5 Pieces Every College Student Needs to Make Going to Class Easier

It’s that time of the year again… the fun first few days on campus before classes start are officially over. Now, the harsh reality is beginning to set in that there are classes to go to and long hours of studying ahead. I’m the first to admit that despite my love for fashion, looking cute for class can be hard (especially for that boring 8 a.m. lecture). However, I’ve noticed that I am so much more productive and confident when I’m not dressed like a total slob. Here are five of my closet must-haves to make going to class a little easier on those days when you feel like you can’t get out of bed. (Spoiler alert: you still get to be comfy!)

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

1—A comfy and cool sweatshirt

The days when sweatshirts were seen as frumpy or lazy are gone. In fact, you can look to almost any of your favorite celebrity fashion icons for comfy street style inspiration (shout-out to Gigi Hadid). You can even layer your sweatshirt with a cool jacket for an even more fashionable yet laid-back look.

2—Fashionable sneakers

As a self-proclaimed sneaker addict, I’ve found that a cute pair of sneakers can elevate your entire outfit like no other accessory. I like to throw on a clean pair of classic white sneakers that automatically make me feel more put together.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

3—Leather leggings

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Leather leggings for class? Trust me on this one. Once you try on a pair, you’ll realize that not only are they super comfy, but you’re also guaranteed endless compliments when you are wearing them. Leather leggings truly are the epitome of effortless cool girl style.

4—Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. A chic bomber jacket is arguably my favorite piece to throw on over a simple white T-shirt or a comfy sweatshirt. It instantly adds an element of style to a simple outfit.

5—Denim jacket

Finally, this list would not be complete without every Fashionista’s go-to piece in her closet: a denim jacket. Personally, I’ve been obsessing over my oversize jean jacket, which always instantly makes me feel a little more fashionable. Pair your favorite denim jacket with a T-shirt dress or leggings for the perfect class outfit.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

What are your go-to outfits for class? Let us know in the comments below!

A Guide to the Perfect Movie Marathon

During the summer, I always catch myself with more free time than usual. Because this is my first summer since starting college, entertaining myself has become a new challenge. Now that it’s August, I can confidently say that I have perfected my movie marathon routine since I moved back home.

Personally, my favorite part of movie marathons are the snacks. If I’m being honest, movie marathons are just another excuse for me to eat an excessive amount of sweets. If you are planning on taking some time to watch a few of your favorite movies, I highly recommend stocking up on your favorite movie theater-esque snacks. Some of my essentials are Sour Patch Kids, Izze soda, and stove-popped popcorn (with a few added ingredients, of course).

To make the Circus Animal popcorn above, I started with about 8 cups of popped popcorn. Next, I salted the popcorn to balance out the sweetness of the marshmallow coating and Circus Animal Cookies. To make the marshmallow coating, I melted 2 tablespoons of salted butter and 2 cups of mini marshmallows in a medium-sized sauce pan. Then, I slowly poured the marshmallow coating over the popcorn in a large bowl. Lastly, I added rainbow sprinkles and Circus Animal Cookies. This recipe is a great alternative to having traditional popcorn with your movie!

When I’m getting ready to snuggle up and watch a few movies, I always make sure to dress comfortably. Absolutely nothing beats a cozy sweatshirt, leggings, and a pair of fuzzy socks!

Obviously, the most important part of a movie marathon is the movies. This summer, I’ve been loving La La Land, the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, and my personal favorite Rom-Com, She’s All That. If you are planning to use Netflix for your next movie marathon, I recommend watching To the Bone, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and Before We Go.

 What movies are on your watch list this summer? Let us know in the comments!

The Art of Streetwear

On the surface, streetwear may be a style that solely consists of plain graphic T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, and baseball caps. However, with every simple design comes an underlying piece of complexity. To designers, their work is a piece of programmatic art that is much more than a trend; their style stems from the street culture that they have grown up in and ultimately created for themselves. As a fashion choice, street-wear has won over many hearts as a preferred style, ranging from a casual look worn to class, to being worn on the runways of New York Fashion Week. Their clothing items are often hard to purchase, with most brands choosing specific days to drop their “exclusive” items.

