Getting Concert Ready

It’s the middle of summer, and you know what that means? It’s peak concert season. All my favorite artists are on tour, and it takes everything within me to not drop all my money on concert tickets. I saw Tyga with my best friend Madie, so naturally, she came over early so we could get concert ready together.

Madie and I tend to go to a lot of shows together. It’s always nice to have a partner in crime and like me, she enjoys the process of getting ready since she’s an MUA. We’ll get together a few hours before we want to leave and just play around with makeup. It’s so much fun to get concert-ready with her. Then we spend half the time telling each other how hot we are because what else are best friends for?

So, this time we got ready and went for a low-key skater vibe. Madie’s white dress is casual and she pairs it with some classic Old Skool Vans and yellow tinted aviators. All together it gives her major cool-girl vibes. Can anyone say goals?

So after doing the typical basic thing and having a photo shoot on my roof, we ran back inside, grabbed our bags, and headed to the venue. Every night out with Madie is just as much fun as it is to getting concert-ready. I always look forward to the next time we get to hang out. Nothing is better than having fun with your best friend while vibing to your favorite music.

Let me know how you get concert ready in the comments below!

Why You Should Love the ’90s Fashion Comeback

Fashion is constantly changing, and the ’90s fashion of yesterday is back with a modern twist! Chokers, off-the-shoulder tops, denim miniskirts, and oversize windbreakers—all of these contemporary staples draw inspiration from the much-loved styles of the ’90s. These wild, nostalgic, and statement-making pieces have made a mark in fashion today, from casual street looks to pop culture. Here’s why everyone is falling back in love with this style!

Fashion is cyclical! Quirky ’90s fashion reminisces an idealized, happier, and simpler time. A cool cropped top, high-waisted shorts, and fresh kicks were all you needed to look good and feel good; who wouldn’t miss that? In addition, many people recall the ’90s as the memorable era of their childhood or rambunctious teens. While digging through my mother’s closet, her old clothes brought back stories from when she was my age! Fashion isn’t simply about surface-level looks, it’s something that spans generations and a way to remember the past. The dusty clothes in the back of my mother’s closet were a part of her college days and now might be a part of my own!

The focus of this ’90s-inspired outfit I composed is clearly the red Lacoste windbreaker, which I actually borrowed from my mother’s closet! With a statement piece like this, I chose to keep the rest of my outfit simple with an off-the-shoulder top and high-waisted shorts. Some thrifted Old Skool Vans and calf socks add a classic, sporty vibe to the look that’s versatile and wearable. And, don’t forget the hair! I couldn’t find a scrunchie for this half ponytail, but you get the idea! Hoop earrings and statement shades elevate this quirky hairstyle for a modern, street-style vibe.

This cool, lived-in style is not a trend and every effort to make it one compromises the look. Duplicated denim jackets with mass-produced pins and patches defeat the individuality that ’90s fashion celebrated! Rebel against fast fashion and play with colors, textures, and accessories to make the look your own. Try perusing your local thrift store to find unique pieces that really speak to your personal style!

Fashion is about taking risks, wearing what suits you, and having fun! The wild child of the ’90s dressed fearlessly. While this led to many looks we cringe at today, there’s something undoubtedly alluring about that boldness. Drawing from the best of the era’s outfits and attitude, fashion enthusiasts today are bringing back the ’90s with their own fresh take.

Are you embracing the ’90s look? Let us know your favorite comeback piece in the comments below!


As the days are getting nicer, I know most of you are pulling out those colorful pieces you own in the back of your closet. Pastels are a great choice if you want to add a little color to an outfit. The best part is pastels can be worn whenever, wherever. From preppy to edgy, chalky colors can be incorporated in any kind of outfit and can be worn by anyone as a fashion statement. What’s also great about pastels is that they can also be worn in almost any setting.

Spring is here which means it’s time to learn how to wear pastels. It is best worn during the day since they replicate the sunlight, but this doesn’t keep you from wearing them in the evening, too. There are a number of ways you can incorporate pastels into your look. They go great with other pastels and there is no doubt about that. Wearing multiple chalky colors at the same time will result in a warm and relaxed look. But be careful, as you can run a serious risk of looking like salt-water taffy. Also, if you find yourself wearing an all-neutral outfit, you can break it up by changing one of the pieces with a pastel one.

This Fashionisto is wearing neutral blue jeans cuffed at the bottom with a button-down pastel T-shirt that adds just enough color to brighten up the look. Cuffing the jeans just enough to get a sneak at his colored socks also gives this look a touch of detail. As for accessories, he is wearing white Vans along with a pair of round black sunglasses. This casual look works great for 60 degree weather on a spring day.

