10 Ways to Make Every Beach Vacation Better

With the summer of 2017 drawing to a close, you may be trying to fit in last-minute vacations and trips, or you may plan on traveling to warm, sandy climates during the winter months. Either way, these 10 ways on how to make your beach vacation better will come in handy!

1—Road trip it. If feasible, take the extra time and road trip to your beach of choice. You will gain more memories, stories, and time with your travel buddies.

2—Utilize your style. You know you have pieces of clothing in your closet that you “just don’t have anything to wear it for.” Well here’s your excuse! Push your style and take advantage of the trip to step out of your normal, everyday clothing.

3—Notice what’s around you. Some pretty incredible things can happen down by the shore that may be impossible in your hometown. Take advantage of these opportunities—you may experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

4—Wear swimwear you feel confident in. There is no worse feeling than being uncomfortable while surrounded by a group of people. Take time before your trip to find swimwear pieces that you feel happy, comfortable, and confident in to avoid these moments.

5—Avoid chain restaurants. Vacation destinations are known for being home to hundreds of locally-owned restaurants. Do some research to find fun and new places to enjoy!

6—Don’t forget your fitness goals. You might have been pushing yourself through workouts in order to prep that perfect beach body before your trip, so don’t throw it all away. Even if it’s just a few times over the trip, keep up with your fitness goals. Your post-vacation self will thank you!

7—But don’t be afraid to splurge. While staying on track with your fitness goals will make your post-trip physique happy, letting yourself splurge here and there on the trip will definitely keep your present cravings satisfied.

8—Keep up with skincare. This one is self-explanatory—sunburns do not fall under the definition of “fun” (and cause wrinkles).

9—Take advantage of Instagram moments. You’re surrounded by a beautiful backdrop that is most likely not common to your typical posts—take advantage of it!

10—Make time for self-growth. Vacation is a great time to unwind and take the time to invest in yourself, whether that be through reading a motivational book, making extra time just for yourself, or whatever unwinds your mind.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Summer Makeup

While I am no beginner to makeup, I still stick to some of the same methods and products I used when I first started wearing makeup. Finding what products worked for me in the summer was a struggle. However, over the past couple of years, I managed to find a few products and tips that kept me from looking like a hot mess during the summer. Here’s my beginner’s guide to summer makeup.

The first thing that I had to learn when it comes to makeup is that skin is important. Makeup application will almost always be bad if your skin is not taken care of. Here are some of the tips I use to take care of my skin.

1—Drink water. Water is key to staying hydrated and having radiant skin. I notice that the more water I drink, the fewer impurities I can see on my face.

2—Cleanse. Having a good cleanser that clears pores also helps with reducing impurities on your face. I like to use a Formula 10.0.6 foaming cleanser. In the summer I have oily skin and I sweat, so I try to keep my skin clear of dirt and oils.

3—Exfoliate. I can always tell when I need to exfoliate because my skin will look dull and textured. Regular exfoliation keeps my skin smooth and radiant.

4—Moisturize. Moisturizing restores the moisture that is stripped away from cleansing, and it keeps my skin feeling smooth and plump. During the summer, I use a moisturizer that has an SPF of at least 15 to protect my skin from the sun. Right now, I am using a Formula 10.0.6 moisturizer.

Makeup is all about what works for each individual, but I’m sure you agree that less is better in the heat of summer. I’m personally all about looks that require minimum effort. I use a few products to achieve my go-to makeup look.

1—Primer. Primer gives makeup a better surface to stick to, and it improves the longevity of makeup throughout the day. I use primers from Wet n Wild and E.L.F Cosmetics.

2—Brows. There are some people who don’t like to go anywhere without their eyebrows done, and I am one of those people. I like to use a pomade that can also double as eyeliner.

3—Foundation. I use a powder foundation from Maybelline because it is lightweight.

4—Glow. A highlight is completely optional, but I like to resemble a disco ball. I put a NYX Cosmetics illuminator on my cheek bones and down my nose.

