Mastering the Under-Eye Eyeshadow Trend

Recently in the beauty industry, it’s been all about bringing in bright colors into makeup looks. The previous makeup trend used to be all about neutrals and shy colors on the eyes, but recently people are becoming more welcoming of bright, popping colors on the eyes. More specifically, popping colors on the under-eye.

PHOTO: Samu Sibiya

It’s all about keeping the top eyelids clear and bringing that pop of color to the lower lash line. This instantly makes your eyes pop, sort of in the same way an eyeliner makes your eyes pop.

People are bringing in bright colors such as yellow and pink on their lower waterline and actually blending out the color to the lower lash line. Now, the question is: how does one achieve this look without it watering down into your eye creases? I’ve found a way that avoids that smudged appearance that tends to come off as messy.

1- Prime the eye. First thing’s first, make sure the area is clean to ensure the color is in its purest form. Prime the under eye with concealer to make the under eye a blank canvas. This ensures that the colors will not water down into the eye creases and ensure that the colors last longer. Think of the concealer as a glue that keeps the eye shadow in place.

2- Eye shadow. Now you can apply the colored eye shadow to the lash line—ensure that you use a small brush to keep the shadow as close to the lower lash line as possible that way you avoid it from watering down.

3- More eye shadow. Add about two layers of eye shadow to keep the color popping and intense. If you ever decide to use a shimmer shade on the lash line, make sure to spray some fixing spray on your brush before you dab it into the eye shadow. Again, this keeps the shimmer in one place and intensifies it.

There you have it, it’s as simple as that! This is a creative way to bring in a touch of color to your makeup look if you are someone who usually shies away from using bright colors.

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The History of the Corset and How It’s Trending Today

Corsets have been around since before the Middle Ages. At the beginning of its history, corsets were made of fabric, stiffened by glue, and supported by boning made of whalebone or metal. Women were secured into the corset either by lacing or hooking up the back of the corset or up the front of the corset, sometimes both. The purpose of corsets at the time was to narrow the waist and support the breasts. This created the much desired, even to this day, S-curve or hourglass figure that represents femininity.

PHOTO: Natalie Miller

However, these corsets caused a lot of health problems among women such as frequent fainting due to inability to breathe and displacement of organs as well as infertility as a result of the development of endometriosis.

It wasn’t until the 1920s that corsets began to loosen their form when straight silhouettes became more fashionable. No longer were corsets designed to create the tiniest waist possible. Instead, corsets were designed to flatten the curves on a woman’s chest and hips to create a more boy-like figure.

From there, traditional corsets appeared to slowly lose their following as Spandex shapewear grew in popularity with its promise to subtly mold the body without the discomfort and decreased mobility of previous styles. Corsets were no longer expected of women and began to only be a staple of runway shows and lingerie.

Until recently, only fashion icons such as Madonna and Kim Kardashian could be seen wearing a corset on the street, but with the new structure of corsets today, the trend is beginning to be seen more and more on everyday women.

PHOTO: Natalie Miller

These new corsets no longer attempt to mold women’s bodies into unnatural shapes. Instead, they aim to highlight parts of the body that women feel proud of. The new style prefers looser fits and flowing fabrics over constrictive boning and stiff textiles. The lacing is often seen around the waist of T-shirts and dresses, which can be easily styled with some modern accessories to keep from looking like a historical actor on your way to class. The corset trend has also been popular in the form of belts, which can be added over any basic top or dress to add a little detail and highlight the waist.

Whether this new corset trend will stick around for more than a season or fizzle out when the next trend comes around is hard to tell. Nonetheless, it is definitely a trend to play with as the old fashion staple joins the modern era.

How would you wear the modern corset trend? Let us know in the comments below or show us on social media. Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

All photos taken by Natalie Miller.

Vintage Isn’t a Thing of the Past

We have all noticed how trends come and go pretty quickly. But, they also have a tendency to be recycled and come back into style. This can be seen by the growing popularity of vintage stores, while styles from the ’60s and ’70s are becoming the styles of now. However, achieving these styles in an authentic manner can be a bit of a challenge. After many attempts, I’ve finally learned how to tackle those vintage stores to achieve the look of my dreams! Here are some of my do’s and don’ts of the vintage world.

1—Do research. When vintage shopping for the first time, this is the first step. You don’t want to go to a store looking for types of denim to discover it is only an antique item shop. Take some time to research vintage stores in your area to see which places are worth your time.

2—Don’t have a time limit. Vintage stores are tricky. You aren’t going to the grocery store expecting to find everything on your list. Discovering the right items takes time, and if you feel rushed, you’ll probably end up disappointed.