This Fashionisto has chosen to show his go-to everyday look, one that he would wear to class or hang out with his friends. He chooses to wear his pink Anti-Social Social Club hoodie, a staple option for many hype street-wear aficionados. He had “copped” this hoodie during one of their first drops when the designer was just releasing his first few pieces to the public. The hoodie is one that can be worn in addition to any outfit, as seen on top of his over-sized, long-line, light gray T-shirt from H&M that he wears underneath.

Although he owns several different variations of the hoodie, he chooses to wear this pink option, as an ode to the millennial pink color that is trending now. To create a stark contrast to his outfit, he paired his statement hoodie and light gray T-shirt with dark black skinny jeans and pirate black Yeezys, another popular purchase of street style. To complete his look, he added on a vintage, Philadelphia Union trucker cap from Adidas.

Each of these clothing items can be interchanged to be worn with other pieces, emphasizing the versatile nature of the street-wear culture. The key to perfecting the street style look is to create a personalized outfit based on your own pairings of the simple, yet edgy options that designers are producing.

Do you feel the same way about this trend? Let me know in the comments below! 

STYLE ADVICE: Winter Pieces for Spring

Let’s all be real with ourselves for a second. There’s no better feeling than cuddling up on a cold day in your favorite sweatshirt and being able to relax in comfort. Well, what if I told you there was a way to wear something so cozy out in public and still look fashionable, even in the spring? This is where I suggest the sweatshirt dress.

Sweatshirt dresses are the epitome of “comfy chic.” Though sweatshirts are generally a winter piece, as mentioned in my description above, there are ways to incorporate them into your spring wardrobe. By having a sweatshirt in dress form, your legs are free so that you won’t overheat when the weather is warm.

There are countless ways to accessorize an outfit like this, whether you want to make it look girly and flirty or casual and street-chic. Some options for a more laid-back look, as sported by this Fashionista, could be adding sneakers, or even a baseball hat. If you’re more interested in a glam type of look, I suggest accessorizing with some sparkly bangles or a ring that looks expensive but is actually totally affordable.

In my opinion, this outfit could be worn for a multitude of occasions. Do you have a music festival to hit up this month? A party with your best friends? Finals week? Wear a sweatshirt dress. You’ll look chic while still being comfortable so you can have fun (or be able to concentrate during your finals instead of suffocating in your skinny jeans) and be worry-free.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black on Black

Although it’s spring in Minnesota, some weather patterns speak to winter neutrals rather than light pastels. In my opinion, black on black is good for any season, anytime. Although we claim something is always the new black, whether it is navy, green, or orange, black will never go out of style. Having an all black outfit (or five) in your wardrobe ensures you will always be prepared. Given the shade looks good on everyone, there is no concern if it will look good, because you know it always will.

If your concern is that styles you typically associate with all black, think grunge or Goth, aren’t your speed, remember, if it can be made in floral, it can be made in black. This Fashionista shows us how an all black ensemble can give major cool girl vibes. Sticking to basic pieces with minor detail create interest in the look, while still keeping it casual. A plain hoodie and distressed jeans make up the entire look. Think about waking up early for class and being able to just throw this on and still look great. Add high-tops to complete the look and give a sporty touch.

Black will always be the new black. What makes this shade so timeless is its ability to fit any style, for any time. We talk about the little black dress, not the little pink one. We wear black to look professional, not bright yellow. When in doubt, always reach for black because it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

WHAT TO WEAR: Game Day Swag

March Madness took the nation by storm, but it’s over now and we have a new NCAA basketball champion. Opening Day has passed by now, and Cincinnati has rejoiced, celebrating the Reds. Pretty soon football season will have its shining moment yet again. We are in an endless cycle of awesome sports! In the northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area, there are quite a few teams to support. The Reds in baseball; Bengals in football; University of Cincinnati, Xavier (Go Muskies!), and Northern Kentucky University (Go Norse!) in NCAA basketball. Sports are a huge thing to support around here!

