4 Ways to Style a “Dad Shirt”

One of the biggest growing trends this year is the “dad shirt.” The “dad shirt” is a blanket term for almost any floral or zany-patterned, button-down T-shirt. It’s the type of shirt you see your father pack 10 of whenever he goes on vacation. These shirts are typically very comfy, wide in the sleeves, and boxy. And while they’re super easy to throw on, they might not flatter your figure like they flatter your dad’s. So, here are some tips to style a “dad shirt” to fit your body and look.

1—Layering. A “dad shirt” can be the perfect element to tie an outfit together. Usually, incorporating an additional piece to a basic outfit elevates the entire ensemble. So, there’s no issue in throwing one on over your tank top or T-shirt. However, try rolling up the sleeves to make the shirt seem more fitted and not like something out of Shia LaBeouf’s wardrobe in The Even Stevens Movie.

2—Tucking. For an overall polished look, try tucking the shirt in completely. Don’t forget to have fun with it and don’t play it safe when there are so many tucks to try. There’s the half-tuck, which is half tucked in and half untucked. There’s the frat tuck, which means the front is tucked in and the back is not. You can even try buttoning it up unevenly and just tucking whatever part of the shirt you grab first to achieve a truly effortless look.

3—Knotting. Tying a knot with the ends of the shirt in the front is a subtle way to define your waist, taking your dad’s shirt and making it much more feminine. Now that your figure is visible, you can worry about whether you want to button the shirt, layer it, and other details.

4—Two-In-One. This is a bonus style tip for the brave or the bored. Take two “dad shirts” and button them up together. Then, tuck the back or tie them together in the back to form a knot. Contrasting colors or patterns work best for this look because it really shouts, “I’m wearing two shirts right now!” If it’s done right then this look will be the conversation piece from now until the end of the year. If you’re lacking even the slightest amount of confidence, try wearing it around your room to see if you’d ever rock it out in public.

The “dad shirt” is available at retailers, thrift stores, and your dad’s closet, so don’t miss out. The trend is still in its early stages with mainly celebrities and dads wearing them, but this summer is a great time to experiment with it. Would you ever hop on the “dad shirt” bandwagon? Let us know on social media and below!

Would you ever hop on the “dad shirt” bandwagon? Let us know on social media by tagging @Cfashionista or leave a comment below!

How to Style Cropped Pants

The cropped pants trend has been around for a while now, but I have always shied away from it. It was due to the fact that whenever I came across one that I liked, there was always something wrong with. It was too short for my long legs or looked awkward on me.

I found this pair of black cropped pants online in the spring, and they’ve been just sitting in my closet. It’s finally time to style them. It’s definitely easy to get too hot if you aren’t careful, but they are so fun and different, even though I like experimenting with style, items such as these cropped pants can be a little intimidating sometimes!

The way I’m tackling this cropped pants trend is by keeping the pieces simple and monochromatic, I styled these pants with a tan colored blouse and gold slides. This is a look I wore to one of the events at The CF Clubhouse. I was at school before attending the events and this look was very comfortable and breezy.

These pants are definitely a staple piece in my closet. I like that they are very versatile and easy to style. l styled them with this off-the-shoulder top to tone it down a little bit and give it a good balance. This blush colored top adds a little bit of color and personality to the look. I wore this look to brunch in Nolita and did some shopping after. I paired it with these black mules and was very happy walking around all day with them because they did not hurt my feet whatsoever, which mules tend to do to me.

I added this crossbody bag, and it’s not as small as it looks! It carried all my necessities. I had a lot of fun finding different ways to style these cropped pants, and can’t wait to find more stylish ways to wear it.


How would you style cropped pants? Let us know in the comments below or by sharing a picture on Instagram with @Cfashionista!

The Latest ’90s Trend To Take Over Your Wardrobe Is…

*Trend Alert* The one shoulder trend is back this summer, and more versatile than ever! This style is seeing a huge comeback this season, thanks to its recent feature on the runway. We have seen so many new, innovative takes on this look, making it fit all different styles. Who would have thought it would get a fashion makeover? Ranging from ’80s style trends to deconstructed shirting, this trend has become fresh and new with some slight tweaks. You didn’t think the cold shoulder would go away, did you?

