The Tailgate Outfits Every Fashionable College Girl Needs in Her Closet

Tailgate season has officially kicked off, which means it’s time to bring your A game in school spirit! Football tailgate season has become known not just for the football but for the unique and cute outfits that girls wear to these events. It has almost become a competition to see how creative and stylish you can get. Tailgate outfits may be specific to certain colleges, but it has become a nationwide trend. Whether it’s wearing an oversize football jersey or your own DIY college T-shirt, the possibilities for these styled outfits are endless. Multiple game days call for multiple outfits, so here are a few key elements that you’ll want in your closet to keep you game-day ready.

First Outfit

Basic pieces can go a long way and be mixed and matched with different shirts and bottoms. Pairing frayed jean shorts and a DIY college T-shirt crop top is a super easy and cute way to show your school spirit and personal flair. There are so many different ways a college T-shirt can be personalized and fitted to your style. Cutting shirts like these are super simple. For a crop top like this, all that needs to be done is to cut it to the desired length and roll the sleeves to show off your arms—this creates a more stylish look that is less boxy.

Girl in cropped college t-shirt and jean shorts on football field.

PHOTO: Sydney Zavadil

Tailgate Styling Tips

Pair this look with some white Converse and fun mid-calf socks that support your school colors. Don’t forget to add jewelry. Bracelets you have laying around that match your school colors will give your look a little extra oomph! Bring in trends from your everyday outfits as well; silver hoops and a simple black choker help tie the look together.

Second Outfit:

Another super simple and cute outfit to wear to tailgating events is your school’s jersey. The trend is to wear an oversize jersey so you have the option to wear it as a dress. Of course, you’ll want to throw on some shorts and a cute bralette underneath since it is short and slightly see through. Overall, the look is a cool spin on a classic game day outfit.

Girl in oversized jersey for tailgate, sitting in front of football gear.

PHOTO: Sydney Zavadil

Tailgate Styling Tips

Add a double wrapped beaded necklace to match your school colors. If you can’t find a necklace like this that matches your school colors, it’s super easy to make with supplies from your local craft store. Depending on your school’s geographical location, your shoe choice may lean towards sneakers. But if you’re in the South, you could throw on some cowboy boots for a little Southern charm. To finish the look, throw your hair up into a high pony—it not only keeps your hair out of your face, but it also amps up the athletic look while keeping you looking sleek all night!

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The September “Rally” Moodboard is Here!

September hits and suddenly the reality sets in: summer is o-v-e-r. How can it be? Your bucket list isn’t complete. The temperature is still in the 80s. Heck, your tan hasn’t even faded. How, then, can you possibly come to terms with the fact that it’s time to head back to school?

This month is full of opportunities to rally in every sense of the word. Sure, summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean your world is. It’s the start of the school year; beginning of a new season. Pull yourself up and use these fresh starts as opportunities to step outside your comfort zone, embrace everything around you, and rise to the occasion.

The concept of rally also means coming together. In this moment and political climate, we can all use an excuse for an everyday “pep rally.” Show support for teams, causes, and people in your life that you are passionate about. Laugh. Cheer. Celebrate your friendships. Enjoy all that college life has to offer.

Let’s bask in the memories of summer, but not sulk or mourn them. Prepare and commit to making this the best school year yet, knowing that we’re all rallying behind you.

To kick-off this month, check out our September Mood Board on Pinterest to get you in the playful mood!

DIY Tailgate Tops to Try

Growing up down the street from the largest football stadium in the country, my fellow Fashionistas and I love a good tailgate. Over the years, we have seen many tailgate outfits so we thought we should share two of our favorite DIY styles that anyone at any college can try.

All you need for each style is a T-shirt, a pair of scissors, a marker, fabric glue, and any extras you may want to personalize your T-shirt. I’m going to use a pair of shoelaces, lace, and bleach to spice up my shirts.

Stay tuned below to find out ways to turn a basic college T-shirt from drab to fab!

Each of these shirts can be paired with your favorite jeans and sneakers.

1—Lace-Up Sides. This shirt is a classic cutie. You will need a pair of scissors and shoelaces. First I trimmed the hem of my shirt to turn the T-shirt into a crop style shirt. Next, I cut the sides of the shirt to my desired length for the lace up sides. After you have cut the sides you will make holes along the length that you will lace the shoelaces up in. For my style, five sets of holes worked perfectly. Lastly, you will lace up the shoelaces in the holes and tie them at the bottom.

2—Lace Trim. This style turned out to be one of my ultimate favorites. Start by taking a marker to indicate a horizontal line where you would like to place the lace. Once you mark the spot, measure out enough lace for the length of the shirt, front and back. Using fabric glue, apply it along half the length of the lace. Once the glue is applied gently place it on the front half of the shirt. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Once the front has dried, repeat gluing and applying the lace onto the back of the shirt. After the back has dried you are left with a super rad top!

I would love to see what kind of tailgate tops you and your friends come up with. Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista in all your posts! 

