The Top 5 Travel Tips You Should Know

I love traveling because it can be extremely beneficial. It can make you see things in a new way, teach you in a way that a classroom cannot, help you learn who you are, and give you some pretty neat stories to tell later. As of right now, I have been to eight countries and way too many states to list, but I am nowhere near done with my journey. Here are five things I’ve learned for making the most out of every trip.

1—Pay attention in foreign language class. Being able to communicate with someone who does not speak English is not only cool but being able to read key words on buildings or signs can help you get around so that you don’t confuse a library with a movie theatre. Another benefit of being (somewhat) bilingual is talking to the locals. Spanish has helped me meet some truly amazing people in Europe, Honduras, and the Caribbean. Knowing just two languages can go a long way.

2—Try new things. I am always down for an adventure, whether it is ziplining, swimming with turtles, or exploring a city. This year, in the Caribbean, I tried quenepas. They are a little, round, green fruit. A local lady was selling them roadside, and I gave them a shot. I am glad I did, because they are sweet, tart, and delicious! Trying new things is important because if you don’t, you will miss out on great things that are just outside of your comfort zone.

3—Take time to learn about the culture. Something I love to do is find things that are different from my Pennsylvania hometown. One of the things I have found to be very different in every country I visit is shopping. Saint Martin, where I spent two weeks this summer, has a capital called Phillipsburg. There, many street vendors sell handmade jewelry, hats, trinkets, clothes, art, shoes, and pretty much anything else imaginable. It is a lot different from my local shopping mall.

4—Make new friends, but bring the old ones along. Traveling with a friend can be an experience that helps the two of you become closer. The girl in the picture above has been one of my good friends since first grade, but the two-week trip we took this summer took our friendship to a whole new level. Traveling together, however, didn’t stop us from meeting tons of new people and making some great friends.

5—Relax. Taking some time to relax, unwind, and spend time by yourself or with your travel partner can be the best part of your vacation. Your trip is supposed to be a break away from your regular life, so designate a day or two of your vacation to simply relaxing. Get a massage on the beach, lay out by the pool, or sleep in past noon. It’s your vacation; you make the rules!

What are your favorite travel tips? Let me know in the comments!

A Seattle, Washington Travel Guide

I don’t know about you but this summer heat has made it so that all I could think of was taking a vacation. I mean who wants to work when literally every piece of business casual clothing makes us sweat our buns off? That’s why my recent trip to Seattle was the perfect relief: the weather was cooler (in fact, we saw snow), the city is beautiful, and it’s definitely a place I highly recommend. Here’s a quick travel guide I’ve put together of my favorite places in Washington’s largest city.

1—Pike Place Market.

If you want to get a taste of Seattle’s vibrant population, this is the perfect place to go. This nine-acre neighborhood is comprised of farmers, craftspeople, and small businesses all looking to sell their wares and preserve its historic character. While here, we ate at Market Grill but, while the food is delicious, I don’t think it’s quite worth the 45-minute wait. Instead, buy some of the fresh produce and seafood from the vendors, take it home and make your own delicious dish.

2—Museum of Pop Culture.

If you have the chance to go to City Center, which I highly recommend, this is the place you should go. Not the Space Needle (sorry Seattle) but this museum. I’ve been to my fair share of museums in my lifetime, and this is by far the best. Click the link to see their current exhibits.

3—Chihuly Glass and Garden.

As a fan of Dale Chihuly’s glasswork, I was excited to see the galleries and garden that provided the perfect backdrop for his art. The long-term exhibition includes the garden where the trees, lush plants and flowers perfectly complement the glass installations, eight galleries and a Drawing Wall, and a Glasshouse that pays homage to Chihuly’s love for conservatories. Make sure to wear a cute top and pants because this is the perfect site for some Instagram photos!

4—Mt. Rainier.

If you’re down for a long but gorgeously rural drive, this is the perfect place for you. It took us about two and a half hours to drive there, but the view was definitely worth it. The snow-capped mountains are absolutely beautiful. Yes, you read that right. We had a literal snowball fight in the 75-degree weather and it was awesome! Just make sure you wear some sneakers that have traction on the bottom so you’re not slipping all over the hiking trails (me). And even though there’s snow on the ground, a tank top and leggings will be your best bet this time of year.

Is Seattle, Washington, on your bucket list? If not, what is? Let me know in the comments below!

Finding My Roots and the Aftermath

I’m a first-generation Latina. However, I would consider myself Americanized. I speak English, and my Spanish isn’t the best. Growing up in Southern California, I experienced snippets of Hispanic, Asian, European and Middle Eastern cultures through friends and through travel. Even though I grew up with so much culture, I never truly experienced my own roots.

