3 Garment Tips All Women Should Know

You are at the mall and you see a beautiful garment a few feet away. “It’s absolutely perfect for summer!” you think as you mentally check off the boxes in your head. That is, until you figure out it has one or more of the following: a slit, peek-a-boo legs, a distasteful sleeve length, an unflattering neckline, or awkward rips. You internally groan at the inconvenience of revealing more skin than you would like. “But it’s so nice. I don’t want to give it up,” you tell yourself. And you shouldn’t, because I have three tips and tricks to help you tackle common garment obstacles without a visit to your local tailor.

If you desire longer sleeves or a conservative neckline, layer your look with a shirt of a desired style and length.

For garments with sleeves too short for your liking, you may pair it with clothing to be worn on top of your outfit. Consider kimonos, cardigans, jackets, and blazers. You can also experiment with blouses over or under your garment to get a desired fit.

Is a certain neckline bothering you? Plain shirts or tops with higher necklines can be worn underneath for chic vibes with strapless, plunging, or sweetheart necklines. Try bell or butterfly sleeves to add some flare.

Colored pantyhose, tights, and leggings are a great way to flavor ripped jeans, sheer pants, or short bottoms.

Wearing plain leggings or a maxi skirt under dresses and skirts combats revealing legs.

Maxi dresses and skirts are often subject to peek-a-boo leg syndrome, a term I have coined for a condition that occurs when the slip of a garment cuts off mid-thigh or at the knee, leaving legs exposed through sheer fabric. Don’t fret, this can easily be adjusted with leggings or a plain maxi skirt. Simply wear this under your outfit to create a fluid stream of opacity. For a seamless look, match accordingly. This same rule applies to dresses and skirts with slits!

Be bold and remember to have fun creating combinations!

Do you have any favorite clothing adjustments that don’t require a tailor’s service? Let me know in the comments section below. If you have tried any of these tips, show us on social media and be sure to tag @Cfashionista!

The Daring Denim Trend Everyone Should Try

Got the blues? Tired of your boring jeans? Don’t be distressed, that’s denim’s job!

With summer coming in full tilt, we all have an urge for change in our lives. It’s time to spice up your look and upgrade your jeans from drab to daring! Try this new iconic trendy staple: patterned tights under distressed jeans.

Denim has been a classic fashion statement since its originating date of the 19th century. It’s comfortable, versatile, you can wear it head to toe, and you don’t have to wash it often! I mean who couldn’t love denim?

Whether they are a mom, skinny, or boyfriend style, pairing patterned tights with your favorite distressed jeans creates a chic, grunge look.

The best thing about this trend is that it looks great with everything; your look has so much potential. Wear an off-the-shoulder top or a blouse with the ensemble for a feminine flare. Perhaps show off the detailing of the tights contrasting your midriff with a crop top. Even pair a leather jacket with the distressed denim and patterned tights for the ultimate cool-girl-vibe. Or, opt for the casual-chic, denim-on-denim look of the model.

She is only wearing one piece of denim, you say? Check again! She’s wearing a posh, pink denim jacket from H&M. The bright color and lightweight quality make it a perfect jacket for summer. Underneath, wear a cool, graphic T-shirt. Too hot? Sling the jacket over your shoulder for a true runway-model feel.

Now, onto the most important part of her look, the distressed denim and patterned tights. Find these super comfy, light-wash, distressed jeans sold at Express. Underneath, she’s wearing floral, lace patterned tights. If you’re wanting more of a grunge look, fishnet tights look amazing under distressed denim as well.

As for shoes, here is the tricky part. Since feet are covered by tights, the look is best coupled with closed-toe shoes. My favorite type of shoes to complete this look with are chunky boots. Other adorable options include sneakers like Converse or Vans.

Keep up with the new denim daze and try out this look. When you do, make sure to share your version of daring denim on social media and tag @Cfashionista when you wear patterned tights under distressed jeans! Name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait.