WHAT TO WEAR: School Spirit

For most college students, there is one thing that certainly comes to mind when you think of the month of March: March Madness. March Madness is a time when the top teams in the country battle it out on the basketball court for the title of the NCAA champions.

Last year, the Syracuse Orange made it very far in the tournament, but unfortunately fell short to the North Carolina Tarheels in the Final Four. During this time, school spirit was in high effect. Many students wore ‘CUSE gear to class, on campus, and even at night to local bars.This Fashionista shows how you can rock school spirit but also be fashionable.

Her outfit is centered around your typical college T-shirt. However, this Fashionista’s T-shirt is distressed, causing it to stand out in a tailgate. By adding cuts, rips, and braids to your T-shirt you are able to take something that everyone else has and make it your own! This particular T-shirt was purchased from Gee C Vibez, which is a company created by Syracuse alumnae, that features vintage distressed and bleached apparel.

To take her outfit from a daytime tailgate look to an outfit she can wear to the bar to celebrate a big win, she threw on a pair of navy blue thigh-high boots and a faux fur vest.

She paired together gold hoops and a gold choker to finish her look.

Game days are all about school spirit and unity among students on campus. This sense of school pride can be recognized at all universities across the country. However, it is important to express your own individual style and create looks that will stand out in the stands or the parking lot.

BEAUTY BAR: Blue-Eyed Beauty

Of all the aspects in a look, makeup has to be one of my favorites. It is a must for any ensemble. It can make or break your look, and with this ootd, it’s no different. This Fashionista shows off her love for makeup with her killer blue mascara and eyeliner duo. It’s safe to say I’m obsessed, and you will be too.

What’s great about this particular duo is how versatile it is. It not only enhances any eye color, but it can go with any outfit; as long as you’re prepared to be a little adventurous. Personally I love the way this Fashionista paired her ‘blue-eyed beauty’ secret with an old KU athlete letterman jacket (how cool–it was her dad’s when he went to school at the University of Kansas). The necklace gives a casual femininity to the look contrasting the heaviness of the jacket. Her cheetah loafers add a fun print to the mix, while the ripped jeans add a cool girl vibe to top it all off.

This look is so cute and can be recreated so easily and in so many different ways including all of the essentials: a fun shoe (platformed footwear is always a good time), ripped jeans, an oversized jacket and killer makeup detailing (from this Fashionista, lip gloss is her next big obsession). The blue mascara and eyeliner in particular are trends you should definitely adopt, especially on the days when you’re feeling daring. There is no doubt this trend will hit main stream soon. Like they say, lashes really are a Fashionista’s best friend!!


On any given Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, you’re able to witness the eighth wonder of the world: game day. There’s nothing more mesmerizing than the swarms of people meandering across the quad from tailgate to tailgate only to end up in Bryant-Denny Stadium. However not only is the passion for Alabama football unparalleled, but game day outfits are absolutely fabulous.

I’ve been searching high and low for my favorite fall trend and I’ve finally found it. Animal prints are an amazing and simple way to upgrade your game day outfit from basic sorority girl to Tuscaloosa’s brightest Fashionista. Black and white prints are the new neutral for the season because they are complemented by virtually every color and can be paired with lots of other patterns for a fun mix-up.

This Fashionista knows what she’s doing. Her game day outfit perfectly embodies my favorite fall trend. Having a printed romper makes her outfit stand out and adds a fun and flirty aspect to a game day outfit that has been overplayed.

I especially love this outfit because of its practicality. It is currently autumn and despite my initial beliefs, it does get colder in the south later in the year. A long-sleeved romper is the way to go for game days since most of the day is spent outside where it’s colder. Wearing something light like a romper also ensures that you won’t start sweating when you get into the stadium. Also, the simple ankle boots are a great way to go for game day because you are inevitably going to do a lot of walking.

When in doubt, go for any animal print over your average neutrals and try switching to the wild side.

WHAT TO WEAR: Time to Tailgate

Fall is here which only means one thing, its football season! Whether you are a football fan or not I think we can all agree that tailgating is a college student’s favorite past time. Tailgating is a time to hang with friends and family, cookout and most importantly, to dress in our cutest college apparel. It may just be me, but planning a perfect tailgate outfit is always something I look forward to. Let’s face it, jeans and a sweatshirt is an easy go-to for every game, but why not think a little out of the box for a fun and creative outfit? There’s no better way to spend the day tailgating then to be around our loved ones and dressing to impress all at the same time!

This Fashionista is rocking her stylish tailgate look by sporting ripped jeans, an Illinois State puffer vest and a homemade lace-up T-shirt (made by me). College tailgates are the perfect place for students to express their school spirit while also coming up with cute and unique apparel. This T-shirt was a quick and easy way to add a little individuality into any school spirited outfit. Her vest was also perfect for a cool fall day and added a little extra style to her outfit. This outfit was tied all together by her Illinois State socks that worked perfectly with her black sperry boots. I think it is safe to say that this Fashionista is ready for a day spent at the football stadium.