That changed this summer. For the first time, I was going to travel to Mexico for a family trip. However, it was more than just a family trip. I was going to see where half of my genes came from, I was going to meet some family members for the first time, and I was going to a place where English was not the primary language. People here valued different things.

Aguascalientes, Mexico, or Aguas for short, is sort of similar to Los Angeles in that it is a center for business, tourism, and night life. Deeper into Aguas is Pabellon—a smaller city that lacks the urban feel of the center of the state. Despite this, it was everything you would want as a first impression of your roots.

If I could describe this place in one word, it’s humble. It is small but lively. The architecture here is old but simple. The people here are generous, despite not having tons to give. The food is high quality, and super inexpensive (in American currency).

This place was nothing like anything I imagined. I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. I looked like the people from here, but at the same time, I didn’t. My clothes were different, my style of interaction was different, but even with my differences, everyone was accepting and no one intentionally made me feel out of place. I spoke broken Spanish, but the residents of this city made every effort to understand me.

One thing I learned from this trip is that family is extremely important. The unity between my newly introduced family was unreal, and frankly very respectable. The bond between this family is unbreakable, and I felt like I was inducted into this life-long bond during my week-long stay.

Another lesson I learned was the value of our surroundings. Getting to know my familial roots was incredible, and getting to know my geological roots was a sight to see. The buildings here were so vibrant and simple, but breathtaking all the more. The land was green and healthy. Mother Earth surely takes pride in this area.

Pabellón: "Proud of this land, its people, and its history."

The photo above says,”Proud of this land, its people, and its history”. There are many wonders of the world, but one of the most valuable and heartwarming experiences is getting to know your roots. Take the opportunity if it comes your way. You won’t regret it.

Have you ever visited family out of the country? Let me know where in the comments below!

Why It’s Completely Okay to Be Obsessed With Traveling

We’ve all heard the saying, “spend your money on experiences, not things,” and others like it. Sometimes, however, that new iPhone or pair of shoes really is what will make us happy.

Traveling imparts lasting experiences that impact us in much more profound ways than new material possessions, and it is totally okay to love to do it!

Shelling out just a little bit more money for a summer road trip or flight to Europe brings everlasting memories and undeniably, much more happiness.

It is more than okay to be obsessed with traveling, so what’s stopping you?

Whether you’re headed across the country or across the world, exploring an unknown destination through cuisine and local people teaches you things a textbook never could.

If you love food like me, we can probably agree that eating your way through a country is the best.

Just as studying abroad in college certainly gives you an appreciation for the world around you, traveling, too, makes us realize the things we take for granted.

Even after a week-long trip to Bermuda or an escape to the Swiss Alps, an undeniable respect and appreciation grows for the place you call home.

As extremely cliché as it sounds, it seems like when I come back from a vacation, I am never quite the same person I was when I left. Every small memory, trip, or mistake can leave some kind of impact on your character. Getting lost on the subway and trying to maneuver your way around the city can be quite daunting for travelers, or maybe, it’s exploring another country where the only barriers are the language or what side of the road they drive on. Whatever it is, learning to embrace unfamiliar and unexpected moments lead to seeing life around us in a completely different perspective.

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Road Trip Essentials for Any Destination

When you hit the road, you want to make sure you have everything you may need because there is no turning back, but what exactly is everything? Here is some insight on the pack and do-not-pack items you have always wanted to know.

1—Clothing. This is probably the most important thing because when you are snapping all those pictures for Instagram, you want to look good. I always try to fit my style to the places I go to, for instance: if I’m going to New York, I’ll try and dress very clean and polished by packing some comfy, chic shoes and pairing it with a sundress or solid shirt and patterned pants. If I’m going westward, I’ll probably pack some jeans and add some flannel over a classic graphic T-shirt. Wherever you are going, try and pack light because you will buy souvenirs and you will run out of room in your suitcase. I’ll normally pack two pairs of pants that match all the shirts in my suitcase and a couple dresses for variety. The shoes you choose depend on what you plan on doing. If you are hiking and doing outdoorsy things, stick with a pair of Vans or boots. If you are strutting the streets of a city, wear some comfy flats or a pair of mules.

2—Electronics. Cameras are your best friends on road trips. Pack every single one and get a camera bag from a thrift store if need be! This is a must because when you are long gone from the places you visited, you will want to look back on the moments you cherished throughout your trip. In addition, I pack my laptop on every trip because it comes in handy for storing pictures and editing them. Of course, don’t forget your phone. How else will you make all your friends jealous on social media while you’re on an adventure of a lifetime?

3—The little things. I always try and pack little things besides electronics to keep me busy on the road in a small backpack. A deck of cards is always a good choice to keep yourself and some friends and family members entertained. Pack some snacks like goldfish or popcorn to munch on when you’re hungry. The little things don’t necessarily have to entertain you in the car; they can also entertain you when you get to your destination! You could pack a travel-sized hammock to set up and lay amongst the mountains or a longboard so you can cruise on the coast. The little things vary and depend on your likes but be sure not to forget them because the little things matter!