Juicy Couture is making a comeback? Yes, you heard that right. Celebrities such as the Kardashians and Rihanna have been spotted sporting the velour.

When I picture Juicy Couture, it brings me back to the early high school days where everyone had to have the velour and terrycloth tracksuits. Juicy was a statement, to say the least. With large velour bags that said “Juicy” across them, or even sayings such as “I Like Things,” and “It’s exhausting being this Juicy.” As obnoxious as these sayings may sound, when a trend is a trend, you pick which pieces go along with your own personal aesthetic. This Fashionista created a look with Juicy that is both edgy and girly at the same time. This red velour sweatshirt dress can be found at Urban Outfitters. As for Juicy elsewhere, it can be found with the partnerships Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Vetements, Urban Outfitters, and the Juicy website. What is Vetements? Vetements is European—Parisian to be exact. Vetements is also basically a design collective. Demna Gvasalia is the head, having previously worked for Balenciaga. Fun fact: Vetements translates to “clothes” and is pronounced “Vet-MAHN.” But don’t go racing to add these items to your cart, as they aren’t exactly part of the college budget, seeing as they add up to at least a grand. For a more flexible budget, you can style Juicy into the current athleisure trend with Urban Outfitters or Nordstrom, staying comfortable and chic at the same time. Who What Wear has the trendiest assortment of Juicy, including this velour bomber jacket.

This Fashionista is bringing out street style at its finest with perfecting details: pairing this red Juicy Couture X Urban Outfitters sweatshirt dress with some tights gives the look the perfect amount of detail. I absolutely love these tights, also from UO, as they make you do a double-take, looking like tall stockings at first glance. The mix of the sexier tights with the more rugged hoodie is the perfect combo. The pop of red also contrasts against the Gucci sneakers that she finished the look with. This Fashionista got them for a steal while studying abroad at a Gucci outlet. Overall I give this look an A, as Juicy has toned down their look. The “Los Angeles” discreetly written on the front of her top is so much better than having JUICY across the chest.


I do love recent days when the weather is becoming warmer. After the long dark winter, finally it’s time we can put on brighter colors and wear little dresses!

The white shirts I was wearing were long enough to serve as a dress, so I left the bottom with only a pair of socks, it would make the legs visually longer. I really like the fishnet tights. Fishnet element has been popular since last year. I personally feel that the blocks on the leg make legs seem slimmer as well. Moreover, the knits leave a small scale of black color so that the skin doesn’t reveal too much, and it can echo with coats in dark color.

The leather jacket, which creates a street chic style, not only keeps you warm during the morning and in the night, it also can be a decoration when you casually hold it in arms or put it on the shoulder.

At first I tried a pair of heeled ankle boots to match the look, however it just seems “too much”. Thus, I changed to the white sneakers, and I really like the balanced feeling of wild and simple.

For the details, I’ve worn a knitted camisole to complicate the layers. I’ve worn two necklaces as well. One is a thin black choker, the other is a silver lock. Also for makeup, I’ve used a purple lipstick to match the topic of street look.

I’ve also spent a little effort on the hair. Early this month I dyed my hair to blond to welcome spring! Yesterday I tried the half bun hair style, which looked unexpectedly good! So, I guess I have to say, never afraid to try when considering fashion!



STYLE GURU STYLE: Fishnets and Ripped Jeans

News flash: denim isn’t going anywhere. No matter what form it takes, denim jackets, skirts, and jeans are absolute staples in every Fashionista/o’s closet. The trending twist, however, is the rise of denim individuality. Street style bloggers and industry insiders are upgrading their denim in more ways than I can keep up with, so I decided to take a chance and try out one of them: the fishnet look.

Surprisingly enough, fishnets are no longer reserved for Taylor Momsen-style teenage rebellion, but instead as an it-girl upgrade to an otherwise basic outfit. Seen on runways of the past couple of seasons including Max Mara fall 2016, fishnets are a super simple way to add a very specific edge to any look. They can take a basic sweater and skirt combo and turn it into a total head-turner instead of risking looking stuffy in normal black tights.

