3 Fall Jackets To Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Ladies and gentlemen, fall fashion is finally back! After a summer of cut-off shorts and fun times, it’s time to return to the cozy trends of layering scarves, jackets, and socks. With cooler temperatures comes the need to layer on a jacket or two, especially when transitioning your summer pieces into a more fall-appropriate look. Jackets have to be my favorite way to do that. Here are three essential jackets that make your look stand out.

Denim Jackets, Cassidy ClarkPHOTO: Cassidy Clark

1—Denim jackets

This is the most quintessential piece for transitioning summer looks into fall. A denim jacket goes well with brighter pieces and helps to tone it down a bit for the season. There are a wide range of fits and washes for any look. I love pairing light wash, cropped denim jackets with a summer dress, a scarf, and booties for an ultimate fall-chic look. If I would rather wear pants, an oversize medium wash jacket adds a cool, edgy look to any basic T-shirt. Don’t be afraid to wear denim-on-denim, either! Embrace the ’90s trend and all its glory this fall.

Trench Jackets, Kelly Rogowski
PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

2—Trench coats

Trench coats are the hidden gem missing from a lot of closets. Whenever I imagine a woman wearing a trench coat, I also picture her as very confident and smart. Take advantage of that! Feeling under the weather one day? Throw a trench coat on to remind yourself of how strong and beautiful you are. It’s an instant confidence booster. Trench coats can look extra chic paired with black skinny jeans and top. They are also great for layering over chunky sweaters.

Embroidered Jackets, Jordyn Wissert
PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

3—Statement jackets

Nothing makes more of a statement than a cool patterned or embroidered jacket. Who says all jackets need to be basics? They can be statement pieces too! The great thing about statement jackets is that you can wear the most basic outfit and it will still stand out with a statement jacket. Throw it over your go-to jeans and T-shirt look or a simple dress. Use the jacket as an accessory when you style it. You can wear it normally for a more functional purpose, drape it over your shoulders for an instant chic vibe, or tie it around your waist for a slimming affect.

How do you style your favorite jackets in the fall? Comment below! 

Spring into Sakura

Spring is the season of final exams for students but it is also the time where cherry blossoms bloom. I guess it is nature’s way of providing such beautiful pink scenery to help students deal with the exam gloom. In this post, I would like to share the perfect outfit for sakura watching.

In this ever-changing weather that can be rainy and sunny, hot and cold, all at one time in spring, it is essential to have a coat that keeps you warm. Here I have an oversize gray coat on top of my favorite wardrobe staples, a simple black T-shirt and classic blue denim.

During exam time, a watch becomes a student’s necessity. I accessorized my outfit with a Gran Ben watch in navy blue from St. Vincent & Newport. This watch features a minimalist and contemporary design with Roman numerals. The sapphire crystal glass and Seiko quartz movement is the perfect timepiece of style and function that is suitable for any occasion. Accessories that have these slight accents in the detail create a personal unique statement that keeps you on time during exams and complements well with the whole outfit, all while keeping you smart and stylish.

Backpacks are also an important item among college students to keep your study materials and other essentials, thus it is also an opportunity to express your own unique fashion style. I styled my look with a black leather backpack from mywalit. The backpack is a combination of both sophistication and simplicity. It acts as a perfect addition to any outfit. This black Panama backpack is made with nappa leather making the backpack understated, luxurious, and sophisticated in aesthetics, yet lightweight and durable in function.

Finally, I completed my outfit with a pair of Lance shoes from Aureus. Taking inspiration from golf, this modern sleek footwear features a microfiber and canvas upper that is water resistant to tackle those spring water puddles—it’s all in the details! With the lightweight comfort and versatile color, this is the perfect footwear for students to have in their wardrobe to be worn from day to night with an elevated classy profile.

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STYLE GURU STYLE: Longer Lengths

I am finally done with my junior year of college and it is so fun to see how much my style has changed over the years. I never had one set style, but I have been more comfortable with trying new things and being more out there.

One style of clothing that I have been drifting towards a lot these days are longline silhouettes. I used to be intimidated by longer lengths because I am pretty petite (5’3 to be exact), but that’s easily fixed with the right pair of heels! Here I am wearing a striped Vince Camuto longline button-up. If you’ve read any of my other articles, you know I love stripes! The shirt is a semi-sheer gauzy material, so it’s very light and breathable.

I have also been a huge fan of trench coats and duster jackets. The trench coat I am wearing today is from American Apparel. It is in my favorite color, mauve, which is also the color of my nails! I have also noticed that pink tones like blush and mauve are very popular this season. This trench is my most favorite spring clothing item because it makes all my outfits look chic. I can also wear it dressed up or very casually, with sneakers. It is also fun to feel it flow with the wind when I walk.

