Summer Music Festival Must-Haves

Summer concert season has finally arrived! Every fan is into something different when it comes to a music festival, but for me, it was a country music kind of night. This event is usually the highlight of my summer because what is better than seeing some of your favorite artists play live while enjoying it outside in the sun (hopefully) with your best friends? For occasions like this, it’s nice depending on what the temperature is to style your look with a kimono. I love this layer mostly because it is a super light and loose fitting robe that is easy to pair with any plain T-shirt or tank top.

This look definitely has more of a country vibe to it, so the cowboy boots were a must for this particular look tonight. Comfy but cute is my motto for shoes whenever I am at an event that requires a lot of walking. When I take the risk of wearing heels to something like this, I always regret it after the second hour.

Whenever you think something is missing from your outfit I always think that jewelry is the answer, even a simple gold necklace can do the trick. Some last final touches can also be a couple of gold rings that flow with the necklace, then, of course, some of your favorite bracelets to finally top it off. Oh, and you can’t forget to bring your favorite sunglasses.

If anyone has a music festival coming up, I hope this gave you some ideas for what your next adventure could look like.

What is a must for your summer festival outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Simple And Chic Summer Outfit

It’s summer for most of us with spring semester being over. What is there to expect now? There’s no more classes, no more homework, just time to enjoy the sun and good company. When I go out with friends and family, I like to be a little more dressed up and so does this Fashionista.

Since it is still the beginning of this summer season, the weather is not too hot and unbearable. This means it is quite acceptable and manageable to wear jeans. My favorite during spring and summer are white jeans. There is something about white jeans that can make an outfit look very chic and put together.

This Fashionista paired her white jeans with a wine colored tank top. Her tank top is quite simple, but it does have some detailed embroidery along the center and around the bottom. The detail design is l sure catch some people’s eyes.

As for shoes, this Fashionista has opted for a pair of tan wedges. The straps around the ankle wraps around nicely hugging her feet. The wedges gives this outfit more of a dressed up look. This outfit can be paired with some flat sandals as well if you want to be more comfortable.

Whether it’s going out to eat with friends and family or it’s just a day out to spend with loved ones, this outfit is the perfect go-to outfit. It is simple and easy to put together.

What’s your favorite outfit to wear when you’re going out for a fun day? Let me know down at the comments and share with us on social media. Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

STYLE ADVICE: Hello, Summer!

It is finally May! This means that it is the end of the semester and summer is here. Whether you are still finishing up school or heading off to the pool for some summer fun, I found a Fashionista on campus who has the perfect outfit for either setting. This look can be worn to go rock that last final or thrown over a swimsuit at the beach. Whatever your May plans are, this outfit can be a perfect fit.

With any outfit I wear, I like to be stylish but comfortable. If you are anything like me, you cannot concentrate if your outfit is even the littlest bit uncomfortable. Luckily, I found a Fashionista with the right idea! This Fashionista caught my eye with her outfit because of her acid wash, tie-dye tank top. This tank top adds a little edginess to showcase some of her personal style. Tank tops are great because you can throw them on and go. She paired her tank top with a trendy pair of distressed jean shorts. Unlike just some plain shorts, these have a nice little pocket detail that makes them pop! For footwear, this Fashionista slipped on some Birkenstocks. These sandals are perfect for any outfit and are great if you need to slip something on quick and head out the door. Since it is May and the start of summer vacations, the sun is out and shining.

This Fashionista grabbed a pair of black sunglasses to complement her outfit and keep her from squinting. With it being warmer weather, outfits in the summer tend to show more skin. Because of this, a lot of people try to achieve a sun kissed look. If you are hard to tan like me or impatient, a self-tanner is the way to go. There are many different great self-tanners out there, and any of them will give you a nice glow without the harsh effects from the sun. Fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos, please do remember to always wear sunscreen this summer even if you do not think you will need it. The sun’s rays are stronger than we think so lather on the sunscreen!

If you have already finished school, have a great summer. If you are still making your way to that 8 a.m., good luck on all your finals and remember you are almost done.

WHAT TO WEAR: That Awkward Weather

Going to school in Northern Virginia has its perks and its downfalls. One of the cons of living in Northern Virginia is the unbearable fluctuating weather. One day it will be 80 degrees and sunny, and another it will be 50 and raining. You truly never know. On top of that fluctuation is that the weather also changes throughout the day, I sometimes walk out the door in a sundress and by midday I am freezing and need to change.

This Fashionista battled the fluctuating weather perfectly by working with layering pieces. She first began her outfit with a loose, low-cut black thin strapped tank. Underneath that she wore a black lace bralette. Over top, in case it would be a little chilly ou,t or the air conditioning would be super high in class she wears a simple black leather jacket. To add a pop of color to her outfit, she opted for a pair of olive green jeans. For shoes, she wore a black pair of pompom low block heeled sandals.

