5 Fashion Pieces That Will Elevate Any Back to School Outfit

The time to head back to college has officially arrived—there’s coffee in one hand, school books in the other, and a chic outfit to top it all off. The crisp air is creeping up on us, and all the newest fall pieces are hitting your favorite retail stores. First of all, overthinking an outfit in the morning while getting ready is awful and time-consuming. So, with a new semester here, look out for these five items that will make your mornings easier and elevate any outfit.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

1—Raw hem denim

Having a go-to bottom to reach for in the morning is going to make your life ten times easier. Raw hem denim is the perfect piece to spice up a somewhat basic outfit! You can pair your denim with so much: a plain white T-shirt, a chic off-the-shoulder top, or even a silk cami! Raw hem denim will help you elevate any outfit easily.


Shoes are everything! Your shoes can make or a break an outfit. As a college girl, I love the combination of being stylish and comfortable for a long school day. Loafers are the perfect in between. They are stylish, look good with almost any outfit, and are definitely comfortable. I love being able to pair loafers with something as simple as jeans. The raw hem denim and loafer combination is to die for!

3—Denim jacket

The infamous denim jacket is making its rounds all over again, and this time the lust for it is even bigger. Denim jackets can enhance a look in so many different ways. You can go for the oversize look with a denim jacket and a dress, or you can go with the notorious denim-on-denim vibe. Denim jackets come in so many different textures. I love the oversize, distressed denim look.

 PHOTO: Stella Fanega

4—Hoop earrings

Let’s talk hoops. Hoops are definitely making their way back, and I hear no complaints. They are simple, easy, and modish. Remember the denim-on-denim look I just mentioned? Picture that with a slick back ponytail and hoops. Furthermore, those little pieces of jewelry just elevated that outfit another notch.


Please tell me you’ve seen all the dashing ways that you can enhance your button-ups? First of all, you can make it into an off-the-shoulder piece. Second, you can tie at the bottom of your top into a bow. There are so many blog posts out there showing you how to elevate your button-ups. Adding a button-up with a twist to it is the perfect way to take your outfits to the next level.

You can find all these styles in some of your favorite stores like Zara, Forever 21, and Nordstrom. Having these go-to pieces will help you mix and match many different items and seriously make your outfit planning so much easier.

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Additional photos by Lex Kelly and Kelly Rogowski.

School is in Session But Your Summer Wardrobe Doesn’t Have to Retire

Classes may be officially starting, but don’t abandon your summer closet! I have rounded up five trends of the summer that you shouldn’t forget as the fall semester emerges!

1—Denim jacket. I paired this denim jacket with a timeless, checkered shift dress. Worn on or around the waist, it brings an edginess to any outfit. Jean jackets are a must-have for any college student! They can be worn with a plain white top and a plaid scarf to create a chic, fall ensemble as cooler weather approaches.

2—Off-the-shoulder tops. Although fall has not officially arrived yet, it is fast approaching. As the season emerges, keep an eye out for neutral or dark, rich colored off-the-shoulder tops. Focus on frilly, dainty off-the-shoulder tops these will transition well and are perfect for a special date or girls night! Worn with the right necklace and accessories, you’ll be emanating early fall vibes when you get back on campus!

3—Two-tone denim. The two-tone denim craze of this summer is still very alive! Don’t feel the need to leave them behind in your closet at home. Two-tone denim jeans are surprisingly easy to style—they draw much attention and therefore require only the simplest of tops to be paired with. This unique twist on the plain blue jean is not going anywhere, so add these to your school essentials!

4—Linen pants. A summer staple, linen pants go with almost anything. Nevertheless, they absolutely qualify as fall wear. Comfortable and casual, they are perfect for an easy and effortless outfit for class. To establish contrast and differentiation, try pairing lighter linen pants with a dark top, and vice versa.

5—Espadrilles. Espadrilles have been all the rage this summer! Although these wedge shoes are often associated with summer, they are totally transitional. Experimenting with different colored and styled espadrilles is sure to shake up your back-to-school look. With the usually added height that espadrilles offer, you’ll stand tall and confident. Paired with fringe hem jeans, you’ll create instantaneous wardrobe envy on your campus! Essentially any shoes can be transformative in nature and tailor to any kind of outfit. However, if you’re looking for less summery shoes, try these espadrilles.

What summer styles are you bringing with you into the new semester? Share them on social media and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

Distress Jeans to De-Stress From Life

One of my favorite timeless trends is distressed jeans. As a millennial, I am sure I am not the only one who has been mocked by the older generation when I wear them. They say, “Why do you pay for holes in your clothes?” I would always just roll my eyes at this, but then I started thinking… I do pay a lot of money for holes in my jeans. I should just do it myself!

