Your Go-To Guide For Mixing Patterns

If the thought of mixing patterns intimidates you, you’re not alone. It can be hard to envision how crazy stripes and polka dots will look chic in one outfit. However, mixing patterns is so much fun and a fabulous way to make use of your wardrobe, especially pieces you may not wear often. Here are some tips on how to mix patterns to style a creative outfit, so you don’t feel overwhelmed or clash!

1—Choose a Dominant Print and an Accent Print.

I love gingham print, especially for summer, because it reminds me of cookouts and picnics! My gingham print cardigan is the main pattern in this look. I pair it with a lace patterned tank as an accent. The pattern tank does not clash with the gingham because it is subtle and white, making it a perfect accent pattern.

2—Use the Same Pattern in a Different Scale.

Polka dots will always be my favorite pattern because they’re so classic. A good way to mix your favorite pattern is varying the size of the pattern like I did with a large polka dot print top under my small polka dot print button-up. Another fun way to style an outfit with the same pattern is varying the sizes in a skirt and blouse. Changing the size of the pattern avoids monotony and allows you to wear a lot of your favorite pattern without it seeming overwhelming.

3—Invert Color With the Same Pattern.

Another great way to use the same pattern is to invert the colors, which creates a nice visual effect. This way, you can use a pattern in the same size, and still wear all one print! This outfit reminds me of a zebra—is my top white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

4—Pair Two Types of the Same Pattern.

My skirt and scarf mix well together because they are both neutral, floral patterns. There are a lot of floral patterns in stores currently, and they’re a great pattern to mix in outfits. Floral patterns add a soft, sweet look to any outfit, and mixing them creates a pretty vibe.

5—Treat Texture as a Pattern.

If you treat pieces with some texture as patterns, your wardrobe possibilities open up a lot. Leopard print is bold and fierce, so I love pairing it with a girly and classy print like lace. Lace is a texture and pattern, making it a versatile textile that adds great style and interest to an outfit. A similar idea can be used with embroidery!

6—Choose Different Prints with the Same Color.

This final outfit tip is all about the color, and it is my favorite way to mix patterns. You can mix any two patterns if the colors throughout are the same, like in my dress and shirt. This creates a cohesive look so that while there are a lot of patterns, they all match.

Pick one of these ways to mix patterns and share your outfit with us on Instagram by tagging @CFashionista.

How To Style Up Your Denim

To denim or not to denim at all? Denim has been around for ages and the different styling trends that come with it never die. Seeing that denim trends never die, it’s important to play around with it and incorporate your personal touch to keep it fresh. Denim can come off as very masculine, but what happens when you want to give a ‘girly’ feel without losing the edge it brings? Let’s find out.

Everyone owns at least one piece of denim, and because it is such a common, classic piece it’s important to show your individual style through the way you put your clothing together. Now let’s admit that denim does tend to get a bit boring so it’s important to create something interesting through the way you style it. In this instance, this Fashionista has taken the classic double – denim trend (also known as the Canadian Tuxedo) and styled it up according to her personal style.

Often denim has connotations to masculinity because of its history, so for females, it is important to be mindful of different denim cuts and styles if ever you want to keep the look playful and feminine. This Fashionista was seen on campus rocking her take on double – denim. In this look, the ‘Canadian tuxedo’ has been given a feminine twist by adding a denim skirt which brings a sense of playfulness to the masculine ensemble. To complete the denim duo, a denim jacket is paired with the skirt. It’s not just an ordinary denim jacket but one with added texture and color to it, instantly adding a different feel to the look.

The addition of color and texture can instantly make a difference to an outfit and in this Fashionista’s outfit, the pairing of pinks and popping – blue denim play well together. The harsh blue of the denim is quickly contradicted by the playful pink that emphasizes the femininity. A pair of heels can instantly make a look appear more ‘girly’ and in this outfit, it did exactly that. Socks and a pair of mule shoes were added, and this tops off the look bringing a fresh take on the double – denim trend.

Remember to keep in mind the different ways to style your outfits when incorporating denim, because the way in which you choose to put your clothing pieces together effects the overall feel that you wish to portray. How would you style up a denim incorporated outfit? Show us how you would do it and make sure to tag @cfashionista!