These are the main three categories I think of when packing and I hope this helps with whatever trip you are going on. Adventure on, my friends!

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A Disney World Vacation Guide

I visited Disney World for the third time in the beginning of July, and it was a week full of fun, magic, warm weather, and my favorite characters. It’s a great place for a family vacation or a friend-cation. Whether it’s your first time at Disney World or not, there is something to do for everyone. Disney World is always changing and expanding. Planning a vacation to the happiest place on Earth? Here are some of my favorite things to do when you visit Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

1—Meet your favorite characters. This is one of my favorite parts about going to Disney World. There is something magical about meeting your favorite childhood princesses that will leave a huge smile on your face. Also, don’t forget to wear your favorite outfit when meeting your favorite characters. In the photo above, I’m wearing a gingham tie-sleeve blouse and a button-down denim skirt. On this trip, I also wore a denim overall dress with a gingham button-down underneath.

2—Go on your favorite rides and see your favorite shows. If this is your first time going to Disney World, try the popular rides like Space Moutain or the Tower of Terror. Go on your favorite rides and try some new ones as well if you’ve been to Disney World before. You could visit Pandora, the world of Avatar based on the film created by James Cameron, located in the Animal Kingdom. When you walk in, you are instantly transported to the planet. Make sure you go at night to experience the bioluminescent world. Not that into rides? Go see one of the many live shows such as Fantasmic! or my favorite—Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

Disney Hollywood Studios

3—Take lots of pictures. Take as many as you can to capture those moments and remember them later on. When I’m at Disney, I like taking pictures with my Polaroid camera because I love the vintage look of the photos.

4—Head to Disney Springs. This is the perfect place if you want to get away from the long lines and crowds. You can enjoy a nice relaxing day of shopping, or grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants and bars. You can even relax on the bridge and enjoy a beautiful view.

Remember to have fun and make the most of your trip! What’s your favorite part about Disney World? Let me know in the comments below.

10 Ways to Make Every Beach Vacation Better

With the summer of 2017 drawing to a close, you may be trying to fit in last-minute vacations and trips, or you may plan on traveling to warm, sandy climates during the winter months. Either way, these 10 ways on how to make your beach vacation better will come in handy!

1—Road trip it. If feasible, take the extra time and road trip to your beach of choice. You will gain more memories, stories, and time with your travel buddies.

2—Utilize your style. You know you have pieces of clothing in your closet that you “just don’t have anything to wear it for.” Well here’s your excuse! Push your style and take advantage of the trip to step out of your normal, everyday clothing.

3—Notice what’s around you. Some pretty incredible things can happen down by the shore that may be impossible in your hometown. Take advantage of these opportunities—you may experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

4—Wear swimwear you feel confident in. There is no worse feeling than being uncomfortable while surrounded by a group of people. Take time before your trip to find swimwear pieces that you feel happy, comfortable, and confident in to avoid these moments.

5—Avoid chain restaurants. Vacation destinations are known for being home to hundreds of locally-owned restaurants. Do some research to find fun and new places to enjoy!

6—Don’t forget your fitness goals. You might have been pushing yourself through workouts in order to prep that perfect beach body before your trip, so don’t throw it all away. Even if it’s just a few times over the trip, keep up with your fitness goals. Your post-vacation self will thank you!

7—But don’t be afraid to splurge. While staying on track with your fitness goals will make your post-trip physique happy, letting yourself splurge here and there on the trip will definitely keep your present cravings satisfied.

8—Keep up with skincare. This one is self-explanatory—sunburns do not fall under the definition of “fun” (and cause wrinkles).

9—Take advantage of Instagram moments. You’re surrounded by a beautiful backdrop that is most likely not common to your typical posts—take advantage of it!

10—Make time for self-growth. Vacation is a great time to unwind and take the time to invest in yourself, whether that be through reading a motivational book, making extra time just for yourself, or whatever unwinds your mind.

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The Top 5 Things to Do in Portugal

This summer, I was able to visit Portugal with my family. We spent the majority of our time in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. We traveled to several other cities in the country, including Sintra, Cascais, Cabo da Roca, Belém, Évora, and Monsaraz. I did some awesome things and saw some amazing sights, so I rounded up my favorite things to do in Portugal.

1—Visit the Lisbon Oceanarium. This Oceanarium is the largest aquarium in Europe. It is also the world’s largest saltwater Oceanarium. My favorite animal here was the sea otters since we got to see them during feeding time—they were super cute. There are also sharks, rays, penguins, jellyfish, and many other aquatic species.

