How to Master Power Dressing According to a Stylist

Just like how standing with your arms on your waist in a Superman pose for two minutes can boost your confidence, dressing in the right blazers, shirts, and pantsuits—aka power dressing—can do the same. Many S/S 17 designer collections including Prada, Céline, and Louis Vuitton reintroduced us to officewear that is no longer boring and conventional, but modern, bold, and statement-making. We’ll continue to see more power pieces for next season. At Tom Ford’s S/S 18 show, blazers with shoulder pads in hot pink, white, and black were slung coolly over models’ shoulders.

Even if power dressing may seem like a passing trend, it is in fact here to stay and highly political. Power dressing surfaced in the ’70s as a means to let women establish authority in the workplace which was dominated by men. Today, more women are in leading positions, and younger graduates and millennial women are eager to take on similar roles. There’s never been a better time to show your ambition through your clothing. To help you channel your inner power goddess, I asked New York City fashion stylist and producer Jessica Wu on tips to master power dressing and how you can dress the part now before you land your dream job.

PHOTO: Harleen Sidhu

1—Accessories are key

When it comes to power dressing, accessories can make or break an outfit. Wu says casual and dramatic accessories can be paired with power pieces to complete the look: “If I were to wear a pantsuit, I’d wear it with some chunky athletic sneakers or add a flashy or brightly colored bag.”

PHOTO: Harleen Sidhu

2—The blazer is your best friend

Don’t underestimate the power of the blazer. This versatile piece can be styled in a number of ways for a number of occasions and is a great power piece for college students. Wu says a longer blazer can be worn as a mini dress, oversize blazers can be layered with knits and blouses, and more fitted blazers can be dressed up with complementary bottoms or dressed down with boyfriend jeans.

PHOTO: Harleen Sidhu

3—Less is more

A good blazer is important, but what’s underneath can be just as powerful. Modern power dressing has seen a mix of traditional masculine styles and more wispy, baring feminine styles. Under your blazer, Wu suggests to “keep it bare so you don’t look too covered up—wear a silk camisole, crop top, or bralette.”

PHOTO: Harleen Sidhu

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School is in Session But Your Summer Wardrobe Doesn’t Have to Retire

Classes may be officially starting, but don’t abandon your summer closet! I have rounded up five trends of the summer that you shouldn’t forget as the fall semester emerges!

1—Denim jacket. I paired this denim jacket with a timeless, checkered shift dress. Worn on or around the waist, it brings an edginess to any outfit. Jean jackets are a must-have for any college student! They can be worn with a plain white top and a plaid scarf to create a chic, fall ensemble as cooler weather approaches.

2—Off-the-shoulder tops. Although fall has not officially arrived yet, it is fast approaching. As the season emerges, keep an eye out for neutral or dark, rich colored off-the-shoulder tops. Focus on frilly, dainty off-the-shoulder tops these will transition well and are perfect for a special date or girls night! Worn with the right necklace and accessories, you’ll be emanating early fall vibes when you get back on campus!

3—Two-tone denim. The two-tone denim craze of this summer is still very alive! Don’t feel the need to leave them behind in your closet at home. Two-tone denim jeans are surprisingly easy to style—they draw much attention and therefore require only the simplest of tops to be paired with. This unique twist on the plain blue jean is not going anywhere, so add these to your school essentials!

4—Linen pants. A summer staple, linen pants go with almost anything. Nevertheless, they absolutely qualify as fall wear. Comfortable and casual, they are perfect for an easy and effortless outfit for class. To establish contrast and differentiation, try pairing lighter linen pants with a dark top, and vice versa.

5—Espadrilles. Espadrilles have been all the rage this summer! Although these wedge shoes are often associated with summer, they are totally transitional. Experimenting with different colored and styled espadrilles is sure to shake up your back-to-school look. With the usually added height that espadrilles offer, you’ll stand tall and confident. Paired with fringe hem jeans, you’ll create instantaneous wardrobe envy on your campus! Essentially any shoes can be transformative in nature and tailor to any kind of outfit. However, if you’re looking for less summery shoes, try these espadrilles.

