3 Items to Keep You Comfy and Trendy in Class

Let’s face it: although college provides you with way more freedom than high school in terms of what classes you take and when, you may still end up with the occasional 8 a.m. class. Personally, I find myself wanting to be comfortable in the early hours yet still trendy and put together. Below you’ll find a few pieces of clothing you’ll want in your wardrobe for those pesky early morning classes.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

1—Basic T-shirt

I live for basics because they’re so easy to dress up or down! You can buy these from virtually any major retailer or boutique and are available from fast-fashion brands like Forever 21 to high-end designers like J Brand.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

2—Straight leg jeans

Although denim doesn’t sound too comfortable, a pair of straight legs jeans are as good as it gets! These type of jeans are neither too form fitting nor too loose, making them the perfect balance when you want something in between a skinny jean and a wide leg jean. Also, they’re one of fall’s biggest it items, so you’ll want to snag a pair for this season. I’m totally obsessed with Levi’s 501 jeans.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

3—Track pants

Track pants and joggers are everywhere this season. Again, they are comfortable and perfect to slip on before the sun rises. I’ve seen them on celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and also on trendy girls on campus. This pair from Adidas is perfect for when you aren’t in the mood for the same old denim jeans.

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Bleach Tie-Dye—A DIY Twist on This Great Trend

Tie-dye, as we know it, has been around for decades—the colorful dyeing technique rooted in the hippie culture that thrived in the ’60s. However, similar dyeing techniques date all the way back to ancient times. My experience with tie-dye has been a long journey filled with rainbow-stained hands, crafting with friends, and super casual T-shirts. I’ve probably had at least one DIY or store bought tie-dye shirt in my wardrobe since elementary school—I’m no stranger to tie-dye.

But… this time I tried out a new (and improved?) method.


All you need are three things: bleach, a T-shirt, and some rubber bands. I got my plain black shirt from a thrift superstore, which is a great idea because it’s cheap and shopping at second-hand stores supports sustainability.

Just a little warning: I highly recommend doing this project outside and wearing clothes that you don’t really care about. This is especially true if you are messy like I am!

You take a shirt and simply pinch the part of the shirt where you want the center of the spiral to be. Then twist all of the fabric until the shirt is in a spiral and secure it with several rubber bands. Afterwards, grab the bleach and have fun with it!

Those last steps are where you can get creative—there are a bunch of other designs for tie-dye besides the traditional spiral, and the amount of bleach you pour on will obviously produce different designs as well.

This is the first bleach-dyed shirt that I have ever made. The design is closer to a splatter than it is to a perfect spiral, but hey the uniqueness is half the beauty of tie-dye! Next time I would add more bleach for a more prominent design.

This look is a little less hippie and a little more grunge, which I love. Plus, it’s one of those shirts that feels super soft and comfortable but has more style than just any old T-shirt. Not to mention that tie-dye has been trending lately in all types of products. So basically it’s like cheating but in a good way. You get to have a unique and cute top while feeling like you are wearing a shirt to sleep in. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

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Back to the Basics

Since back to school is just around the corner, I decided to hop back to the basics. In this outfit, I have five different pieces that are all staple pieces to my wardrobe, yet you will see all of these in every college girl’s closet!

First, we have black skinny jeans. Black skinny jeans are honestly a necessity. You can dress them up with a nice blouse and heels, or dress them down with a T-shirt and trainers. They are so versatile, and they are the centerpiece of most of my outfits. The pair that is pictured above is from Forever 21 and have holes in the knees, which add a more casual look.

Next, there is a basic T-shirt. You could wear anything from a distressed shirt, like the one I have on, or a graphic T-shirt. These shirts are a staple piece because you can wear them just about anywhere. You can dress them up with cute accessories and shoes and wear them to dinner, or you can wear them with shorts to class! The one I have pictured is from Lush Fashion Lounge in Oklahoma City, and they have a ton of great options to choose from.

