Winning Sweat-Proof Makeup

Want to win the makeup game?

Nothing beats a good tailgate on a nearly-fall weekend, except a great game day makeup look. You can hang out with friends and family, play some games, eat good food and maybe get a little too rowdy cheering on your alma mater.

Living in the south comes with football pride, but it also comes with bipolar fall weather and the potential to end up with mascara down your cheeks and blotchy foundation. Throughout the last three years, I have perfected the game day makeup look that does not budge! Here are my tips, favorite products and a fun, clean look you can bring to your campus party!

1―A Good Primer is Important.

I know, who wants to put icky silicone on their face, but this stuff works. My favorite silicone-based primer is the Tarte Poreless Mattifying Primer. Although, I have found that people like myself with oily skin need a cream-based primer. I also like to use acne cream for a primer on days when I have an extreme breakout. So, for game days, I gravitate towards a cream-based primer or an acne cream.

The Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot primer ($14) is my favorite because it is a mix between a silicone and a cream-based primer. It keeps a good base and is great for all day wear.

The primer looks thick but it smooths out very well for a flawless, pore-filled finish.

2―Pick A Foundation with Minimal Flashback and Great Coverage.

Nothing is worse than seeing a cute picture and your face looks like the Wicked Witch of the West. Finding a good foundation that will offer you great coverage, optimal lighting and won’t budge throughout your tailgating experience is hard. While some people opt for a high end makeup, I find that the drugstore has just as much to offer.

The L’Oreal True Match ($10) is my all-time favorite. It lasts all day, has great coverage and blends so well. Not to mention the price is so low! It claims to match to your skin undertones as well as skin color and it definitely does.

After you find your foundation, pick your favorite concealer and use it as you wish.

3―Find a Setting Powder that is Light but Does the Trick.

Okay, so setting powder can go horribly wrong if you’re not careful. You only need a light dusting to set it and make it work out.

My favorite is the Kick Ass Instant Retouch Powder from Soap & Glory ($16). It is light and doesn’t add or subtract any color from your face.

4―Use a Good Liquid Eyeliner.

Using eyeliner is not a must, but after you put on your eyeshadow sometimes you’re feeling yourself and for a full glam look, you need eyeliner. Using a crayon liner is a recipe for disaster when you’re trying to go for a 12-hour look. A liquid liner gives great definition, good control for application and precise lining ability.

My go-to liner is the NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner ($7). It is so black and so long lasting. Not to mention, for the price point it is awesome.

Look how black this color is!

Apply your favorite mascara and you’re good to go!

5―Setting Spray is a Must-Have.

No long-lasting look is complete without a generous dusting of setting spray. I never leave my house without it! It locks everything in place and protects against mascara washing off, foundation breaking up and eyeshadow wearing down.

The best setting spray I have found is the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray ($31, travel size $15). This spray doesn’t have an overwhelming smell and it does what it claims to do. I love it.

6―The finishing touch to your game day makeup.

Now that you have created your perfect game day makeup look, you can go for a cute game day face tattoo or leave it as it is! Pro-tip: Spray a little hairspray over the tattoo/sticker to give it long lasting sticking power. Go forth and cheer on your team looking fierce as ever!

Tell us which product you’re most excited to try in the comments below!

WHAT TO WEAR: Prepping for Tailgate Season

In the south, Saturdays are for college football and tailgating. There is nothing more important than having a cute outfit to wear to the tailgates. Many times these outfits are picked out a week in advance just to give all the Fashionistas time to change their mind or make sure they love it!

Although school is over and football games seem far away, the summer is the perfect time to load up your wardrobe with cute outfits for tailgating. Yes, you can always go with the classic cut-up college T-shirt, but it is more fun to create an outfit using your school colors.

This Fashionista found a bright orange, off-the-shoulder top to really scream “Go Tech.” It is a light, flowy fabric so she can stay comfortable and cool while also looking cute. The sleeves are tied off with a simple bow that really bring out the classic southern style. She muted down the bright orange of the top with some dark wash skinny jeans. This look could even be worn with some denim shorts. The dark denim is a perfect spacer between the bright orange top and the bright white of her Jack Rogers—a southern staple.

Football games are definitely not the place to heavily accessorize. Between jumping to “Enter Sandman” or cheering when we score, there is no way heavy jewelry will survive! This Fashionista accessorized perfectly with a single pearl necklace on a thin gold chain and her Ray-Ban sunglasses. It ties the outfit together completely, giving it a classic, southern style.

This Fashionista also did a great job of using makeup to get the “no makeup” look. It is usually hot and sweaty on game days, especially in the south. No one wants their makeup running down their face or wiping off. Use a powder or mineral to give you that dusty glow, and stick with mascara and eyeliner to really make your eyes pop. Try to leave out all the heavy contouring, highlighting, and heavy eyeshadow.

As you prepare for tailgating season next year, find a loud statement piece that coordinates with your school colors and dress around it. Choose a toned-down piece to coordinate, and always go light on the accessories.

STYLE ADVICE: Game Day Edition, Go Steelers!