I picked up a pair of Levi’s for only $5 from a thrift store in New York City. They were oversize and had no holes in them—so I had some fun with them. And let me tell you, it is fun—and relaxing!

I had seen a bunch of different ways to distress jeans, but I used a combination of techniques that I found worked the best for me. Here’s how I was able to achieve this classic grungy look.

Step 1—Get yourself a pair of slightly oversize jeans with few or no holes in them. Try your local thrift store, or even a Marshall’s or T.J.Maxx. These are the best places to find a cheap pair of good quality jeans.

Step 2—Cut slits in the jeans that are about one inch wide. Start out with just two, and then you can build your way up.

Step 3—Grab a pair of tweezers and start pulling out the blue strands of denim that run vertically so that only the white strands that run horizontally are left.

Step 4—Cut another slit above or below the first one. Make sure it’s parallel to the other one, but don’t end it in the same place so the rip doesn’t look like one big box. You can pull on the edges of the holes to make them less boxy and more rounded.

Your first pair may not be perfect, but hey, ripped jeans aren’t supposed to be perfect! You get the hang of it the more you do it. You might even find it extremely relaxing like I do. Last semester, during finals week, I started working on a pair of Bermuda shorts, and every time I needed a break during studying, I would make a new hole in them. I was distressing jeans to de-stress from school and ended up with an adorable pair of shorts that no one else has.

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Why You Should Wear White After Labor Day

The color white is complete and innocent. White clothing has, for hundreds of years, represented purity, sophistication, and cleanliness; helping to provide a cooling comfort in warm weather and a staple image for weddings and religious events since the beginning of human history. So, why is it we’ve been told we should pack away most of our white clothing every fall succeeding Labor Day? Where did this rule of “no wearing white” after Labor Day come from? And why are we limiting our closets by hiding our white clothes until the start of each summer?

Well, I have got some news for you! I call nonsense on the whole “no white” after Labor Day rule. After doing my research I have found that there is no real reasoning for or pinpointed orientation of said fashion rule. Some have the theory that late 1800’s socialites created the rule of “no white after Labor Day” simply to make their social groups more exclusive with a set of unreasoned fashion laws. Others theorize that this fashion rule took to society plainly because of the drop in temperature that typically comes after Labor Day.

Nonetheless, following the guideline to no longer wear white after Labor Day frankly seems outdated and unnecessary. Several fashion icons, such as Coco Chanel, have already made their statements by donning white clothing, or suits in Chanel’s case, all year-round. It is time for the rest of the fashion world to follow suit and embrace the color white during all seasons!

Don’t give up your favorite white sweater, hide away your trendy white tote, or box up your all-white sneakers every year when the leaves start to change colors. Especially those living in the south, who don’t really experience the same “cold months” that the north does; don’t sacrifice your white T-shirts in fear of breaking some unwritten fashion law. All-white outfits never fail to make a bold, yet innocent presentation and, not to mention, white looks flattering on almost everyone. Don’t hold back, be bold; its time we make brand new fashion rules of our own!

Coco Chanel has been setting the perfect example for wearing white all months of the year, for many years now. With her undying passion for great clothes and smart designs, Coco Chanel’s classic all-white suits have served as inspiration in my denouncing the rule of “no white” after Labor Day. With her timeless designs in mind, I have created a mini mood board to set the stage and encourage you all to make like Coco Channel and rock white all year-round.

How will you sport the color white this coming fall and winter? Comment down below!

How to Incorporate Lingerie into Your Outfit

It’s now August and almost fall, though the hot weather still continues. It’s too hot to dress up, but I still want my outfit to stand out and not look too simple. During these hot summer days, I like to incorporate lingerie into my outfit. Wearing lingerie as an outfit staple is not a new trend. People have worn lace bralettes, lace bodysuits, and slip dresses in recent years. Since the phrase “free the nipple” is thrown around frequently, more women feel comfortable wearing no bras in public. A lot of models and celebrities started to show up in front of cameras wearing lingerie. Since then, women’s clothing stores sell a variety of lingerie that you can wear outside.

I personally love wearing lingerie as part of my outfit, however, I am not confident about my body and feel uncomfortable showing too much. For people like me, I recommend wearing a camisole with some lace. It’s not too different from actual clothes, and the lace and satin material will dress you up. Lingerie stores and even vintage shops have a variety of camisole with lace in different colors. H&M also has a cute camisole with lace at an affordable price, and the dark gold color gives you a mature look. This black silk camisole with lace from Revolve is a really useful piece too because you can never go wrong with black. In order to not look too sexy during the daytime, I would match this camisole with jeans or oversize casual pants.