Photo via @samanthaneira

The Single Shoulder Cutout

This mix between cutouts and the one shoulder silhouette is giving major ’80s vibes between the cropped look and choker accent. The strategically placed cutouts create maximum impact.

Asymmetric Crop Top by & Other Stories, $55.00, Available at & Other Stories

The Single Statement Sleeve

One of the hottest trends of spring/summer ’17, the statement sleeve top, also receiving a makeover or more of a chop this season.

One Shoulder Ditsy Floral Print Top by New Look, $29.00, Available at Asos

The Deconstructed Tailored Shirt

Add a twist to your average white button down with this not so average deconstructed blouse. This silhouette shows some skin by removing the actual sleeves and repurposing them as a belt to create a more defined waist.

Hadley One-Shoulder Top by Petersyn, $333.00, Available at Nordstrom

The Flashdance Shoulder 

An evolution of last years off-the-shoulder trend, necklines are going asymmetrical  to create the ‘accidental’ shoulder peep, allowing you to show a little tasteful skin.

Satin Poplin One Shoulder Top by Tibi, $245.00, Available at Nordstrom

We can’t help but be one-sided when it comes to this trend. Have an opinion on this style? Sound off in the comments below!

I Wore the Same Jeans For a Week and Lived To Tell About It

If you’re a vintage shopper like me, you know that finding a great pair of used-but-not-too-used, vintage Levi’s is the ultimate achievement. While there are thousands and thousands of pairs in the world, only a rare few will find that one perfect fit. I’ll admit that over the last four years, I’ve exhausted my thrift shop resources and have tried on give-or-take a hundred pairs of jeans, all with no prevail. Let’s just say that hope was dwindling.

A few short weeks ago, with the last bit of will that I had left, I set out to a flea market that I’d perused for denim just a week prior. Under the glare of Brooklyn’s June sun, I spotted a pair of light-wash jeans mixed in with a dozen too-dark, too-stiff pairs of denim. I slipped them on, ignoring sizes as many thrifters know to do, behind the vendor’s makeshift dressing room, and even without a mirror, I knew that I’d finally done it. That was the day my wardrobe changed.

Okay fine, I’ll cut the theatrics, but in reality, finding my now-favorite pair of vintage Levi’s has significantly altered my everyday dress. Prior to that fateful day, I was a one-top shop with about ten different pairs of jeans, trousers, skirts, and shorts that I switched in and out depending on my mood or the weather; however, now that I have one great pair of denim, there’s a new challenge at hand. If I wanted to wear the same jeans multiple times a week, I’d need to find some other way to express myself and maintain the diversity in my wardrobe.

My solution: tops, tops, and more tops. No longer am I forced to spend all my time and money in the denim section of every vintage boutique, thrift shop, or flea market; so naturally, to fill the void, I’ve begun spending all my time and money with the endless array of blouses at every vintage boutique, thrift shop, and flea market. I may have found my happy-ever-after jeans, but I will always have to get my vintage fix. Below, find the ways in which I managed to wear the same pair of vintage Levi’s six days in a row while still seemingly wearing something completely different.

I’m kind of addicted to wrap tops. 

Sometimes I just roll out of bed with my pajama shirt still on and then slip on these jeans. 

Other days, I make them more formal with a blazer. 

If it’s above 80º, you can almost always find me in some kind of camisole. 

Anyone who knows me is aware of my ever-growing collection of white tops. 

But every once in a while, I go for bold colors.

So I survived in style. Have any trusty pieces of clothing that you would (and have) rocked for more days than you care to count? Show us your ride and die look on Instagram—don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

The Off-The-Shoulder Trend

School has finally come to an end across the country, which means it is time to start planning your summer activities and outfits. This year’s top trend can be spotted in every store and across social media platforms, being styled by your favorite bloggers and celebrities. This summer, just like every summer in the past, if you aren’t wearing the It trend, you’re basically committing a fashion sin.

This summer’s trend, the off-the-shoulder look, is perfect to wear during warm summer days out with friends or during date nights at your favorite restaurant. From Olivia Culpo and Gigi Hadid wearing pretty ruffles and lace to Alexa Chung and Diane Kruger wearing high-fashion gowns on red carpets, you simply can’t go wrong any way you decide to style it.