5—Setting Spray. Setting spray not only locks makeup in place, but it also helps your makeup look more skin-like and less cake-like. I prefer the setting mist from E.L.F Cosmetics, but I also like the setting spray from Wet n Wild.

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Looking Cool When It’s Hot and Humid

Earlier in July, my boyfriend and I took a quick weekend getaway to “The Magic City” of Birmingham, Alabama. I’m not sure what I was expecting, traveling just one state over from Georgia. I was disappointed to read that the forecast predicted even higher temperatures and humidity levels at our travel destination. GreatI thought. It’ll be too hot to wear much of anything, much less something of actual stylistic arrangement.

Thus, I turned to the true savior of summer fashions, the expert avoider of pit stains: spaghetti straps, à la a lot of lingerie-inspired daily wear pieces.

crushed velvet, velvet, pink, orange, summer fashion, lace, detail, eyelash lace, dress, flapper, lingerie, camisole

Day one was this crushed velvet, fitted little number. The lace detailing across the top was so dainty and delicate, and the color is so gorgeous and shimmery! I was initially concerned about the warmness and weight of a snug velvet piece, but the material proved light enough to take the heat.

ice-cream, paleteria, yummy, guava, Birmingham, food

One of the best accessories I can suggest for keeping cool is this guava ice-cream from the highly recommended Lichita’s Paleteria in the downtown area. In this heat, unfortunately, it is an accessory short-lasted.

fashion, cute, style, ootd, summer outfit ideas, summer fashion, ascot, neck scarf, gold, layered necklaces, silk tank, cami, camisole, lingerie, bralette, strappy bralette, button up skirt, miniskirt, blue jean mini, cateyesandcoffee, retroartiste

Day 2 featured a button-down blue jean mini, a thrifted silk pajama camisole worn as a tank top, a strappy lace bralette, layered necklaces, a vintage ascot, and my wavy hair frizzed free-of-charge by the Birmingham Botanical Garden’s greenhouse. We were sweating buckets for the few minutes we spent appreciating cacti and palm fronds beneath the arboretum windows. The foliage was gorgeous, but I don’t know what I would have done had I been wearing anything with an actual sleeve. Birmingham was burning up!

outfit, style, ootd, fashion, summer fashion, summer outfit ideas, inspiration, greenhouse, humid, retroartiste, cateyesandcoffee

Camisoles like these have shot into popularity over the past year, and if you aren’t skimming through the sleepwear section at your local thrift store, you’re missing out!

adventure is out there, wanderlust, restless, travel, skyline, views, Birmingham, Alabama, summer bucket list

How do you showcase your style when it’s hot? Let me know your favorite heat-beating accessories and ice-cream flavors in the comments below!

All About Austin and Keeping it Weird

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Everything is bigger in Texas,” but do you know about keeping Austin weird? Austin is a trending travel destination due to the hipster city’s high temperatures and chill vibes. What makes this city so unique is that it is not supposed to be “touristy.” That’s why many are beginning to call it home, but the locals do not necessarily want this in fears of ruining the small-town feel.

I recently ventured to Austin to see what all the buzz was about. Two of my close friends live there, so they showed me around from a local’s point of view but incorporated a few of the classic Instagram worthy spots. While there are many gorgeous murals, the entire landscape of the buildings and nature here is unlike anywhere else.

Austin has such a wide variety of entertainment. There is truly something for everyone; I found that there are a lot of activities to keep people moving. Sure, everyone wants others to think they solely drink kombucha and do yoga every day, but I witnessed a lot of people who truly live this healthy in Austin. I’ve done my fair share of yoga classes, but this was the first time I’d done it outside in a park. And did I mention—it was completely free! Hiking on trails is also super popular and the views are fantastic. On the contrary, since Texas is basically the equator’s neighbor, the temperatures can be extreme. This calls for lots of water endeavors, including swimming, cliff diving, stand up paddle boarding, water skiing, jet skiing—the list goes on.

