How to Do Back to School Season in Style

The new school year is right around the corner, and this is an exciting time to shop for everyone! Fall is my favorite season, and I am always eager to jump right into my cozy wardrobe. However, the weather tends to stay a little bit warmer throughout the first semester. Sometimes, transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall is challenging, but this Fashionista makes styling pieces from both seasons look so easy!

First, she started off by throwing on a two-piece sweater set from Free People. This cute knit set features a retro striped print in addition to the high neckline and flared mini skirt. The texture of this outfit is soft, cozy, lightweight, and perfect for the transition in weather. The warm neutrals in this outfit are perfect for casual wear this back to school season.

To pull the entire look together, she layered her sweater set with a classic denim jacket, accessorized with minimal jewelry, and lastly, added a pop of color with her yellow Converse high-top sneakers. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has been around for decades and is an iconic staple in wardrobes across college campuses today. The ribbon laces combined with the statement color makes these timeless shoes so stylish, unique, and fresh.

Now that it is August, it is time to sift through your closet as you begin to pack for school. Leave your chunky knits at home (for the time being), and pack lighter pieces that can start your wardrobe off this fall. As the semester continues, swap out your transition clothes for your favorite sweaters and boots. Good luck this school year!

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How to Look Comfortable, Casual, and Chic in Your LBD

Neutrals are always a go-to color combination for spring. They are easy to style and can make any outfit look polished and chic. One way to update wearing neutrals for this season is to layer with different textures. This can be done in a variety of ways, but my favorite is to pair basics (that most everyone has in in their wardrobe) for a new take on a chic but casual look.

Starting with a basic wardrobe staple, the little black dress, I wanted to go for a sense of ease and effortlessness. This dress has a lace appliqué that contrasts well with the other textures in this look. The scalloped hem adds just a touch of femininity that pairs well with the pastel tones of the knit sweater layered over top of the dress. The beige color of the sweater plays well with the softness of the dress while also keeping the casual vibe of this look intact. I quite like the contrast between the black and the beige, especially because of how the sweater makes the dress silhouette appear more streamlined than it would just on its own.

Keeping the idea of pairing two tones together, I decided on two-tone leather accessories. A crossbody handbag is perfect for this look, especially the smaller size. I love the look of a crossbody handbag with a casual look—it makes for a fun styling detail whilst also being practical. For my shoes, I went for a two-tone leather loafer with the same colors as the handbag. I adore wearing loafers on a casual day; not only are they super comfortable, but they look rather chic as well!

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WHAT TO WEAR: We Want Summer

We made it, Fashionistas! Schools out for the summer, but it still feels like early spring. It’s been cold, rainy, and fifty shades of gray. I find that this weather is the most difficult to dress for because all I really want to do is put on some pajamas and curl up in my bed.

To combat this dreary summer weather, I have decided that I will be the one to add a little bit of color into my otherwise gray days. I don’t normally wear a lot of color, so this was a bit daunting for me. However, this awesome sweater made it much easier for me to incorporate a lot of color into my outfit. This Wildfox sweater also says “relax” on it, which is what I plan to do from now through September. This sweater inspired me to go bold, so I added another pop of color with this thick blue choker. The small blue bag I added also keeps the outfit cohesive. On the bottom, I thought best to keep it simple with a black skirt and black platform sandals.

This outfit allowed me to really have fun with my style in spite of the terrible weather. Colors completely affect my mood, so it is important to keep things bright if I want to stay positive on gray days. I’m sure that many of you are similar to me and only like wearing shades of black and white. Try adding some pops of color to your outfit with shoes, jewelry, or a statement piece of clothing; you’ll be surprised how much of an affect it can have on your mood.


Exploring new cities and new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. Ever since I got to college, I have made it my priority to find the coolest spots that my friends and I can enjoy and have fun finding. Being that we are right outside of Boston, there are so many neighboring towns and places that you can discover very easily. Some are just a short walk, while others are a quick drive. Nonetheless, it is a way for me and my friends to learn more about the new home we have while at college.

This day in particular, I was trying out a new salad place in Newton Highlands called Sweet Green. It was healthy and delicious, if you were wondering. But this Fashionista across the parking lot caught my eye. She was wearing something completely unexpected and so edgy-chic, I couldn’t help myself from stopping her. She is wearing leather pants from American Eagle Outfitters that create a rocker image. Her other major statement piece was the pale pink ripped sweater. It is such a comfy look, yet the sweater has so much personality. Her accessories include the beige clutch and cat-eye sunglasses. These add to her look and create feminine details. She seriously looks like a model strutting her stuff in those little black booties down the outlet strip.

