Turn June Gloom into June Bloom

Summer doesn’t always mean sunshine and perfect weather. There can be gloomy days that have you dusting off the cold weather pieces you’ve pushed into the back of your closet. If you had to transition from college in a sunny state to a not-so-warm climate for the summer like me, you might not be enjoying the beachwear you’ve been donning all semester. Unexpected weather gives you a great opportunity to experiment with your favorite seasonal pieces. Instead of hiding under a bulky jacket, here’s how you can tackle the June gloom and create some summer-worthy OOTDs.

Versatile pieces are your best friend. The key to facing unwelcome weather is keeping versatile pieces in your closet. Everyone has that one sweater, jacket, or accessory they love to wear year-round. Utilize them to create the perfect foundation for your outfits. Turtlenecks are a great basic, and I find myself adding one to almost every outfit—no matter the season.

Warm up your favorite summer pieces. Nothing says summer more than an overall dress. I’ve been rocking one since the beginning of the season. It still proves to be a go-to item on those gloomy days. Warm up your favorite summer staples by sneaking in those cozier accessories. Overall dresses and ankle boots make for the best combination when you’re spending the day in the city. Adding flashy socks also provides that extra warmth. A pop of color is a bonus in the drab weather.

It’s all about the transition. Mother Nature can be a fickle woman, and putting together an outfit to keep up with her can be a tedious process. You always read tips on how to transition your wardrobe into the cooler seasons, but who said you can’t bring your favorite winter essentials into summer? Take out your favorite wooly socks and those warmer pieces in the back of your closet. There’s a fine balance when it comes to intertwining the seasons. You want your outfit to serve its purpose, but you still want to look trendy. I didn’t let the June gloom get the best of me. I stayed in the summer mood by ditching the tights underneath, and trading a heavy overcoat for an oversize denim jacket.

How are you taking advantage of the gloomy weather this summer? Show us your OOTDs by tagging @Cfashionista on Instagram!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple Is Not Boring

Recently, I’ve struggled with differentiating simple from boring. Looking around me, I see so many fully accessorized and stunning outfits that make me wonder if I am just unexciting. For one of my finals where I had to research a designer, I found that I am always drawn to minimalist collections. There is a difference between boring and simple, and I am now embracing the the latter.

This outfit is one of my new favorites for casual occasions. It was excellent for my road trip home for summer. I am not drawn to a lot of accessories, so I think that a high neck can add interest and layering makes a more rounded look. I found this slouchy turtleneck top recently, and I am very excited to try different ways to layer it. In this outfit, I am layering it with an oversize button-down that I thrifted. I love these together because of the monochromatic nature. These one-color looks are very popular lately, and I could not be more supportive! This is a meek application of the trend, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I am wearing my go-to piece: black skinny jeans, which I admittedly wear a little too often. I think they are casual but a little more sophisticated than a regular indigo denim wash. Finally, I included this pair of olive booties that have worn in nicely. These are another accessory that’s easy to throw in. They are also a very neutral color, so they do not distract, but they are comfortable and go well with almost anything.

Sometimes, the outfit does not have to be over the top ridiculous to look high fashion. Some simple essentials paired together can still be interesting. I am excited to build looks that are minimal but with interest as I go forward from here, understanding that boring is not the same as simple.

WHAT TO WEAR: Rain Rain Go Away

Is anyone else over mother nature’s mood swings? In one day the weather will go from raining to sunny and freezing to hot. It’s a miracle I can get myself dressed everyday without actually knowing what the weather is going to be like.

This Fashionista is tackling the crazy weather perfectly. On a rainy day the footwear of choice is a super cute pair of rain boots. I love the height of these boots because I find that knee length rain boots are a little hard to walk in. However, these calf high boots are perfect for getting around campus quickly on a rainy day. This Fashionista is bridging the gap between winter and spring by pairing a lightweight turtleneck with a denim button-up skirt. I’m all about doubling up on seasons with some of my clothing items. If I love something enough, I can find a way to wear it 365 days a year. To combat the rain, an adorable rain jacket is a must. I’m guilty of trying to get though life without a rain jacket, and I want to take this moment to let everyone to learn from my mistakes. Nothing is worse than going to class or a meeting slightly damp because you thought it wasn’t raining that hard. Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista and invest in a neutral rain jacket that you can pair with anything. You’ll be fashionable, but more importantly, you’ll be dry. To finish off her outfit, this Fashionista added a simple pearl necklace. Pearls are classy, timeless, and add a little extra oomph to any outfit you’re wearing.

Hopefully this provided you with a little inspiration for the next day that mother nature is in one of those moods, and you have no idea what the weather is going to be like. Here’s to warmer, sunnier, and dryer days ahead!


Whilst visiting one of my best friends in Indiana, I was constantly surrounded by Fashionistas. I had never been before, so seeing so many fashion forward people was a bit of a shock to me! There seems to be a stereotype here in California that people in the midwest aren’t the most stylish, but that theory could not be farther from the truth! Everyone puts loads of effort into their appearance and looks like they are ready to walk the red carpet at any given moment. Of course there were countless Fashionistas I could have snapped pictures of, but I didn’t have my camera with me at all times (one of my greatest regrets)! I was, however, able to get some great pictures of this stylish cutie out and about one sunny day.

