ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dainty Jewels and Lace

As the semester is coming to an end, we may start having days where we want to stay in our pajamas, but as Fashionistas, we try to find ways to look put together while feeling like we’re still in our loungewear. This Fashionista shows us how to keep things super comfortable but cute to be able to go from Friday morning class to a brunch with friends!

This outfit is very simple with a neutral color palette, but incorporates small details such as dainty jewels and a top with cutouts that really make a difference! She has layered three gold necklaces of different lengths, which really reflect her effortless style and match her beachy, waved hair. The loose gray sweater she has paired with this look has a twist detail and an open cutout in the back, which shows some skin. She has decided to wear an adorable black lace bralette that peeks through this cutout and gives some contrast with its color and texture. To complete the look, she is wearing a baby blue crossbody bag with a small tassel detail.

Overall, this outfit has a great basic foundation that allows you to accessorize in any way you want! It is an easy go-to look if you find yourself in a rush, not knowing what to wear. The backless top and sandals are perfect for the breezy spring weather here in California and can be mixed and matched with other wardrobe staples like a denim skirt or pair of shorts during warmer weather.

STYLE GURU STYLE: All in the Accents

My personal style changes every other day, if I’m being honest. Sometimes I follow the current trends, and other times I stick by my favorite basics. I really enjoy shopping and finding interesting pieces to intertwine with the rest of my closet. I love taking a simple outfit and adding one element that becomes the center of attention.

My style has evolved immensely since my younger years. I used to hate the idea of wearing leggings as pants (before it was as popular as it is now), and I also wore a uniform for the majority of my school days growing up. Through this, I grew accustomed to spicing up dull, simple clothing and have since added these elements into my current style.

I’ve always loved stacking necklaces and rings to create a cool look while still on the simple side. This aspect of my style emerged when I searched for ways to make my school uniform a little different than everyone else’s.

I love taking this sweater and wearing it off the shoulder with a cute little lace bralette. My favorite pair of shoes at the moment are these studded, beaded sneakers. They add a little twist to an otherwise simple outfit, which I adore. I’m also a proud supporter of boyfriend jeans (as exhibited in this outfit). Because of the simplicity of the outfit, I layered a lot of jewelry and pulled my hair up into a messy bun to add some extra points of interest. I love classic handbags, like this Kate Spade shoulder bag, which is on constant rotation whenever I need it.

STYLE ADVICE: Knits in the City

Visiting back at home for spring break, this Californian Fashionista was greeted with the rain and gloom of Chicago—a huge contrast from the usual sunshine and palm trees of Costa Mesa beaches. To help this Fashionista endure the climate of the windy city, I gave her some tips on how to stay cozy in addition to sipping on a hot cup of vanilla chai latte. Because who says you have to give up style for comfort when you can have both?

This Fashionista wore a thrifted, striped pullover which is a staple that is essential for sweater weather. There comes a time when even five minute walks to classes can get too cold to handle, but knitwear will always be your best friend. Continuing on with the look, she opted for a pair of plain black jeans instead of her regular ripped at the knees denim. Every little effort for extra warmth counts, and even the slightest holes in your pants can make a huge difference.

But the piece that stands out the most is the textured, maroon cardigan that this Fashionista uses to layer on top. The neutral, solid colors of her sweater make it easy to match with other pieces, and this Fashionista uses this opportunity to her advantage. She completes the outfit with a classic pair of leather Chelsea boots because you can never go wrong with that simple, but sleek look.

Dressing up for the cold can turn into a tiring routine, but it can also be fun and exciting if you allow yourself to get creative with it! This Fashionista may have only used two pieces to layer, but it doesn’t have to stop there. From solid-colored knits to eccentric prints and fuzzy textures, the possibilities are endless. Collared button-downs can be layered under cropped sweaters, cardigans can be worn over long sleeved shirts, and jackets of all styles and patterns can be used to top off your whole ensemble.

So, until we reunite with our halter tops and distressed shorts, make a statement with those cool lapels on your shearling coat while you still can—festival season is just around the corner!

WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

As the warm weather picks up into April, so does the rain. April showers bring May flowers, right? I spotted this Fashionista while walking in the light drizzle to class, but I had to let her know her outfit was very aesthetically pleasing. This is an outfit that will keep you cozy and warm while walking to classes or running errands in the rain.

This Fashionista is sporting a black sweater with ripped edges she found from a local thrift shop. I really enjoy thrifting because you can find so many clothing items with different styles and elements. Each piece has its own history and I think that is the sentimental value because if you pick out any clothing item, you’re essentially reviving it and putting your own modern twist on it. I think any black sweater is a closet necessity, especially if you want to layer it with thermals underneath and it won’t add a lot of bulk. Plus, black is the type of color the will match with anything. She paired the sweater with denim jeans from Old Navy.  The sweater and jeans combo is a match made in heaven. There is nothing better than having a big comfy sweater because they are great to lounge around in. I always get most of my sweaters in a size larger than myself because I love the way it drapes and I can layer it with bigger jackets since I get cold easily.

