WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgate Team Captain

With fall in full swing comes caramel apples, pumpkin patches and haunted houses but most importantly, tailgate season! I may be biased, but I think Iowa State University has one of the best tailgates around. People of all ages flock to Jack Trice Stadium with RV’s, school buses and trucks just to cheer on their favorite team. There’s never any shortage of burgers, hot dogs, chips, dips and of course, booze. With music blaring over loud speakers to dance to, bag tosses flying through the air and people to socialize with, there is so much to do!

One of my favorite parts about game day is what outfit I get to sport that day, pun in intended! When the weather is warmer I tend to wear cropped, cut up T-shirts that I get to put my own flair on. When the weather tends to be on the chillier side is when layering becomes key! For this particular look, wearing a chambray top and pulling a collegiate sweater over top keeps you warm but also makes it look like you put a lot more effort into your look than you actually did. Little details like the gems on the collar of the chambray button down add a girly touch while the adidas sneakers add the sporty touch making it appropriate for game day. This look is an overall win making you the Tailgate Team Captain.


Fall has finally arrived which means so has football season! It is the season of tailgating and showing off your school pride just about every weekend. Whether or not your school colors are the amazing cherry and white, dressing for the occasion can be super easy and really fun to do! While throwing on a T-shirt with your school’s mascot on the front is indeed prideful, football season is the time to go above and beyond to show just how much you love your school.

In this look, this football fan of a Fashionista makes the transformation from summer to fall easy and trendy! Starting with a simple Temple T-shirt, she layered a flannel on top to throw in even more of her school colors. You can never have too much cherry and white on game day! The flannel is perfect for a fall football game when the weather is cool and windy, but could even work for a game earlier in the season as an additional layer tied around the waist. This piece adds the best of both worlds, trendy and practical!

As said before, game day is the perfect opportunity to go above and beyond which means buying all of the cute accessories that your school’s store sells. Adding some school colors in beads, temporary tattoos and fun sunglasses make for the perfect game day accessories. They are super cute and add personality to a look that can sometimes blend into the crowd of cherry and white (or whatever your school’s colors might be).

Throwing on a few casual accessories adds the perfect amount of charm. Picking from the bunch, this Fashionista made sure to pick a few that would go along quite well with her cheerful football outfit, making sure to represent both her school colors and mascot in her bracelet choices. Layering seems to be a trend here, whether that means layering bracelets or flannels! Layer, layer, layer!

With all of this excitement at the top of the outfit, plain black skinny jeans make for the perfect combo along with plain red TOMS shoes that again, show off some school pride and keep this outfit super casual. I love how easy this outfit is to put together and how adorable it looks at a football game or anytime you’re trying to show some school pride for that matter. It’s a perfect outfit that allows so much room to have fun with and show tons of school pride at the same time. IT’S GAME DAY! Cherry on, Fashionistas!

WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgate Season

Football season is upon us and I don’t know about you guys, but I could not be happier. At home, football means hot chili and squeezing a jersey over your winter coat. But in the SEC, football is something completely different. South Carolina particularly is known for “black dresses and cowboy boots”, and tailgates include jacked up RV’s covered in Carolina football embellishments.

Game day outfits are one of my favorite parts about tailgating. I love looking around at what every chose to wear for this scorcher of a Saturday afternoon, and how different everyone’s style is. Girls are starting to stray away from the norm of the black dress and boots, and into trendier styles paired with Converse, adidas, or even booties as the weather starts to cool down.

This Fashionista is showing her style in this trending button down jean skirt (I mean thank god the ’90s styles are back right?), with a cute, lightweight, knit sweater tank. Perfect for fall football games, and the perfect garnet color to rep Carolina! She accessorized this trendy ensemble with simple black booties, a garnet and black cross-body bag, and a pair of awesome, edgy sunglasses. For jewelry, she’s keeping in casual with a simple watch, gold hoop earrings and couple stacked necklaces. Not saying tailgates are a fashion runway, I mean we are there to watch the game, but she makes it seem like this outfit was meant for SEC football! She can comfortably cheer on the Gamecocks in this outfit, and know she looks good doing it. What’s better than that?

WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgate Season

Football season is one of my favorites, for sure. I don’t know whether it is because it was always my brother’s favorite to play or what, but I love going to football games! The energy and atmosphere at a game are so intense that it is hard to think people don’t enjoy it. One of my favorite things about my time at college football games is obviously tailgating. I know that makes me sound like a “total girl” in some people’s words, but come on. Hanging out with friends and family, grilling out and playing games, all while getting amped for the game that is to come: what could be better? I mean, a tailgate is kind of like the calm before the storm. And while a lot of people don’t care about what they wear to the game, I attempt to look stylish and comfortable at the same time for the most part. But let’s be honest, a lot of time I do go in a sweatshirt and jeans.