Trendy Decor Ideas for Your Space

Decorating your first apartment or dorm room is so exciting. I remember creating tons of Pinterest boards with all of the ideas that I wanted to incorporate into my dorm room, hardly any of them feasible for my space or my budget. But, what I lacked at in choosing my decor, this Fashionista aced. With her trendy yet simple style aesthetic, her space has an incredibly chic and unique feel to it.

One thing about the space in college dorm rooms and apartments is that you have none, making it necessary to use what you do have wisely. Only having items that create a larger look rather than making the space feel small is incredibly important.

It is no small task making your apartment look bigger than it actually is. Colors and placement are huge for this; too many colors can make your space feel crowded and tight, while no color makes it feel bland. This Fashionista balanced it beautifully, using a monochrome palette with pops of color and texture to give the illusion of a larger space.

Adding your unique style to your place can be tricky, especially if it’s a dorm room with set rules about what you can and cannot have. One way this Fashionista incorporates her unique flair is by adding texture from her throw blankets and rug. Another way she makes the space her own is her use of plants.

Fresh flowers are my favorite for decorating, but plants are much more practical and affordable for a college budget. They give your room nice color and positive vibes. If you’re not keen on having to remember to water the plants, cacti are perfect for you and very on trend.

When you live in a college dorm or apartment you can’t always decorate the way you want. Tapestries, flags, and wall decals are perfect for making the space feel like yours without permanently changing it. They are easy to put up and take down and especially amazing for covering an ugly colored or otherwise blank walls easily.

What I always struggle with the most when moving in is the amount of space I have to fit all my clothes; it’s never enough. This Fashionista combined clothing storage and decor with her clothing rack. She is able to highlight some of her favorite pieces while using her space wisely.

And of course, what apartment would be complete without furry friends?

What are your favorite decorating tricks for a small space? Comment below and help out your fellow fashionable collegiates with ideas they can incorporate into their spaces.


Exploring new cities and new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. Ever since I got to college, I have made it my priority to find the coolest spots that my friends and I can enjoy and have fun finding. Being that we are right outside of Boston, there are so many neighboring towns and places that you can discover very easily. Some are just a short walk, while others are a quick drive. Nonetheless, it is a way for me and my friends to learn more about the new home we have while at college.

This day in particular, I was trying out a new salad place in Newton Highlands called Sweet Green. It was healthy and delicious, if you were wondering. But this Fashionista across the parking lot caught my eye. She was wearing something completely unexpected and so edgy-chic, I couldn’t help myself from stopping her. She is wearing leather pants from American Eagle Outfitters that create a rocker image. Her other major statement piece was the pale pink ripped sweater. It is such a comfy look, yet the sweater has so much personality. Her accessories include the beige clutch and cat-eye sunglasses. These add to her look and create feminine details. She seriously looks like a model strutting her stuff in those little black booties down the outlet strip.

I love how she took such unique pieces and created a showstopping look for a simple shopping spree day. I asked this Fashionista what fashion advice she lives by and her response was incredible. She said, “I try to step outside my comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to break your norm, and always wear only what you want and not what people expect you to wear.” I couldn’t have said it any better than this super edgy-chic Fashionista.


Unfortunately, in Oklahoma, our spring weather has consisted of constant rain and constant sneezing for me. However, that couldn’t stop me from finding the perfect inspiration from a fellow Fashionista for a casual, muggy day look. In my eyes, what makes a casual outfit look put together and cute is all in the details. This outfit consists of a T-shirt, leggings, and sneakers. However, these items are nowhere near simple or basic. Each item has a decorative element that makes what could be a simple and basic item become something unique and fashion forward.

As we all know, athleisure is a hot topic in all realms of fashion, but this outfit was created to mix in some edgy details to set it apart from the basic Adidas athleisure look. The T-shirt has an edgy design and the leggings have a moto design that emphasizes a more grunge look. The sneakers are light gray Vans but with a twist. These Vans have the classic look of Vans, but they used a snake skin print made with suede fabric. This detailed print makes the shoes stand out from any other kind of sneaker.

