Creative Ways to Make Your Summer Tan Pop

It’s Sunday night—just got back from a week-long beach vacation. You’re desperately trying to figure out ways to make your tan from the last week of laying out pop with Monday’s outfit. We’ve all been there. This summer, I’ve been focusing on finding new—and trendy—ways to make sure my hours in the sun pay off.

Obviously, but sometimes not-so-obviously, wear white! White and lighter colors will make your exposed skin look tanner in comparison. Plus, summer is part of the short time period during which it’s acceptable to wear all white, so take advantage.

I’m not sure why or how, but I’ve always noticed that wearing shinier silver jewelry, like rings, make your tan look more glowy. For real, try it out. This also follows this summer’s trend of stacking boho rings to create a cluttered jewelry look.

Light gray, white, and neon nail polishes help to make your skin look darker as well. Plus, they’re super fun and summery (and make me super happy).

Wear statement pieces to draw attention to areas that naturally tan more easily. Personally, my legs always tan much more quickly than the rest of my body, so wearing a statement shoe or cute pair of shorts helps to highlight that.

If all else fails, spring for a self-tanner. There’s no shame in giving your skin a break from the sun and opting for a moisturizing tanning lotion instead.

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Striking Stripes for Summer

For me, starting the summer off right always includes the perfect outfit. Whether I’m heading to the city or just hanging out at a family BBQ, I can never go wrong with stripes. Stripes have been around for forever, and I think they’ll be around for a long time, because who will get sick of them? Definitely not this girl! Stripes are so versatile and can be seen in everyday wear on every type of Fashionista. No matter what your style may be, adding stripes into your wardrobe is always going to make it exciting and unique.


Stripes can go with just about anything and come in tons of different colors, shapes, and sizes. My favorite go-to in the summer is a striped T-shirt dress. This T-Shirt dress stood out to me because of how the black and tan stripes complement and flow with one another. The neutral colors also make it easy to add some pops of color and intrigue in your accessories. T-shirt dresses are fun and easy to wear, plus you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion!

Layering with stripes creates a whole new look, and a denim shirt is one of my favorite ways to layer. Since it is summertime, denim jackets can be a bit heavy but denim shirts are the perfect piece. Denim shirts are lightweight and can be the final touch to any outfit! There are so many different washes of denim that can match just about anything, so you can never go wrong. I thought this lighter wash looked great in contrast with the dark stripes in my dress.

Finding the right shoes to complete any outfit can be tricky but knee-high gladiators can be the solution! Knee-high gladiators add a little something extra to your outfit to tie your look together and draw the attention to your legs. They’re the final touch to your summer look, so you can be ready for all types of summer fun.

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3 Ways to Style an Oversize T-Shirt Into a Dress

We all have at least one huge T-shirt in our closet that we keep around but don’t really know how to style. It’s usually worn as a sleep shirt or just as a baggy shirt with leggings. So, let me show you three simple ways to style an oversize T-shirt into a dress that you can wear for almost any occasion!

First, get an oversize T-shirt that’s large enough to wear as a dress. If the T-shirt has a design, you can wear it with the design on the front, or wear the shirt inside out. Next, bring the head hole of the shirt up to your chest. From here, you can create three different styles just by tying or tucking the sleeves. The best part about this comfortable dress is that you can dress it up or down with the addition of jackets, belts, and hats, so get creative!


1—The simple, strapless dress. This is the simplest, easiest look, and you can make it in less than 10 seconds. Pull the sleeves behind, and then just tie them together—that’s it!

Pair this look with a belt and denim jacket for a casual and comfy look you can wear any day. This is such a simple dress that it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the jacket, shoes, and accessories you decide to wear with it.

2—The front-tuck dress. First, take one sleeve at a time and fold it across your chest and up, just enough so you can tuck the full end of the sleeve into the head hole. This dress should create a “W” shape across your chest because of the seams of the T-shirt.

Wear some booties and a leather jacket to give this look an edgy vibe. You can also dress it up a bit with a kimono or cardigan and a necklace. You can rock this look even at, dare I say it, semi-casual events, depending on the accessories you wear. Play around with different colors and styles!

3—The pocket dress. You know the amazing moment when you realize that there are pockets on your dress? Well, you can recreate that moment by first gluing, taping, or sewing your sleeves so that there isn’t an arm hole. Then, push the sleeve inside-out through your shirt to create a pocket! This dress is a bit baggier than the others I’ve created, making it more breezy and perfect for a hot day.

A belt is perfect for cinching in the waist since this dress is not tied or tucked in anywhere. Wear it with a light jacket and a sun hat, and you’re ready for a fun day in the sun!

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Be Your Best Instagram Self

Let’s face it: we are all social media crazy, and Instagram is our favorite platform. It encourages easy networking while providing endless space for self-expression and creativity. Summer is arguably one of the best seasons for an Instagram feed; the great weather gives everyone the perfect excuse to kick back, grab some food with friends, and shoot pics in the coolest locations. I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks for taking killer pictures this summer that will really make your Instagram page really pop! My biggest tip, if you can, is to shoot with a camera other than your iPhone.