I chose gray for my outfit because it will not look too sexy or inappropriate during the daytime. My camisole is from Victoria’s Secret, and I matched it with black jeans for a casual look. I also like finding cute vintage lingerie at vintage shops. It’s fun and cheap, and you can find unique pieces that no one else has. Lily Ashwell has a vintage-inspired camisole with lace in gray.

How do you wear your lingerie? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista. 

Perfect Plans for a New York City Adventure

New York City is filled with fun street art and beautiful views. And let’s not forget the amazing shopping and delicious treats that make the Big Apple perfect for your next weekend adventure. Every corner of Manhattan offers something to do and something to see, so don’t forget to hit all the hot spots on your next trip over to New York City.

Soho is huge on graffiti murals where you can stop for your picture-perfect Instagram shot. Soho is where we found this fun and colorful mural. This Fashionista is rocking a baby blue and white striped dress with simple black sandals. The fun is all in awe multi-colored crossbody bag, which is covered in pom-pom details. This bag turns a simple outfit into a  fun and trendy look that fits in well with New York City’s aesthetic. With all the walking that comes with a city adventure, a light flowy dress and some comfy sandals are ideal on a hot summer day.

Once you get that golden Instagram photo, next stop is the treats. The city offers an array of food, with something for everyone. You can get anything from cereal ice cream to pizza in a cone. So make sure you plan ahead of time what treat you’re going try first. This Fashionista took a detour to Juicy Lucy’s juice bar for some vibrant colored smoothies filled with fresh fruits.

A New York City trip isn’t complete until you experience the awesome shopping that is offered. This is hard to resist with a Forever 21, Macy’s, and cool boutique at every corner. For your next trip to NYC don’t forget to hit all the spots and plan ahead to make traveling from spot to spot easy and chic.

What are your favorite New York City spots? Let me know in the comments below!

The Tiered Tassel Earrings Trend Is Here for the Summer

This summer’s tassel earring trend is one that no Fashionista/o wants to miss. Tassel earrings are a funky and fresh take on typical dainty, dangling earrings that have been around for years. With a pair of these silk or cotton tassel accessories, you can take any outfit up a notch or two. Brands such as Forever 21, MISA Los Angeles, Shopbop, Urban Outfitters, and BaubleBar are just a few to name that have hopped on board the tassel earring train.

Look Book

It’s important to know that there’s a wide range of outfit choices that look great with these earrings. Below are a few trendy summer looks that I love right now and they all look perfect with a pair of tassel earrings!

Beach Day

Tiered tassel earrings, a bikini, tie front closure top, a pair of jean shorts, and slide on sandals.

Summer Barbecue

Tiered tassel earrings, a mini dress, a pair of wedges, and a woven straw clutch.

Girls Night Out

A neutral skirt and top set with a pair of neon or ombre colored tassel earrings.

Extra, Extra

The choker trend remains in full swing, so why not utilize one as a sidekick for these statement earrings? Consider adding a colorful, beaded choker to any of these outfit ideas.

Ultimately, all Fashionista/o’s will be equipped to take on the summer in a stylish manner with a pair of tiered tassel earrings! How do you wear this tassel trend? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

Is a Confidence Game-Changer Hiding in Your Closet?

With social media making it terribly easy for online trolls to spread their negative vibes everywhere, self-love and body positivity seems to be in short supply. Combined with the pressures of everyday life, harsh criticism can easily impede your happiness and self-esteem. Shaking off the negativity and walking with your head held high can be easier said than done. True confidence starts from within and translates to how you carry yourself. What’s the best way to bring out your confident side? The answer is simple, just wear whatever you want. No, really!

Though the answer might sound completely cliché, it could really be the game changer you need for a little confidence boost. We all know that looks aren’t everything. But when you wear what you feel good in, it comes across in all your actions. I can name countless times where I’ve left the house in something that I was not so sure about, like that one itchy sweater, or super uncomfortable pair of shoes. Even if it may have looked okay, feeling unsettled or like I constantly had to readjust my clothes broke my focus from what I really needed to get done and made me feel way too self-conscious. Therefore, I’ve become so certain that it’s not what you wear that matters, but how you feel in it. The extra boost of confidence you get when you love what you’re wearing adds a little swag to your walk and makes you feel like you can handle any curve ball thrown your way.

For example, this Fashionista’s every move absolutely radiates positive vibes. Julissa is wearing one of her favorite clothing combinations: a button-down shirt tucked into mom jeans paired with a necktie and old school Adidas sneakers to create a simple and tomboy-inspired look. Yet, she’s giving off a red-carpet ready glow while wearing it.