The key to unbearable and fluctuating weather is layering. So rock that sundress to class but make sure you have a jacket just in case. You can add your bohemian, classic, or edgy style to any layer. The great thing about layers also is that it allows you to create a completely unique outfit. Someone in your class might have the same top as you but if you layer a bralette and or another top on top of it, it is not the same outfit. So this spring, do not let the weather ruin your outfits, let layering allow you to conquer the battle.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Statement Belts and Patches

When it comes to perfecting an outfit, it’s all in the details. Something as small as adding a ring or a cute hair clip can completely pull an outfit together. Today, I ran into a Fashionista who is killing the detail game.

The very first thing that caught my eye was that jacket. From the back, it’s a classic vintage denim jacket, but from the front it’s a one-of-a-kind patched up dream. The jacket belonged to this Fashionista’s grandfather and she used patches to make it her own. Some came from thrift stores, some from Topshop, and some from her mom’s craft drawer. Patches are a cool, trendy way to add personality and give details to a plain piece in your closet. I’m super into patches on the back pockets of denim shorts right now.

This Fashionista’s tank top is an awesome piece too. The detailed, knit design gives this top dimension and texture. It looks fabulous paired with the denim jacket and would also look awesome paired with shorts on a warm day.

Now let’s talk about that cool belt. Statement buckles seem to be all over my Pinterest feed right now, and this Fashionista rocks the trend perfectly. This outfit would work without it, but the belt adds that extra pop of personality and ties the black in her shirt together with the other black details of the outfit, like her necklace. She layers two adorable, dainty necklaces to finish off the look.

This Fashionista says her style changes day to day. She keeps things trendy and unique but dresses for her mood. However, no matter her mood, she always completes an outfit with accessories and neat textures because after all, it’s all in the details

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Minimalist Look

When walking around campus, the outfits that always catch my eye are the ones that seemingly look simple. Yet, in those clothes that feature the minimalist style, the little details are what really help the outfit pop. From the subtle floral patterns to small golden hoops, I love the looks that take the bright and colorful and use them subtlety.

In this look, I especially loved the colors that this Fashionista chose. From the light blue of her button down, to the whites, browns, and blues of her shorts; all of the colors blend together in a way that doesn’t distract from the overall look. I especially loved the way she paired her solid black tank top with her solid brown tote, and the way those two colors combined in her outfit.

My favorite part of her styling, however, is the floral shorts. I thought she picked the perfect print to tie together her entire look. The flowers brought more colors into the outfit, but they were a little dull and so they didn’t distract from the outfit as a whole. However, I thought that this detail was what really showed this Fashionista’s fun personality.

Her accessories also really helped to complete this minimalist look. Her golden hoop earrings, although simple, added a touch of shimmer to the outfit. The gold in the outfit actually strings its way throughout her entire look, from her earrings to her rings. I love the way that she thought purposefully to tie them together. Even though the jewelry is not statement jewelry, each piece thoughtfully adds to the look.

The bag that this Fashionista chose is perfect as a detail. While this tote is big, it does not take away from the overall look. In fact, I think that it’s the reason the shorts and the top work together. The tote is a transition piece between the black in the top and the blues in the shorts. I love the way these colors combine and how the tote helps them get there.

This look is a minimalist classic, made perfect by its little details. If you’re looking for a simple outfit with a statement, this Fashionista has the look for you.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring is Finally Here

Good news you all! After patiently (or impatiently) waiting…spring is finally here! Yes, I am aware that spring officially started on March 20th, but only according to astronomical methods. It was not until recently that spring started giving signs of life.

After months of relentless snowfall, strong winds, and frosty temperatures, the sun ultimately decided to come out and cheer us all up. This obviously means that we can kiss our coats and jackets goodbye. It’s now time to welcome light fabrics, floral prints, bright colors, and be ready to show a little bit more of skin (or not). But come on! It is impossible to turn down ripped jeans and exposed shoulder shirts (which I personally love).

As I was enjoying the nice weather on campus, I saw a student with a lovely outfit pass right by me. Her outfit was perfect for the weather. She wore an oversize cardigan that could be worn opened during the day and tugged to one’s body at night. This is an ideal cardigan for the spring because although it’s warm during the day, temperatures tend to drop a bit at night. She paired off her gray cardigan with jeans ripped at the knees, which were absolutely amazing. You should also consider wearing ripped jeans now before you find yourself freezing in them during the winter! This student also wore black booties, a fantastic choker, and a green army pattern tote which all gave the outfit a sense of flair.

Not only was the student’s outfit on point but I later found out that she loves spring as much as I do. She said, “I wish it was spring all year.” It is evident that even though we may want this to happen, it never will. This is why we should enjoy spring while it lasts even if it means going outdoors to get inspiration from people’s outfits, or going to the park, a museum, or even to the movies.