I love how she took such unique pieces and created a showstopping look for a simple shopping spree day. I asked this Fashionista what fashion advice she lives by and her response was incredible. She said, “I try to step outside my comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to break your norm, and always wear only what you want and not what people expect you to wear.” I couldn’t have said it any better than this super edgy-chic Fashionista.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Comfortable (Yet Chic) Travels

Final exams are over and that means freedom (until September, at least). For me, it means travelling. My destination, this time, was Hong Kong. And, of course, that meant bringing items that were not only practical and useful, but also stylish and could make me look presentable and not the usual hot mess that I am.

One of my travel essentials is this Brevité backpack. I honestly swear by this Rucksack backpack when I travel. Designed by two brothers in Boston, this backpack combines two of their passions: design and photography.  It’s nothing flashy, no “bells or whistles,” but there are many pleasant surprises within this bag. The exterior is made of an extremely durable material, so I don’t have to worry about being overly rough with it en-route to my destination or worry about breaking whatever I’ve packed inside. Not only does it come with a removable camera insert to keep your DSLR protected, but there is also a DSLR lens cap holder on one of the backpack straps. As someone who can be quite clumsy, that holder really comes in handy when you’re out and about taking pictures and need some place secure to keep your lens cap as you click away. On top of all those goodies, the backpack is extremely spacious and full of secret pockets that give you easy access to whatever you stash in there, albeit chewing gum, a passport, or a boarding pass.

My favorite traveling outfit is a light sweater, 711 jeans from Levi’s, and a comfy yet still stylish pair of sneakers. I absolutely love this salt and pepper sweater from H&M. The rose gold zipper on the back adds a touch of style and sophistication to it. It’s a style item that’s quite versatile. You can wear it with jeans and sneakers, but you can also pair it with slacks and some adorable nude heels for a meeting at work (yes, I’ve actually done that).

Accessory-wise, I kept it simple. I always have my Apple watch on me, as it acts as a great activity tracker and also lets me know when I get a Facebook or WhatsApp message or phone call on my phone. I used to dislike wearing bracelets. At work I often have to type or write something, and I found that bracelets got in the way a bit. However, since I received this wonderful crystal bracelet gift from a family member, I’ve been wearing it non-stop. I tend to think of it as a good luck charm of sorts. Some prefer a lucky rabbit’s foot, I prefer a bracelet. It also complements any outfit perfectly, giving it that finishing touch.

Some people find traveling tiring, but I love it. Not only do you get to experience a new country and a new culture, but you also get to experience new and different fashion styles that remain comfortable while still looking chic. Happy travels, my friends!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Casually Classy

Sometimes you want to look classy, all while staying casual. Maybe you’re going to a dinner or going to a less formal interview. Dressing for times like these can be extremely hard and confusing, however, this Fashionista completely mastered the look of being classy, yet casual.

She’s seen sporting a loose-fitting, black sweater that has beautiful gold buttons on the sleeves. These buttons turned a simple black sweater into an elegant piece of clothing. She paired the sweater with stunning long gold and ivory colored earrings. The diamond detailing and the gold on her earrings accents the gold on the buttons on her sleeve.

Her light blue nails add a small pop of color but aren’t too distracting since she wore gold rings to tone down the color. Her shoes completely tie together the outfit, with their color matching the sweater perfectly, from the black to the gold buckle. Not only are they incredibly stylish, but very comfortable to walk in as well. To top off the entire look, this Fashionista slung a purse over her shoulder that is a light neutral brown so it matched everything.

This Fashionista was able to pull off a simple, casual, and yet very classy look all by starting off with staple pieces—a black sweater and jeans. She was able to build off by adding various details that added a new level of chicness. To those of you who need some ideas styling plain tops, follow this Fashionista and try adding some details such as long earrings!


I can’t believe that my final semester in college, and with CollegeFashionista, is coming to a close. The last three semesters following the latest trends and gathering pictures of the best fashion on campus have flown by and have allowed not only my fashion sense to expand, but my writing, too. While anyone who has seen my articles can tell I veer towards the understated all-black looks, my time as a Style Guru has broadened my horizons to try out other, more adventurous, looks. Experimentation with my signature style is what drew me to the focal point of my final article—a pink ruffle-sleeved sweater.

Big, dramatic styles have been huge the last few seasons. Lately, we have seen celebrities and fashion bloggers stepping outside of the box with dramatic jeans, whether they are two-toned or cut and patched in different ways. However, another big trend in the colder months were large, tiered sweaters. I originally saw a similar sweater to the one I’m wearing on fashion blogger Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific and quickly sought out a more affordable version. I’ve had this pink sweater for a long time now, and I finally pulled it out of my closet for this unusually cold spring day. These layered, oversize sleeves are comfortable and keep me warm without a jacket—perfect for this 40 degree weather. While pink is not a color I typically wear, it is perfect for the springtime as campus starts to warm up and the flowers start to bud.