While being active is fun and all, so is eating. Austin has some amazing dining options. Let’s take a moment of silence to appreciate chips and queso. Tex Mex food is common, so we ate lots of tacos, rice, and salsa as well. Additionally, museums and shopping are always options that will not disappoint. Sixth street is iconic in that it is similar to a mullet, except instead of business in the front, a party in the back… the roadway is a business in the day, party at night. You cannot drive on the street at night because it is meant to be a place to walk around, let loose, and listen to fun music.

Overall, Austin is an interesting city, to say the least. Some may think it’s “weird,” but I think that is what makes it so inspiring.

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Summer Namaste

Summer is a beautiful season filled with fun and sunshine but you know what else it is known for, unrealistic workout expectations. Summer is the time people want to get in “the best shape of their lives.” They’ve planned it since the beginning of the year; bikini season is the time to start busting out those squats and crunches. Yes, regular gym visits are important with this whole summer fitness stereotype everyone tries to uphold. There is one major problem with this seasonal health kick, however, missing the best part of summer… The weather! As you spend your days in a sweaty, stinky gym, I bet you’re wishing you were outside enjoying the perfect outdoor sunshine. This is why I believe the new “it” thing to do this summer should be outdoor workouts, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Now don’t get too freaked out by the idea of taking your workouts to the great outdoors. I bet you’re thinking you won’t be able to focus and will end up sunbathing rather than doing your 15 rep lunges. Though this thought may cross your mind, I think the best workout to do outside is one that gets you in touch with nature. Workouts such as yoga and pilates are the perfect to do with a scenic view. This way you can enjoy the beautiful sunshine while burning those summertime ice cream calories, and obviously doing it in style.

Yoga and pilates are increasingly becoming more and more popular with our generation. They are not only a great way to improve that bikini body, they also improve your flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness. Both workouts bring the body and mind together in an intensive and challenging way. Yoga and pilates are more focused on building muscles strength and channeling your inner yogi, rather than high-intensive cardio intervals. This makes both practices best for outdoor workouts and will help you to reach your summer bod goal. So next time you’re about to get in your car and mentally prepare for the gym, take your workout right to your backyard and get the best of both summer worlds!

What other outdoor workouts are your favorites to help reach summer body goals? Let us know in the comments below!

The Only Item You Need to Survive the Summer Heat

At this age, unfortunately, we’re passed the point of being able to pull off denim cutoffs every day with sneakers and a spaghetti strap tank top all summer. No longer does summer entail of spending all day at the pool and all night running around town with your best friends. There are things to do and work to be done; however, the summer heat hasn’t changed despite the fact that our style has to. So how do we stay cool and still look professional? The answer lies in this summer’s biggest trend.

Flowy dresses have seamlessly made their way into every It Girl’s wardrobe since summer began. Not only are they easy to throw on, they’re also dressier than your regular summer go-to’s. Dress it down on the weekends with a pair of white sneakers or up with some strappy sandals when you’re at the office. Go with a simple pattern and gold jewelry to finish off the effortless ensemble. Trust me, in no time, you’ll be tossing out all your old cutoffs to make room in your closet for summer dresses.

Scroll down to see how these Style Gurus styled their favorite summer dresses.

Try accessorizing with a neck scarf (Photo via @fracturedaesthetic).

A bold pattern and color call for simple jewelry (Photo via @mariagleija).

A wide-set belt is a great way to add some shape (Photo via @katilyn_perry).

Wrap dresses are everywhere this summer (Photo via @marybordelon).

Red is our favorite summer color (Photo via @styleintheway).

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Simple Styles to Add to Your Wardrobe to Survive the Summer

I have a little of a love/hate relationship with summer. I love the sun, boating, flowers, farmers markets, and all other good things about the season. Although, I hate getting hot and sweaty in some outfits. Even if I’m just hanging out at the lake, I want to look cute and simple without sweating. So, how do we do that without internally screaming because we’re dying from the heat?