As summer is all about embracing the rainbow, spring is about easing your way into colors with softer shades. For something that makes a pretty serious statement, pastels can be easy to wear. Hopefully these couple of tips guide you in making the right choices when it comes to wearing colors for the spring.

STYLE ADVICE: Work What You’ve Got

Bring on the heat. As we approach the end of the spring semester and finals coming up we tend to lean towards comfortable articles of clothing to get us through this stressful time. We are almost there!

This Fashionista finds inspiration through her love of music. She creates music and she likes her style to reflect that. This Fashionista loves her comfort when getting through those long days. Her personal style on a day to day basis consist of dark and neutral colors that adds a “chill” vibe to her style. She wears a graphic hoodie layered with a leather jacket to add to her grungy look. Dark wash jeans are her go-to item of clothing which goes perfectly with this look. She finishes this outfit off with classic Vans and a crossbody bag.

Now, on to the advice. We discussed how often at time this Fashionista’s challenges are figuring out what works for her. I think everyone has their own style that works for them. There’s no right or wrong way with your own style. Style is all about what your personality is like or what you’re comfortable in. I believe ones fashion choices are solely about them and not what others think is acceptable. As long as you are happy and confident in what you are wearing that’s all that matters. This summer wear what you like! Try new trends and experiment with whatever beauty or fashion trends you feel comfortable trying. Work with what you have and you may just create an awesome look.

STYLE GURU STYLE: The Biggest Fashion Risk

To combine two or more trends is as treacherous of a task as it is worrisome. Why? Because trends are risks in and of themselves. They are typically short-lived, and come and go quicker than the seasons can change. Thus, buying trendy pieces becomes a risky endeavor, never knowing for sure if the trend will be “so last year,” by next season.

While trends may get a bad reputation for being expensive and ephemeral, they most certainly are not 100 percent bad. Incorporating trendy pieces into an otherwise bland outfit can make a world of difference. Take my outfit here for example: a simple white T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers—eternally stylish. With that said, classic looks run the risk of being too boring. I incorporated a neck scarf to revamp my outfit, allowing it to be both classic and current.

I chose to channel and combine different vibes with this outfit, yet another risk that I decided to take. My Levi’s jeans emanate a vintage vibe while my neck scarf channels a vibe reminiscent of the 1970s, and/or a cute little European villa. I call this mad creation vintage-Euro vibes!

My little lesson here is be the biggest perpetrator of the fashion world, if you want. Go crazy. Be absolutely wild! Don’t ever let a rule book or suggestion, deter you from showing others, through your personal style, how awesome you are! Yes, trends can be scary. Yes, combining more than one can be even scarier. Letting others dictate your own personal expression is what is scariest of them all.

WHAT TO WEAR: Sundays at the Library

Sundays are for brunching, mimosas, croissants, and our closest friends. While this all seems innocent and glamorous, the reality is that we brunch to get fuel for that all-day cramming session at the library which follows immediately after. Yes, Sundays are for brunching, but ultimately, they’re for the library. As we begrudgingly pack up our bags, throw some Glossier serum under our eyes, and prepare for the hell ahead of us, an outfit that is both comfortable and cute is necessary.

I ran into this Fashionista while heading over to get my third cup of coffee. Straying from the average black legging, here we see how a pair of olive green leggings can turn a comfortable look from sloppy to stylish. I love how she paired her staple light blue denim jacket with a long sleeve black shirt. For accessories, her stylish round sunglasses and tiny jeweled necklaces show effort but are not too much for the library crowd.

I think the best part of the look are her checkered slip-on Vans, shoes which I have seen around campus before. They’re so compatible with such a wide array of outfits and outings. Best of all, these skater-chic shoes are seriously adorable. Add a little bit of mascara, fill in those brows, and leave your hair down for an effortlessly comfortable but socially acceptable look for the library. I have had too many occasions showing up to the library with my pajamas and messy bun, but I would rather look like this!

STYLE ADVICE: Spring Into Spring

Spring has sprung and pastels are back! Spring is my favorite season not only because of the perfect not-too-hot, not-too-cold weather, but also because of all the clothing that comes along with it. We can finally venture off from the all-black outfits and introduce some warm colors back into our lives!

The main focus of this Fashionista’s outfit is her button-down Free People top. This top has a combination of various pastel colors that meet in the center, really supporting that springtime color scheme. These warm weather colors pop perfectly against her basic, charcoal gray T-shirt that is layered underneath–because can we actually leave winter behind without still wearing some dark colors? Her T-shirt is tucked into some two-tone paneled skinny jeans, which adds some detail to this denim. Both tones of denim are light washed, to complement this warm weather look while keeping it cute and casual.