Unlike most summer trends, such as crop tops and bralettes, to wear the off-the-shoulder trend, you don’t need the perfect toned body or to be a certain age, which is why this trend is popular among women of all ages.

This trend has been on and off the style watch from the 1800s to the 1960s, and now, in 2017. This trend has progressed from designer off-the-shoulder dresses featuring bodices, to  the sexy go-to look with midi skirts, and now, being the new cool girl street style, making it easy to put your own spin on the look.

What I love about off-the-shoulder tops and dresses is that you’re able to dress them up or down as much as you’d like. Whether you’re wanting to go casual and pair your lace top with jeans and sneakers, to planning your brunch outfit, pairing your dress with sandals and delicate jewelry, this trend is versatile and super easy to pull off. If you’re not really into the bohemian girly side of this trend, it is easy to put an edgy or tomboy spin on any of the tops and dresses, which is great for girls who don’t have a specific go-to style.

Tag @cfashionista on Instagram to show us how you style your off-the-shoulder pieces.

STYLE ADVICE: Thrift-A-Holic

When thrifting, one can find tons of hidden gems that you would never expect to find. For instance, this Fashionista’s entire outfit was thrifted, and let me tell you she looks so good rocking each and every item of clothing. One can thrift almost anything, from shirts and jeans to shoes and accessories. You’ll never know what you may find, from expensive, high-end brands to things that were a must have in the ’80s. No need to worry about spending crazy amounts of money on clothing when you can purchase cute, trendy outfits while shopping at Goodwill, or other thrift and consignment shops.

This Fashionista rocks some super trendy pieces in her look. A cropped yellow top is paired with a printed kimono and is then worn with a pair of gray acid wash jeans. These colors look great on this Fashionista and definitely bring out her features. Accessories are important in this look, with lots of fun jewelry pieces and other accessories. A simple black buckle belt is worn with her jeans, which ties in with her black cross body bag. A cross body is a great bag to have for on the go, busy activities where you do not have to worry about holding or carrying a bag. It looks cute and chic when worn around your body.

This Fashionista ties in an old school look with her thrifted Reebok sneakers. A simple and sporty shoe that can be worn with just about everything keeps this look casual. She layers some Alex and Ani bracelets and throws on a long statement necklace to tie in the entire outfit.

Is It Possible to Wear Mom Jeans Without Looking Like a Mom?

It seems like just yesterday that I would rather be caught dead than to be seen in something from my mother’s closet. After all, she took advantage of the gaucho trend for way too long. Who would have thought that just 10 years later, I’d be scavenging through her old boxes from 1993 to find the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s. While I still don’t necessarily want to look just like my mom, I can admit that her 30-something taste in denim was pretty much on par with mine in 2017.

So, how can I make that happen? How is it possible to wear mom jeans and not look exactly like your mom? We do have the same genes after all (no pun intended). The trick lies in the top. Just because you’re wearing denim from the late ’80s doesn’t mean the rest of your outfit has to match that decade.

To make differentiating a little bit simpler, here’s a few of this season’s best and brightest tops to pair with the mom jeans you recently inherited.

The Tube Top

Boyce Top by Babaton in white, $50.00, Available at Aritzia

The Bra Top

Cicile Crop in canary by House of Sunny, £30.00, Available at House of Sunny 

The Button-Up

Wide Open Neck Top with Puffy Sleeves in white/green by Zara, $49.90, Available at Zara

The White Cotton Top

Blanca Ruffle Blouse by Article&, $65.00, Available at Article&

The T-Shirt Top

L’Amour Sucks Tee by Rarely, $79.00, Available at Lisa Says Gah

When your mom’s closet doesn’t do the trick, head over to these quick-stop denim shops to pair with your new collection of mom jean worthy tops. 

Dusters Jean in old blue by Rolla’s, $105.00, Available at Article&

Mom Jean Poster Boy in white by BDG, $59.00, Available at Urban Outfitters

High Rise Relaxed Fit Jeans in blue by Zara, $69.90, Available at Zara

How are you wearing mom jeans like a “cool mom”? Show us on social by tagging @Cfashionista!