Third, we have a pair of trainers. Trainers are all I wear during the busy fall semester! I have multiple pairs of them, and I adore them because you can wear them anywhere, all day. Pictured I have a pair of Adidas, but Nike and even Steve Madden have wonderful trainers.

Fourth is a denim jacket. I used to hate denim jackets growing up because I thought they were so uncomfortable, but I found one at Lush Fashion Lounge in Oklahoma City and I couldn’t resist! It fits big and loose, and it is so comfortable. You can wear a denim jacket over a dress to church, over a sweater in the winter, or over a T-shirt when it starts to get chilly. A denim jacket is a must in college simply because you will get so many uses out of it!

Last but not least, we have a choker. Chokers are a new staple in my wardrobe just because of how simple yet so fun they are. The one I have on is from an online store called Love of Lemons (shop her Instagram at @theloveoflemons) and is so stinkin’ adorable! Chokers are awesome because you can honestly wear them anytime or anywhere, and it still looks cute. I have certain chokers that I wear to class daily just to add extra flair to my outfit, which is usually running shorts and a T-shirt!

These are my five basics that my wardrobe revolves around! Show us what your basics look like this back to school month and tag us on Instagram @Cfashionista!

The 3 Best Vintage Shops on Depop

While buying a brand new piece right off the rack can be a thrill, the only place to buy truly one-of-a-kind gems is from a thrift store. Thrift shopping has become more popular in recent years especially in large cities like New York City, where the thrift stores are abundant in location and the clothes are plentiful. However, for those of us that live in smaller areas of the country, our options are more limited (so limited that the only option is Goodwill), but that does not mean we have to miss out on some totally rad vintage wear.

Depop is a great app for finding vintage pieces from the comfort of your own home—or wherever you and your phone may be. Goodbye to endless hours digging through the racks at consignment shops and thrift stores; hello to easy scrolling and boxes delivered right to your door. New to Depop? Check out some of the best vintage shops on Depop below to get started on your online vintage shopping spree.

PHOTO: @overthehillvintage

CollegeFashionista alumnus Kelsey Keena’s vintage shop called Over the Hill Vintage sells one-of-a-kind vintage pieces for every style. Whether you’re looking for the perfect ’90s T-shirt or a blowy ’60s blouse, Kelsey has got you covered! Check out her shop on Depop @overthehillvintage.

PHOTO: @sabrinachantel

Sabrina Chantel’s vintage shop (@sabrinachantel on Depop) is a ’90s wonderland filled with delicate embroidery and headbanging band T-shirts. What makes this shop extra special is that Sabrina has hand-painted designs on some of her pieces, making them even more unique.

PHOTO: @birdonawirevintage

Bird On a Wire Vintage is all about sustainable fashion. By wearing vintage, you’re taking part in recycling fashion! Aside from vintage, they also sell some modern wear all created by independent labels that support other startups like them.

Have you ever shopped through Depop? What are your favorite shops? Let us know in the comments below!

3 Versatile Ways to Wear Your Plain White T-shirt

Every clothing owner has a plain white T-shirt hidden somewhere in their pile of clothes, whether they choose to wear it as pajamas or for a day at work. T-shirts are one of my favorite basic tops! Because of its simplistic elements, you can have fun adding accessories or shoes that stand out without the outfit feeling overwhelming. With small added details, you can style your outfit for a day at school, and glam it up for a night out! So don’t just settle for a casual OOTD, let me show you three ways to turn your everyday T-shirt into eye-catching outfits.

My first outfit is for a casual day out where you want to be comfy yet not give the impression you just rolled out of bed. I wore my plain white T-shirt with some high-waisted jean shorts to create a very basic look. To give it more life, I added a red bandana which brings in a pop of color. You can also tie a bandana around a loop on the shorts if you’re not into the choker look (but who isn’t?). I then paired the outfit with some lace-up black and white sandals instead of grabbing my typical sneakers. To finish off, I wore some neutral earrings and bracelets to accessorize but not overpower the outfit.