There are so many ways to play up your summer essentials such as trendy bikini tops, hats, and T-shirt dresses to match your everyday summer vibe. We all want to look like we’re trying, without really trying. Here are some ideas of how to stay looking and feeling cool with the summer sun beating down on you.

1—Mesh. The key to wearing clothes without really wearing clothes. Especially if it’s a T-shirt dress, you can just throw it on top of your bikini—how easy.

2—Bikinis. Bikinis have come such a long ways since the original triangle top. With so many styles and colors, I wish it was socially acceptable to just wear them as tops. If you’re living life by the beach, bikini tops are probably your choice instead of a shirt. Pair them with cute bottoms, accessories, a loose top, and out the door you go!

3—Slides. Personally, I’ve ditched the flip-flops and bought myself a pair of slides. They’re easy to slip-on and you can get a pair to match any occasion. From brunch to a casual walk, there are tons of options for slides.

4—Ripped Boyfriend Jeans. I know it’s summer, so why jeans? I mean with all of the rips, they’re basically like air holes… right? If you want to throw on some jeans without suffocating in them, then ripped boyfriend jeans will give your outfit a breathable edge.

5—Hats. Not only do hats protect your face and scalp from all those UV rays, but it’s an instant outfit game changer. Throw on a trendy hat, like the ones with all the fun sayings and graphics, to play up your outfit.


The nice thing about the summer season is your outfit can be so versatile. Anything really goes and you have way more options than just throwing on a parka—sorry winter. Play up your summer essentials to rock an outfit without melting under all that extra fabric. Stay looking and feeling cool this summer fellow Fashionistas!

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Go With the Flow

If I were to choose my perfect weather, it would be a sunny day in the late 60 degrees so that I could wear cute, lightly layered outfits every day… but unfortunately, that isn’t my reality.

Although “flowy” isn’t an official word in the English language, it is a significant word when it comes to trying to dress for the summertime.

I currently live in southern Alabama where layered clothing only happens between late December and early February, unless you want to chance a heat stroke. So, with that said, a denim or leather jacket and boots aren’t options. Cue the easy, breezy, flowing in the wind dresses, tops, and culottes to get you through those summer days.

Whenever it is a hot summer day, I always find myself scavenging through my closet trying to find the perfect lightweight outfit to wear, and I’m sure it is the same for most of you as well. So, I thought this article would be the perfect outfit inspiration for people battling the heat just like I am.

My favorite, go-to outfit on a hot day would be a light cotton dress, such as the light pink one pictured. This lightweight dress allows me to stay cool whether I am out for lunch or walking around town. A flowy dress is always an easy choice to wear, due to being able to dress it up with heels or dress it down with sneakers and being able to throw your hair up when you start to get a little sweaty (hey, it happens to the best of us.)

The second go-to outfit that I grab from my closet on a hot and humid day would be denim shorts with a comfortable, summery top and a pair of sandals. Luckily, denim shorts will never go out of style and they are definitely a staple item for the summertime. I personally love high-waisted, light washed denim shorts that I can wear with anything—from a bikini top at a music festival to an oversize T-shirt to wear to the beach.

Lastly, the third summer must-have item is my gingham, high-waisted culottes from Zara. I purchased these pants two years ago in the middle of a hot summer week spent in London. Culottes go perfectly with an off-the-shoulder top for brunch, a black bodysuit on a night out or a simple T-shirt to wear to work. Culottes are a versatile item to have in your closet because they go with practically everything and they aren’t tight like jeans, which allows them to flow in the wind and help you cool down when needed.

I hope this article helps you when you are battling the heat and trying to pick out the perfect summer’s day outfit. Make sure to tag @cfashionista on Instagram to show us your perfect outfit!