3—Do think outside the box. When you look at an item, don’t see it for what it is. See it for what it could be! A few DIY projects could turn an everyday item into an outstanding outfit.

4—Don’t get tunnel vision. It’s okay to have certain items you are searching for. But if you get too focused, you might miss out on some of the best pieces of clothing that a store has to offer.

5—Do get to know the store owners.  The more you talk to the owner, the better they will understand your style and help you achieve the look you are going for. Additionally, vintage store owners are a part of a network that includes tons of other store owners across town. They will give insight on stores you never would have found on your own!

Following these tips will turn the potential nightmare of tackling a vintage store into an enjoyable afternoon of finding your style from the past. Comment some of your favorite vintage store finds and then show us your style on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us at @CFashionista!

The Skincare Routine I Live By

Skincare is in! As weird as that sounds, it is totally true. Skincare is becoming a top priority in the modern person’s life and it absolutely should be. Our skin works so hard to protect us and our body so we should be giving it the love and protection it needs.

I recently became aware of skin care after someone told me I am at the age where I should be wearing eye cream and moisturizing daily. Before, I just washed my face every morning and night. Later that day, I walked into Sephora and asked a sales associate to set me up with a proper skincare routine. If you are interested in starting a routine, I highly recommend going there and asking for help because it really worked out for me.

I am very particular and proactive with routines and usually don’t ever miss a day. This routine is no different for me and it shouldn’t be any different for you!

Below, I broke my routine down into steps so it is easy to follow and copy.

1—Face wash. Face wash is an absolute must. I have been using Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser for almost four years and it has continuously done the job for me. I prefer the Gentle Skin Cleanser over the others due to how sensitive my skin is, but I always recommend doing whatever is best for your own skin.

2—Eye cream. The concept of eye cream is a new one to me. I apply my eye cream, Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream by IT Cosmetics, morning and night with my ring finger below my eye, up my cheekbone, and onto my brow bone. I naturally am very expressive with my eyes and love the feeling of putting cream on my eyes allowing them to relax

3—Facial serums. Ole Henriksen Truth Serums has become my go-to refresher. One pump makes my skin feel tight and hydrated. Simple anti-aging creams containing vitamin C are extremely important to your skin. Keeping your skin tight and youthful will keep it happy.

4—Facial moisturizer. After I use my serum, I apply my moisturizer. I use the Ole Henriksen Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator because I naturally have very oily skin and tend to break out very easily with certain moisturizers, but have yet to break out with this product once.

What are your favorite skin care items? Comment your own routine down below!

4 Ways to Style a “Dad Shirt”

One of the biggest growing trends this year is the “dad shirt.” The “dad shirt” is a blanket term for almost any floral or zany-patterned, button-down T-shirt. It’s the type of shirt you see your father pack 10 of whenever he goes on vacation. These shirts are typically very comfy, wide in the sleeves, and boxy. And while they’re super easy to throw on, they might not flatter your figure like they flatter your dad’s. So, here are some tips to style a “dad shirt” to fit your body and look.

1—Layering. A “dad shirt” can be the perfect element to tie an outfit together. Usually, incorporating an additional piece to a basic outfit elevates the entire ensemble. So, there’s no issue in throwing one on over your tank top or T-shirt. However, try rolling up the sleeves to make the shirt seem more fitted and not like something out of Shia LaBeouf’s wardrobe in The Even Stevens Movie.

2—Tucking. For an overall polished look, try tucking the shirt in completely. Don’t forget to have fun with it and don’t play it safe when there are so many tucks to try. There’s the half-tuck, which is half tucked in and half untucked. There’s the frat tuck, which means the front is tucked in and the back is not. You can even try buttoning it up unevenly and just tucking whatever part of the shirt you grab first to achieve a truly effortless look.

3—Knotting. Tying a knot with the ends of the shirt in the front is a subtle way to define your waist, taking your dad’s shirt and making it much more feminine. Now that your figure is visible, you can worry about whether you want to button the shirt, layer it, and other details.

4—Two-In-One. This is a bonus style tip for the brave or the bored. Take two “dad shirts” and button them up together. Then, tuck the back or tie them together in the back to form a knot. Contrasting colors or patterns work best for this look because it really shouts, “I’m wearing two shirts right now!” If it’s done right then this look will be the conversation piece from now until the end of the year. If you’re lacking even the slightest amount of confidence, try wearing it around your room to see if you’d ever rock it out in public.