So how do you dress up your sports gear so you still look fashionable? There are many ways to do so. You can wear your favorite sports team shirt and a pair of high-waisted shorts in the warmer months, which is a personal favorite of mine. You can wear jeans, a team-related shirt, and a cardigan; or, as this Fashionista has here, a classic sports team sweatshirt, leggings, and booties. Cute, comfy, and classic.

To give some background, Northern Kentucky University’s (NKU) first year for eligibility in the NCAA tournament was this year. What’s most exciting about that is NKU made it into the tournament, which is a huge deal here in Kentucky because we are a basketball state. So it was a great time for NKU, as stores were quickly selling out of NKU gear.

With that being said, the Fashionista here was super excited to show off her NKU gear and Norse Up. As mentioned, it’s a simple outfit that you will often find on college campuses. I also want to mention that keeping the bottom half one color brings the focus to the upper portion of the body, as well as makes the body look longer.

This Fashionista is also one of those natural beauties without makeup. Ever since Alicia Keys came to the forefront as a no-makeup advocate, it has really taken off. All women should feel beautiful with or without makeup based on their preferences, and it is important to remember there are women who don’t wear makeup and look beautiful doing so.

Go support your teams and schools during whatever sporting season you love!


Juicy Couture is making a comeback? Yes, you heard that right. Celebrities such as the Kardashians and Rihanna have been spotted sporting the velour.

When I picture Juicy Couture, it brings me back to the early high school days where everyone had to have the velour and terrycloth tracksuits. Juicy was a statement, to say the least. With large velour bags that said “Juicy” across them, or even sayings such as “I Like Things,” and “It’s exhausting being this Juicy.” As obnoxious as these sayings may sound, when a trend is a trend, you pick which pieces go along with your own personal aesthetic. This Fashionista created a look with Juicy that is both edgy and girly at the same time. This red velour sweatshirt dress can be found at Urban Outfitters. As for Juicy elsewhere, it can be found with the partnerships Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Vetements, Urban Outfitters, and the Juicy website. What is Vetements? Vetements is European—Parisian to be exact. Vetements is also basically a design collective. Demna Gvasalia is the head, having previously worked for Balenciaga. Fun fact: Vetements translates to “clothes” and is pronounced “Vet-MAHN.” But don’t go racing to add these items to your cart, as they aren’t exactly part of the college budget, seeing as they add up to at least a grand. For a more flexible budget, you can style Juicy into the current athleisure trend with Urban Outfitters or Nordstrom, staying comfortable and chic at the same time. Who What Wear has the trendiest assortment of Juicy, including this velour bomber jacket.

This Fashionista is bringing out street style at its finest with perfecting details: pairing this red Juicy Couture X Urban Outfitters sweatshirt dress with some tights gives the look the perfect amount of detail. I absolutely love these tights, also from UO, as they make you do a double-take, looking like tall stockings at first glance. The mix of the sexier tights with the more rugged hoodie is the perfect combo. The pop of red also contrasts against the Gucci sneakers that she finished the look with. This Fashionista got them for a steal while studying abroad at a Gucci outlet. Overall I give this look an A, as Juicy has toned down their look. The “Los Angeles” discreetly written on the front of her top is so much better than having JUICY across the chest.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Suburban Urban

I think defining your sense of style in a few quick words might be one of the hardest things to do. I have tried for many years to discover where my style was headed, but it is difficult to pinpoint exactly, for it is always changing. One day I can feel inspired by a feminine skirt and blouse for my outfit, while other days I can sport a pair of boyfriend jeans and an oversized male T-shirt. With this eclectic type of inspiration, what exactly was my style?  After a flip through my closet and some searching through my drawers, I have come to realize that my style is an urban-inspired collection of clothes worn by a very suburban girl.