For those awkward spring days where you can’t quite decide if boots or sandals would be more acceptable…sneakers are the perfect solution! This Fashionista rocked some high top gray Van’s on her feet, which are perfect for those of us that are always on the go. For accessories, she is sporting a couple of dainty bracelets, along with some bigger, turquoise stone rings. Her cream colored handbag is perfect in the sense that it can be worn as a crossbody bag or held by the handles for easy access to all of your essentials.

Now, show me some of your favorite springtime looks!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: It’s the Little Things

Although it is officially spring, some of us may be still in that difficult in between stage. It’s not quite warm enough to ditch the layers entirely, and it’s a bit too soon to make room in our dressers for shorts. Luckily, spring fashion trends have sprung, so we’re all set to incorporate them into our wardrobe.

Today we’re sweating the small stuff with a Fashionisto who has mixed some of the season’s trends into his casual look. Starting from the top, he’s rocking a plain red T-shirt with embroidered swords. Over the past year, embroidery has made a big splash in fashion for both men and women. In this case, it’s one of those elements in an outfit that spices up a more simple look. I am a big fan of the embroidery trend, not only for the texture it adds to any piece, but also because it gives the wearer a chance to showcase a bit of their personality.

With jewelry, this Fashionisto has taken his casual look one step further. He has paired a black-faced gold watch with a black pinky ring. Watches are a perfect and practical touch to add to any outfit, especially a more casual one. The pinky ring, on the other hand, is an accessory that I am so excited to try out during the upcoming spring and summer seasons. I’m for sure a ring lover. I can never leave the house without one, but pinky rings are a more edgy and elegant option.They make a statement and will undoubtedly have you feeling like a boss. This Fashionisto finished off his outfit by matching the red in his shirt with a pair of a red Vans. Vans are another item that have become high in demand. They’re affordable, versatile, and comfy! What more could you ask for in a pair of shoes? The laid-back vibe of this outfit is great for hanging around, but its intricate details really make it perfect for any occasion.

I hope all of you Fashionistas and Fashionistos out there have been inspired to snag some of these rad trends in exchange for your warm weather pieces. Summer is just around the corner!

STYLE ADVICE: Girls Got Swagger Too

A wise gal once declared bravely: “Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you,” whilst standing toe to toe with a guy dwelling in immaculate swagger. But of course, hers was a tad bit better. I reassure, being as though it was yours truly. When opting to take the biggest risks in the name of fashion, I advise to never conform to the usual standards of what’s known as “gender norms”. A man big and buff with much bravado can, yes you bet, wear pink. And a girl wanting to wear her boyfriend’s jeans has the ability to look just as good, if not better, in them than her hunky beau. With style, it’s about what makes you as an individual stand out and brings forth comfort in your own skin. Keep in mind looking in the mirror to get dressed, it’s only you that you see in your reflection; so be comfortable with your attire of choice.

I’ll have to admit that my favorite style of clothing is definitely unisex, that can look good on any body type. That’s if I don’t grab an item intended for one, and make it my own anyway. I found to know with my analytical eye, most pieces designed for men have this distinct boldness. Whether it’s the color so clean cut or the preciseness of a shoulder or even shape of a pant leg, it’s admirable and attractive, to say the least. So just maybe an extra edgy motorcycle jacket or a pair of Nike sneaks so masculinely defined needs a feminine touch to make the outfit much better.

This fellow Fashionista is adorning under a khaki jacket, a blue and white striped button-up. Providing just enough umph to what can be considered “casual cool” attire. With a slight sag, a pair of matching khaki pants is worn, with white Vans, and a black and brown backpack.


The weather is getting warmer and the sun is coming out, but the weather in Southern California is still quite chilly. As winter slowly transitions to spring, fashion tends to slowly gravitate toward color and away from neutral or dark tones. With the fluctuating daytime temperatures, people tend to bundle up in the same layers day by day for convenience and minimal effort. As a majority of the crowd tends to look the same, what caught my eye with this Fashionisto was how he chose to incorporate muted pops of color into his outfit, all while pulling together an otherwise all black ensemble.

In this look, this Fashionista has created his base layer by pairing a black SpaceX sweatshirt with black denim jeans. He then chose to elongate his silhouette with a long black coat to pull his all black ensemble together. This Fashionisto begins to add subtle color into his outfit by finishing off his outfit with muted, olive green Vans SK8 High sneakers. This muted color gives a little seasonal twist to this classic high top shoe, making it an easy piece to transition with the changing seasons. For head wear, he popped on a burnt orange colored beanie, making him visually stand out from the ever so common sea of black and gray passersby. His tan canvas backpack finalizes his look, giving a subtle pop of color, covering a majority of the look. The winter season does not necessarily have to associate with plain, drab, boring layered fashion. Subtle pops of color from various accessories such as hats, or backpacks can help add more personality to a look while still maintaining warmth, and functionality.