For my second outfit, my concept was a dressy day out. The outfit is definitely comfortable, but the details make the outfit more of a “going out for brunch” OOTD. Once again, I started off with a basic white T-shirt, added a black ruffle wrap around skirt and kept the attention at my shoes. As a city girl, I am constantly on the hunt for shoes that are cute and comfortable. So to keep things realistic, I paired the outfit with bright orange lace-up sandals, with a little block heel, that provides comfort as well as style.

I wanted to bring the color from the bottom half of my outfit to the top, so I added colorful earrings that complemented the bright shoes. I completed the look with gold chokers, a black leather bracelet and watch, and gold bracelets.

For my third and final outfit, I wanted to share how you can achieve a cute GNO outfit with a plain white T-shirt.

For this look, I wanted to dress up a white T-shirt, so I added a mesh camisole over it with satin black culottes. I kept the jewelry from the second outfit, except the earrings. Since it’s a night out, I wanted to go a little heavier with some statement earrings. This on its own is already dressy, but let’s not stop there! I finished the outfit with sleek nude sandal heels, which gave length to my legs (huge plus to all my short Fashionista/os like me), and a cute embroidered jean jacket if you are into jackets like me.

How do you rock your plain white T-shirt? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista. 

Meet the Legends Behind Your Band T-Shirts

“Hey, nice Metallica shirt… name three songs.” If you’ve been personally victimized by this statement, you’ve come to the right place. Band T-shirts have been huge in casual fashion for the past couple of years. Personally, I’m a big fan of the movement, but the problem is that too many people are purchasing these T-shirts without actually knowing the band. I’m here to fix that. By the end of this article, you will be able to pass the dreaded three song test if someone comes up to you and asks about your shirt.

1一Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin IV is known to be one of the most influential albums in rock music. The band was formed in 1968 and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. The museum’s biography states that they were perhaps as influential during the ’70s as the Beatles were in the ’60s. Here are three songs: “When The Levee Breaks,” “Black Dog,” and “Whole Lotta Love.”

2一The BeatlesThe Beatles are arguably the greatest band of all time. The band was formed in Liverpool in 1960 by Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They were so popular that the fandom was referred to as “Beatlemania.” Here are three songs: “Come Together,” “Oh! Darling,” and “Penny Lane.”

3一The Rolling Stones. Everyone loves that iconic lip T-shirt, but do half of the people rocking it know the rock behind it? The Rolling Stones were formed in London in 1962 and grew to be one of the most successful rock bands in history. Their “A Bigger Band Tour” is the second highest grossing tour of all time behind U2. Here are three songs: “Beast of Burden,” “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’,” and “Gimme Shelter.”

4一Grateful Dead. Grateful Dead is known for its terrapins, bears, and skulls. In 1965, this group from California gave birth to possibly the greatest jam band in history. They’re still kicking and are currently touring the world with John Mayer on guitar. Here are three songs: “Casey Jones,” “Sugar Magnolia,” and “Touch Of Grey.”

5一Pink FloydPink Floyd started in 1965 playing the underground music scene in London. After gaining popularity, they continued on to be one of the most famous rock bands of all time known for their live performances, deep, philosophical lyrics, and sonic experimentation. Here are three songs: “Wish You Were Here,” “Time,” and “Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2.”

6一Joy DivisionThe iconic post-punk album “Unknown Pleasures” is all over T-shirts. With the suicide of singer Ian Curtis, the band only lasted a little under four years. The small amount of music they were able to put out is still widely famous and lives on as an influence for modern music. Here are three songs: “Disorder,” “Ceremony,” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

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Athleisure is the New Ultimate College Style

It’s official: athleisure is the new preppy. These days, athleisure apparel is seen on everyone from A-list celebrities, such as the Jenners, to moms on their way to pick up their kids from school. This style has evolved over the past few years and has become an appropriate way to wear casual workout clothes in different settings besides the gym.