That is not the case for this Fashionista. With our homecoming game just around the corner I figured this was the perfect outfit to give inspiration to everyone attending this game and every other game as well. Her distressed black jeans and oversized plaid button-down paired perfectly with her white high-top Converse and bondage bandeau. A good trick for finding an oversized flannel is shopping in the mens department of your favorite store. In my personal opinion, this is the best way to get a shirt that will be perfectly oversized.

The colors of the outfit show ones school spirit without going overboard with the Illinois State University apparel. She also chose to accessorized her outfit with some gold and silver bracelets and a simple necklace. The understated necklace adds just enough to the outfit without being too much.

Five Ways To Throw a Tailgate Fit For A Fashionista

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Sports fan or not, there’s no denying the fun of tailgating. Game day brings together our favorite things (friends and food, duh) into the same space. Regardless of your sports knowledge, tailgating is just as much about socializing as it is about football.

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But, putting together the perfect tailgate isn’t always as easy as it looks. Here are our top five tips for making the most of your tailgate party this fall:

1. Make a playlist — Put together a playlist full of your friends’ favorite songs. It’s an easy way to put everyone in a great mood.

2. Switch up the food — Sick of the typical burgers and hotdogs? Have a cooking party the night before — buffalo chicken wraps, bacon-wrapped scallops and potato skins are a great change of pace.

3. Bring Beauty Into It — Want a more unique way to show your school colors? Work a ribbon through your braid for a cool, subtle display of spirit.

4. Get Crafty — DIY your own koozie, water bottle or banner. It’s the perfect way to personalize the experience.

5. Look Cute, Stay Comfortable — Show off your style and your humor with PINK’s Collegiate Collection. The cheeky T-shirts, cozy quarter-zips and spirited skinny pants are the perfect way to stay casual and show off your style.


ALL IN THE DETAILS: “It” Accessories of Tailgate Season

Well, it is officially September, also known as the most amazing time of year for college students: TAILGATE SEASON! Yes, football is great and all but come on—when you attend a Big Ten college, tailgating is just as important as the game. Putting together the perfect tailgating outfit is what all of the hype is actually about. There is nothing better than being able to rep your college on game day and look trendy while doing so.

For tailgate season, it’s all in the details. Yes, you’ll see a million people wearing the same colors; cream and crimson, candy stripe leggings and the infamous IU “never lost a tailgate” T-shirt; but it all comes down to the accessories that make your outfit unique. When it comes to the newest “it” accessory for tailgate season, I have just one simple word: HipZips. Yes, these are fanny packs and yes, they are most definitely a necessity for tailgating at any college. HipZips are hand-drawn, trendy, and all around unreal for tailgating (you’ll never lose your phone again) and even better, I know the creative girl that makes them!

I paired my HipZip with a red bandana tied around my neck—because who isn’t obsessing over this look at the moment—and red face jewels. A bandana has the ability to tie any outfit together and make it look that much bolder. Levi shorts are always a must especially when they are paired with high-top red Converse and a red off the shoulder crop top from Free People. What better way to celebrate the first tailgate than with the perfect outfit?

So yes, our favorite time of year has begun and the outfits will continue to get better and better each game. With winter coming, oversize flannels and candy stripe leggings will take over the tailgating fields but the main thing that I always keep as a staple look for tailgates: accessories.

WHAT TO WEAR: Game Day Glamour

It is a well-known fact that in the south the coveted college football game is a traditional and ceremonious event. Because of this, come game day in the Southeast, female fans are typically dolled up in sundresses, classy jewelry and cowboy boots, while their male counterparts sport nice shorts, polos or button-downs and—surprisingly often—bowties! After commenting on this, ESPN game day noted, “the University of South Carolina takes it to a whole new level. That football crowd is like something you would see in Vogue magazine.” Now, while this announcer most likely knows as much about Vogue as I know about fantasy football (note: nothing), I strongly agree with his statement.

People north of the Mason-Dixon line blessed with tolerable weather often scoff at the concept of “dressing up” for a game as opposed to simply sporting denim bottoms and a team jersey. But, when the temperatures reach upwards of 100 degrees, a light and flowy dress or romper feels 1000 times better than a heavy, heat-entrapping polyester jersey. Trust me.

With fall highs ranging from 80-100 degrees, it comes as no surprise that Columbia, South Carolina has literally christened itself with the trademarked slogan “Famously Hot.” However, while the universe did curse us Gamecock fans with hellish heat and humidity, it made up for it by blessing us with alluring team colors: garnet and black. At the University of South Carolina, we truly are “cocky for a reason,” because unlike the horrendous orange and purple our neighbors to the Northwest must endure (sorry Clemson Fashionistas/os), garnet and black are fashionable, slimming and look good on everyone (seriously, garnet and black are the new black).

