Looking Cool When It’s Hot and Humid

Earlier in July, my boyfriend and I took a quick weekend getaway to “The Magic City” of Birmingham, Alabama. I’m not sure what I was expecting, traveling just one state over from Georgia. I was disappointed to read that the forecast predicted even higher temperatures and humidity levels at our travel destination. GreatI thought. It’ll be too hot to wear much of anything, much less something of actual stylistic arrangement.

Thus, I turned to the true savior of summer fashions, the expert avoider of pit stains: spaghetti straps, à la a lot of lingerie-inspired daily wear pieces.

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Day one was this crushed velvet, fitted little number. The lace detailing across the top was so dainty and delicate, and the color is so gorgeous and shimmery! I was initially concerned about the warmness and weight of a snug velvet piece, but the material proved light enough to take the heat.

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One of the best accessories I can suggest for keeping cool is this guava ice-cream from the highly recommended Lichita’s Paleteria in the downtown area. In this heat, unfortunately, it is an accessory short-lasted.

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Day 2 featured a button-down blue jean mini, a thrifted silk pajama camisole worn as a tank top, a strappy lace bralette, layered necklaces, a vintage ascot, and my wavy hair frizzed free-of-charge by the Birmingham Botanical Garden’s greenhouse. We were sweating buckets for the few minutes we spent appreciating cacti and palm fronds beneath the arboretum windows. The foliage was gorgeous, but I don’t know what I would have done had I been wearing anything with an actual sleeve. Birmingham was burning up!

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Camisoles like these have shot into popularity over the past year, and if you aren’t skimming through the sleepwear section at your local thrift store, you’re missing out!

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How do you showcase your style when it’s hot? Let me know your favorite heat-beating accessories and ice-cream flavors in the comments below!

How I Indulge in Summer Jeans and Ice Cream

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and summer is finally here. Our backpacks are put away in the closets and everything becomes more relaxed. Life becomes more simple, and we finally have time to relax and treat ourselves to something. Local ice cream shops are filling up with kids that are out of school, families out enjoying the weather, and couples walking around.

Summer is a perfect time to show your style, whether it’s summer dresses, shorts and T-shirts, or ripped jeans and a tank top. My personal favorite is throwing on a pair of distressed jeans, a tank top, and a pair of Adidas Superstars. Distressed jeans are much airier and comfortable, rather than a pair of regular jeans in the hot heat of summer.

I paired this outfit with some airy jewelry, a big gold watch, and some gold bracelets. Don’t forget to show some personality with your nail color! This is a perfect example of an outfit I would wear on a casual summer day. I am wearing a black-and-white striped tank top on top of a distressed pair of jeans from Pull&Bear. I finished the look by throwing on my Adidas Superstars from Urban Outfitters and added some gold jewelry.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to head to our local, family-owned ice cream shop downtown. I always like to support our local businesses. All of the ice cream is homemade, and there is a big variety of flavors and options to choose from. Whenever you are doing your favorite summertime activity, a pair of distressed jeans is always light and casual enough for any activity. Add a little flavor to your outfits this summer!

How do you indulge in summer fashion trends? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Quick and Simple Summer Outfit Ideas

The best outfits are created from a basic foundation that is probably hidden in the piles of clothes in your closet. This summer, pick some of your favorite pieces and pair them together. Here are three of my favorite outfits that scream summer!

1—The off-the-shoulder. The décolletage is a beautiful part of the body, and summer is the prime time to show it off. I paired a white off-the-shoulder crop top with stretchy gingham printed joggers. Being on the shorter side, the joggers were too long on me. I snipped some of the ends off with scissors, and cuffed them to better fit my body. Mules are my favorite type of shoes to wear for the summer because of their chunky heels, which are great for walking around town. Lastly, adding layered accessories to a monochromatic color scheme is the perfect way to elevate your look and tie your outfit together.

2—The fun spaghetti strap. Fruits. Water. Sun. Fun. These are words that describe summer to me, which inspired me to create this heat-proof outfit. Grab a tank top from your closet, your cutest pair of shorts, pair it with some Converse (don’t forget the mesh socks), and you are good to head out the door!

3—The white T-shirt. One of my favorite ways to twist up a basic white T-shirt is…well, twist it! Tying a knot can instantly fabricate a fresh feel to your top. Here, I paired it with a long dark floral skirt to contrast my white top. Finally, I added heels to elongate my legs and prevent me from falling.

As you can see, these pieces are your everyday clothing essentials. So next time you feel you have nothing in your closet to wear, you may be surprised by what you find!

What are some of your favorite summer pieces to pair together? Let me know in the comments below!

WHAT TO WEAR: Warm Winter Day

Although the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, warm spring weather is in full effect in Maryland. Fashionistas across the whole campus have already broken out their bare shoulders and tank tops. One walk to class will induce a full-on sweat in this weather.

This Fashionista is working a pair of denim paired effortlessly with an olive green tank top. That is one color that will always remain in season.The biggest trend on this campus is the white, classic Adidas sneakers that can be worn with virtually any outfit. Another trend that seems inescapable is the choker. They can add a little detail to a simple outfit or be the center of attention for the entire piece, which is why I think this style favorite won’t be going away anytime soon. However, the standout aspect of this outfit is the lace standout on the back of the tank top. This particular outfit is ideal for staying cool, while it begins heating up outside and the sneakers make it perfect for long walks across campus.