You can thank big-name brands like Nike, New Balance, Victoria’s Secret, and Lululemon for picking up on the trend and creating a new genre of clothing. An athleisure look can include joggers, leggings, jeans, minimalist T-shirts, cool jackets, sweatshirts, and crewnecks. You can pair casual sneakers or other simple shoes, baseball hats, and simple hairstyles with the athleisure look as well. These looks are worn with the intent of a very careless, yet pulled-together look.

Gone are the uber-preppy Gossip Girl inspired, school looks. The athleisure style is the new big trend among both male and female college students. It’s no surprise that the demographic that invented the “Norts” look (Nike shorts, oversize T-shirt) appreciates such a comfortable and convenient trend. “People of all ages are wearing their workout wear all day now…” says SoulCycle co-founder, Julie Rice, in a Vogue article. “People shop for their athletic wear thinking, how can I wear this from the studio to the street?”

One can’t simply wear old sweatpants and a university hoodie and call it athleisure. The line between athleisure and lazy is thinner than a pair of $3 leggings and a minuscule detail can push the look from one side to the other. Thankfully, popular clothing companies are making it very easy to balance the line between the gym and the streets. An athleisure ensemble works best when it conforms with the following guidelines: 

1—Good quality pieces.

2—Comfortable, but cute.

3—Mostly neutral colors.

4—Athletic items mixed with casual streetwear.

This Fashionisto’s outfit conformed to his usual preppy style while also portraying the athleisure look that I was hoping for. He stuck with classic and timeless pieces such as white high top Converse, simple navy shorts, a well-fitting black and white striped J.Crew shirt, a leather Daniel Wellington watch, Ray-Bans, and a chic pop of color with a coral L.L.Bean baseball cap. Sam’s outfit was easily appropriate for a casual doubles match and later when we hit the local café.  

What do you think about this trend? Do you think it’s the trend of the 2010s or just a passing fad? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista and @abbysteinour in your athleisure looks on Instagram!

How I Let Music Shape My Style

For those of us not going to any music festivals and are scrolling jealously through the feeds of those who are, we can still showcase our love for music. As for myself, I take a lot of my fashion inspiration from what I listen to. I might dress similarly to how my favorite singers dress or how their music makes me feel. If I’m in the mood to listen to Coldplay for instance, I’ll opt to wear something fun and colorful that day. As the genre of whatever I listen to always changes so does the style of clothing I wear.

First off, one of the easiest ways I express my love for both music and fashion is to wear a band T-shirt. I own several T-shirts adorned with my favorite bands and singers. I find them to be both stylish and comfortable. You can easily find them at the mall, thrift stores, or online. (I got this Florence + the Machine top from their official merchandise website).

The best part about T-shirts like these is that I can dress them up or down by how I style them. I opted for some blue high-waisted jeans. I also decided to wear some bright yellow platform sandals with the outfit to give the look some color. It turns my casual attire into something a little bit more dressed up. As for accessories, I am wearing a moon necklace and cat-eye sunglasses

Another way that I get inspired by music is to get outfit ideas from singers I like. Lately, it’s been Dua Lipa. She combines feminine pieces with sportswear. She keeps the hair simple and always wears a choker necklace. Whether I’m at a concert or just hanging out with friends, I still manage to weave music in my fashion choices.

Do you have anything that influences the way you dress? Let me know in the comments below!

How Dressing Casual Can Make a Statement

Happy summer everyone! It is sunny and 75 degrees, in my opinion, it is the perfect time to grab a pair of sunglasses and walk around your hometown city.  Whether it is having lunch at your favorite downtown spot or just taking in the sites for the afternoon, your hometown city will always be your favorite. As any Fashionista/Fashionisto would say, wearing a trendy yet comfortable outfit for days on the town is a must.  I spotted this Fashionisto in downtown Pittsburgh supporting the casual meets hipster look. For days while walking around downtown, it is best to keep casual yet still show off your best look, and he was the perfect example!