Happy February Fashionistas/os! Football season has come to an end very quickly and I’m sure that you were all excited to see Lady Gaga perform the half time show. I know the Pittsburgh Steelers were unfortunately not in the Super Bowl this year, however, this Fashionista was rocking her game day attire. Any team can be supported through this look and I can help you style it similar to this Fashionista.

This Fashionista is clearly a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and fashion. Her game day attire was perfect for this unseasonably warm winter day. She was able to throw on a light black and white striped cardigan with some fringe detailing over her Steeler raglan T-shirt. She paired the look with a pair of black skinny jeans and black leather sneakers. And of course, don’t forget about the beanie! The outfit is not complete without your sports team beanie. This Fashionista topped off the look with a variety of rings, red lips, and big, round glasses.

There are a variety of ways to pull off this look so let’s dive into them. Instead of a cardigan, maybe throw on an oversized denim jacket and add more layers on. For the bottom, stick with classic denim or throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans if you are relaxing and watching the game at home. There are so many ways to rock your sports team apparel, you just have to get creative and play around with some looks. Whether you’re tailgating or relaxing on your couch for the Super Bowl, be sure to do it in style!

WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating to a T

For those who may not know, The Pennsylvania State University is a HUGE football school.  Students and alumni eat, sleep and breath Penn State football.  Saturdays during the fall are jam-packed days filled with football related events.  Before the stampede of fans flood into Beaver Stadium, people fill the parking lots surrounding the football stadium tailgating with friends and family.

Now that November’s brisk breezes are here and the weather is getting chilly, many students face a dilemma on how to still look cute, while festive, at their tailgates.  The last thing anyone wants is to let the cold weather bring down their mood, or their fashion!

This super rad Fashionista shows us how to look stylish, yet comfortable, in front of her “107,000 new friends at Beaver Stadium.” Duck boots are the perfect footwear to style on cold game days!  These fashion staples are waterproof and lined with fur to help keep your toes toasty.  If you feel you would still be too cold with boots alone, throw on some high socks that match your school colors because everyone knows that school spirit is super important!  Additionally, pairing jeans and duck boots together can create a fall-fabulous look.

This trendsetter is rocking a light weight collegiate crewneck that shows enough school spirit without going over the top.  Depending on where your school is located, this sweatshirt might not be cozy enough to wear during the tailgate and all four quarters of the game, which is why vests are a must-have product during the autumn season.  Spicing up the look, this football fan slipped on a few Alex and Ani bracelets and a simple necklace to help bring the whole outfit together.  To top off her look, she is sporting an adorable baseball cap showing off her school’s mascot.

This outfit is an amazing way to show school spirit whether you are at your tailgate, watching the game, or anywhere around campus.  So go out and rock this outfit because WE ARE, Fashionistas!


WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating 101

It’s tailgate season! Finally, those perfect fall days are among us and there is absolutely no better way to spend them than at a tailgate or game for your favorite team. Trust me, I know just how difficult it is to style a cute outfit and at the same time rep your team. No one wants to be boring and wear a boring old sweatshirt like every other person. The struggle continues to the usual issue of wanting to be comfortable and confident in your outfit since you will be sitting or standing all day. So, I’m on the prowl for a festive Fashionista who’s dressed to impress come kick off. Look over there, I think I spot one now!

This Fashionista was easy to spot among the West Chester football fans. Her style proves that layers are key to the perfect fall look. Pairing her most comfortable and favorite West Chester shirt with a black vest and purple plaid scarf is a simply flawless combo to rock at the game. If it is even possible for this look to get better, her cuffed boyfriend jeans and go to Converse sneakers make this look sporty and cute. Since this outfit speaks for itself little accessories are needed. This Fashionista added a colorful and fun Betsey Johnson watch and a pair of Ray-Ban’s to create head-to-toe perfection.

It is obvious that all eyes were on this Fashionista and not the game and that is totally understandable. Whether it is tailgating or homecoming, add layers to spice up your look and keep you toasty warm. Scarves and watches are the perfect way to add in bursts of your team’s colors without overdoing it. Keep this Fashionista in mind when you’re looking for a tailgate outfit that is sure to score a touchdown!

WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgate

Tailgate season is by far my favorite time of the year. I pay more attention to the introduction of new fall styles than I do to the scoreboard. And if we’re being honest, my number one priority is finding free food. While it is so important to cheer on your school’s sports teams and bond with your classmates, it is equally important to do so fashionably and comfortably.

The key to staying comfortable while tailgating is to dress in layers. That’s exactly what makes this Fashionista’s outfit work for this occasion. A thick pair of leggings is essential for when you are sitting on the cold bleachers at the stadium. The “Hoosier Tailgate” tank is a must-have here and the IU socks tucked into the leggings that peak through the tops of her black ankle boots are perfect for roaming the tailgating fields while showing her school pride (even if we aren’t known for our football team.)

The real star of this ensemble is the ever-versatile red flannel shirt. If it’s cold, she could wear it as a jacket. If it’s warm, she could tie it around her waist. A loose fitting tank top underneath assures that she won’t reveal any pit stains and allows her to cool off when the game gets heated. Adding a knitted scarf or headband to this look would give it an even more fall inspired feeling!