I think what drew me to her outfit was the simplicity of it. Simplicity is so overlooked nowadays! She was sporting classic, basic pieces which I feel many people don’t think to wear anymore. We are often so caught up in the latest trends and what we can wear to draw the most attention to ourselves, but when did we decide that a classic gray turtleneck and blue jeans not categorize as “hip and trendy” anymore?

This Fashionista was wearing a gray cashmere turtleneck from Zara, high-rise skinny jeans from Madewell, and white Converse. I especially love her turtleneck because it keeps her warm in the unpredictable, Indiana weather. After spring she says it rarely gets below 50 degrees, but can get pretty breezy at times! Having a great quality sweater and trusty jeans are always a great go-to for just enough warmth.

Of course I am a devoted fan of all the best new trends, but going back to basics is always something I admire. To be able to pull off nothing but a sweater and jeans, and to make it look so chic is a goal of mine! I will be sure to turn to this Fashionista for inspiration in the future.

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Time Action

If you live in Michigan like me, spring time can be a dreadful season when it comes to fashion. One day it’s 35 and raining, and the next day is sunny and 65. It can be overwhelming keeping up with such a variety of clothes in my closet. Fluffy sweaters on hand for the cold days and miniskirts ready for the warm ones. However, I’m a firm believer that if you keep your pastel pieces and open-toed sandals toward the front of our closets, the weather gods will indeed be on our side.

With that being said, here is my ideal spring look that should be front and center in every Fashionista’s closet. This outfit has the cutest key essentials of spring, am I right? Floral patterns, pastel colors, and tulle (lots and lots of tulle.) The floral shirt is eye-catching and elegant, while the tulle skirt is fun and sassy! However, an important part of making this look work is the length extensions of each piece. The high neck and slightly longer sleeve makes this top appropriate for things like Easter brunch or dinner with the family. It also balances out the long tulle skirt very nicely. The skirt is by far my favorite piece on this Fashionista. It reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear, and It flows through the cool breeze so beautifully. She easily pulled this look all together with brown, leather-strapped wedges and accessories. The dark accents simply balance out the bright pastels.

Sometimes Michigan doesn’t allow for much spring time action, and with the calendar slowly nearing May us, Fashionistas are crossing our fingers for consistent sandal weather!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pastels for Spring

We all have certain style staples which we find a way to work into nearly every look we put together. For some, it’s leather, a choker, or detailed rings. For others, it might be a bold lip color or a popping highlight. For me, it’s pastels. I absolutely adore pastels with my whole heart. It sounds dramatic, I know, but they are one of my favorite style staples found in my wardrobe. I’m in love with pastel hues of pink and violet especially. They have a certain elegance that I can’t help but admire. To say the least, pastels are in abundance in my wardrobe.

For this month’s look, I decided to make pastels the focal point of my outfit. It’s springtime, after all, so why not make a statement with some bright cheery colors? I layered a black turtleneck under a drop waist black dress and added one of this past year’s major shoe obsessions—Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers in a pastel pink—and a pastel purple hat from Urban Outfitters. I added detail to the look with a simple pearl necklace and my everyday rings.

While still springy, pastels are a nice change of pace from the usually seasonal favorite of florals. Pastel accessories or shoes can go with just about anything, which is an added bonus to their mood-boosting hues. My look was perfect for a day of adventuring in Philadelphia’s hip neighborhood of Fishtown. The Vans are comfortable enough for a day full of walking while still being stylish. The airy feel of the dress wasn’t too heavy for the moderately warm weather, and the hat was functional yet trendy.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Moving in Monochromatics

College students are constantly in motion. Moving in and out of class, rushing to jobs and internships, going to study groups and making it just in time for happy hour with their friends. Time management is a necessary skill that is has to be fostered and developed over the years in college, in order to have a successful academic career, a thriving professional life, and enjoying social activities. Once you’ve mastered actually managing your schedule on a time front, the next part is finding the right outfit that will fit the transit lifestyle of a college student. The kind of outfit that looks great for giving a presentation in class and also chic enough for meeting up with friends for that after class latte or beer. This Fashionista has truly mastered the all in one outfit; from class, to work, to meetups with friends, the key to a fabulous outfit… monochromatics!

Monochromatic outfits are so fashion-forward, while simultaneously simple and approachable. Many famous street style stars like Chiara Ferragni and Leandra Medine, move around fabulous cities in bold head to toe red outfits or sleek and cool all-black outfits. However crafting a monochromatic outfit can pose as a challenge to some and could easily go wrong in a styling sense. The secret weapon to perfecting a monochromatic outfit is all in the textures. Wearing the same color in different textures makes an outfit more dynamic. This Fashionista mixed a softer, romantic velvet turtleneck with harder flat textures. In an outfit there always needs to be contrast. When there is something soft, add something hard to make it balanced.

