3 Different Ways to Rock Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic and band T-shirts have always been a major staple in my wardrobe because there are so many different ways to style them, and they hold a unique opportunity for me to be able to express myself. Today, I am going to show you three different ways I like to wear my favorite T-shirts!


1—Dress it up. People sometimes tend to think that graphic and bands T-shirts are typically more on the edgy side of fashion, but with the right accessories, anybody can rock them and make the trend their own! For this look, I paired my Breakfast Club graphic T-shirt with these adorable floral capris and wedges—a perfect look for the typical girly-girl! My favorite part about this look would have to be the floral accents on my capris. The key to any perfect outfit is uniqueness. Never be afraid to stand out!

2—Ripped jean queen.  The most simple look of them all, yet one of the cutest and most classic looks of all time! All you have to do is throw on that band tee, your favorite pair of Vans and ripped jeans and you are good to go! Don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite choker necklace!

3—My favorite look. You can absolutely never go wrong with the ever-so-adorable overalls! I always like to unhook one of the overall straps for a chic, vintage feel. Make it edgy with your best combat boots and for that extra vintage flair, some round sunglasses are the perfect addition!

What are your favorite ways to style graphic tees and band tees? Let me know in the comments below!

DIY Tailgate Tops to Try

Growing up down the street from the largest football stadium in the country, my fellow Fashionistas and I love a good tailgate. Over the years, we have seen many tailgate outfits so we thought we should share two of our favorite DIY styles that anyone at any college can try.

All you need for each style is a T-shirt, a pair of scissors, a marker, fabric glue, and any extras you may want to personalize your T-shirt. I’m going to use a pair of shoelaces, lace, and bleach to spice up my shirts.

Stay tuned below to find out ways to turn a basic college T-shirt from drab to fab!

Each of these shirts can be paired with your favorite jeans and sneakers.

1—Lace-Up Sides. This shirt is a classic cutie. You will need a pair of scissors and shoelaces. First I trimmed the hem of my shirt to turn the T-shirt into a crop style shirt. Next, I cut the sides of the shirt to my desired length for the lace up sides. After you have cut the sides you will make holes along the length that you will lace the shoelaces up in. For my style, five sets of holes worked perfectly. Lastly, you will lace up the shoelaces in the holes and tie them at the bottom.

2—Lace Trim. This style turned out to be one of my ultimate favorites. Start by taking a marker to indicate a horizontal line where you would like to place the lace. Once you mark the spot, measure out enough lace for the length of the shirt, front and back. Using fabric glue, apply it along half the length of the lace. Once the glue is applied gently place it on the front half of the shirt. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Once the front has dried, repeat gluing and applying the lace onto the back of the shirt. After the back has dried you are left with a super rad top!

I would love to see what kind of tailgate tops you and your friends come up with. Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista in all your posts! 

How to Upcycle Music Festival Fashions From Your Closet

Firefly, Coachella, EDC Las Vegas and New York, along with countless other music festivals are popping up all over the place this summer and those tickets are expensive. You scrounge and save every penny to afford them so why waste money on your outfit when there could be one waiting to be created from old clothes in your closet?

This quick and easy task is especially great for those of us who like to procrastinate and wait until the last minute to find an outfit. In this step-by-step process, you will learn how to create a fierce music festival outfit and makeup look with clothes and products you already have on hand.

Step 1—We all have that one pair of jeans that we thought was cute at the time we bought them (you know… the bell-bottom pair) and now we have no idea what to do with them. This is the pair you will be altering. Remember those old screen-printed T-shirts from those stores on the boardwalk or from bargain bins at the mall that are shoved in the back of your closet? Choose one of these as the shirt you will alter, and you now have the base of the outfit you will be upcycling.

Step 2—Put on the jeans and with a pencil, mark where you will make your cut for the pants to become shorts. Then, mark out the pattern you would like to cut out of your shirt. In this case, I marked the chest cut-out with the bralette underneath to make sure it would be visible, as well as made a marking for how far I wanted the fringe to come up the shirt.

Step 3—Grab some fabric scissors and cut away! Feel free to add beads and any other embellishments you want.

Step 4—Now that your outfit is killing it, we need makeup to match. You won’t have to run to Sephora to grab that new Too Faced body glitter, you can make your own. Find a small container and pour in some loose glitter, then squeeze in a heaping tablespoon of aloe gel and mix it together. Test the mixture on your hand and add more glitter if need be.

Step 5—For the finishing touches to the outfit, don’t forget your shoes! As for the makeup, I recommend a colorful smokey eye, winged eyeliner, and a glitter liner cut crease.

You could spend money on makeup and clothes that you’ll just get hot and sweaty in and end up regretting it later or you could revamp old clothes you don’t care too much about anyway and focus more on your experiences while still looking spectacular. You don’t need five shirts from that beach you go to every summer since you were 10. Giving up one won’t hurt you!