Of course, what’s an outfit without the perfect bag! A large tote that can function as a purse and for school work seems to be the highlight handbags on this campus. They are convenient and cute. What more could a Fashionista ask for in a handbag? This outfit is the perfect example of a combination that can be worn on these confusing, warm winter days.

To top off this outfit, the Fashionista added a pair of sunglasses. Adding accessories to any attire can give a completely different look. So, East Coast, get ready for the warmer days and to show some more skin!

WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As the holiday festivities come to an end, every college student has a scary realization. Class is starting soon! Even though no one loves the early, cold days of the spring semester, a cute outfit can change all of that. I know one of my resolutions coming into 2017 was to put more effort into the outfits I wear to class. It can be tough after a late night of studying to find something mild put together at eight in the morning when all you want to do is wear your pajamas to class. The simple act of throwing on a cute top or some strappy booties can make you feel ready to take on the day and inside of encouraging you to crawl back in bed.

This Fashionista put together a cute but casual outfit, perfect to start the new semester. She chose a pair of medium wash jeans and a flowy top. She also grabbed a pair of low heeled, black booties and a monogramed necklace, a staple of every southern Fashionista! This outfit is perfect for a day in the south when there is basically snow on the ground in the morning, yet it is sunny and 75 in the afternoon. It is also great for a long day of classes, since it is breathable and comfortable. The only thing to add is a sassy backpack and cup of coffee, and this Fashionista is ready to go!

Trust me, I completely understand it is hard to look fashionable when you have a million different things on your plate and all you want is sleep. Taking that extra five minutes in the morning to put on a pair of distressed jeans instead of yoga pants or a funky sweater instead of a torn sweatshirt can really make a huge difference in your attitude for that day. I really believe dressing for success every day can make a major improvement in your motivation this new year.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Knot Your Average Girl

Remember the days in elementary school when you would tie up those one-size-too-big T-shirts using the hairband wrapped around your wrist? I distinctly remember one particular tie-dye T-shirt I had from summer camp that I would do this with. The little tail that would be created off your backside was one for the books. Well, gone are the days of those tails and hairbands, and here are the days of adorable, well-done knots put in your shirts to give your outfit just the perfect little detail it needs.

When I came to college, I met this Fashionista whose signature outfit was high-waisted skinny jeans with a crop top that has one of these knots in it. I remember that the first time I attempted it myself after seeing her pull it off so well, I just couldn’t stray from the elementary school knot I use to make. Finally, I decided to ask her to give me a step-by-step tutorial on how to become an instant knot-filled T-shirt rebel.

First, pick the place on the top you want the knot to be. The Fashionista noted, “It totally depends on the look you want and the type of shirt you’re wearing where and how many knots you do.” She says, “The knots could go in the front, back, side; you could do one, two, sometimes even three knots.” Next, collect the fabric you want to tie up, and then twist that fabric to make it more manageable. You will continue the twist until it naturally forms a knot upon itself. Here, the Fashionista commented that “before pulling the fabric through, tighten the shirt based upon where you want the actual knot to be, whether it’s closer to the body or further at the end.” To finish, pull the end of the fabric through the knot. If there’s enough fabric leftover, wrap the extra bit around the knot again and tuck it in or safety pin it down on the inside of the shirt.

Voila! Now you have an adorable yet sophisticated knot that adds just the right amount of something to your daily look.

STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah Sandfeld

Some people call me Han, others call me Hanny, but you can call me Hannah. My name is Hannah Sandfeld and I am a junior at the University of Missouri in Columbia. I’m from Orange County, California and I am your typically beach lovin’ Cali girl. Sometimes I think I actually am a mermaid. I am currently studying broadcast journalism and aspiring to be the next Giuliana Rancic. Who wouldn’t want to wear lavish gowns and interview hot celebs as their career? I would sacrifice never being able to wear red bottom Christian Louboutins for that job!

When I was growing up I always knew I had an intense love fashion. I would walk into the hair salon with my mom and while I waited for her hair color to process I flipped through endless fashion magazines. I loved the way that they smelled, like freshly printed ink that was once in the hands of an editor who most likely worked their whole lives to get that job. I would take pictures of outfits I thought were cool on my mom’s old flip phone, and regardless of the amount of paper cuts I received I was utterly and completely fascinated.

To me, fashion is not just the clothes you put on every morning or that awful feeling when you have nothing in your closet to wear. Fashion, to me, is that rush you get when you know you are rockin’ that outfit you have been planning for weeks, or that feeling of envy when you spot someone wearing the cutest outfit you’ve ever seen and you know you are going to try to copy it later.

The best part of being in college is that it is the time to express yourself and try new things. Everyday I try to play around with what I wear and see what works and what doesn’t, and when it doesn’t work my friends and sorority sisters are quick to tell me!