Denim jackets are a huge trend and can be tied together with almost any outfit. You see everyone wearing one these days, but the way each person wears it is completely different. Denim jackets come in all sorts of different washes, but this medium-washed one was perfect. It is great for cool days but can be tied around the waist or thrown over the shoulder when the sun comes out. The most casual part of his outfit is his shorts. They are comfortable and casual but really complete the outfit. They are fun to relax in but also very easy to be out and about in.

Plain white T-shirts are a staple. Every Fashionisto will have a couple of these in his closet for sure. They are beyond comfortable but when collided with the jean jacket it creates a whole new look. T-shirts provide many different uses; whether you are wearing them to relax in or trying to layer it with a jean jacket like he did. When layered they do not seem so plain after all. This downtowner is also spot on with his accessories. He is showing off his gold watch, gold chain, and studded earrings. Since he was pulling off a more casual look it was best to go the simple route and not go over the top.

Wearing comfortable shoes while walking around downtown is key. He is showing off his black Vans, which are stylish but also doing the trick and not killing his feet. Of course, they have a lot of wear on them because of how much traveling he does in them but whose Vans do not? These sneakers really collaborate well with his black Pittsburgh Pirate hat. Hats are the best, they are stylish but also keep the sun off of your face which was perfect since he was walking all over downtown! Pittsburgh is well-known for sports, so showing them off is a must, especially when you are walking around town.

It is very easy to dress causal, but showing off your personality is how you make a statement. Next time you are in your hometown city, let us know how you make your casual outfit a statement by tagging us @Cfashionista!

Effortlessly Cool Summer Outfit Tips

This summer I wanted to amp up my style for summer nights to achieve something fun, yet effortless. For this outfit, I was personally inspired by classic rock and thrift store finds (go Seattle college kids!). I was able to create an affordable, comfortable, and casual summer look. Everything in this outfit is second hand and very versatile.

I started this outfit with a great pair of comfortable jeans: 505 vintage Levi’s. Attention, ladies! If you have curves stray far away from the 501 Levi’s you hear everyone raving about. I became so frustrated with never being able to find a good pair of vintage Levi’s that were flattering and comfortable. One day, a vendor mentioned to me that 501’s were originally made for men, and therefore they have no room for girls with curves. My world changed, and since then I’ve been able to find so many more jeans! After I bought this pair, I cut them to right above my ankle to give them a raw hemline.

I threw on a graphic T-shirt to finish up my base look. I then added this blue suede jacket, which is a statement piece and the key to making this look work. The key to spicing up a basic look is to add a great statement piece. Choose pieces that inspire and excite you! The pop of color is exactly what this look needed. My favorite parts of the piece are the fringe and the collar. To finish off the look, I found these cheetah booties that a friend had handed down to me. I often stay away from patterns, but a pair of cheetah shoes is like a great friend who will never let you down; they go anywhere and can rock with anything! Lastly, I threw on these round sunglasses from a local consignment shop. This look has character through each individual piece.

I have three tips for creating this effortlessly cool summer look. Firstly, use comfortable statement pieces that really show a side of your personal style. Wear statement pieces in your everyday outfits to change it up and make things more exciting. A fun jacket with embroidery, fringe, or a fun color is a good choice for a statement piece. Don’t be afraid to wear statement pieces! Secondly, pick pieces that fit. I learned that I tend to compromise my comfort for clothes that are too small in certain areas just so I can achieve the look I want. I realized that finding clothes that fit me will instantly make my outfits look better (this means finding flattering jeans). Lastly, a great pair of cheetah shoes will never fail you. If you shy away from patterns, this is a great way to add some into your wardrobe.

What’s your go-to summer outfit? Show us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!