Are you going to any music festivals this summer? Show us your upcycled festival looks and DIY body glitter. Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista

Here’s Exactly How To Keep Up Summer’s Biggest Trends (Without Buying a Thing)

As Fashionistas/os, we always want to keep our wardrobes up-to-date with the latest trends. However, as college Fashionistas/os, we may not always have the funds to afford new clothes—especially for styles that may only be in-season for a couple months.

Thank goodness for fashion DIY. With a few scissors snips and creativity, you can transform your own, tired pieces into super trendy, of the moment looks.

Cutout Choker Shirts:

Step 1. You’re only going to need two things: a cute, crew neck T-shirt and a pair of sharp scissors. The scissors don’t have to be fabric scissors, but those will probably work best!

Step 2. Layout your favorite tee on a flat surface, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles.

Step 3. Pick up the shirt and attempt to lay it out by pinching the front and back of the shirt. Align the seams on the sides, along with the shoulder seams. It’s imperative you find the middle of the shirt, so your cutout isn’t crooked!

Step 4. Pick the depth you want for the cutout. If you are unsure of the depth you want, try the shirt on inside-out and make a very light mark near the center of the shirt of how deep you’d want the cutout to be.

Step 5. Cut from the center of the shirt towards the collar in a diagonal line. Make sure the shirt is folded correctly, so that way you are not cutting the back!

Step 6. Once the cut has been made, lay the shirt flat (like in step two), and cut along the collar. Remove the triangular flap to reveal a cool cutout-choker look!

Super Distressed Jeans:

Step 1. You’ll need four things to create this look: a pair of jeans, a shaving razor, tweezers, and a pair of scissors.

Step 2. Take the jeans and pinch them in places where you want the holes. You can either wing your hole placement (I mean, why should ripped jeans be perfect anyways?), or you can try them on and mark the spots you want the holes to be. Pinch the jeans and create two horizontal cuts with the scissors. These cuts should be about the same in length and parallel to each other!

Step 3. Take your tweezers, and using your carefully-practiced-brow-plucking skills, carefully remove each of the vertical strands in the fabric between the two cuts.

After doing this repeatedly, the fabric should start to unravel. You can then use the razor to lightly distress spots onto your jeans, like on the pockets!

These two DIY styles are super simple and very on-trend! You can finally start telling people “no, I didn’t buy my jeans with holes in them!

After following the steps in this article, show off your look on social media! Don’t forget to tag @cfashionista!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Millennial Pink

Bubblegum, unicorns, Barbie, so many things come to mind when I see the color pink. Surprisingly the color pink is trending. This may be because ’80s fashion is back. The ’80s was a decade of bold style and colors. “That heady mix of salmon, blush, bubblegum, and coral has been popping up on shopping bags (Acne Studios), books (hello, 2016 best-seller Sweetbitter!) and even tabletops.” Take a trip to New York restaurants Café Henrie and Cha Cha Matcha and you’ll see what I mean—millennial pink is everywhere. According to Vogue, “It’s gone viral—and probably for a good reason: According to color therapy expert Constance Hart, pink has a special mood-boosting quality, and she describes it as the color that ‘opens you up to self-love.’”

I am not even a girly girl but the love for the color pink has been helpful for my Instagram aesthetic and how I choose the perfect pop of color for my outfits. I’ve been wearing my rose gold bomber jacket or throwing on my favorite pink bandana. But I just recently found my new favorite pink acid wash boxy denim jacket that I plan to decorate in girly pins and iron on letters, to give it some personality. My black high-waisted jeans are great with every outfit. I put some classic black and white high-top chucks and my graphic Elton John T-shirt that I bought in concert. The black on black makes the pink in my jacket pop.

No matter the context there’s no denying that the color pink has a certain charm. Want to dive into the trend? Try a soft pink romper this summer or exuberant heels that will surely make a splash in the office! Even if you’re not a girly-girl like me, this still works.

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Cool

This Fashionista caught my eye from a mile away. Her laid-back T-shirt mixed with a structured high-waisted pant provided for a casual, yet sophisticated look. Not only did she strut the streets completely effortlessly, but she also somehow looked runway-ready.

This outfit is one of my absolute favorites because this Fashionista is sporting a put together look in a totally casual way. With inspiration from this look and the right care-free attitude, you can turn any casual clothing item into a glamorous statement look.

The simple but funny T-shit advertising a kind of mac and cheese adds humor to her look yet still keeping her chic. This Fashionista is a prime example of how a casual T-shirt can be transformed into a high fashion look, adding some humor to even the most fashionable Fashionistas. A top tied up like this in combination with high-waisted boyfriend jeans adds a flirty edge to what could have been a quite casual look.

Lastly, her suede navy booties completely tie the look together. A suede bootie with a good chunky heal, gives your look a sense of purpose and can make even the most casual of T-shirts look high fashion.

By following in her lead, you too can turn your bargain tops into a runway-ready look. A simple piece can be styled up in the right way with only a few staple accessories. This look is perfect for a day around town, a new adventure, or a stylish street look when exploring a new city!

5 Brands Every Logomaniac is Wearing Right Now

Forget coyly concealing the brand on your shirt’s tag. Right now it’s all about logo, prominently displayed front and center.