2—See Cabo da Roca. Cabo da Roca is Europe’s westernmost point. From here, you have a panoramic view of the whole coast, which is picture-perfect. Fun fact: the cliffs of Cabo da Roca were believed to be the edge of the world up until the up until the late 14th century.

3—Visit the Roman Temple of Évora. This Roman temple is regarded as the best preserved Roman structure on the entire Iberian Peninsula. It has been preserved by being incorporated into multiple buildings throughout Portugal since the demise of the Romans.

4—Try local specialties and products. Portugal is known for fresh seafood, especially cod. They are also known for their custard tarts, which are delicious! We also visited a local winery, where we toured their facility and tasted their most popular wines. Portugal is one of the top producers of cork. Try shopping for local cork products like purses, shoes, coasters, and even belts.

5—Enjoy the view. Don’t forget to wander the streets and enjoy the view while in Portugal. Be sure to explore places to snap a picture of the panoramic view of the city.

Have you been to Portugal? If so, tell me what your favorite thing was in the comments below!

7 Essentials for Cute Camping

The month of August consists of many long, hot days where the living is easy. Therefore, packing for a camping trip should be anything but stressful! However, I always find myself frantically trying to overstuff my backpack with my whole wardrobe. If you are anything like me, then you need some guidelines to keep this process simple. It is essential to pack basics that mix and match, and fun accessories to keep things interesting!

I recommend you start with two T-shirts, one tank top, two pairs of shorts, one sweatshirt, a pair of leggings, a raincoat, and a cover-up for a week of camping. Pack less if you are only going away for the weekend! The list that follows breaks down my tried and true extras for the great outdoors. These items will let your personal style shine through.

1—Statement sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from intense sun rays is a must! My pick for the summer is blue-tinted aviator sunglasses! These frames are timeless but pack a punch with fun-colored lenses. If you feel this classic style is too tame, you could try thick cat-eye shades in cherry red or pastel pink that give a nod to the pin-up girls of the 1950s and 1960s.

2—Performance sandals. Whether you are team Tevas or Chacos, both sandals allow you to comfortably romp through streams and keep your footing while navigating tough terrain. Minimalists can stick to all-black styles while quirkier Fashionistas can choose from a range of intricate patterns and bold colors.

3—Hiking boots/sneakers. If you prefer a shoe that hits at the ankle and provides more stability and coverage, a hiking boot suits your needs! However, some people feel restricted by boots. If you fall into this category, then you should try trail sneakers which provide traction while letting your ankles breathe. Regardless of what you choose, have fun with your shoes! I like to switch out basic laces for a more colorful pair.

4—One-piece swimsuit. This is a no-brainer! A one-piece is more functional for swimming around a lake or traipsing through a stream. The one-pieces of today are far from dorky, so use yours to express yourself. I personally love a one-piece in a bright shade like coral.

5—Backpack. This is the perfect carryall! You can fit everything you need into one bag neatly given the different compartments. In addition to your clothing, I recommend bringing a book, BB cream, lip balm, bug spray, sunscreen, and a travel hammock in your backpack!

6—Hat. Whether you prefer a baseball cap, wide-brimmed sun hat, or bandana, all three can make an outfit and camouflage greasy locks instantly. Bandanas can also double as a cute bracelet!

7—Water-resistant watch. My favorite essential is a sporty watch! You can keep an eye on the time to ensure your activities move along smoothly.

Time to go explore! What are your favorite essentials for cute camping? Let me know in the comments below. 

My 5 Essential Carry-On Items for Traveling

Traveling is one of my favorite things—the food, culture, and the adventure of discovering something new always leaves me with a bad case of wanderlust.  Long flights can be a killer, so here are my five carry-on essentials that help me survive any plane ride.

Water Bottle and Snack

A water bottle is a definite essential carry-on item for me. Hydrating during those long flights will help your skin stay hydrated and healthy. Also, I always make sure to bring a snack, whether it’s a granola bar, nuts, or an apple. It is so important to keep a snack in your carry on because you never know when you’ll be hungry, and a person can only eat so many peanuts.


Sometimes it may feel like you are never going to get to your destination, and you keep asking yourself, “Are we there yet?” To help conquer this in-flight boredom, try picking up an interesting book, downloading some movies, or listening to some tunes.

Sweatshirt or Light Jacket

If you are like me, then you understand the struggle of never feeling warm on the plane. This is why I always bring some sort of jacket in my carry-on. Plus, this denim jacket is one of my favorites and it goes flawlessly with any outfit.


I wish I could be one of those girls who could fit all of my stuff into a cute tote, but unfortunately, I will always need a backpack as my carry-on. Backpacks may not be the cutest, but they definitely hold a bunch of stuff.


When your travel you can’t forget the little things like your passport! I absolutely love all the cute covers you can get for passports to make traveling even more fun.

What are your carry-on essentials? Leave a comment below!