8 Spring Tops You’ll Love if You Lived in Sweatshirts All Winter

If you are anything like me and every other fashion-inclined student (heck, any college student for that matter), you probably spent your winter wearing crewneck sweatshirts. They were on trend (thanks athleisure!) and kept you seriously warm (no thanks, Mother Nature). What more could you have asked for?

But now that that the temperatures are on the rise, your go-to top of choice is no longer a viable option unless you want to sweat or get heatstroke. Luckily, spring is prime cute top season! Suns out, crop tops and graphic Ts and camisoles out (that’s the saying right?)

So if you are freaking out about no longer being able to rely on your trusty sweatshirt, don’t panic just yet. Here are the most fashionable tops, we have spotted amongst our Style Gurus, that are perfect for warm weather!

1. T-shirts with feminine slogans—show everyone who runs the world! (Photo via @venesajco)

2. Tops with tie-up sleeves—easy and literally breezy. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

3. Off-the-shoulder tops—look mom, no straps. (Photo via @alliesarachene)

4. Sheer tops—let some sun shine through. (Photo via @riaxla)

5. Tied tee—turn your top into a figure-flattering piece by knotting it in the front (Photo via @dani_rebecca)

6. Button-down T-shirt—elegance, casualness, and style all in one! (Photo via @mmoor)

7. Basic cropped tank—can’t decide between crop top and classic tank top? We got you. (Photo via @imdreamingofchanel)

8. Contrasted layers of tops—pro-tip: a bralette as an outerwear works perfectly as well. (Photo via @kierraxmakayla)

Which one of these styles are you swapping your sweatshirt for? Show us on social media

WHAT TO WEAR: Call It Spring

After snow storm pounds the Northeast, the sun finally comes out, bringing little warmness to us. What’s better than getting rid of heavy coats and parkas in early spring and wearing something that lightens you up in such a sunny day?

So, here comes a question… what to wear? If you don’t have a clear idea about your style, then here is my answer: get a denim jacket! Denim jackets are such a must-have outerwear item that can fit with almost all pants and T-shirts, and it just goes perfectly with a sunny day, making you feel light and bright!

This Fashionista is an excellent representation of how to create a simple and classic style with denim jacket. First rule, white and blue make a look. A simple white T-shirt is a good choice if you don’t know what to wear inside the jacket. I like the little detail on the white T-shirt that this Fashionista chose. It makes the look more interesting. If you don’t have a white T-shirt, a plain shirt or striped T-shirt is also a good choice.

Because this is a light blue jacket, this Fashionista did a great job of choosing a deep color pair of pants. This casual dark blue pants balance the light color on the top making the look more mature. Besides this one, almost any dark blue jeans can be paired up with denim jacket perfectly. What really drew my attention to this style is this classic plain-toe boots. The rust-colored boots go so well with the outfit and create a vintage style. Another alternative is white sneaker which is a more casual and comfy style.

This look is not just for boys. Girls should also have one denim jacket. Simply pairing it up with with a skinny black jeans or long dress would create a fashionable day look. What’s more important is that this style fits all kinds of occasions, from going to class to hanging out. So if you don’t have denim jacket, get one, and then you will find how much you’ll love it, just like I do!

STYLE ADVICE: Love and Floral

While most of us are on winter break, we can step away from the big hoodie and sweats. Trying to transition to a new semester and knowing that information, Fashionistas/os will move on to brighter and different patterned clothing choices. Even though floral isn’t trending at the moment, it’s always good to add a touch of grace and romance. Speaking of romance, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

A great way to add a touch of romance is by adding some floral into your wardrobe and solid colors, as well, to not overwhelm an outfit. I think everyone should have some floral in their closet regardless if it’s trending or not! This Fashionista is stylishly dressed for a Sunday brunch with some pals. She is sporting a floral skirt, metallic flats, and a solid brown crochet top. Since the weather is still pretty chilly she topped it off by wearing a beige infinity scarf with a peacoat and a cute beige-colored purse.

Wearing floral clothes are very nice, but sometimes it’s good to not over do it. Adding a colorful bracelet or simple gold earrings is a good idea to keep it very simple and minimal. If you’re not a fan of patterns, you can always try a solid color necklace to make it stand out with the floral skirt for days out.

Even if your clothes in your wardrobe don’t really pop, a bit of floral can do the trick as well as adding pink and light colors to your outfit.