Spice Up Business Casual and Style Your Silk Square Scarf Like a Pro

It can be intimidating to dive headfirst into the workforce after graduating college. It seems like everything is changing and the world is ready to see the new you! It’s finally that time to transition from interview ready to work week ready. As a fresh grad, this is your opportunity to take things up a notch by curating a few key pieces to enhance your whole wardrobe.

It seemed like just yesterday you were stressing over the perfect interview outfit, but keeping a steady look going week after week can be a whole other ballgame. That’s right, just because we are entering the workforce doesn’t mean we have to leave style behind. Don’t get stuck in a cycle of mundane outfits and find your stride in business casual. Set the tone for a good week and stay polished day after day.

It is key to dress the part and doing so consistently requires accessories! The combinations are endless when you find key pieces that work for you. It may seem scary in the accessories section, but starting simple will keep things versatile and allow you to experiment. Implementing accessories will diversify your closet and open a plethora of possibilities. Use accessories to your advantage by giving a simple pairing some depth or just put the finishing touches on one of your favorites! You can keep it low-key or elevate your outfit that expresses your specific taste. Learn how to create a professional, yet personal, look with just one scarf!

Square silk scarves have been a fashion icon across space and time. A staple for many, the square scarf is one of the most versatile accessories around. Simple, yet so significant, the square scarf can refine any look while still keeping things feminine. The square scarf adds elegance and grace to any look: in the hair, around the neck, or even on your handbag. They are an easy way to incorporate color, pattern, and personality to accessorize your simple outfit without worrying that the trend will fade.

Who said ties are just for men? My favorite way to wear the silk scarf is with a collared button down. This look can be flirty and playful or more boyish; it’s up to you! This fold creates a layered look while showcasing different portions of the pattern that ripple down both sides and is more dynamic than the traditional suit-and-tie.

How will you spice up business casual? Comment below your favorite way to accessorize and share with us on social media by tagging @Cfashionista!

WHAT TO WEAR: From Breezy Days to Freezing Nights

Here at Ohio University, school may be out, but the summer is still around the corner. Breezy spring days can turn into frosty nights with the flip of a switch, and knowing how to dress for that shift is crucial. This Fashionisto does just that, but incorporates his own fashion sense into his look, letting his smooth street style shine through.

Plaid shirts can go one of three ways: it could make you look like a lumberjack, like a Catholic school girl, or complete an outfit. The fabric is not too heavy, but will still keep him warm on summer nights. The colors are perfect for the weather, too. The tan tones make any pants a perfect match and warm the skin tone a bit so those of us who can’t tan—also known as me—can gain inspiration for what will work best. The blue draws out the ocean blue of his eyes, making them pop. The vest adds warmth as well as style. While not too large, it is still just big enough to keep him warm without looking like he’s hiding old school books in the sides. This one by Patagonia is perfect for transitioning season to season.

His pants draw in fashion. The fit is not too baggy, but just enough that they are relaxed while still being classy. For college men, finding pants that fit without being overly tight is hard, but this Fashionisto was able to do exactly that. When shopping, make sure to get a relaxed fit so that they can be comfortably worn lounging during the chilly summer nights.

The shoes are possibly the best part of this Fashionisto’s outfit. They are statement shoes, in the most masculine way possible. The leather is worn the perfect amount, the soles are clean, and the laces are still crisp. Having a pair of shoes such as these makes transitioning from day to night a breeze. A pair of shoes like the ones this Fashionisto has will become the perfect staple to any collegiate wardrobe.

Transitioning from spring to summer can be tricky. Going from daytime heat to nighttime chill can be super tricky, but by drawing inspiration from this Fashionisto, any outfit is sure to slay whatever weather possible.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking

Now that the cold winter season has finally started to die down, we can start to transition our wardrobes into spring. Put your all-black ensembles in the back of your closet because it is time to start digging for your florals and bright colors.

Switch out your trench jackets for this awesome trench vest. This trench vest is a great accessory to add to any outfit. The camel color is on trend right now, with many celebrities and fashion icons switching out their clothing for anything camel colored. You can see this trend in jackets, vests, and even with khaki pants making a comeback. This color is also awesome for people who don’t like to spend too much time picking out their outfits because it is so easy to match with almost any color. I personally love the style of a trench coat, and because I live in Florida, I don’t get too many opportunities to wear it. However, this vest allows me to be able to wear this trend without sacrificing having to melt in the heat.

I paired the trench vest with my favorite floral tank top. As I have mentioned before, the heat in Florida can be unbearable, so this tank top is perfect because it is very lightweight. I know, wearing flowers in spring is so cliché, but I think that if you find small ways to incorporate floral into your wardrobe it can be super cute. I also love the muted colors of the flowers in this top. It is perfect if you don’t want to be screaming flowers but you do want a small touch of it. Floral can be overdone very easily, so I think finding outfit options, like this tank top or small patches of floral in other accessories, can make any outfit ready for spring.