The first step is always the location. Depending on what look you’re going for, you can always find a couple spots in your local area to amp it up! Google Maps is a great tool for seeing what places are around you. It provides pictures of what the area or place looks like as well as public reviews from people who have already been. When looking for locations, I try to think out of the ordinary; for example, somewhere where I can find buildings with character, shops that are unique to the city, or great views day and night. If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, NoDa is a great spot! Every city offers tons of unique landscapes that provide a picture-perfect backdrop.

Once you’ve found a spot, it’s time to work on your outfit. Remember, when it comes to Instagram, there is no such thing as too much. The locals might raise an eyebrow if you show up to their coffee shop mid-day in some killer heels, but your Instagram followers won’t! Wear whatever you want because what truly makes a picture is being yourself and doing it with confidence. For her prime Insta shot, this Fashionista is wearing some lace-up gladiators, a T-shirt dress, an everyday black bag, and a beaded choker that match perfectly with her background and her vibe!

After you’ve taken some awesome photos, don’t forget to edit! I personally love the app VSCO for its amazing filters. I also love the tools Instagram provides. You can use the saturation option to really add some color to your picture, or the structure feature which is a great tool when trying to emphasize cool details on a building. I also always like to sharpen the image a little bit for quality purposes if I’m shooting with an iPhone. Besides these, there are tons of other apps out there for free, so find the one that you are most comfortable working with.

My last tip is to remember that social media isn’t everything. While we love to seem cool, it’s important to post what truly represents who you are. Don’t worry about what pictures are going to get the most likes or which ones will draw the most attention for new followers. Happy snapping!

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WHAT TO WEAR: Comfort is Key

The end of second semester never fails to present itself as a hectic time. With finals, packing, saying goodbye to friends, and finalizing summer plans, the idea of rolling out of bed and rushing out the door becomes the ideal morning routine.

While the days of waking up hours early to pick out the perfect outfit may be retired until the return to school in the fall, that does not mean that it’s impossible to find the perfect outfit which balances comfort and style. This Fashionista did just that, appearing casual but still dressed up. She does this by creating the perfect harmony of combining relaxed, loose-fitting clothing with bohemian patterns and pretty little details.

The Fashionista is wearing a patterned T-shirt dress, which is arguably more comfortable than wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She layers her dress with an oversized knit cardigan and paired the look with simple brown wedges. She then adds her own personal style to the outfit through the accessories. She is wearing a dainty gold and pearl choker necklace, gold leaf earrings, and a couple of silver statement rings.

Together, all of these pieces join together to create the perfect effortlessly chic outfit to get her through one of the last few days of college without fail.

So, Fashionistas/os, even though the ending of college can be daunting and bleak, don’t allow it to affect your look! Instead, take tips from this stylish student to discover your own perfect balance between comfy and chic.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tourist Turned New Yorker

Growing up in North Carolina, it was really hard for me to get to see my family that lived in New Jersey. Going to visit them only happened about once a year, usually around Christmastime. Even though the 11-hour car ride from North Carolina to New Jersey was unbearable, it was always worth it knowing we would get to take a trip into New York City for a couple days. Considering almost 49 million people visit the city a year, it’s not surprising that I was shocked to learn this Fashionista had never been to the Big Apple. Lucky for her, her best friend now lives right in the heart of Manhattan!

It can be hard enough for somebody who lives in New York City to pick an outfit to wear, much less someone who has never touched foot on the island. The weather is unpredictable, the endless walking is harsh on your feet, and the wind on the Brooklyn Bridge, can have you pulling a Marylin Monroe before you know it!

Because black and white go with everything, she knew this T-shirt dress would be a staple in her New York wardrobe. The cotton fabric is super lightweight, and the silhouette of the dress is extremely comfortable, making it perfect for a day of sightseeing! Just in case it got a little chilly when the sun went down, she wrapped a button-down around her waist. Not only would it be super easy to throw on, but it also amped up her outfit! Most importantly, she wanted to make sure she had comfortable walking shoes. This Fashionista chose sandals, because she knew a wedge might make it harder to walk, which could hurt her feet after a couple of hours. As for accessories, she stuck to the essentials: sunglasses to protect her eyes during our long duration of time outside and a small bag that wouldn’t weigh her down throughout the day.

WHAT TO WEAR: Girls’ Date

I love my job at Madewell for two reasons: amazing denim readily available (quick side note: I’ve been suggesting everyone buys this pair of 10″ high-rise jeans for the past two months), and for connecting me with the most supportive group of friends. My gal pals and I try to go out at least once a month—whether it be to brunch or a movie. Although this day is filled with laughs and gossip, it’s also one of the best places to showcase our styles. With my friends in mind, I caught this Fashionista in downtown Providence, and immediately thought how perfect her outfit would be for one of these girls’ dates.

Personally, I loved this Fashionista’s T-shirt dress as the focal point of her outfit. A T-shirt dress is the perfect go-to in the spring or summer since they are lightweight and comfortable. Our girls’ dates can go on for hours sometimes, so it’s best to wear something easy.