Fashionistas all over Instagram and Pinterest are also showing off this look by rocking fishnets peeking out of distressed blue jeans. Many posts feature Fashionistas keeping it simple with white shirts or bomber jackets, so I decided to switch it up a little with a silky pajama-style top and a lace cami. I chose the silky button-down as an alternative to my usual leather or bomber jacket, as a way to dress the look down a little bit. The fishnets really draw attention, so keeping it simple on top is key.

Although it is fairly simple to get a handle on this trend, it requires caution. When it comes to fishnets, it definitely is easy for it to revert to a 2006 rocker-chic look, so exercise discretion when choosing pieces to go with your fishnets. Too many edgy pieces can make your outfit look cheap, so definitely don’t go too heavy on the punk-inspired vibes and you’ll be killing this trend!

WHAT TO WEAR: Rock the (Not a) Fashion Show

Following NYFW, I am sure many have been feeling a little extra inspired by the new trends presented by our favorite designers. It is always thrilling to discover a new trend and style it with your own twist, so this article will feature an edgy Fashionista’s take on the fishnet frenzy. Originally popularized by Kendall Jenner, there are many different ways to flash your fishnets in an outfit. From fishnet socks, to layering underneath a slip dress, to peeping through slits, Fashionista/os are getting creative with this craze. This Fashionista decided to have them peak through her ripped jeans and flaunt the waistband just above her mid-rise jeans. She also chose to sport her look at Diablo Conglomerate’s “Not a Fashion Show” on March 3, 2017. Following the trends to the runway, she displays a perfect example of what to wear to the runway with an edge. Fashion shows are the optimal opportunity to display your sense of style because it is a highly experimental and innovative environment full of other clothing lovers.

The trendy Fashionista achieves her unique street vibe with the combination of casual and classy clothing. The fishnets are the focal point of the look and are fused with very relaxed torn jeans, a basic black tank, and Nikes. Layered on top is a textured, caramel colored, long-lined coat. Not to forget accessories, she added a split choker to complete the ensemble. The contrast evoked from her street-inspired pieces under the timeless coat is what truly sets the outfit apart while keeping it current.

Hopefully this look motivates all of you reading this article to chase a trend or attend a fashion show! Drawing creativity from others is so powerful in fashion, so get out there and try some new looks with your own personal approach.

STYLE ADVICE: It’s Bootie Season

Winter fashion has always been my favorite, because it provides the challenge to stay warm and stylish at the same time.

This winter, over-the-knee boots and booties seem to be even more popular than before. I have been itching to buy a few pairs, but have been looking for inspiration on how to pair them. When I am out and about, I love to see how people style their boots and booties.

As soon as I spotted this Fashionista, I fell head-over-heels for her look. She made a perfect winter look that is warm, stylish and paired with booties.

The paisley dress is a great mix of warm colors and the material kept her pretty warm. I even loved the detail the top of the dress provides. What brought the outfit together to me is the booties with the tights by providing an edge.

What also attracted me to this Fashionista is her natural beauty.

Her curly hair made me fangirl. Her makeup is simple; however, the lip color she chose provides a nice pop of color. The purse complements the outfit and makes a great place to store any beauty products for a touch up.

After seeing her look, it has encouraged me to buy the booties. In addition, I have thought of winter looks I can do while remaining warm and stylish.

On the next cold day, remember you can still be fashionable and warm at the same time. Best of all, it provides an extra confidence boost.

STYLE ADVICE: Stylish Simplicity

March is the time for kicking the cold. You’ve been wearing layer upon layer to stay warm. Now, as the snow begins to melt, it’s time to lighten things up. The temperatures are rising and so is your motivation to take an extra few minutes to pick out a cute outfit and dress up a little more than usual.