Generally, the typical tailgate look for a Gamecock girl consists of cowboy boots and a garnet/black dress/romper. In regards to our gamed ay getup, I think there is an unspoken understanding between all of us that the concept of light and flowy is just as important as—if not more important than—the concept of looking stylish and attractive. This Fashionista is clearly a trendy tailgate veteran—understanding the importance of sporting the team colors in a cute, classy, comfy and cool outfit. This flowy off-the-shoulder crop top paired with flowy high-waisted shorts (with pockets!) ensures that the wearer will beat the heat—and look incredible doing it! The pops of various shades of garnet found in this Fashionista’s jewelry, lipstick and shoe choices augments team spirit as well as individual flair into her simultaneously distinct yet conventional look.

Because Williams-Brice Stadium holds over 80,000 people, only the best of the best dressed truly stand out. I believe this Fashionista’s game day getup has her ready for the cocky couture runway show that is Gamecock tailgating. I incontestably hope for a fashionable as well as victorious season of Gamecock football. However, if the latter fails to transpire, I feel it is appropriate to quote Anna Wintour, the ultimate Fashionista, and note, “If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.”

WHAT TO WEAR: Saturdays are for Gamedays

My favorite time of the year is finally back, that’s right everyone; it’s football season! You know what that means, right? Not only is it time to get together with your closest girl/guy friends and go tailgate, but it’s also time to plan out your next eight outfits ahead of time for home game day’s so that you are not stressing the day of, trying to look for an outfit! Everyone needs a great game day outfit to show off their school spirit!

This super rad Fashionista is seen sporting a custom made West Virginia University lace-up T-shirt and we both couldn’t of been happier that lace-up’s are the new trend. Some of these games can get a bit chilly, so she matched her navy blue lace-up with a pair of those distressed denim jeans, that have luckily been very popular in the past couple of years. She normally does sneakers for game days, however she wanted to spice up her outfit with some brown booties that would give her calfs a good lift to make them look toned. She didn’t want to take away from the neckline of the shirt, so instead of wearing a necklace, the Fashionista wore a gold Michaels Kors watch that would stand out.

The Fashionista tried to wear as much blue and gold as she could because she is so proudly a student at West Virginia University and wants to show off their school colors! Make sure to always plan out your outfits before game day so you can get your tailgating on early!

WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

Saturday tailgates in Lexington are like no other. Game days have become so popular that Saturdays have been renamed Caturdays during football season. One of the reasons tailgating for Kentucky football games is so unique is because the girls don’t wear the typical jeans and a jersey look. Caturdays are a prime example of where you can see many different fashionable ways to wear UK blue.

This Fashionista styled a chic look for the warmer outdoor tailgates. A cute blue dress is a notorious look for game day fashion here in the Bluegrass. Each home game you’ll see many girls dressed in a nice blue sundress. Since this look is so common, accessories are key to making your outfit stand out from the others. My lovely friend chose to wear pearl jewelry to make her outfit a little classier. Seeing that the pearls added to the dressy aspect of this look, wedges were a great choice for keeping it casual. Game day shoes are all about comfort because you will typically do a lot of walking. Wedges are a better choice if your looking for added height—no one ever feels good after standing in four-inch pumps all day. This Fashionista completed her look with a subtle handbag perfect for holding a water bottle and the key items she’ll need throughout the day.

If your school does not usually go all out for game day, I recommend giving it a try. This is not to say you have to mimic this exact look but branching out from jeans to a cute sundress can definitely make you look more noticeable and fashion-forward. You’ll probably be surprised by the compliments you get from others for such a simple look. When I dress for occasions I never worry about what others may think. If you like something then you should express your true style. Side note—I always say lipstick can complete any outfit so don’t be afraid to add a pop of color next time you dress for tailgates.

WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgate Trends

The start of September means that it is officially college football season! One of the best part about game-days is the chance to dress up in your schools colors for the tailgate. At the University of South Carolina, the classic tailgating look is a black dress and cowgirl boots (our colors are garnet and black). However, recently I have been seeing girls stepping out of the box and adding current trends to this classic tradition.

This Fashionista decided to make her tailgate look trendy by adding this lacy white bralette and swapped the cowgirl boots for chunky-heeled booties. I love the deep neck on this wrap dress and how flattering and girly it is. The black aviators are definitely a necessity on a bright Saturday afternoon, and they look chic and edgy. Her fun layered necklaces complete her look and bring the entire outfit together by adding extra style.

This Fashionista is not only stylish, but practical. The halter top and light breathable material will help her stay comfy and cool while out and about on a game-day. Tailgating in the South can get hot, but if you dress for the occasion you can beat the heat and look good while doing it!

It’s always fun to dress up while supporting your team. Football season gives everyone the opportunity to show some school spirit while being a Fashionista! No matter the school colors anyone can add stylish flares to their look and be the trendsetter of the tailgate.  Can’t wait to see all the game-day outfits this football season! Go Cocks!