Without a doubt, any outfit can use the addition of accessories! This Fashionista paired her outfit with some simple jewelry and a black and white swell bottle to stay hydrated and fashionable. I don’t know about you guys, but during the school year I usually wear more casual looks so I can always use some inspiration on new and unique ways to create a comfortable, yet trendy, ensemble. I hope you enjoyed getting some inspiration from this outfit as much as I did!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Final(ly) Fabulous

As the title says, it really is all in the details. Just one interesting piece can completely change the entire feel of your outfit. For the days when you just feel like throwing on a basic white T-shirt and some leggings, add an accessory and you’ll look 10 times more put together than you probably feel. This tip can definitely be helpful if you were up until 2 a.m., procrastinating the night before. Oh wait, I meant studying for finals.

This Fashionista has completely conquered this category. She took her plain white T-shirt and decided to pair it with a super cool pair of velvet patterned leggings. This way she’s getting the comfort without sacrificing her style. By just substituting something plain with a simple detailed alternative, you completely transform the outfit. Obviously adding an oversize jean jacket is the perfect go-to since you can never go wrong with denim. The distressing on the bottom of the jacket keeps this Fashionista on-trend. Also, what’s a Fashionista without her favorite pair of black booties? This should be the ultimate staple in every girl’s wardrobe! They’re practical, versatile, and basically everything in between.

During these next couple of weeks while you’re drinking your body weight in coffee to stay alive, the perfect pair of sunglasses, to hide the bags under your eyes, are an absolute necessity. Don’t forget a hat to cover your second day hair! This Fashionista picked the perfect pair of mirrored lenses and a black floppy hat to finish up her look. Nice try, finals. You might’ve taken our sleep, but you’re not taking our style.

BEAUTY BAR: Polished is Everything

Combining urban and suburban vibes definitely works, and everyone should take note of it.

In the fashion world, everyone has a thirst for polished perfection. To feel as good as we look is special because it’s you who has that control, nobody else. It’s not always the clothes on our back we can thank for fulfilling our thirst. This Fashionista proves that on top of her urge to look her absolute best day-to-day for class, she wants to feel good too. Her healthy polished long hair and nails show care for her own self love.

The Fashionista’s trick? Putting in the time and effort. Falling in love with her straight hair and prizing her long nails, she tends to always sport this signature look on-campus.  Want to start taking extra good care and time on your nails? Check out Sephora’s Perfect Formula keratin protein treatment for nails, as well as a Botanical Straightening Balm, a hair care product to assist your perfect straight locks.

Looking glam is something that comes naturally to this Fashionista. The monochromatic- uses variations in lightness and saturation of her single green color scheme is one of many tricks to look and feel polished. It shows a good eye for balance and visual appeal rather than color contrast.

The joggers shaded a washed out green/tan has textures ranging from corduroy and cotton. Joggers that have more than one material give it a lot of dimension. I love how they are paired with bold patent leather booties. Fashion should let people stray away from what is expected or the norm.

This Fashionista sticks to what she knows and also is never afraid to experiment. Just know there can always be hidden methods to all appearances.


Not every outfit can or will be the most amazing, trend-setting look of the year. I’ve learned that sometimes, when you get to the point that you realize this, texture and patterns are the go-to solution to get any Fashionista out of a fashion rut.

This Fashionista is one of my best friends and never fails to turn a minimalist look into something interesting by mixing and matching textures and patterns, balancing out loose and tight and high and low with many different aspects of her look.

The textured, gray top not only gives the look a refined, classy element, but the shape works perfectly with the ruffled edges of the patterned shorts. Another great element of this Fashionista’s look is the fact that the gray top stands alone in its color; no other part of the outfit has that shade of gray, making the look less “by-the-book” or “matchy-matchy.”

Pulling in a major trend by pairing the top and shorts with knee-high black boots also gives this Fashionista a cool girl vibe. The texture of the boots is different from any other texture in the look, making it so each piece contributes its own individual aspect to the overall outfit. Not to mention the fact that the top is more conservative and the shorts are flirty, the boots aren’t overwhelming and they don’t undermine the classy element of this Fashionista’s style.

Another important detail of this outfit is the decision to not include a lot of statement jewelry. This Fashionista’s boots are the statement, and the pattern peeking out from her shorts under the textured top speak to her taste and don’t require a lot of jewelry to make it an outfit worth noting.

The color scheme in general is also another aspect of this look that ties it all together without needing statement pieces that undermine the subtle details. It’s not a pallet you see every day, yet it works extremely well. It’s muted, modern, minimalist, and catches the eye right away. The details of this outfit are what balance it out so well, with nothing being repeated or overdone throughout the whole look.