But how do you put together the perfect outfit to combat the lingering cold morning temperatures without overheating in the middle of class?

This Fashionista shows you that dressing up doesn’t have to be fancy and over the top. Keeping things simple can be more of a statement when paired with the right pieces.

This Fashionista wears a burgundy colored, ribbed turtleneck. This color is perfect for the wintertime, accentuating the natural blush in your cheeks from the brisk wind. Playing off the simplicity of the shirt are her blonde wind-blown curls. Although you may not consider it one, your hair is an accessory. It may be all you need to add that extra little bit of emphasis to your outfit. Her hair’s volume contrasts the figure-hugging shirt while framing her face.

Faced with the tough decision between wearing pants and a skirt in the cold, this Fashionista decided that a faithful pair of tights would do the trick.  A stylish pair of tights is a must-have accessory, perfect to keep your legs warm and add that cute little bit of pizzazz and sass to an outfit.

Her turtleneck is tucked into a front zip, light wash jean skirt; the perfect match to the soft dark black tights. The black of the tights draws one’s attention to the zipper—the focal point of the skirt.

She pairs this outfit with mid-calf black boots. These boots keep her legs warm and protect her feet from the slushy snow she is likely to encounter.

She adds rings to collude with the black color of her tights and boots, and the silver of her skirt zipper. Her rings all have unique details that come to life when paired together.

This Fashionista taught me how dressing up can be so simple. She doesn’t let the fickle temperatures of the western Pennsylvania weather change her fashionable ways.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fishing for Trends

When it comes to trends, you have to be extra careful about what you choose to recreate. Some trends fade as fast as they appear. Some, however, are here to stay, and need to be seen!

We’ve seen it all over Pinterest for a few months now, and it’s o(fish)ally time to add it to your wardrobe! The fishnet trend is the perfect detail for adding a little extra touch to any outfit. Pairing it under ripped skinny jeans here, adds just the right amount of texture and color to balance out this monochromatic look.

This Fashionista combines the perfect amount of trendy details with basic wardrobe staples. It’s always smart to build an outfit around basic skinny jeans, a fun bralette, and a leather jacket. But making an outfit interesting takes a little more thought. The real fun comes in when you amp up the basics with unique details. This will make any basic outfit, pop!

Here, the details are making a major statement! The ripped T-shirt with the collar still connected (great DIY project), mid-rise velvet booties, and the peep of the fishnets under distressed jeans makes everyone wonder if she hopped right out of a Pinterest herself. Add your go-to purse and some sass, and you’re ready to hit the town.

Next time you’re picking out an outfit, focus on combining pieces that will create interest. The best way to do that is to focus on the details! Details make a great outfit perfect!

It truly is all in the details.

WHAT TO WEAR: Classroom to Coffee Shop

If you have ever been stumped about how you are going to pull off going from class to a coffee date, whether it be a friend date or even something more, do not worry! I have got some bold ideas for you. While wearing bold prints and bright colors seems difficult, this Fashionista shows us just how seamless it is.

You are looking into your closet before your first class, thinking about the day ahead of you and the only question that is circling in your mind is “what to wear, what to wear?” Yes, trying to jet to the coffee shop after going from class to class can be rough, especially when you are a pre-med biology major and aspiring doctor like this super chic chick, but being comfortable and looking great will make you feel like you could take on the world. You have got a long day ahead of you, so being comfortable is key. This Fashionista chose a printed midi dress that flows when the wind blows allowing nothing, not even her dress to constrain her from feeling unstoppable. This Fashionista kept this look classroom casual by toning down these bold prints with a pair of black tights and a black shoulder bag with a furry charm, and keeping her beauty and her hair simple and slicked back. Her shoes were the perfect addition to this look. These criss-cross dark nude suede heels were not too high to walk around class and completed the whole look.

Now, when you are looking through your closet looking for something to wear to class and after class coffee date, the question “what to wear?” will no longer cross your mind.