I don’t typically wear heels unless there’s a special occasion, but these open-toe booties are very casual and the perfect height. The block heel design also helps out in the comfort and style department.

This outfit is something I would wear going out to brunch in the city with my friends or family. I definitely dress more casually on a day to day basis, but it’s always fun to dress up once in a while. The best part of this outfit is that I don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

STYLE ADVICE: Simple on the Street

While I usually stick to women’s fashion, lately I have been super into men’s street style, whether it’s a sporty look or a more formal one.

Street style has been a huge trend this year, and I am so happy that it is still alive. This Fashionisto decided to create a simple and easy look for any spring day. Whether its rainy and cool out or breezy and sunny, this outfit is perfect. He started off the look with a simple pair of denim jeans, which he cuffed for extra detailing. He paired these jeans with a simple black T-shirt.

Under his jeans he wore a pair of mid-calf, gray socks and some classic black Givenchy loafers. Adding a pair of loafers to a casual look can easily dress it up a bit for whatever you have planned in your day. He also decided to top off the look with his camel trench coat and Versace book bag. This classic leather backpack is great for storing things on the go and adding an extra little detail.

By adding all of these little details to a simple jeans and T-shirt look, he was easily able to dress up his outfit. The trench and loafers make the look super chic and versatile for his day. To turn this look from a day to night look, he could easily change into a dress shirt and add a scarf on top of the jacket. This can make the outfit a little more formal for any evening plans he may have!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Don’t Say Goodbye

As we head into summer, we begin to say goodbye to our favorite fall and spring pieces. I don’t know about everyone else, but there is something a bit sad about parting ways with your favorite coats and boots. But of course, the beautiful weather makes it all a bit easier.

Mixing pieces from each season is a good way to make the peaceful transition into warmer weather, but this is often easier said than done. The simplest way to do this is by adding a layering piece. Layering is also great for this prickly and indecisive weather we’ve been having.

This season, lightweight, duster-esque trench coats have made their way into Fashionistas’ wardrobes again. Thankfully, I bought this gray-beige piece a few years ago and have been dying to reintroduce it into my everyday looks.

To bring this piece into the warmer seasons, pair it with a breezy white T-shirt and a fitted denim skirt! Pairing the short hemline of the denim skirt with the long hemline of the coat plays with dimension and helps to elongate your body in an otherwise shortening look.

I finished off the look with a favorite fall/winter trend of this past season: the loafer and fishnet socks combination. Adding another cold weather trend helps round out the look, and makes a somewhat bipolar ensemble appear more cohesive. It also adds a bit of edge to an otherwise soft and classic outfit.

So, Fashionistas, begin parting ways with the old and making room for the new by mixing and matching different trends and seasons. It’s also a fun way to play with your style as we await the days where its just too hot to wear anything but a sun dress.


The saying goes “April showers bring May flowers” which always holds true year after year. Right now, we are stuck in the showers part of the saying which means a lot of overcast days, rain boots, and umbrellas. But what do you wear on those days when the rain holds back and you aren’t constrained to those rain boots?

With the amount of walking I have to do across campus to get to class, I like to center my outfit around my shoes. While I have a wide variety of shoes, my choice for class is often based on two criteria: they must be comfortable and cute. This being said I searched for a pair of flat loafers that would withstand the walk to class, and I found the perfect pair.

The flat loafers I am wearing are the perfect addition to any outfit. I consider these loafers to be a basic item, and you can easily match them to any clothing. I chose to pair them with my Levi’s 501 jeans that are fitted but not quite skinny jeans. For my shirt I wore a white and blue stripped off-the-shoulder top. To finish off the look, I added my camel trench coat and kept it simple by not adding any jewelry. Pairing all of these items together is cute while also casual at the same time, the perfect classroom combination.

While I paired my flats with jeans and a top, one can easily pair loafers with any outfit. Try opting for a loose dress or skinny jeans and a boxy blazer. However you decide to style these shoes, you will look trendy while walking in comfort, just make sure to look out for puddles if you opt for a backless pair of loafers.

STYLE GURU STYLE: White Hot for Spring

Spring symbolizes potential, rebirth, and hope. And luckily for us, spring has officially sprung. With this knew potential comes loads of outfit inspiration whether you’re interviewing for summer internships, checking out the newest brunch location, or getting your music festival style on.

My latest style obsession is all white everything—and it’s not even Memorial day yet! Whoever said that white wasn’t an option before Memorial Day and after Labor Day was seriously misguided. This spring I’m incorporating some white hot pieces into my wardrobe to brighten up my seemingly dark closet, and I am loving the results.