Another tip for perfecting a monochromatic outfit is accessories! Accessories can give any outfit a little pop of life. This Fashionista added the trendy statement, snap back hat that all of the “it” kids of Instagram are wearing. The hat gives her outfit the element of casualness and sporty vibes. Adding jewelry is another fun to bring an outfit to life. In a monochromatic outfit you can play up the jewelry more and choose bold pieces. This Fashionista made the necklace herself, but its eclectic and bold design is something that you too can be inspired by and wear in your next monochrome outfit. Also a killer sleek pair shoes never hurts! Shoes can give an outfit a new and unexpected kick, no pun intended.

Let this Fashionista inspire you for the days when your schedule is overflowing, but you can still have an outfit that gives the boost of confidence that you need.


As we all know, florals for spring are groundbreaking. That was sarcasm just in case you did not get the little The Devil Wears Prada reference. Spring is that wonderful time of year where you see all the beautiful flowers bloom, and the weather starts becoming sunny and 75. Just because the season symbolizes florals and pastels does not mean that what you choose to wear during this time has to reflect that.

This Fashionista I spotted is wearing a black and white look that you typically would not expect in the spring, which immediately caught my eye. It looks good because of the risks taken in the outfit. For example, we all love that the overalls look has come back. Although this is true, I rarely see people wearing them. Overalls are also thought of in the context of being denim and for summer days. This was a unique spin on the classic overall look. This was executed well because of the combination of the form-fitting, white turtleneck and the chic black overalls. This Fashionista flipped the tradition on its head and made it into a classic cool girl look that everyone should take note of.

Another interesting thing in this outfit is the fun socks and sandals trend. Most of the times I have seen this trend, it has been a statement to an outfit. This shows a way that you can make it tie in well with your look, and wear the cute trend casually.

The last lesson to be learned from this look is to always keep a classic statement of yourself in every look you have. Personally, I always wear three small, thin hoop earrings. This Fashionista kept her glasses in the look which made this look even more her.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter in Spring

Spring break has come and gone and it’s almost that time of year to break out those summer dresses and sandals. Me, being the crazy Californian, decided to travel to a much colder location for the break, Seattle. While most people were spending their break laying on beaches getting their summer tan on, I was getting rained on while hiking through snow. I’m a cold weather kind of girl for two reasons: one, the fashion and two, the ability to bundle up.

My attire for spring break in Seattle consisted of coats, scarves, and lots of layering. Since it was not my typical attire in sunny, San Diego, I went all out. I spent most days outdoors, so layers and two pairs of socks were necessary. For one of the days, we decided to spend time in downtown. I decided to go for a casual, comfy look to walk around in. Starting with a pair of black jeans as a base, I threw on my favorite oversize turtleneck sweater (with two shirts underneath for warmth). For shoes, I went with the classic pair of white kicks. To keep extra warm, I threw on this mustard coat with a hood to hide from the rain.

I like carrying a backpack around especially when I’m traveling for the purposes of keeping everything safe and also because there’s so much more space. I chose my black backpack with zippered details that can be worn as a shoulder bag and backpack.

I love to bundle up and cold weather gives you that option to dress comfy yet stylish. Maybe next spring break I’ll go some place warmer. Wait, I’m graduating in May. Okay, so maybe in the summer!

STYLE ADVICE: The Secondhand City

I spent my last few days of spring break in Seattle visiting a friend, and I fell in love with the city. As an avid traveler who would rather spend her last paycheck on an impromptu trip to a new city instead of a new outfit, coming to a new place on the West Coast was inspiring, refreshing, even eye-opening. It’s a completely different atmosphere than both my college town of D.C. and my hometown of Atlanta, and not just because the city is perpetually under rain clouds (which actually isn’t as depressing as it sounds). The overall attitude of Seattle takes a full 180-degree turn from the other two towns, carrying completely different politics and mindsets that make the city unique. The laid back nature was visible in the countless number of local coffee and thrift shops, the grungy music scene, and, most notably, the fashion.

Style is something I immediately notice when traveling to new cities, like how Paris emanates effortlessly cool and New York is all about making a statement. Seattle definitely doesn’t fit in with the top fashion cities of the world, but it does carry an eccentric style that only Seattle natives can truly own up to. This Fashionista truly exemplified Seattle style, where comfort and sustainability come first but don’t necessarily take away from the look—they actually add to it! Knowing 95 percent of your outfit is thrifted is far more than satisfying. Secondhand shops, which are practically on every block in this city, are not only helpful to the environment and your bank account, but they also have some amazing selections that you couldn’t find at typical retail stores. They make the vintage look that everyone has been obsessing over for years attainable without having to overspend at companies who have this aesthetic, like Urban Outfitters. So let the thrifting begin!

To obtain a look that both fit in with Seattle’s fashion scene and also her own personal and playful style, this Fashionista paired a thrifted floral turtleneck under a (once again) thrifted linen slip dress that plays on the slip dress trend in a completely unique manner—no lace or velvet seen here. She completed the outfit with ripped black tights and thrifted Dr. Martens, a mix of grunge and practicality that perfectly resembles the values of Seattle. This is one of the reasons I’m already so in love with this place—its residents seem to all fit in with what they choose to put on their bodies, but their individual looks are so personal that it’s difficult to say they conform to the city’s trends. A fashion juxtaposition, I suppose?