Who What Wear Collection Pretty Much Created The Perfect Fall Wardrobe

As if you needed another excuse to go to Target, we have one for you. Who What Wear Collection just dropped the first part of their fall collection in Target stores and on Target.com and ladies, it is SO GOOD. (Yes, all caps are a bit aggressive but completely necessary for this one.) It’s the first of the installments; meaning this is just a taste of the stylish smorgasbord. (FYI the second installment drops August 13th). All new silhouettes, textures, prints, and best of all new fall trends.

We know you will already be heading to this retailer to stock up on dorm decor, beauty products, and probably 38 other things you may or may not need. So be sure to shop our personal favorites below, and check out the full collection at Target.com.

A First Day of Look That Will Be Classmate and Professor Approved

 Who What Wear Woman’s Ruffle Poplin Blouse ($27)

Who What Wear Woman’s Paper Bag Trouser ($32)

Good News: The Perfect Day-to-Night Top Exists!

Who What Wear Women’s Plus Size Lace Bell Sleeve Ribbed Crew ($30)

A new take on a bell sleeve, perfect for layering to create a more visually interesting look.

Who Knew a Pair of Pants Could Single-Handedly Convince You To *Consider* Running?

Who What Wear Woman’s Wide Leg Track Pants ($30)

They did it once again with a second pair of track pants (insert praise hands emoji here). Seriously though, I live in my other ones.

You Won’t Be Sad To Take This Jacket Everywhere

Who What Wear Women’s Varsity Bomber Jacket ($39)

Your bomber jacket just got upgraded to varsity level.

Get Your Instagram Grid Ready

Who What Wear Women’s Deconstructed Jeans ($34)

When you can put three denim trends in one and it’s not over done, you definitely did something right.

Three Words You’ll Start Hearing Everywhere: Cool Girl Skirt

Who What Wear Woman’s Tie Skirt  ($24)

Mix up your basic white T-shirt and sneakers with this asymmetrical skirt.

Oh, Did I Mention The Shoes?

Who What Wear Women’s Ivy Collapse Back Loafers ($39)

The classic loafer is the perfect staple piece for any fall wardrobe.

Who What Wear Women’s Matilda Dip Front Heeled Mules ($34)

Who knew tops weren’t the only thing with a plunging neckline? The V-shape makes for a sexier shoe silhouette.

No, This Bag Doesn’t Cost a Bagillion Dollars

Who What Wear Women’s Mini Top Handle Handbag ($29)

Olive green is the hot color for this fall; incorporate it into accessories for a subtle pop of color. And the rounded handle? Yes please!

What’s your favorite from the recent Who What Wear Collection? Let us know in the comments below!

What’s the Deal with Denim?

Ever since denim first gained its popularity in streetwear with James Dean’s role in Rebel Without a Cause (1955), it has maintained its status as a rule breaker in the fashion industry. While many trends fade in and out and are targeted to specific consumers, denim is attractive to perhaps the broadest range of demographics and has been consistently for decades. From small children to senior citizens, skaters to prepsters, and gym rats to Style Gurus, denim is the go-to garment for practically every type of person. So, what’s the driving factor of the everlasting denim trend? Simple—its dynamic ability to cater to every style.

Reflecting on the styles of some of my closest friends, I’ve realized how differently we express ourselves through clothing. Denim, however, is our common ground, the one cohesive piece that pulls us together for any occasion. In the following photographs, you will see our varying approaches to incorporating denim into our favorite summer party looks.

This Fashionista uses denim to show her simple, yet sporty style. Her striped, seersucker bikini top glows on her olive-toned skin as she pairs it with classic denim shorts from American Apparel. This flex-fitted denim allows for maximum comfort while emphasizing her hourglass figure. Not only does the denim serve as a perfect swimsuit cover-up, but it also makes for an effortless day-to-night piece when paired with a loose crop top. This Fashionista adds shine to her look with a silver star-studded choker.

The Fashionista below wears her denim Levi Strauss jacket to complete a clean, whimsical look that has a bit of an edge. She is beaming with individuality and radiance with her one-of-a-kind vintage white linen dress. The sparkly gold accents shining through in both her dress and beaded choker add to her enchantment. The denim jacket is a key player in this style, as it puts an alternative spin on a playful look.

I am utilizing denim to take me back a few decades to the hippie age. While my super-flared dark denim jeans would successfully accompany any staple piece, I decided on my favorite floral-embroidered sheer top. My denim jeans are flexible and lengthening, which prompts me to throw them on for both casual and more formal occasions. No more accessories were necessary, as my denim bottoms and brightly-colored top create a powerful look all on their own.

Denim truly amazes me with its diversity. Whether you’re sporting vintage overalls, destroyed boyfriend jeans, or a denim high-waisted skirt, you’re bound to feel authentic, yet still fashion forward. The James Dean denim look—which included a white T-shirt and a leather jacket—may be out of style for now, but denim will live on in its many forms. And, not to mention, will continue to be one of the most powerful and long-lasting movements in fashion.

How do you style your denim? Comment in the space below!