In this look, I am sporting another one of my favorite trends: statement trousers. These high-wasted trousers are from Zara. On top, I am wearing a quilted Max Studio shirt tucked in to help define my waist. I paired some classic Adidas sneakers with this look because, honestly, I’m wearing them with everything these days, and they haven’t failed me yet.

I am a firm believer in wearing a jacket as a cape, and that’s why I added this camel-colored Vince Camuto trench to finish off the look. It’s super light-weight and the perfect jacket for those typical spring days when the weather is unpredictable. This camel color is dreamy, to say the least, when paired with your white hot look.

The great thing about this look is that I was heading to brunch, but I could throw on a pair of pointy-toe pumps and be ready for an internship interview. It’s completely versatile. This outfit screams opportunity and potential—exactly what spring is all about.

STYLE ADVICE: Transition Pieces

As the weather continues to change, our wardrobes need to as well. Making a seamless transition seems nearly impossible with the weather being warm and sunny one day and miserable and cold the next. The key is to find some pieces that accommodate for both. Trench coats are a great example of this. Throwing on a trench coat helps defend against the cold, but it is also not thick enough for you to overheat.

This Fashionista is rocking a sleeveless trench coat. I am in love with this new take on the trench coat. The reinvention of the trench adds a modern touch to this classic look. They are also a closet basic and must-have in any wardrobe. They can help dress down or dress up any outfit you could dream up this very instant. Pairing it with a striped button-down adds a unique touch to the outfit. A dark patterned blouse creates a great contrast in color with the light beige of the trench coat.

Something I always find myself gravitating towards is a cute pair of jeans. Recently, I have been loving the distressed denim trend and, in my opinion, the more rips, the better. The light wash denim allows for this look to be more casual than formal which is important for anyone walking through a college campus. Pairing them with a pair of brown booties, one of my favorite wardrobe staples, really emphasizes the creative yet casual style I tend to gravitate towards.

As always, jewelry is very important and adds the finishing touches to a garment. Her necklace and large earrings help showcase her fun and down to earth personality. A trendy outfit only goes so far. What I find most fascinating about an outfit is how I can get to know a person by seeing how they make an outfit truly their own, and that is why I love fashion.

STYLE ADVICE: 9 a.m. Chic

It is very rare that I wake up with enough time to do my hair, makeup, and create a cute outfit before I have to fly out the door for my 9 a.m. class. Because of this, I have always admired people who show up to early classes with a killer outfit on. A lot of the time, seeing classmates dressed well in the mornings motivates me to dress better. But, let’s be honest, sometimes staying in bed longer sounds like a much better option on these cold March days.

I immediately loved this Fashionista’s monochromatic look. Her black and white turtleneck went perfectly with her black and white bag. She also had on black high-waisted jeans and the cutest over-the-knee black boots. By pairing her mostly black ensemble with a charcoal trench coat, she was able to add a little bit of a different color while still staying within the same family.

This Fashionista always shows up to early classes looking so put together. I thought this outfit was perfect for an article about advice on dressing well, even if it’s early. When I ask her how she managed to do it, she told me she focuses on two out of three of the categories of hair, makeup, and an outfit. So, if she does her hair and she has a nice outfit on, she typically doesn’t spend too much time on her makeup.

So, my advice to myself and any other Style Gurus who stay in bed a little too long on Monday mornings is to not overwhelm yourself by thinking you have to do everything that early. A great outfit will still look killer with a simple ponytail or just foundation and mascara.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim with a Twist

Fashion has always been a really fun way for my to express myself and show off my personality.  Although I sometimes tend to stick to my go-to mom jeans and leather jacket, sometimes it is fun to go a little out of my comfort zone. With fashion being a constantly changing industry, there is always an endless amount of different garments to try. Lately I have been discovering new ways to be able to wear my favorite pieces with a new twist.

Any denim piece is essential to anyones wardrobe. Whether it is a denim jacket, skirt, pair of shorts, or the classic denim jeans. While walking through the mall I stubbled upon these color block jeans. At first, I was a little skeptical because I have never been very daring when it comes to denim jeans, but the two contrasting denim pieces somehow worked so well together along with the frayed ends at the ankle. They were a perfect fit and I haven’t been able to stop wearing them ever since. They are a great way to spice up a simple outfit and add a little edge that I love.

I paired these jeans with a simple white knitted top and black duster coat. I paired these bold jeans with these simple pieces to keep draw the attention to the contrasting denim. These black ankle boots added the height I need in order to keep the jeans a good length and also added the the chic look. I kept the accessories to a minimum, using just my chained black leather purse and some silver framed aviators.

Taking risks in your style can be intimidating at first but starting with with small pieces helps a lot. It is also a great way to add a new spin on your everyday look. I would highly recommend exploring new styles of denim, as it can be a subtle way of starting that new change in wardrobe.