I paired these awesome studded booties with this outfit because I felt like it needed a pop of something fun. The design on the back of the heels adds an awesome texture to this outfit. These shoes are the perfect height, so you can walk to class in them and your feet won’t hurt at all! Since I decided to accessorize this outfit with the design on my booties, I kept my jewelry very simple. I mainly stick to silver jewelry just because I personally like how it looks on my skin tone better than gold.

If you aren’t ready to give up the dark colors and trendy jackets, you can find ways to slowly shift your clothing from winter to spring. Finding accessories like my trench vest is an easy way to keep the winter style while staying cool in the heat. You can also start contrasting your dark colors with light accessories. Hopefully you’ll figure out how to break the season barrier and come out trendier on the other side.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Risky Business

Taking risks is a necessity within the fashion industry, and it’s the risks that Jeremy Scott takes each season that shock and inspire audiences. His looks in the Fall 2017 ready-to-wear collection were nothing short of extravagant. The mix of leather, patchwork, and fur with the diversity in the tights, boots, and vibrant jewels made this line unique and memorable, much like his styles every season.

Similarly, for this look, the tie-up detail on the shirt and lace texture throughout adds consistency to the top. The buttons on the skirt add a simple detail that goes a long way. I went with minimal jewelry, except for this jeweled choker that ties in the colors of the rest of the outfit.

My personal favorite piece of this ensemble is the light pink leather vest. It mimics Jeremy Scott’s theme of leather in unexpected shades within his newest collection. The light color of the vest and bag are an easy contrast of colors. Just as in Jeremy Scott’s line, despite the differences in the hues of the ensembles, they all blend and complement each other perfectly.

Another significant decision that must be made when putting together an outfit is the shoes. Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.” I finished this look with a sparkly pair of booties. The combination of black with the shiny silver brightens the entire outfit, and makes quite a statement!

Take a risk, like Jeremy Scott, this spring. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and designs to create looks as brilliant and unforgettable as his.

STYLE ADVICE: Printed Pants

Weather is in between cold and warm right now in Boston meaning it’s time to start bringing out the spring clothes! Probably one of the hardest seasons to dress for, it’s always a struggle to incorporate winter and summer looks into one cohesive look. One spring trend that I currently love is printed pants; they will easily become a necessity.

These black and white striped pants are perfect for any occasion and they were styled perfectly for the weather. Since it still is a little chilly, a long sleeve white top was tucked in and a suede vest was added. To add a little color, maroon lace-up shoes are the perfect complement.

The key to wearing printed pants is to make sure the outfit is minimal enough that it doesn’t take away from the pants. That is why neutral colors are a necessity in finishing the outfit.  We used these neutral colors in the shirt and vest.

Also, if the pants are loose, like in this situation, it’s better to wear more form fitting tops. Choosing the right printed pants can be hard since there are so many fits, colors, and styles. However, styling vertical striped pants are so easy because they make anyone’s legs look long and flattering. The best part about these pants is the little bow accent when the belt is done, tying the whole look together. Adding a color to such a busy look can be risky, but these flats are perfect for when it’s too hot for booties and too cold for sandals.

STYLE ADVICE: Anticipation for Precipitation

There’s many perks to living on the East Coast, but the weather during most of the year is definitely not one of them. One day it’s sunny and 70 degrees out, the next it’s pouring rain and 50 degrees. Today happened to be one of those days. While I myself sported an outfit that showed my laziness, this Fashionista did the complete opposite. She was able to look extremely put together, shield herself from the wrath of mother nature, and be comfortable at the same time.

This Fashionista is sporting a dark-blue flannel with white and maroon details. On top of the flannel she wore a black vest. The hood keeps her head covered and the faux fur along with the rest of the vest gives her just enough warmth to stay comfortable in this weather. With the random spurts in humidity, jackets tend to make you feel sticky and a little too warm, but she was able to surpass this issue by wearing a vest and exposing her arms. She pairs the flannel and vest with black leggings for the utmost comfort, and brown over-the-knee boots which look very stylish. She accessorizes by adding a watch, not just to show it off but to able to see the time without having to whip her phone out and get it wet in the rain.

This Fashionista had it all with her outfit—the looks, the comfort, and the accessibility. Her outfit is perfect to wear one of those crazy weather days where you can’t avoid walking to classes. Take a play from her book, and next time you need some advice, you can get inspired by her look. While I felt cold and tired in my T-shirt and sweater, she was confident and ready to go in her outfit!

WHAT TO WEAR: Conquering the Weekend

For some, the weekends are perfect for waking up early, running errands and seizing the day. For others though, they’re made strictly for seeing how many episodes of The Office you can fit in. I, unfortunately, am a part of the latter, but this Fashionista is all about getting things done and making the most of her days off. Her secret? Throwing on a great outfit that keeps her feeling cool and comfortable all day long.

The first step in deciding what to wear for a busy day out is to choose a staple piece like her black sweater. Picking a basic top like this makes it easy to play with other items in your wardrobe, like throwing a vest over top for a pop of color. Her green khaki vest gives her outfit a little more depth, all while staying within the comfort category.