Another reason I love T-shirt dresses is because they can easily reflect any personal style. For instance, this Fashionista wore high top Vans and her favorite vintage jewelry to reflect her self-proclaimed “tomboy aesthetic.” As I said, T-shirt dresses can be styled in an infinite number of ways. One of my best friends loves to pair her T-shirt dress with kitten heels and a bandana on her neck to reflect her more girly style.

The accessories that this Fashionista uses are subtle, yet I’m still obsessing. Not only are they super cute (talking about you River and Thread bracelets), but they’re also super practical. Her crossbody bag is the ultimate girls’ date accessory, since these dates often turn into spontaneous hour-long adventures. It’s adorable and can hold anything this Fashionista might need (i.e. tissues, in case someone gets a little emotional).

Although girls’ dates are fun and important, let this Fashionista remind you the real reason for girls’ dates—an excuse to showcase your best look.


April is one of my favorite months in New Orleans. The weather is undeniably beautiful, and afternoons are spent in the park eating Sno-Balls, a better version of sno-cones. The stress of midterms has finally settled down, and students are taking a mental break before starting to prepare for finals. This makes for the perfect time to get creative with your closet.

This Fashionista pulled together a fun and unique outfit using some of her favorite pieces. The long sleeve she has on was found at a thrift shop in Louisiana. It’s a great layering piece for heavily air conditioned classrooms, and the geometric print adds a great pop. She paired this top with a comfy T-shirt dress, something every fashion lover should have in her closet. To create some detail, she grabbed several different pieces of jewelry. Don’t be afraid to layer your necklaces and play around with different lengths. I’m a firm believer in wearing your favorite jewels no matter what the outfit—anything can match if you make it work. Finishing off her look is a great pair of boots. Comfortable enough to walk around campus and effortlessly stylish.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your clothes and continue to only style them one way. This Fashionista had only ever worn the button-down pictured as a top with jeans. She never thought to throw it on over a dress before. I challenge you to play around with your clothes and try to see them in a new light. I am definitely going to work on doing this in the future.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dressed in Denim

Think back, all the way to the start of your undeniably curated wardrobe. Through years of velour sweatsuits, Bermuda shorts, and every other fad that has come and gone, there’s one piece that has always been a staple: the denim jacket. Whether it had a silver butterfly on the back—as you can be sure my first denim jacket did—or it is of the timeless oversize variety, there’s no escaping this must-have piece.

Waking up in the morning, there’s always conversation among my roommates of what the weather will be like, and how we should dress for the day ahead. Because the weather is so variable here in New York City, spring is complicated to dress for. In the fall, it’s easy to toss your trusty denim jacket on over a long sleeve shirt and your favorite skinnies, but it’s even better in the unreliable springtime weather as a light, but necessary layer. It often turns out that on the way to class, it’s breezy and chilly, but by the time the class is let out, the sun is out in full force and a layer has to be shed.

This Fashionista’s look is the perfect representation of this struggle. She has on a super simple black dress, but threw her denim jacket on to protect against the breeze. Although some may choose to swap their dark colors for brighter colors in the spring, there really is no bad time for a black dress. Paired with a choker, light booties, and her denim jacket, this black dress is perfectly springy and—much to Miranda Priestly’s delight—doesn’t resort to florals for spring.

To rock your favorite denim jacket this spring, don’t let yourself be tempted by traditional spring looks. Try out layering with unusual spring colors like black or blood orange to get you through the semester and into the summer with style.

WHAT TO WEAR: Coachella Valley Vibrations

Coachella Valley, a 45 mile stretch of desert land extending from California’s southwest mountains to it’s southeast coast. Also home to the extensive desert is the annual, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.

Sounds of old-school rock and roll echoes from the speakers as illuming scents of street tacos linger in the desert air. Enormous works of original art encompass the grounds of swaying palm trees against the majestic mountains. And, over 200,000 people come out to the valley over a course of two weekends to indulge in non-stop music, art, and food, and experience the United State’s largest music festival.

Coachella takes place in the midst of the spring, over the course of two weekends in late April. For many of us in college, this music festival also falls into the midst of finals season. Like those attending the festival, my weekend is spent sleepless but instead of dancing into the night to disco music and EDM mixes, I am stuck hitting the books.

As any good student knows, a study break during exams is mandatory to maintain any ounce of sanity. While it’s not Coachella, a local day trip is sometimes the best you can do to revamp and finish off the semester strong.

This Fashionista decided to channel her inner Coachella Valley vibes on our day-trip away from the library. Festival fashion is about feeling free, piecing together the unexpected, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. This Fashionista dove straight into the unexpected, layering an oversize reclaimed vintage statement necklace on top of a bold tie-dye print. With a fun print, a loose-fit, and dainty shell embellishments, this dress screams Coachella, as it intermixes casual and fun elements. As this looks is festival inspired, keeping things fun and practical is key, so she finished off the look with messy buns and durable rain booties, preparing for wherever the day takes us.

Whether you’re jet-setting to a music festival or staying local, this look is perfect for the free-spirit Fashionista who strives to be bold.