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Spice Up Business Casual and Style Your Silk Square Scarf Like a Pro

It can be intimidating to dive headfirst into the workforce after graduating college. It seems like everything is changing and the world is ready to see the new you! It’s finally that time to transition from interview ready to work week ready. As a fresh grad, this is your opportunity to take things up a notch by curating a few key pieces to enhance your whole wardrobe.

It seemed like just yesterday you were stressing over the perfect interview outfit, but keeping a steady look going week after week can be a whole other ballgame. That’s right, just because we are entering the workforce doesn’t mean we have to leave style behind. Don’t get stuck in a cycle of mundane outfits and find your stride in business casual. Set the tone for a good week and stay polished day after day.

It is key to dress the part and doing so consistently requires accessories! The combinations are endless when you find key pieces that work for you. It may seem scary in the accessories section, but starting simple will keep things versatile and allow you to experiment. Implementing accessories will diversify your closet and open a plethora of possibilities. Use accessories to your advantage by giving a simple pairing some depth or just put the finishing touches on one of your favorites! You can keep it low-key or elevate your outfit that expresses your specific taste. Learn how to create a professional, yet personal, look with just one scarf!

Square silk scarves have been a fashion icon across space and time. A staple for many, the square scarf is one of the most versatile accessories around. Simple, yet so significant, the square scarf can refine any look while still keeping things feminine. The square scarf adds elegance and grace to any look: in the hair, around the neck, or even on your handbag. They are an easy way to incorporate color, pattern, and personality to accessorize your simple outfit without worrying that the trend will fade.

Who said ties are just for men? My favorite way to wear the silk scarf is with a collared button down. This look can be flirty and playful or more boyish; it’s up to you! This fold creates a layered look while showcasing different portions of the pattern that ripple down both sides and is more dynamic than the traditional suit-and-tie.

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Fall Fashion Essentials

For lots of us, the end of August means the end of summer. We pack up our rooms at home and make the transition to going back to school. As summer ends, fall begins and we leave our pool days in bikinis behind for bonfires wrapped in blankets. We also leave our summer wardrobes behind for fresh new fall ones. It can be tough when deciding what to pack versus what to leave behind, but below are six pieces that I don’t even hesitate to throw in the suitcase.

Jean Jacket

You’ll find yourself pairing this jacket with just about any outfit you throw together; its versatility is my favorite part about it. It’s perfect for layering!

Ripped Jeans

Whether you dress them up with a fur vest and booties, or down with an over-sized sweater and converse, you can’t go wrong with ripped jeans.

Knee-High Socks

This fashion trend is one that I’ve been sporting for years. Not only are knee-highs the way that I stay warm during the fall months, but they add so much to an outfit. You can bunch them up when paired with booties, pull them over the knee when paired with knee-high boots, or hide them underneath your outfit completely if you’re just trying to keep warm.


We can’t forget about our feet! For a night out, booties are the perfect option. A closed toe and thick heel make walking much more comfortable and keep your feet out of the cold. This makes booties so functional and fashionable!

Suede Skirt

For the girls’ nights out, this skirt is the perfect pairing with your booties. The color and texture of the skirt give it a fall feel, while still giving you the option of showing off your legs. You can throw tights on underneath or your knee-high socks to hide some skin for the colder temps.

Leather Satchel

Some girls switch up their bags depending on the season and some like to keep it the same throughout the whole year. Regardless of which girl you are, a leather satchel is the perfect way to go. Especially for fall, leather is the best move because of its water/weather resistant quality and its tendency to match almost every outfit.

My favorite part of fall has to be the fashion that comes along with it. I love the versatility of my essentials. Balancing school, work, and a social life sometimes leaves us with very little time to focus on fashion so the items on this list make it quick and easy to get ready and go. Enjoy the beauties of summer while they last. Before you know it, they’ll be fading away and it’ll be time to say hello to all of the beauties fall has to offer, especially its fashion.