I would describe my style as a mix between boho and edgy! I like to layer necklaces and wear loose-fitted tunics, but I also love the occasional choker or booties. On campus you can find me in a simple dress, sandals and a few necklaces, but when I go home to California I am a total beach girl. I would say my style is free spirited when I am in California; I wear a lot of distressed shorts, loose fitting tank tops and my first shoe of choice-Birkenstocks. I am currently obsessed with button-up jean skirts and those soft, lace bralettes that give you an excuse not to wear a bra. My go-to outfit would be a patterned, flowy top paired with ripped jeans, booties and layers of necklaces

I am thrilled to get to spend this semester as a Style Guru and play around with fashion with you all!


ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lingerie All Day

Come Friday, who really wants to put much thought into what they wear to class? But you know that if you go to class in last night’s pajamas, the rest of your day will feel totally out of whack. Rather than doing so, you can still look as if you just rolled out of bed by putting on a chic sleepwear tank and loose pants. You will feel as comfortable as if you were still wearing pajamas while maintaining your usual style.

All outfits are not complete until you add accessories. The key to keeping the outfit simple is to keep your accessories simple. A delicate necklace with personal significance adds personality and a wooden barrette with floral engraving completes the ethereal look. Top off the look with a pair of shades that go along with the aesthetic.

The trend of wearing lingerie in public seems to be more of a consistent style choice being applied to whatever trend is currently in style. This tank can be worn numerous ways. It could be tucked into a pencil skirt and worn with heels and a jacket. It could be worn over a tight turtleneck paired with cropped denim and sleek boots. The tank could even be worn under a shirt or dress so that only the lace neckline appears under the outfit. The options are endless. Whatever way you pair this sexy piece of lingerie, your look will no doubt become a hell of a lot more glamorous. The same concept can be applied by wearing silk shorts with more practical pieces or a silk robe over top of a non-sleepwear outfit.

When the end of the school week hits you and all you want to do is stay in bed, try donning a piece of lingerie to modestly protest the concept of Friday classes. You can then come home after and hop right into bed without having to change. It’s a victory for you, and a victory for fashion—the ultimate win, win.

STYLE GURU BIO: Dominique Stadtman

Hello Fashionistas! I’m currently a sophomore marketing major and fashion studies minor in Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business. Going to school in the city was the perfect choice for me as style inspiration is all around me, both on my campus and in the streets. I am intrigued by the diversity in style here and take comfort in the fact that anything goes and trends are ever-changing. For me, the streets of New York are a mesmerizing runway.

Since I was little, I’ve obsessed with clothes and how confident an outfit could make you feel. While some use writing, music or art as a form of self-expression, I use fashion. Styling outfits and creating new looks out of pieces that are already in my closet is a satisfying game for me. The best part of this game is that I always win, because when it comes to fashion there truly are no rules. I am a firm believer that when you look good, you feel good. So, I never hesitate to change my outfit for the eighth time in a row if I know the new look will make me feel better.

You can typically find me walking the streets of New York wearing lots of black and a big pair of sunglasses. I truly believe that clothes will always look better in black. With that being said, I love to use texture in order to give my outfits more life. Mixing sheers with furs and leathers and knits gives an effortlessly chic look from my perspective. When it comes to my own wardrobe, I typically like to invest in timeless, easy pieces such as jeans, sweaters and T-shirts in a variety of neutral tones. To add some spice to my look, I mix in more trendy items and accessories to layer with my staple pieces. In this outfit, I styled my classic dark denim skinnies with a chic asymmetrical halter top featuring a low back, along with a black leather cross-body bag and sandals. I’m also perpetually cold, so I am rarely seen without some form of jacket, and I tend to favor my leather moto jacket that instantly upgrades any outfit (and makes me feel super cool).

I’m so excited for the fashionable fall that awaits and cannot wait to start sharing my favorite trends with everyone! Stay tuned for the fashion 411 in the 917 by yours truly.


Need a trendy but comfortable outfit for a brunch or girl’s day out? Well, this Fashionista has it covered for you! We all have those days when we don’t really want to dress up, we just feel like being as comfortable as we can. Other days we’re just extremely lazy to choose an outfit or put together several pieces. If this is your case can I give you a style tip? It’s summer and none of us want to be wearing tight clothing, which is why this Fashionista decided to pick out a tank top dress with some gladiator sandals.

If you’ve been caught up on social media, you would know sandals that tie up your leg, resembling gladiator shoes are in. This outfit isn’t only good for a girl’s day out but you can also use it as a cover up for a day spent at the beach or pool. They can be paired up with literally everything and it makes our life 10 times easier when it comes to picking an outfit!

It’s summer; we all want to show a little bit more skin as the temperature rises. Dresses aren’t only for fancy events but you could always put it in your daily wardrobe. If you would like to dress it up, you can get a necklace that stands out or a beaded choker and some pumps. I’m obsessed with the thought of dressing up a simple outfit or the opposite; dressing down an outfit you’ll probably wear during a night out.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Never be afraid to try new things for example, here I traded in some heels for some gladiator sandals from Steve Madden. Who would have thought a simple dress can be used for day and night, adding a bomber jacket or blazer will put the piece together for a night out with your girls.”