This Fashionista is wearing black booties from Target and pink socks that pop out and stand out. These low black boots are good for you if heels are not your thing! This Fashionista loves her black boots because they are so comfortable and versatile. For accessories, she wanted to be minimal and not accessorize too much so she is wearing her favorite rings from a local store that add a little pop of color on this gloomy day. If the rain picks up and it gets colder, you can also add more layers of comfort by adding scarfs or beanies!

STLYE GURU STYLE: Back to Basics

Here in New Jersey, the weather seems to be having trouble remembering what season it is. One day, it will be nice enough to go out and about without a jacket. The very next day, you may as well be bundled up because it will be snowing. Mother Nature’s hasty decisions can most definitely lead to difficulty when it comes to deciding what to wear on a daily basis. But, I for one, tend to stick to my favorite outfits of all—those cluttered with basics.

On an average day filled with work and classes, it’s important to make sure my style is on point, but also that I am comfortable enough to spend 12 plus hours out of my dorm. That’s why my go-to tag team seems to be jeans and a trusty sweater. When you put in the extra effort to wear a pair of jeans, it sends off that exact message to everyone else. It shows that you are ready to take on the day and that you didn’t just roll out of bed and throw on a pair of leggings, for instance. A sweater is also that perfect middle ground where you can still add another layer on the cooler days, yet be comfortable enough when it’s a little warmer out.

Shoes and accessories truly depend on the temperature. When it is on the colder side, like it was on this day, I will throw on one of my favorite pairs of combat boots. When the sun decides to shine bright, I love to cuff up my jeans and throw on a casual pair of Vans or Converse. Last but not least, you cannot forget to add a chic bracelet and a choker or two. I mean come on, how can you successfully take on a day without at least one choker?

STYLE ADVICE: Closet Staples

There’s some clothing pieces that you just need in your wardrobe. These pieces stay in style year to year, and will be worth investing in to have stick around in your closet. Versatility is huge for me as a college student who can’t buy new clothing every week, so I look to staple pieces that can be wore in a variety of ways, such as items that can be dressed up for a night out, or dressed down to run to class.

Styling the pieces differently is the way you can fit the piece into a current trend. Season to season, there’s always those few items that you wear again and again, and here are four more that you should add to that list.

A chunky black sweater. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t want to wear this 24/7 and never take it off? It’s cozy, easy, and can look trendy buy adding just one other clothing item. Plus, you will always be able to wear that black sweater you have in your closet from season to season and year to year because it is that basic. Pick a sweater that you love the style, fit, material, and look of so that you don’t have 10 black sweaters and one that gets worn. Admit it, we’re all guilty.

I can’t say enough about leather vests. If you don’t have one, run, don’t walk to get yourself one. My leather vests are what I reach for when I’ve tried on 20 outfits and I “hate all my clothes” and “have nothing to wear.” Leather vests never fail to make you look chic and put together with minimal effort. I throw mine over dresses, chunky sweaters, printed blouses, you name it. Go get yourself one and it will soon become a part of your must-have pieces.

A good pair of jeans is essential in your wardrobe as a staple. Search until you find a pair that fits you like a pair of leggings that you never want to take off. Having a go-to pair of jeans that you actually like to wear will help you so much when dreading the thought of taking your sweats off for real pants. I like to go for a light wash denim that doesn’t have many rips or embellishments so that they are as versatile as can be.

The final staple item that you actually must have is a classic pair of black booties. And make sure it’s a pair that you can wear all day from class, to coffee with friends, to work, and then to go out with the girls. The day I found my perfect black booties, I wore them literally everyday after that. They were that comfortable and made my sweatshirt and leggings groutfit look semi-acceptable.

Find these items, and make sure they are items that you love wearing. You will reach for them and thank them every time you’re having a wardrobe meltdown.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Feeling Like Gucci

The weather has been warming up and it’s so nice to be able to bring an imagined or inspired look together without having to throw on a coat. This time around I have crafted a look together from inspiration that I received from none other than the latest Gucci collection, their fall 2017 ready-to-wear collection. Of course this timeless collection was filled with stylish and daring looks combining different patterns and layers to present some of the most unique looks. Gucci never lets me down in giving me the confidence to be able to pull off a mixture of different looks but also assists in making even the simplest looks give off an eye opening wow!

For this look, I have paired a classic red, green, and black checkered flannel with a chunky knit beige double zip up sweater along with black leather leggings and black knee high heel boots. The zippers on this sweater are so fun in which you can wear them zipped for a casual look or unzipped to add some fun and uniqueness to a fit. With all of this sun and on such a nice day like this one, of course I couldn’t leave behind my cheetah print brown-tinted sunglasses. I decided my accent color for this look would be red to bring out my layered flannel so I chose to show off a red lip and bring along a red crossbody.