Why Wet Hair is the Look of the Summer

While there are many things I love about the summer sun, humidity-induced frizziness is not one of them. Fighting off frizz can feel like a futile battle, but the best way to tame tangles is not to attack them, but to care for them. Doing this requires a strict no-heat-styling policy and a commitment to jumping into bodies of water.

Here’s why wet hair is the look of the summer.

1―Because heat styling is not an option. Every girl who is prone to the summer frizzies knows that heat styling is a weak shield against 80-degree humidity. Regardless of how many times we run a flat iron through our hair, or how many layers of protective spray we spritz over top, curls and tangles always seem to reappear the moment we step outside.

In addition to being ineffective, heat styling can damage our hair. Experts tell us that heat styling degrades the protective keratin layer of hair, and can deplete the hair’s natural nutrients. This ultimately creates split ends which lead to more frizz—yuck!

Use a hair-towel to dry your hair, or lie out in the sun, instead of using a blow dryer.

If you currently have split ends or breakage as a result of heat styling, opt for a keratin shampoo and conditioner to rebuild the barrier.

2―Because hydration is key. Another problem with heat styling your hair is that it will dry out the individual strands. No one wants brittle, straw-like hair, so a good way to avoid this is to keep our hair hydrated.

Emerging yourself in water multiple times a day will give your hair the hydration it needs while also smoothing out unwanted frizz.

Depending on where you live, or where you are working, different water sources may be available to you. Examples include lakes, rivers, oceans, pools, and even your bathroom shower. If you live near a fresh-water source, you’re in luck! Minerals in fresh water can fortify your hair as well as leave it smooth and shiny.

Be careful about utilizing pool water too often, however, as chlorine can work against this. If the pool is your only option, try applying a small amount of leave-in conditioner before jumping in, and washing with an anti-chlorine shampoo. This will help lock in moisture throughout the day.

Regardless, the water will give you a much-needed cool-off on a hot day, and allow you to switch up your look if necessary.

3―Because you can embrace your natural hair. Think of the summer as a time to let your hair rejuvenate and grow! Wet hair is especially fun to play with, and you can try out fun new styles such as French braids and fishtails. If you get sick of your look, jump back in the water and create something new!

Got any other tips for battling humidity or want to show off a wet-hairstyle? Post a picture to social media and tag @Cfashionista so that we can see what you’ve come up with!

A Golden State of Mind

This summer’s style forecast looks so bright!

Forget being mellow in yellow and add what Elle magazine shares as, “Cheerful yellow, this season’s runaway runway trend” into your wardrobe heading into summer.

This sunny hue is nonetheless one of my absolute favorite pops of color as we slide into the summer break. Allow some sunshine into your outfits with perfect pastels and pops of your favorite shade. With the weather warming up, there is something simply perfect about adding simple pieces together that transition so seamlessly from daytime to nighttime.

I couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of this cool girl whose confidence was radiating all around her as she went from her shift at work to a night out with the girls. As we began to chat, she shared how she loves to pair basics together. I couldn’t help but agree that this gorgeous yellow tank complemented her features so well with her favorite light wash denim, and gave her a warm look to her outfit.

Ditching the black flats and adding some height with a peep toe heeled sandal was a seamless touch. Pairing simple gold accessories gave this Fashionista a minimalist vibe keeping it clean and simple. Throwing on a knit cardigan or lightweight bomber jacket was an ideal touch to turn this bright daytime look into a charming evening look keeping the pastels still in play.

As summer comes in full strides, I cannot wait to see all these gorgeous Fashionistas interpret their own version of this runway trend to brighten up their wardrobes. Whether that be a simple pastel pom pom earring or blush-toned clutch, this delicate detail is so easy to incorporate.

Admire those beautiful summer skies and draw inspiration from those soft-hued sunsets because long summer nights are ahead, and we are so ready!

Where do you draw your summer outfit inspiration from? Let us know in the comments below or by sharing a picture with @Cfashionista on Instagram!