From the oversize denim jackets, colored sneakers, and ripped jeans, to jogger pant sweats, and leather leggings; this style is overwhelmingly what I sport the most. If my Pinterest tags and posts don’t say enough, then my timberland booties and authentic leather jacket speak enough for themselves. In this specific outfit I chose, I’m sporting my typical go-to look.

A graphic hoodie printed with a reference to one of my favorite cities, New York, with a pair of fitted skinny jeans. I of course had to layer it with one of my statement outerwear pieces, which in this instance, was my army green bomber. To tie it all together, I paired my knee-high suede boots and a simple gold watch. Whether it is in the city streets of Temple’s Philly campus or back home on my suburban sidewalks, I am always strutting my true urban suburban style.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Sweatshirt Chic

Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life and you bought some sweatpants.” Since reading that in high school, I can’t in good conscience wear sweats outside of the house. Under normal circumstances they make me feel frumpy and lazy, but in the past few seasons the sporty chic look has been happening in a big way. Hoodies are a huge part of this new trend, as seen on both the Fenty x Puma and the Vetements runways during the Spring/Summer 2017 season. With the addition of sleek details and the use of swanky fabrics, these hoodies are not fit for the gym. This new landscape of chic sweats and sportswear has me changing my tune and ready to dress up my own hoodies.

I am obsessed with this sweatshirt—the deep V-neck lace-up front with oversize grommets dresses up the traditional hoodie with the addition of other key trends. The athletic stripes down the arm and around the wrists and waist give off some sporty vibes and wrap around to draw attention to the patch graphic on the back. I paired this modern sweatshirt with some black, high-waisted jeans and black and white flatform kicks to keep it simple and casual. I added a little flare to this laid-back look with the addition of my favorite black wool baseball hat. Like with the alternative materials Fenty x Puma is using for their sportswear, this cap passes over the basic cotton and plays around with more upscale fabrics. Seeking out baseball caps that are suede, velvet, leather, or wool is a great way to cover up a bad hair day or elevate your athletic apparel! To finish off the look I wore my hair in a sleek, straight ponytail and put on a deep maroon lip that made me feel chic in my sweatshirt.

We all have off days when we just want to rock the lazy look but with the new landscape of sweats, as defined by all of these high fashion brands, there is no excuse! You can rock a sweatshirt and a baseball cap with some jeans and have it be chic, as long as you look for hoodies and hats in unconventional materials, with fun interest elements that give these pieces a higher quality feel.

STYLE ADVICE: School Essentials

For most students, it is difficult balancing classes and fashion but this Fashionisto has mastered studying in style. Accessorizing in school supplies is the best way to be prepped for class and look on trend. At Illinois State University, transportation is essential and nothing is better than a penny board. They are small and fast enough to get to classes on time. As a bonus, the bright yellow wheels look superb! The time in between classes can be long and boring, so filling up those moments with some tunes is well worth it. Wearing a pair of headphones will help a college students day go faster and smoother.

While spring is just around the corner, so is the sunshine. Block out the haters and the UV rays with stylish tortoiseshell/green club master fitted sunglasses, worn by this Fashionisto. Keep them on hand to look chill and have some protection against the sun. Slip on some versatile Vans that are perfect for all seasonal occasions. He is wearing Vans primary mono authentic shoes in frost gray silver. Vans are classic and affordable for students and will always be on trend. The cool guy look is complete with a matching gray beanie hat and a basic pair of neutral skinny jeans.

The statement piece of this look is an armadillo crewneck sweatshirt originally from H&M. Unfortunately, this product is no longer in stock, but a very similar Dinosaur Print Loose Grey Sweatshirt is available at ROMWE. Graphic Prints on a crewneck sweatshirt is perfect especially ones with a southwestern vibe. This spring’s trend is southwestern flair, which is popular both for men and women. The zigzagging patterns and tribal inspired ensembles are going to be everywhere this season no matter the occasion. This style can be rocked on skater guys, school campus, and the runways.