I hope all you Fashionista’s out there can take some inspiration from this simple tailgate look and create something all your own!

WHAT TO WEAR: Football in the South

Well as most of you should know, football season is back and in full swing!  Fall is pretty much the most important time of the year for us Tennesseans. This can be explained with one simple word—football. Down in the south, we take our games pretty seriously, which means you never know who you’re going to see and you always need to be dressed to impress. Our university may not be an SEC school, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to get dressed up and cheer on our team!

This Fashionista was spotted on campus during homecoming week and I immediately thought her look screamed fall tailgate in the south. Layering is the best way to make simple pieces in your wardrobe stand out and this is a perfect example of how to do so effortlessly. She wore an oversized cream tank over a grey lace bralette. Our colors are purple and gold which she incorporated nicely with her purple destroyed skinny jeans and mustard scarf. To spice up her outfit she added a long grey necklace, purple and gold bangles and suede booties. This Fashionista shows us that football games do not require university T-shirts or oversized jerseys. Game day outfits can actually be chic and appropriate for daily wear.

What I love about this ensemble is that it’s not your typical tailgate style. Usually we see a ton of purple dresses and cowboy boots every game day so it’s refreshing to see a Fashionista who knows how to shake things up a little bit. All of her pieces can pretty much be found anywhere in any town so this look is a breeze to recreate! Just grab some tattered jeans, a comfy tee, booties and some school colored accessories and you’re good to go! This outfit has the perfect amount of purple pride while still being fashion forward. Happy tailgating Fashionistas!

Check Out These Tailgating Looks If You Want To Stand Out In The Crowd

It’s Saturday at 7 a.m. While you may sleep through half of your early morning lectures, this is the one day a week you don’t press snooze. It’s college football day in America and for sports fans and novices alike that means one thing—tailgating!

Whether you go to a school of hundreds or tens of thousands, it easy to get lost in the shuffle of generic college sweatshirts. While we may not know the difference between a tight end and receiver, one thing we do know is a true Fashionista is made to stand-out in a crowd.

So before you succumb to that standard issue T-shirt for your next tailgate, check out these Style Gurus’ looks that will inspire you to take your school spirit up a notch.























WHAT TO WEAR: Saturdays in the South

It’s officially the best time of the year, fall! Changing leaves, sweaters, chai tea lattes–this is by far my favorite season. Fall also means that it’s time for football and lots of Saturdays spent tailgating.

This Fashionista is on trend for the tailgates this year with her suede romper. Suede is very in at the moment and gives off the perfect fall vibe. Rompers are some of my favorite pieces because they are so comfortable and easy to throw on. This makes them a great option for a last minute outfit, especially for all the Fashionistas out there that love to hit the snooze button!

This Fashionista accessorized her look with a black tassel necklace, which adds a pop of texture. Necklaces are an easy way to take a basic outfit from boring to cute. Then she added a few gold bracelets and a classic braided watch. Her watch doubles as functional and cute, and makes sure she never misses kickoff! Gold Jack Rogers are a staple for girls here at the University of South Carolina, and this Fashionista is no exception. They are super comfortable and breathable, making them a great option for game days.

This outfit is trendy and practical for transitional weather of fall. As much as I would like to pretend it’s sweater weather here in South Carolina, it still feels more like summer! This outfit keeps this Fashionista cool on those hot game days.

As the temperatures drop, swap the sandals for booties and throw on a sweater or some tights! Now you are all set to cheer on your favorite team in style!

WHAT TO WEAR: It’s Game Day!

Game days are the best kind of days here at Rutgers University. No matter where you go you can find a tailgate, barbecue and overall just a fun time. The whole campus is taken over by a sea of red tees, tanks, dresses, etc. Here I am featuring my best friend Marlee. Her game day attire is simple, cute, comfortable, yet still spirited.

In a time where almost everyone wears oversized T-shirts as dresses to a game, Marlee chose to go with a cute, more traditional look. Here she is sporting a super cute and flowy Rutgers red sundress with a denim jacket. This is the perfect outfit for this time of year as the weather is transitioning from summer to autumn. The denim jacket is not only a cute addition to the sundress but is also necessary for breezy game day mornings. Marlee also added a white lace bralette under her dress for some added style.

Game days here at Rutgers are typically very busy. Before the games students often travel all over the five campuses to visit their friends at different tailgates/barbecues so it’s important to wear something comfy, including comfortable shoes. Marlee paired her outfit with a pair of classic black converse. Converse are a staple item in my opinion because they go well with almost any outfit and give everything a more casual and even sporty look. I would say that the overall vibe of her outfit is simple, cute and practical.

I asked Marlee what she looks for in a game day outfit and she said that she prefers, “something fun and different that I’ve never worn before. You don’t have to wear school apparel to show your spirit.” She also stated that she liked this particular outfit because she loves flowy dresses and the denim jacket kept her warm while still looking cute and put together. Marlee’s sundress is from Forever 21 and her sunglasses are from American Eagle Outfitters. Her white bralette can be found at Urban Outfitters.