The “dad shirt” is available at retailers, thrift stores, and your dad’s closet, so don’t miss out. The trend is still in its early stages with mainly celebrities and dads wearing them, but this summer is a great time to experiment with it. Would you ever hop on the “dad shirt” bandwagon? Let us know on social media and below!

Would you ever hop on the “dad shirt” bandwagon? Let us know on social media by tagging @Cfashionista or leave a comment below!

3 Reasons Why Wide Leg Pants Are a Must-Have

Finding pants that can both be used in casual, dressy, and professional settings is every girl’s dream. Let’s face it—what girl wants to spend hours trying on different types of pants for different occasions? Wide leg pants have come back in style. Whether it be a night on the town, a lunch date, or even your internship, here’s why I have fallen in love with wide leg pants for any occasion.

1—They’re versatile. Regardless of the event, I can wear this style anywhere. I can dress them up or down by adding my favorite jewelry or a statement purse. This look is increasingly being offered in a high-waisted style, which allows anyone wearing them to pair it with a cute crop top, bodysuit, or business top.

2—They’re loose. It’s summertime in Florida, and the temperature rarely drops below 80 degrees. So who wants to be in tight pants?  This style is great for any season, but especially summer. These pants can fit your body perfectly. They’re fitted enough to stay on without a belt, but also loose enough to not stick to you in the summer heat.

3—The options are endless. My favorite thing about wide leg pants is that the options are endless. It doesn’t just come in your standard black and white, but also different colors and styles. This style adds its own flare with each pair of pants, regardless of whether it’s a straight leg, creased, patterned, or scrunched waist.

Regardless of how you dress wide leg pants, it is a must-have essential in your closet. It’s perfect for any occasion whether it be casual, formal, or professional.

What’s your favorite go-to piece of clothing? Tell me in the comments below.

Easy Steps to Have the Cutest Dorm on Campus

Even though we might have our minds on fine summer days, time flies and school will be here before we know it. I am a strong believer that a well organized and perfectly decorated space is the key for a successful year! Here are some easy steps and trendy decor pieces you should start gathering for your dorm now.

The first step is to find the perfect bedding. Whether it be a fun printed comforter or a simple duvet cover like the one photographed, this is your starting point. From there you can let your designing run with fun pillows to decorate and accent your bed. Some of my favorite pillows are this faux fur one and a textured linen one. This adds dimension and style into your dorm.

The next piece that has been key for me keeping up my shopaholic lifestyle has been a clothing rack! Not only does this work to hang your clothes on, but it also doubles as a furniture and decor piece. You can display your closet favorites and even hang up preset outfits that are ready to go for school.

Lastly, to add more life and spruce up the dorm, a girl can never go wrong with some succulents. This is an excellent way to add some greenery to a space. They can either be displayed in a plant pot, or in a decorative ceiling plant hanger! Once you have conquered the dorm shopping list and have perfected your room with the help of these steps, I guarantee your dorm will be goals. Now you can have all of your new friends over to check out your space and catch up on some CollegeFashionista articles.

What are some of your favorite dorm decor pieces? Let me know in the comments below!

The Trend that’s Back in Style—Patches

Who ever said patches were just for Girl Scout days? You may remember this fun, quirky trend from the ’90s and have probably noticed its latest resurgence in the world of high fashion, including lines by designers such as Gucci and Raf Simons. Patches are the fun loving addition to any outfit that could use more personality. Stylists suggest the best way to style these guys is to not go too over the top, and keep the rest of your outfit on the simple side to avoid clashes. This look is perfect for the outdoor music scenes of summer or as an added touch of spunk to any casual du jour fashion guru’s outfit.

Even though there is an enormous range of clothing with patches already on them in store, it’s additionally appealing to personalize your existing wardrobe yourself. A DIY has never been easier with the availability of iron on patches or even a simple sewing kit to reinvent clothes you had disregarded. (Bonus: you’ll never have to experience an awkward run-in with someone in the same clothes).

Styling Your Patches

Here are some ways I chose to style my patches.

For my first look, I styled this amazing embroidered jacket with a plain white bandeau and a deep red embellished wrap skirt.

Embroidered Denim Jacket Styled

Embroidered Denim Jacket Details

Next, I chose to style a loose white T-Shirt with an embroidered pocket with a laced up black skirt and added a pair of thigh high boots for some serious attitude.

Patch Pocket T-Shirt Styled

Pocket T-Shirt Embroidered Detailing

For another look, I combined these funky denim shorts covered in alternative patches and rips with a plain white T-shirt and a colorful bandana.

AMX Distressed Shorts Styled

Detailing of Distressed Denim Shorts

Lastly, I styled these decorative patched boyfriend jeans with a white bodysuit and some camouflage patterned Vans for a more laid back vibe.