I’m always looking for more to add to this list of essentials so let me know your favorite fall-time pieces in the comment section below!

5 Tips for Starting a Minimalist Wardrobe

Not long ago, a goal of mine was to cultivate a wardrobe like the ones you see in the “closet goals” tag on Instagram: a limitless collection of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, allowing me to never repeat an outfit ever again. However, not only is this wardrobe expensive, it’s also unhealthy for the environment. Thus, the idea of a minimalist wardrobe was born, and aesthetically-pleasing minimalist wardrobe photos began to flood the Internet. So, to do something good for your wallet and the Earth, here are some starting points for creating your own affordable, sustainable, and fashionable minimalist wardrobe.

1—Donate/recycle clothes you don’t wear. While it may be difficult to part with certain clothes, my rule is, if I haven’t worn it in a year, it has to go. If the clothing item is in good enough condition, it can be resold or donated. Otherwise, it can be recycled at a local clothing recycling station.

2—Find your color scheme. This doesn’t mean that all of your clothes will be the same colors, but it will help your wardrobe be more flexible. You want most of your tops to match most of your bottoms, and your accessories to match most of your outfits. Also, if most of your clothes match each other, you’re less likely to have the “I have nothing to wear!” feeling while you’re getting ready.


3—Make sure your clothes differ from each other.  Although you may think that this contradicts my last point, this simply means that the design of each clothing item should be unique within your wardrobe. For example, two main colors from my color scheme are black and white. However, I have a plain, loose-fitting, black T-shirt, and a fitted black and white striped shirt. While both of these things can easily be paired with the same pair of black shorts and basic shoes, they are very different from each other, allowing me to make my smaller wardrobe fun and versatile.

4—Use layering pieces that go with most of your outfits. This could be a denim jacket, a neutral cardigan, or a fun scarf. It allows you to vary your outfits and prevents you from getting in a fashion rut. It’s also useful for when the seasons change, as it allows you to wear the same pieces throughout the year.

5—Only own accessories that go with more than half of your clothes. Bags, shoes, and jewelry can be worn far more often than clothes. So, make sure that you can get your use out of each item by wearing them more regularly. Also, by having the ability to add an accessory to any outfit, you maximize the number of different outfits that you can create.

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3 Versatile Ways to Wear Your Plain White T-shirt

Every clothing owner has a plain white T-shirt hidden somewhere in their pile of clothes, whether they choose to wear it as pajamas or for a day at work. T-shirts are one of my favorite basic tops! Because of its simplistic elements, you can have fun adding accessories or shoes that stand out without the outfit feeling overwhelming. With small added details, you can style your outfit for a day at school, and glam it up for a night out! So don’t just settle for a casual OOTD, let me show you three ways to turn your everyday T-shirt into eye-catching outfits.

My first outfit is for a casual day out where you want to be comfy yet not give the impression you just rolled out of bed. I wore my plain white T-shirt with some high-waisted jean shorts to create a very basic look. To give it more life, I added a red bandana which brings in a pop of color. You can also tie a bandana around a loop on the shorts if you’re not into the choker look (but who isn’t?). I then paired the outfit with some lace-up black and white sandals instead of grabbing my typical sneakers. To finish off, I wore some neutral earrings and bracelets to accessorize but not overpower the outfit.

For my second outfit, my concept was a dressy day out. The outfit is definitely comfortable, but the details make the outfit more of a “going out for brunch” OOTD. Once again, I started off with a basic white T-shirt, added a black ruffle wrap around skirt and kept the attention at my shoes. As a city girl, I am constantly on the hunt for shoes that are cute and comfortable. So to keep things realistic, I paired the outfit with bright orange lace-up sandals, with a little block heel, that provides comfort as well as style.