This look is what I believe to be a perfect example of focusing on the details of the clothes to make an outfit interesting. So, the next time you’re staring at your closet without the slightest clue of what to wear, move on to the details and try to mix it up by making each piece of your look have a different texture or pattern. Play with the color scheme and shapes of the pieces you’re wearing, keeping in mind that every piece should maintain an overall balance.

My favorite motto within fashion is that less really is more. Fashion really is all in the details, especially when you’re a college student who is forever thinking you have nothing to wear.

STYLE ADVICE: Color in Theory

How did this Fashionisto attain such a timeless yet distinct look? The key components are from his color and texture choices. Color-blocking is always a stylish way to compose an outfit, as perfectly exemplified by this chic Fashionisto. He chose to primarily combine a deep red, black, and grey, with a contrasting white accent in his shoes. One suggestion to amplify your look is to add depth to the ensemble through the mixing of textures. The Fashionisto I photographed did this by layering a velvet blazer over his red polo and pairing with grey printed jeans. He elevated the look even further by accessorizing with an intriguing set of metal jewelry. The gold collar necklace and silver chunky rings are focal points, texturizing the outfit even more. Lastly, the bowling-inspired, color-blocked shoes tie all of the garments together in a very unique and fun way. The whole combination is inventive and visually intriguing.

You could achieve a similar effect by also choosing a monochromatic color scheme with a pop of color. If you wanted to take more risks with color, you could always take a brighter approach and use a triadic or complementary color combo. This may sound complicated to some, but it is actually so easy! Just take a color wheel and look for colors across from each other that form a triangle. All of a sudden you have a triadic palette to use for inspiration. Complementary colors are even simpler, you just look for ones that are directly opposite each other on the wheel. These are just a couple more tips that can make color blocking with clothing more fun and spontaneous! With spring well underway, and summer fast approaching, try taking some chances with bolder hues when mixing your colorful outfits. These months can be the best for being risky with loud hues.

Hopefully you are now feeling inspired to glance inside your closet and infuse a little bit of color theory into your next look! And, of course, don’t forget your accessories!


When it comes down to it, I am rarely a fan of trends. I don’t mean to say that I dislike trying out new styles, but I have never really understood fleeting fashion. I generally only introduce styles into my wardrobe if I intend to be wearing them long term. However, I have decided that one recent trend will become a timeless piece in my closet. That trend is the neck scarf. I think it’s the new, more sophisticated version of a choker this spring, and it’s here to stay.

My obsession with these scarves began last summer when my grandmother gave me some of her old scarf collection from the 1960-1980s. Some she had clearly worn countless times, and others looked as if they were purchased yesterday. Deciding she would not be wearing them in the future, she figured I could put them to good use. She certainly was right. It was a style I had always wanted to try, and given that I had recently chopped my hair a fair bit above my shoulders, I thought it was the perfect way to emphasize the scarf.

So here’s why I think the silk scarf is the great new accessory for spring, and perhaps forever. First of all, they’re such a fun way to mix up a look! If you’re considering this trend, I recommend trying to find vintage neck scarves to create a truly unique style. I love that it’s nearly impossible to find identical prints today because the vintage patterns are just so distinctive.

Secondly, the scarves are so versatile! They can be tied in several different ways around your neck, as well as on your head as a headband or bow. Some even leave them attached to the straps of a tote bag which works as a bag accessory. Scarves can be used whenever you want to add a little something to your outfit.

I like to style these with a basic T-shirt and jeans for an easy look with a bit of sophistication. One of my “lazy day” tricks is to dress in all black (usually a black T-shirt and leggings) with a cardigan on top to have a sleek and comfy outfit. Then, I’ll toss a scarf on top to dress it up a bit.

As for the other features of this look, I chose to wear a pastel, textured coat to mix up the standard springtime jacket. It seems like a minimal take on Hollywood glamour fur coats. I wore my suede booties, which are stylish, neutral, and comfortable enough that I can wear them all day with no problem. Finally, I added a few simple romantic features with my side braid and dangle earrings.

This look is all about the little details, and how they go together to create something special. I am now forever converted to the silk scarf club. Are you?