It is time to bring out those skirts, shorts, and dresses that have been sitting in my closet for ages! Here, I want to show a summer outfit idea for those in need of an inspiration for creating looks for the warmer season.

Recently, I notice that retro fashion pieces are making a comeback, from oversize sunglasses, to tops with bell bottom sleeves. Therefore, I decide to create a retro vibe for this outfit. For me, I am all about small details. I am currently in love with this mesh black top from Brandy Melville. This tee has a ’60s and ’70s feeling and the sheer fabric puts a modern twist on it. The ruffled trimmings on the sleeves and subtle glitter set it apart from other black tops. It is a perfect piece to add to your summer collection. I wore a black crop top underneath the tee to show its cute strap designs. However, a black bralette works too!

Next, I pair the top with this plaid skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch, a popular pattern for retro clothing and even for today’s fashion. The thing I love about plaid skirts is how versatile they are. For a casual hangout with friends, you can wear a comfy T-shirt and a pair of converse with this skirt. If you are going for a job interview, then you can style it with a dress shirt and high heels. Both would make cute outfits!

Finally, to complete the look, I choose these oversize sunglasses from Forever 21, an ongoing summer trend that gives a pop to your ensemble. I am more into simple and classic styles but if you are feeling a little more daring, then you can choose crazier shaped sunglasses instead!

I make sure that each of my outfits has a specific color scheme. For this case, I am aiming for black, white, brown and small hints of gold. I tend to lean towards dark tones but feel free to incorporate bright, cheerful colors to these types of looks. After all, it is about personal style at the end.

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How to Find a Summer Outfit Perfect for Your City Adventures

What I love about summer in the city is that there’s a happier vibe to it. For me, it’s the best season to practice my photography skills and my writing skills as a Style Guru. In the city of Philadelphia, thousands of people crowd the streets when it’s nice out. A popular area a lot of people are seen hanging around is the Center City because many of Philly’s hot spots are within walking distance.

While walking is convenient and a lot cheaper than constant Uber and subway trips, the change in weather is something to be aware of. Sometimes, the hotter it gets, the more frustrating it can be to pick something decent to wear. Thankfully, this Fashionista provided some tips on finding a cute outfit that was meant for traveling.

1—Footwear: She didn’t want to deal with irritated feet or constant rest stops, so she picked white Keds. They are cute and comfortable for walking all day long.

2—Outfit: She went through a bunch of styles before finding the best top and bottom. It was more of a struggle than she thought because she didn’t want an outfit that revealed too much nor did she want an outfit that she would feel gross in. She decided to go with white jean shorts and a bohemian top. The shirt flowed nicely, so it was loose enough for our Fashionista to catch some air but also tight enough where it didn’t look bulky in the wind.

3—Accessories: Her final touches were brown colored rectangle sunglasses and a brown leather strap crossbody purse. Our Fashionista kept her hair down for the day and wore a little makeup. Of course, she had a couple of hair ties and mascara in her bag just in case.

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A Fangirl’s Guide to Styling Merch

Being a fangirl and being fashion forward don’t always go hand in hand. I know this from personal experience. For my first ever One Direction concert, I chose to be in the presence of the five loves of my life while wearing a DIY cutoff tank top that was horribly tie-dyed and complete with a poorly placed, hand-painted infinity sign. Looking back, it was not my best look.

Ever since, wearing merch has been a bit of a struggle for me. I’m all for supporting my boys, but I find it hard to rock 1D merchandise without feeling like I’m 14 years old again and screaming along to “What Makes You Beautiful” live at the top of my lungs. So, to rep or not to rep? That is the question.

This shirt helped me to finally be able to answer with a yes. Written in a minimalistic red font, the phrase “Girl Almighty” is the title of my favorite One Direction song. But to anyone who hasn’t listened to Four, it’s  just a simple graphic T-shirt. It’s cute enough to pass for everyday wear, but I can’t wear it without receiving knowing smiles from strangers. I’ve found that when it comes to merch, the more low-key it is, the more wearable it is. That being said, fan merch is having a major moment right now (think Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour) so finding fashionable ways to rep your faves is starting to get easier.

To style my One Direction shirt, I decided to keep it simple in order to let the message shine. I rolled my sleeves and tucked the shirt into a pair of high-waisted denim shorts for a laid-back vibe. Next, I slipped on my go-to summer sneakers, checkered Vans. The only other statement piece I chose for my outfit was my mirrored sunglasses. Their rose tint played nicely off the rose on my T-shirt without stealing the show from my boys.

A look like this doesn’t just have to stay in the One Direction fandom. Once you find a stylish piece of merch you love, it’s easy to style a simple outfit around it so your favorite artist’s message shines through.

Who’s merch will you be repping this summer? Sound off in the comments below.

4 Must-Have Pool Day Essentials You’ll Need This Summer

Since I was young, I have always wanted a pool in my backyard. But, despite my never-ending pleas, I have yet to convince my dad. So until I get one, I pack up my bag and head to my friend’s pool. After years of having pool days, I have come up with a few key essentials to have the best pool day.

Sunburn is not cool, ladies. I’ll be the first one to admit that I feel more confident with a little bit of a tan. But, getting sunburnt is not the way to achieve the bronzed goddess look. Sunscreen is my number one pool and summer essential. I make it a note to always use SPF 30 or higher when I go outside. Contrary to popular belief, you can still get a nice summer tan while wearing sunscreen.

Those sweltering summer days can dehydrate a person pretty quickly, which makes water my next essential. One of my favorite things to drink in the summer is fruit infused water. I’ve tried strawberry, cucumber, and lemon, but there are a bunch of flavors to try. When I’m headed to the pool I always make sure to pour my water into an insulated water bottle. There are so many cute summer themed water bottles in the stores at the moment, it’s hard not to find one you like.

A cute pair of sunglasses is a must for any pool day. Sunglasses are important for the obvious reason of blocking out the sun, but they can also serve as a lifesaver in some situations. For example, they’re perfect for when your friends want to have an impromptu photo shoot and you forgot to wear waterproof mascara to the pool. That has happened to you, right? No? Just me? Okay, well this is awkward. Nevertheless, sunglasses serve a useful purpose and can complete any pool day look.

What’s a pool day without some good tunes? Music is by far my favorite pool day essential. Spotify is my go-to place for some amazing summer playlists. I tried Spotify premium last summer; in my opinion, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Until next time, you can find me lounging on a pool float, drinking my fruit infused water, still trying to convince my dad to get a pool.

What’s your favorite pool day essential? Let us know in the comments below! 

How to Style Gingham This Summer

Gingham is here and here to stay. I think that this trend is so fun and different compared to the recent trends of stripes and florals. Don’t get me wrong, I love my stripes but having a new trendy pattern to try out is also so fun. I don’t know about you but I’ve been seeing this trend all over my social media; people are wearing gingham in all different styles such as dresses, off the shoulder tops, and even as pants. So naturally, when I found this dress I was so excited! This dress is perfect for the summer heat while it is a lightweight fabric that is super comfortable and breathable.

This outfit brought together the gingham trend as well as the off the shoulder trend, which I love as well. This dress the perfect mix of trendy and casual which absolutely sold me on it. I decided to keep it casual and comfy by just slipping on some cognac slide sandals and a simple circle necklace. My wardrobe color palette tends to stick to the basics of black and white with the occasional pop of blush or mauve so this black and white print trend was right up my alley.

There are so many ways you could accessorize this outfit. You can make it more sporty by adding a pair of high top Converse or Adidas sneakers and throwing your hair up into a high pony. To dress it up, a little you could throw on a cute pair of earrings and some wedges for a girls night out.

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