I wanted to bring the color from the bottom half of my outfit to the top, so I added colorful earrings that complemented the bright shoes. I completed the look with gold chokers, a black leather bracelet and watch, and gold bracelets.

For my third and final outfit, I wanted to share how you can achieve a cute GNO outfit with a plain white T-shirt.

For this look, I wanted to dress up a white T-shirt, so I added a mesh camisole over it with satin black culottes. I kept the jewelry from the second outfit, except the earrings. Since it’s a night out, I wanted to go a little heavier with some statement earrings. This on its own is already dressy, but let’s not stop there! I finished the outfit with sleek nude sandal heels, which gave length to my legs (huge plus to all my short Fashionista/os like me), and a cute embroidered jean jacket if you are into jackets like me.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Good Blazer

An ideal blazer is a unique thing to come by. Since blazers usually come with a negative connotation of being stuffy and uptight, it is important to know that blazers are anything but that. At the end of the day, a perfect blazer is almost as valuable as the perfect pair of jeans, and possibly even better, because this special piece of clothing is the most versatile thing you will have in your closet. These are the three most important reasons to own this archaic, yet lively, piece of clothing.

1—Blazers are versatile. Whether you pair your blazer with a crisp, white blouse, high-waisted jeans, and slingback flats, or a dress and heels, a blazer will always be the perfect piece of outerwear. Besides being able to wear a blazer with just about anything your heart desires, blazers can also go from day to night. A boxy blazer, blouse, skirt, and platforms can take you from your day at your internship to a night on the town with your best girlfriends. There really is a blazer for every occasion.

2—There are a ton of different stylesJust like jeans, blazers come in a plethora of different styles to fit your mood. For example, there are shorter, fitted blazers, like the ones pictured, and there are also longer, boxy blazers that provide more of a vintage, tomboy look, like this one. Although blazers are generally seen in darker colors such as navy or black, there are so many other colors and prints that blazers come in—very Cher-from-Clueless. You can really get one that fits your style.

3—Blazers are a timeless stapleTrends may fade, but blazers are forever. The proof is in the fact that they are, and have always been, an important staple. They are not just forever because they last a long time. Looks have come and gone, but blazers have always been in our closets and will continue to be there to support our every look. Although different types of blazers have reigned supreme during different times (can you say shoulder pads?), the blazer has always remained relevant.

No matter what your style, who you are inspired by, or where you shop, there is bound to be a blazer that fits your style and personality. You will always be rocking it, no matter where you are going or what you are doing, if you have your trusty blazer along for the ride.

Do you have a blazer that you absolutely love? Tell us in the comments below!

White Jeans—The Perfect Summer Essential for Everyday

When I look at my summer wardrobe, for the most part, I see bright colors, patterns, and sundresses but sometimes they just take too much time to style. My go-to easiest piece of clothing this summer season has been my white jeans. I decided to style my white jeans four different ways just to prove to all of you Fashionistas that they are a staple piece for the summer.

White Jeans Look One

My first look is a super casual look. I love the all-white look not only for winter but for summer too! I paired this pair of white jeans with a boyfriend fit white T-shirt. I finished off the look with my jean jacket that is always shoved into my tote in case it gets chilly. My favorite part of the outfit is my gray block sandals. These are perfect to dress up the outfit. This outfit is a good day to night outfit, so wear it with sandals throughout the day and when it is time to go out, slip on the heels.

White Jeans Look Two

My second look is something completely different for me. I paired my white jeans with a gray high side slit T-shirt. I cuffed the jeans to lace up my chestnut suede sandals. To finish off the look, I once again pulled out my jean jacket and a simple knotted necklace. This outfit is perfect for an easy work outfit or a quick lunch with friends.

White Jeans Look Three

This next look is what I like to call my retail look. This is an easy work outfit for me. I paired my white jeans with a simple black off-the-shoulder blouse. I finished off the look with my pair of Jack Rogers jelly sandals. This is a quick outfit when you are running late but still need to look like you put yourself together.