The most stylish, and also my favorite, piece in this outfit would have to be my double zippered sweater.This sweater can take you from day to night by switching the leggings to a pencil skirt or denim skirt and a different pair of booties or high heels. When styling a look you can have the most basic pieces to formulate a certain style or look you’re hoping to achieve but then you also have that one addition that’s going to separate your look from the usual everyday look to take your outfit to that the extra mile. I encourage my Fashionista/os to find your favorite piece and rock it in multiple ways or find that extra wow to make your look, and you, too, can feel like Gucci.

WHAT TO WEAR: Comfy, Cozy, and Cute

Do you ever have those days where more than anything you just want to be comfortable? Maybe you woke up feeling exasperated, and you just want to throw on an outfit you know you can rely on to look cute and still feel cozy. If this is the case, you are going to want to pay attention to this Fashionista’s ensemble! She has mastered this “comfy, cozy, and cute” look down to a T.

The key to this look are the staple pieces. First, she started off with a simple pair of black, high-waisted jeans. Everyone should have a pair of trustworthy black jeans in their wardrobe. They can be worn with absolutely anything in your closet—perfect for a day where you don’t have the energy to put hours into carefully strategizing your outfit. Second, she grabbed a loose-fitting white T-shirt that hangs on her petite figure effortlessly. It’s a bit bigger than the average T-shirt would fit, but this way she can knot it in the front to add a bit of personal style to this simple look. For the last staple piece of this outfit, she picked out an oversize cardigan. It’s just baggy enough to still be considered chic but be careful, don’t go too baggy or it might come across as frumpy. These big sweaters are always such great additions to easy outfits because they create depth and tie all of the pieces together beautifully. I mean, look at this Fashionista’s glow! She is so confident and comfortable in her outfit.

For her accessories, she kept it on the minimal side. I really love a simpler approach when dealing with accessories, because I am a firm believer that a little truly does go a long way! She layered two sterling silver necklaces. One is a long smooth chain and the other a choker with minute details to it. Last but certainly not least, she threw on her trustworthy checkered Vans. These classic shoes are another piece everyone should have in their closet to rely on for a casual day. They’re easy to put on, look adorable with any outfit, and have just enough pizzazz to give you some spunk throughout the day.

I hope you’ve gained some useful tips on how to put together a comfy, cozy, and cute outfit when the time calls. You don’t always have to go above and beyond when getting dressed for class because let’s be real, it’s just class! But there are definite ways you can still dress to not only impress, but to stay true to your inner comfort fiend as well.


March madness pertains to more than basketball, doesn’t it? The weather in Indiana during the third month is always a circus. One day the weather will be 65 degrees Fahrenheit, then the next day it will be 30 degrees or below. On a mildly cold day, a sweater, jeans, duck boots, and a beanie make the perfect outfit combination for running errands.

It’s easy to want to slip on some yoga pants, faux fur slides, and an oversize hoodie when going a lot of places in one day. An easy way to look like you have your life together, even if you don’t, is to make your outfit more presentable. One of the easiest fixes to make an outfit not look as sloppy is to change the sweatshirt to a sweater. This Fashionista plays up the sweater by adding a gold K initial crossbar necklace.

Faux fur has made a tremendous comeback this year. A simple way to rock this look is by wearing a faux fur pom-pom on a hat. If the baseball caps with the faux fur have too much personality for you, a beanie with a pom-pom is an easy accommodation. Normally, camel colors automatically have an autumn feel. When pairing camel with light wash denim paired with duck boots it works for when winter is almost over. I love how the denim is distressed as well. Distressed denim bring oomph to any outfit and also gives your legs a breath of fresh air.

Honestly, this outfit works for multiple occasions. It works for errands, brunch, and even to class.


The hardest part of living in the mountains is definitely dressing for the weather. While most people settle for layering T-shirts and leggings and rocking big puffy jackets when it gets cold, this Fashionista decided to stand out and make winters cute again. The lower the temperature, the warmer the clothes, and that should not mean less stylish.

This Fashionista wore a gray, fuzzy sweater with a high neckline that is perfect for keeping your chest warm when facing the cold winds and paired it with ripped, black jeans. Now, with the cold winds, you might think it’s crazy to wear jeans with rips in them rather than layering some leggings. However, in order to keep her legs warm with the rips in her jeans, she wore nude tights underneath (awesome hack)!

For extra cold weather, this Fashionista likes to rock her red jacket which makes her stand out no matter the crowd. To bring her look from a more casual and laid-back look to a more dressed up one, this Fashionista wore her everyday hoop earrings and layered black and gray long beaded necklaces if she decides to go out somewhere after class!

So, get rid of the T-shirt and leggings and grab that cute sweater and statement jacket! This Fashionista proved to me that no matter the weather, you can always dress stylish. Any sweater or top can be dressed up with accessories and you can never go wrong matching any outfit with a pair of cute booties, like the brown ones this Fashionista is rocking!