To go with the extra-girly pink top, I threw on a pair of light wash boyfriend jeans to give the look a more laid-back feel. I love the button details on these jeans. They add a little something extra to the typical boyfriend jean style. If you want to dress up the sweater a little more, throw on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and you’ll instantly take the look up a notch. To top off the look, I threw on my gold watch and a pair of black studded sandals (because I have to stay true to what I know, right?) These shoes have a very low heel, making them extra comfortable yet still cute with the bold silver details. I’ll definitely be wearing these all summer long.

Thank you so much for keeping up with me for three amazing semesters with CollegeFashionista.

How To Transition From Winter Outings to Summer Nights

It’s almost summer but that doesn’t change that fact that black is still in!

It’s easy to transition some of your favorite winter wear from snow days to summer days with just a few switches. Black jeans can be switched to crop jeans, or when it gets too hot, black shorts. Crop jeans are a perfect option for summer activities, especially if you’re going out on the town at night. Add a few rips and you’re set for style.

Next you have your sweaters. I know, we all have this love-hate relationship with sweaters. You love them all and packing them away means summer is here, but packing them away also means you can’t wear your favorite looks until next year, or that’s what you thought. Grab some of your lighter sweaters and pair them with crop jeans like this Fashionista did or even with a pair of shorts. That is one of my favorite looks for those cool summer nights. This Fashionista has paired this outfit with an iconic pair of black booties that add a little height and match the tone of her outfit. You could even pair it with a cute pair of sandals or even black flats. Add some metallic jewelry and you are set for a look that will kill. She has a silver statement necklace matched with rings that stand out.

Lastly, the beauty techniques really make this look stand out. She has beach waves in her hair, letting it go free so that it doesn’t take away anything from her outfit. She has paired that with winged eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow, and a natural lip allowing her outfit to be the main focus, but at the same time, looking flawless.

This Fashionista is ready for the transition to summer nights and her style screams it all. From her outfit to her jewelry to her natural makeup, she is ready to conquer it all. Remember, it isn’t that hard to switch your winter wardrobe to your summer one, you just have to know what to pair things with. How would you transition from a winter to a summer look? Let us know in the comments below!

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Skirts

The wind is blowing and the trees are all in bloom, it’s springtime again! This year we have seen some really fun trends hitting campus, including the bodysuit and the off-the-shoulder top. In a world full of jeans and leggings, it can be easy to discount the skirt as too much effort or too fancy for class, however that is totally not the case! Often pairing tops and skirts can be tricky with getting the right volume ratio right, but have no fear, the A-line is here.

The A-line is a great skirt for anyone who fears the skirts are too flowy and hide your figure. The slim cut and sleek styles can make them a great alternative to jeans or a dress. Pair with a loose top or a tighter one for the desired look and you are golden. This Fashionista perfectly balances proportions by mixing her army green skirt with a pale pink sweater. The sweater is just loose enough to tuck in but also does not overwhelm her small frame. The colors are also uber chic, almost verging on neutral, making them great for a sunny spring day.

Skirts are a great way to overcome the constant struggle with what jeans to rotate again during the week, and they are so versatile. Accessories can also jazz up any skirt/top outfit such as the way this Fashionista threw on a brown belt and some long necklaces. She also added brown boots for a laid-back daytime vibe which can easily change by putting on lace-up wedges and changing into a flirty halter top.


With only a few weeks left of the semester, it is natural for students to become less and less interested in their classes. The sun is out, and the weather is beautiful; I can guarantee that most students aren’t contemplating communication theories or algebraic expressions. A tip to keep yourself motivated these last few weeks is to dress like you have something to do and somewhere to go. Encourage yourself that there is only a month left of studying and then about three months to travel, shop, and sleep.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you roll out of bed in sweatpants you may not feel as productive or progressive. This Fashionista knows it too. I ran into this Fashionista on my way to class and immediately her black cropped sweater with pink kisses stood out to me, especially since most students had been wearing hoodies and jogging pants. It turns out she is a Style Guru as well! It was fate. I loved that she matches her lipstick color with her sweater, making the contrast between the pink and black more obvious.

Her jeans are a very light denim which pop against the black. If she had worn a darker denim, the sweater wouldn’t have contrasted, and her outfit would have darker tones overall, which is not suggested for spring wear. Ripped jeans are all the rage right now, I’m not sure if I’ve seen anyone without them this semester: however, her jeans are ripped all the way down. This also caught my eye, especially since most jeans I’ve seen have only had one or two rips in them. The shoes are a classic go-to for an outfit like this.  I wouldn’t have suggested anything different.

Overall, I like this outfit. If I were to change something, it would be the jeans and shoes, I would try exchanging them for a white skirt and black ballet flats to make it more “breathable,” with the weather now getting warmer, I would break up all this fabric.