We often spend so much time trying to work around our insecurities, we forget what we love about ourselves. So, whether it takes dressing up in that LBD that hugs every curve, your favorite distressed jeans that elongate your legs, or those super on-trend sneakers that match everything in your closet to make you feel unstoppable, throw it on! You owe it to yourself to walk out of the house feeling amazing. Feeling confident in your clothes is just the first step to empowering yourself to put your best foot forward.

What’s your go-to piece for feeling confident? Let us know on social media and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

5 Tips for Starting a Minimalist Wardrobe

Not long ago, a goal of mine was to cultivate a wardrobe like the ones you see in the “closet goals” tag on Instagram: a limitless collection of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, allowing me to never repeat an outfit ever again. However, not only is this wardrobe expensive, it’s also unhealthy for the environment. Thus, the idea of a minimalist wardrobe was born, and aesthetically-pleasing minimalist wardrobe photos began to flood the Internet. So, to do something good for your wallet and the Earth, here are some starting points for creating your own affordable, sustainable, and fashionable minimalist wardrobe.

1—Donate/recycle clothes you don’t wear. While it may be difficult to part with certain clothes, my rule is, if I haven’t worn it in a year, it has to go. If the clothing item is in good enough condition, it can be resold or donated. Otherwise, it can be recycled at a local clothing recycling station.

2—Find your color scheme. This doesn’t mean that all of your clothes will be the same colors, but it will help your wardrobe be more flexible. You want most of your tops to match most of your bottoms, and your accessories to match most of your outfits. Also, if most of your clothes match each other, you’re less likely to have the “I have nothing to wear!” feeling while you’re getting ready.


3—Make sure your clothes differ from each other.  Although you may think that this contradicts my last point, this simply means that the design of each clothing item should be unique within your wardrobe. For example, two main colors from my color scheme are black and white. However, I have a plain, loose-fitting, black T-shirt, and a fitted black and white striped shirt. While both of these things can easily be paired with the same pair of black shorts and basic shoes, they are very different from each other, allowing me to make my smaller wardrobe fun and versatile.

4—Use layering pieces that go with most of your outfits. This could be a denim jacket, a neutral cardigan, or a fun scarf. It allows you to vary your outfits and prevents you from getting in a fashion rut. It’s also useful for when the seasons change, as it allows you to wear the same pieces throughout the year.

5—Only own accessories that go with more than half of your clothes. Bags, shoes, and jewelry can be worn far more often than clothes. So, make sure that you can get your use out of each item by wearing them more regularly. Also, by having the ability to add an accessory to any outfit, you maximize the number of different outfits that you can create.

What do you think of the minimalist wardrobe trend? Show me photos of your minimalist wardrobes on social media and tag @CFashionista!

A Walk Through Venice

I cannot believe that I can finally cross Venice, Italy off my bucket list! It is one of the many places that I have dreamt of visiting. I absolutely love the atmosphere in Venice with the beautiful buildings, the delicious handmade food, and the cute shops. I will add that it was very hot and humid in Venice which made having gelato a must. But hey, I am not complaining. Since we were in Venice for only two nights; we attempted a walk through Venice.

We began this day on the beautiful island of Burano which is known for the colorful houses. My favorite memory from Burano was having gelato with the whole family while sitting on a ledge that led you into the water. After exploring Burano, we took a water taxi back to Saint Mark’s Square to enjoy some fine homemade pasta. The taste of fresh pasta was unreal; I could eat that for the rest of my life and not complain. Now, we reached my favorite part of the evening: the gondolas. After seeing countless pictures and movies, getting on a gondola was a must. We rode the gondolas at sunset and I believe it is the perfect time because the temperature gets slightly cooler and the views mixed with the sunset are so beautiful.

Because I love Italy, my look for this summer day was inspired by the gondola drivers who wear red and white striped shirts. This striped ruffle sleeve top fit perfectly with my aesthetic and was light and airy for this hot day. I kept it basic with my bottoms and wore a pair of black leggings. I love this minimalistic yet trendy outfit because even though it was humid, the cotton material helped me stay dry without feeling icky.

When traveling, I like to focus more on the outfit and keep it simple for shoes. I usually bring a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of sandals as my choice of footwear. Although both options seemed fitting for this look, on this day I decided to wear my Birkenstocks in the Arizona style. And for my favorite part of any outfit: the accessories. I wore a burgundy backpack to complement with my top. This backpack is suitable for traveling because you have the option to wear it as one or two straps. For jewelry, I decided on a gold bracelet, a black studded ring, my favorite rose gold watch, and you cannot forget your trusty sunglasses!

What are your summer outfit inspirations? Comment below and don’t forget to tag us on social media @CFashionista!