This is just the latest trend in the overarching ’90s revival. Brands that defined the decade like Vans, Adidas and Fila are back with a vengeance.

Nineties babies are reinterpreting styles from the brands originally made popular by iconic ’90s babes. Whether you are pairing them with your favorite boyfriend jeans or leather skirt, you’ll being giving off effortless ’90s vibes.

But which brands are logomaniac sporting the most lately? Here are our picks for the hottest ’90s brands killing the game in this decade.

1—Calvin Klein

Photo via @menwomenwithstyle


Photo via @iam_evelina


Photo via @nitro_licious

4—Tommy Hilfiger

Photo via @alexcloset


Photo via @alexcentomo

Which ones your favorite?

WHAT TO WEAR: Changing Seasons

New England’s weather can be chaotic at times. From 70 degrees one day to snowing and 20 degrees the next, be ready for a quick outfit change at any moment. Here our Fashionista is showing how to make an outfit versatile for any weather condition that the day has to offer.

The first essential way to make an outfit work in multiple conditions is to layer. Here a light maroon faux leather jacket is paired with a striped T-shirt. This look can be as simple or extravagant as you want it to be depending on your clothing paring. Doing this gives you a way to bundle up or cool down depending on the changing temperature. It is much easier to simply remove a jacket than it is to have to go back and change or suffer in an uncomfortable situation.

The second essential is tailoring your favorite cold weather pieces to the current weather pattern. Since it’s likely too early to shop for warm weather clothing, you can make adjustments to your current wardrobe. Cuff a pair of your favorite jeans and pair them with some comfortable booties to complete the look. This can be done with any article of clothing including tying a button-down around your waist.

On campus the changing weather can become very troublesome, especially for those living off campus. My advice to students: carry wisely. Always make sure to pack an umbrella, gloves, and a hat, just in case the weather throws you for a loop. So keep an eye out for the weather and make sure to dress wisely.

WHAT TO WEAR: Streeting Your Look

Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centers. So being a Style Guru in an urban center, you should master the art of “streeting” your look. There are many street style groups to choose from, such as Hippies, Teddy Boys, punk fashion, Skinheads, preppy, and many more. I have decided to address the urban style (colorful apparel, large accent jewelry, skinny jeans/pants, jackets, T-shirts).

The number one thing you must remember is to not always go by the rules. Sporting an urban style means you can always stray from the path of wearing what’s expected of you, since new trends can rise or be brought back from the past. Starting off with the apparel, the Fashionisto didn’t choose a colorful apparel, but did replace the colorful aspect with a printed sweater. Printed sweaters or T-shirts with patterns and stamps is the key to mastering this look. As for the pants, he has chosen a colorful pair of trousers but really kept the whole look in earthy colors. The trousers are and should be skinny to complement the apparel.

A traditional good old leather jacket is always fit for the occasion. Keep it shiny, keep it rock and you got yourself an urban look. If you do not own a leather jacket, you can always replace it by wearing a denim jacket. This works like a charm. To complete the look, he has a colorful deep red beanie with a small detail design in the center. You can go for a sport hat with a print on it as well. We also have a chunky watch, a vintage looking pair of glasses and, of course, the socks.

Socks are such an amazing and fun detail to work with. You can spice up every look with this tiny accessory. It doesn’t catch your eye right away; however, you will find yourself appreciating a good pair of printed or patterned socks. For the shoes, I believe that the best option is a pair of sneakers: comfy, urban, fashionable.

I hope you have found this helpful and insightful.


Intricate details incorporated into casual, or even formal outfits, are a great way to spice up any look. One can accomplish this by wearing striking or subtle patterns or by simply accessorizing more than usual. Both are great ways to show off one’s fashion sense in a unique, yet bold way.

This exceptional outfit showcases many subtle details in an effort to stylize a casual daytime look. The colorful baseball T-shirt makes a statement right off the bat. Its colorful and bold nature captivates any passerby almost immediately. Although the colors are very lively and expressive, the rest of the outfit is made to subdue the color to not make it gaudy. This is crucial when wearing items that are a statement all on their own.

This Fashionisto paired his colorful baseball T-shirt with a dark jean and light shoe. These contrasting colors make for a wonderful toned down complement for this outfit. Not only do the contrasting colors add more flare to the look, but they are subtle enough to not be overwhelming. Instead, they simply enhance the look, giving him an even more stylish appeal.

To finish off the look, this Fashionisto accessorized with a few of his favorite distinguishing items. To complement his lower half, he added a white bracelet to match his shoes, as well as a simple gold ring to bring in a pop of color. In regards to the top half of his outfit, he followed his trend of simplicity and added a silver necklace, as well as a pair of black and gold sunglasses. These sunglasses double as not only a practical accessory for everyday wear but also a way to incorporate an elusive connection to his gold ring.

Details are a fun way to express your style with any look one chooses to wear, and this Fashionisto expressed his style to the fullest extent with this wonderfully executed casual daytime look.