Patched Boyfriend Jeans Styled

Frontal View of Patched Boyfriend Jeans Styled

At the end of the day, no matter how you style them, these embroidered patches will be sure to set you apart from the crowd.

The combinations with this trend are endless and certainly something we can’t wait to play around with even more. Let us know how you will be wearing the patch trend this season. Show us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

On the Menu for Summer 2017

The rise of social media has proven that food has the ability to become as trendy as strappy sandals this summer. Restaurants focus on creating not just the tastiest and most attractive food, but also on crafting unique delicacies in hopes that their treat will be worthy of a Snapchat story or Instagram post. These foods are highlighted at markets like Smorgasburg, Bite of Seattle, and Night Market, where foodies prepare their stomachs and cameras for the best foods the city has to offer. Put on those bright shades and get ready to indulge with this list of the trendiest foods of summer 2017.

1—Pitaya Bowls. Pitaya is an exotic dragonfruit from Central/South America. It has a myriad of health benefits including antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber while remaining low-calorie. Its vibrant pink flesh can be eaten alone but is most often sold (or made at home!) as a bowl blended like a smoothie. Juice bars top pitaya bowls with fresh ingredients like fruit, granola, and coconut as they threaten to become the new-and-improved acai bowl.

2—Poke Bowls. Native to Hawaii, this “deconstructed sushi bowl” is taking mainland America by storm. Poke bowls consist of a layer of rice topped with pieces of fresh, raw fish, crisp vegetables, and tasty sauces. It offers a refreshing alternative to typical salads or classic sushi. These healthy, bright bowls have endless delicious combinations that will continue to highlight Hawaiian cuisine this summer.

3—Gourmet Ice Cream. Last year’s emergence of rolled ice cream proved that ice cream can no longer just be ice cream. The trend continues this summer as vendors craft new desserts such as black ice cream, sandwiches made with donuts and waffles, outrageous flavors like rose petal and ganache, and decorative toppings like toasted marshmallow and cereal. The possibilities are endless this summer for the classic sweet treat.

4—Edible Cookie Dough. Gone are the days of sneaking bites of cookie dough from the mixing bowl. Egg-less and better than ever, edible cookie dough is sold in bakeries nationwide. It is scooped into a bowl or cone, like ice cream, with delectable toppings and flavor combinations.  

5—Matcha. The powdered version of green tea is now adopted into ice cream flavors, lattes, and smoothies. Matcha adds a sweet taste to summer with countless health benefits such as vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to refine classic treats. Healthy ice cream was once considered impossible, but matcha flavored ice cream proves otherwise this summer!

6—Donuts. While this mouthwatering staple never went out of style, donuts have definitely never been as trendy as they are this summer. Donut cafes are sprouting up nationwide, offering unique flavor combinations with heavenly fillings. Instagram is nearly covered with videos of Nutella-filled donuts and freshly baked donut towers. Dunkin’ Donuts has some catching up to do!

How will you beat the heat this summer?  Comment below with your favorite summer 2017 foods, and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista in your trendiest food-stagrams!

3 Ways to Update Your Avocado Toast

It’s no secret that avocado toast has been a big trend lately. You can find avocado toast almost anywhere. Not only is avocado great on toast, but it’s also delicious in your salad, burrito, or even as a dip (shout out to guacamole). In my opinion, avocado toast is a quick, easy, and healthy thing to eat when you are just too lazy to cook something during those summer days.

Recently I had my very first bite of avocado toast, and now I am completely obsessed. I tried to think of different ingredients that I could put on my own toast to make it taste even more delicious. I researched some recipes, went home to give it a try, and as a result, I came up with three different types of avocado toast that anyone can make. It’s much cheaper than going out to restaurants and paying $10. I only spent a total of $15 on all of my ingredients and this would make at least more than five pieces of avocado toast! This is perfect for anyone who is on a budget.

Check out three different ways on how you can take your avocado game to the next level. Your avocado toast can easily go from being plain to fabulous!

Poached Egg Avocado Toast


Tomato Avocado Toast


  • 1 slice of toasted bread
  • ½ avocado
  • 2 slices of tomato
  • Sea salt and black pepper to taste
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil

Prosciutto Avocado Toast


  • 1 slice of toasted bread
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 poached egg
  • 2 slices of prosciutto
  • Sea salt and black pepper to taste
  • Pinch of toasted sesame seeds

Tip: Add sriracha on top of your toast to give it some heat!

What ingredients will you put on your avocado toast? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.