For bottoms, she chose her favorite ripped jeans rather than opting for a more casual choice, like leggings. This Fashionista shared with me that by braving a pair of jeans in the morning, she tends to feel more productive and put together while she’s out and about. I think it’s awesome how a simple thing like wearing jeans can transform someone’s attitude for the day!

Lastly, she threw on some classic black booties that have a small platform heel that make it comfortable for walking around town in. The final touches of her day-conquering look consist of rocking some french braids and her best sunglasses. The only thing left for this Fashionista to do now is to take on the weekend!

STYLE ADVICE: Rainy Day Outfit Guide

When I think of a rainy day, the first thing that comes to mind is frizzy hair, wet shoes, and Netflix. Oddly enough, most people do see rainy days as the perfect opportunity to go to the mall and get some shopping done. This featured Fashionista was among those shopaholics and she wore just the right outfit to shop in. To start, she has a plain white top that she paired with an olive green vest. This vest was lightweight and super cozy. It is great to wear during these transition months, from winter to spring when the weather starts to warm up. She was carrying her insanely cute umbrella which has a picture of the sky lining the inside of it. I am not much of an umbrella fanatic, but if I were to have one like this, I would definitely use it even on a sunny day.

The black slit knee jeans are an infamous pair from Forever 21. I have seen a few people wear them in very different ways. They can either be dressed up or down. Our Fashionista also included her go-to tan MCM bag (which sadly does not stand for Man Crush Monday). On her feet she wore her favorite Hunter rain boots. These boots can get pricey, but she did insist that they are the best investment you can make for your closet. No more soggy socks!

To complete this look, our Fashionista kept it simple with her jewelry and wore just a few of her favorite rings. I have to say, from the umbrella to the black shiny boots, this rainy day outfit was one of the cutest I have seen. I think it is safe to say that next time it rains, I will be trading in the Netflix marathons for a shopping day—most likely to a mall where I can get my hands on those boots.

STYLE ADVICE: Best of Both Worlds

Spring weather is finally upon us in Happy Valley, and that means it’s time to pack away those parkas. Personally, I find dressing for this in-between weather the hardest. The mornings are chilly, but then the sun comes out to warm everything up. This Fashionista had no trouble dressing for the day. In my opinion, her outfit is the perfect spring transition look.

The statement piece of this Fashionista’s look is her neutral colored Timberlands. I personally find Timberlands somewhat hard to style, but this Fashionista did an effortless job. Despite their masculine appearance, this Fashionista manages to balances them out by pairing a simple white sweater and olive vest.

In my opinion, vests are the perfect clothing piece for college especially during this transition period from winter to spring. I purchased my own during my freshmen year of college and it is by far the most worn thing in my closet. This Fashioninsta’s vest was purchased on sale from Sears. The vest itself has a very feminine cut, which contrasts nicely with her boots.

Accessories can add so much to a look like this. One of my favorites from this Fashionista’s outfit is her purse. This Michael Kors bag is so simple, but adds a nice touch to the look. The neutral tones complement the rest of her outfit and the purse itself is the perfect size to fit her phone and wallet.

Keeping with the feminine look on top, this Fashionista added a neutral statement necklace from Francesca’s. The necklace gives the look a preppy vibe and complements the sweater as well as the vest. Her last accessory to complete her look is a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Until next time, you can find me sporting my own vest and Timberlands, while also hoping I don’t run into this Fashionista because I’m definitely stealing her look.

BEAUTY BAR: London Inspiration

This Fashionista spent the entirety of her 2016 fall semester studying abroad in London, England, where she definitely gained some serious style inspo. Everyone in London and Europe in general wears a lot of black or monotone colors. They’ve figured out the secret that wearing all black just makes an outfit automatically more chic. When this Fashionista was abroad she learned quickly not to wear her bright florals and pastels out and about.

Her go-to outfit is some ripped black jeans with a slimming black top. She couldn’t get rid of her love of color entirely however, which is why she paired an evergreen colored fur vest with her ensemble. Fur vests are on almost every other woman walking the streets of London–a lot of times paired on top of a leather jacket.

One major style change this Fashionista has made since studying abroad is her love of sneakers. People in London are constantly walking and commuting to work on public transportation so comfortable shoes are a must. You’ll often find people pairing professional dresses and pantsuits with sneakers. This Fashionista since invested in some white Adidas sneakers that seriously come in handy on the days that seemingly never end. This outfit was accessorized with a super cute Kate Spade, color blocked bag that totally ties everything together.

Besides her outfit, I couldn’t write this article without pointing out this Fashionista’s flawlessly done make-up. This Fashionista went for a more subtle eyeshadow look and added some sharp winged eyeliner to make it more edgy. Her lips are also done in a more neutral shade, and I mean, just look at that highlight!

This Fashionista’s make up look totally ties together her chic, comfortable outfit.