White Jeans Look Four

This is my fourth and final look. This out of my four looks is most definitely my favorite. I paired my white jeans with my favorite shirt for the summer. My shirt is the Tess top from the Mimi Miller womenswear summer collection. I paired this outfit with my medallion gray heel and a matching medallion choker. This outfit is great for a nice dinner out or a quick weekend brunch.

How do you guys wear your white jeans? Let me know in the comments below!

The Truth About Stripes

Over the years, stripes have been one of the most controversial topics in the fashion community. Some critics say that they make the female body appear larger, others say that the right kind of stripes can be extremely flattering on the fem-figure, with the ability to create a flawless shape. This debate has led to many women steering clear from all stripes for fear they will make them look larger than they are. But who’s to tell us that horizontal or vertical stripes can’t make us look our best?

Recently, stripes have made a huge comeback. Thick, thin, horizontal, and vertical stripes are all seeing a significant reappearance. Many different fashion companies, ranging from high fashion to local retailers, are releasing new lines of striped clothing. Versace and Louis Vuitton recently released new summer lines with striped pieces. Local retailers such as Windsor, Charlotte Russe, and Express have also focused on incorporating a variety of striped attire to create a casual and appealing look. The progression of the trend has given both men and women the ability to create looks ranging from business casual to sexy, preppy, and even punk.

Finding the right stripe style for you can be difficult, but once you do, it can take your style to a new level. The effect of stripes depends on your body type and the shape of the stripe. Horizontal stripes create an unbroken line, which makes for a continuous shape. Verticals, on the other hand, create contrasting views between the black and white, which can distort the visual appearance of the body. This doesn’t mean that vertical stripes can’t be worn to make a desirable shape; it’s important to find the right thickness and spacing between the stripes that compliment your body.

There are endless options for striped clothing. Almost every fashion company releases items that will fit your style and body type. Personally, I find a variety of chic pieces at companies like Windsor. They sell a striped clothing line that has extreme variations between stripe size, color, and style. I’ve found numerous pieces suitable for my body type and created several different looks. Never listen to those who say stripes aren’t for you, find your stripe and rock it!

What tips do you have for those looking to find the right stripe? Show me your favorite striped looks on social media, and be sure to tag @CFashionista!

Reduce, Reuse, Re-Fashion

Pulling out bell bottom jeans from your mom’s closet, or an ascot with a colorful pink paisley pattern may seem like you have been taken back in time. To some, wearing these “outdated” articles of clothing would be a crime to society, but others see these fashion items as vintage, making a comeback into 21st-century fashion.

Thrift shopping is all the craze in 2017. The timeless fashions being rediscovered by individuals are making a statement this year and have influenced many to stop and think about what they are buying.

Thrifting is environmentally friendly, can be much cheaper than buying at name brand stores, and, not to mention, it also supports local businesses. Those thrift shops aren’t opening up themselves! They are being branded by the owner and visited by those passing by on the street or through word of mouth.

This Fashionista is sporting three vintage looks from local Vermont thrift stores like Plato’s Closet and Second Time Around, as well as thrift stores found on the streets of Boston.

Her first look, the bell bottom jeans, VW bug crop, black cowgirl boots, and maroon ascot is a model style for the vintage look. The best part is her outfit total was under $30. Amazing! All items thrifted, and still cute as ever to make a ’70s-themed outfit ready to hit the streets of Boston.

As any child would know, Walt Disney created a company that brings so many smiles to the faces of children all over the world. Why not keep that trend going in young adults? This Fashionista is rocking an oversize Disney crewneck sweatshirt and self-made distressed shorts cut by jeans she bought at Goodwill. It’s always a good time to get crafty.

Finally, her last outfit is focused on the denim embroidered skirt that was under $15. With embroidery being the newest craze, it is great to add some to your wardrobe. You can pair it with a plain tank as seen here or jazz it up with a fun shirt! The opportunities are endless.

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