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Awakening

It’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and most of us are finally getting that break we so deserve. Whether you are traveling to some far away resort or simply basking in the sun back at home, it is safe to say that we are happy. Happy the sun is out or simply just happy that we don’t have to think about school and all the stress that comes with it, even if just for a week. Whatever the reason, take it and run with it.

Run to the beach or to the pool, wherever it is, be happy and look good. With the sun out it’s time to put the winter coats away and pull out the tanks and shorts. Go wild and maybe even throw a bit of color into the outfit. Have fun because that’s what spring is about, looking fresh and looking happy. That’s why this month’s look is all about freshness and happiness.

I will admit, I myself am not too adventurous with my outfits. I tend to stay within the comfort of black clothing despite the heat that comes. However, sometimes I do add some color or prints to make things a little more fun. That’s why this particular outfit got my attention. The black cardigan not only looks good, but it also helps against any surprising winds that spring may bring. Especially when at the beach because, let’s be real, despite the warmth when the sun goes down it gets chilly. The cardigan pairs well with this black and white printed T-shirt, which has an exciting pop of color on the breast pocket. Add comfortable black sandals and you’re ready for any fun beach outing. However, no matter how simple the item may be it is the black jean shorts that really hold this outfit together. They are versatile enough to be worn to the beach as well as to dinner later that evening. And with fun filled spring break days it is important for the outfit choice of the day to fit any activity that may come up. To finish it off, because it is warm out, keeping the accessories to a minimum is a better option. This Fashionisto did just that with a simple long chained necklace and a nice pair of chic black sunglasses.

Spring is here. As I said before, it is time to rearrange our closets and add some color and some shorter sleeves. And most importantly, it is a time to be happy and stay fresh!

8 Spring Tops You’ll Love if You Lived in Sweatshirts All Winter

If you are anything like me and every other fashion-inclined student (heck, any college student for that matter), you probably spent your winter wearing crewneck sweatshirts. They were on trend (thanks athleisure!) and kept you seriously warm (no thanks, Mother Nature). What more could you have asked for?

But now that that the temperatures are on the rise, your go-to top of choice is no longer a viable option unless you want to sweat or get heatstroke. Luckily, spring is prime cute top season! Suns out, crop tops and graphic Ts and camisoles out (that’s the saying right?)

So if you are freaking out about no longer being able to rely on your trusty sweatshirt, don’t panic just yet. Here are the most fashionable tops, we have spotted amongst our Style Gurus, that are perfect for warm weather!

1. T-shirts with feminine slogans—show everyone who runs the world! (Photo via @venesajco)

2. Tops with tie-up sleeves—easy and literally breezy. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

3. Off-the-shoulder tops—look mom, no straps. (Photo via @alliesarachene)

4. Sheer tops—let some sun shine through. (Photo via @riaxla)

5. Tied tee—turn your top into a figure-flattering piece by knotting it in the front (Photo via @dani_rebecca)

6. Button-down T-shirt—elegance, casualness, and style all in one! (Photo via @mmoor)

7. Basic cropped tank—can’t decide between crop top and classic tank top? We got you. (Photo via @imdreamingofchanel)

8. Contrasted layers of tops—pro-tip: a bralette as an outerwear works perfectly as well. (Photo via @kierraxmakayla)

Which one of these styles are you swapping your sweatshirt for? Show us on social media

WHAT TO WEAR: Midterm Ready

We all know midterms have the power to make us want to grab a pair of yoga leggings and hide in the corner of the classroom. Although PINK has some pretty rad lounge wear, sometimes it’s time to take it up a notch, and dress up a little more.

Though it is spring, it still gets a little bit chilly here in San Francisco. A perfect way to combat Karl the Fog is a light jacket, and this military anorak is perfect.

Now, it does get warmer throughout the day. San Francisco State University is known to be an incline campus. This means the school is residing on a lot of hills varying in steepness. I always recommend walking to class in a comfy pair of frocks to last me all day, and this Fashionista’s flip flops are perfect. These babies can last for miles, and you won’t be expecting a blister when you get home and kick them off to relax after a day full of lectures.

What I love about this outfit the most is that this Fashionista here has kept it classic. Blue jeans go with almost anything, and this attire proves it. I always advise to invest in clothing staples like this pair, because they’re sure to complete a more casual outfit, but they can also be paired with cute heels and a leather jacket for a get-together in the evening.

Let’s not forget a great backpack. Every student needs a something sturdy to hold all the essentials—like makeup, some snacks, a camera, and of course, books! This Fashionista decided to add a pop of color to her look with this bright blue bag, and I for one, am loving it.

The sun is out.  Midterms only last for so long. Enjoy the sand, the surf, the babes, and most importantly, enjoy your free time!

Catch you later, Fashionistas. Have a great spring break!