Upgrade Your Outfit This Week in 3 Easy Steps

All it takes is a few easy upgrades to revamp your outfit with things you can find at home. After many instances of trial and error this summer, I’ve learned that the key to staying refreshed and stylish is to always keep the essential pieces (tops, bottoms, and shoes) simple and light. Pay attention to details and you’ll never have a boring outfit again! Check out the tips below.

1—Always Wear JewelryBe as loud or as subtle as you want to be. Layering your jewelry is not only trendy and bold, but it gives you the opportunity to create a statement piece without physically adding more clothing (and heat) to your look! Don’t let the old “you can’t wear gold and silver together” myth prevent you from taking advantage of beautiful accents that transform anything from casual to chic in a heartbeat.

2—Make it EasyWhen the traditional bun or ponytail doesn’t cut it, Pinterest it! By adding a simple braid or two and a curling iron, you’ve given life to a simple look. It’s okay to give up halfway when curling your hair. Throw it into a low bun or ponytail and no one will ever know you spent 45 minutes on it. Worst-case scenario—add a hat. Any will work, but my personal preference is a baseball hat because if I angle it properly no one can see my face, and I can get away with a really nice outfit and no makeup.

3—Utilize AccessoriesWhether it’s to protect you from the glare of the sun or from straining your vision, glasses not only make your life easier but trendier. Are you still rocking that eyeliner from last night that didn’t quite turn into a sexy smokey eye? No one has to know now. Do you have a cute outfit but something just feels like it’s missing? Add a belt.

Belts are the ice cubes of the world—you never really think you need some until you actually use them. If glasses and belts don’t do the trick, add a purse. You’ll feel great for actually cleaning out your old bag and giving use to the millions of bags and satchels hiding away in your closet!

A whole new wardrobe is not required to be the best and brightest version of yourself!

As you get ready to leave your house this week, try out these easy tips and let me know what you think in the comments below.

The Ultimate Look for Those Simple Summer Nights

Summer is quickly approaching and temperatures are rising. My favorite clothing season is fall and it is hard to wear fall clothes during the summer. Luckily, summer nights are on my side.

When the sun goes down, the temperature cools making it easy to pull out my fall fashion favorites. This nighttime summer outfit is simple, yet a bit edgy as well. At the top, I have a gray Calvin Klein T-shirt that I absolutely love. It is comfortable, high quality, and basic. It is very versatile and I can wear it with many different outfits. Any gray T-shirt would work, though. Over my T-shirt, I have a plain black Nike hoodie just in case I get chilly when I go out.

At the bottom, I have one of my favorite pair of jeans. These light blue denim jeans have a nice stretch to them and the wash is perfect. They aren’t too heavy so they stay cool on my body and are comfortable throughout the night. On my feet are an essential pair of shoes I feel everyone should have. They are the “Sk8 High” Vans in “Black Suede”. I find myself reaching for these shoes day after day and they match with almost any outfit. Any black high-top shoe works, but these are just my favorites.

Last, but not least, the accessories. First, I have a simple camouflage bandana to add a little edginess to the outfit. On my wrist is a rose gold Michael Kors watch. It’s a small detail, but I think it works well with my skin tone and the colors in the outfit. A gold or silver watch would work as well. It just depends on personal preference and skin tone. Lastly, a simple shoestring I’ve used as a belt. This is becoming a huge trend in streetwear and I love it.

This is a great outfit for those cool summer nights. It is simple, versatile, and very customizable to what you already have. These are some of my favorite and essential pieces for going out at night during the summer.

What are some of your summer night essentials? Comment below!

How to Rock a Two-Piece Set This Summer

Finding the perfect outfit to stay cool and cute in during the summer can be a difficult task. When it’s absolutely sweltering hot outside, it’s tempting to give up, throw on a plain old pair of denim shorts and a basic tank, and call it a day. However, with my favorite summer trend of two-piece matching sets, putting together a trendy and fun outfit has never been easier.

Dresses and rompers used to be my go-to options that were simultaneously stylish and easy to throw together into a cute, effortless outfit. That being said, now that two-piece sets are all the rage, they have quickly become my new summer staple. Many of my favorite stores have started carrying this trend of coordinating two-piece sets in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles for any budget. Whether you want a to channel your inner ’70s flower child, or simply want a cute and girly outfit for a special event, two-piece sets will have you covered no matter the occasion. Another bonus is that in addition to getting one cute outfit, sets give you a top and a bottom to style with any other basics of your choice.

Here, I’ve styled my favorite boho floral two-piece set with lace-up gladiator sandals and my favorite simple gold jewelry. With this floral set, I could easily dress the shorts down with a basic white T-shirt. If I’m looking to dress up a little bit, I can wear the tie-front top with my favorite pair of old school bell-bottom jeans and wedges and really rock the hippie look.

Two-piece sets are my new go-to outfit for the summer, and it is easy to see why. They have become my favorite wardrobe staple for warm weather, and I say you should definitely try them out, too. Your closet and wallet will thank you for the endless outfits created by just two pieces!

How do you rock the two-piece trend? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

Out of the Office

When I landed an internship at an insurance company for the summer, I was excited to get a taste of the corporate world and spend my days being a “real adult” in dress pants and oxford shirts. Though I’m loving my job, the novelty of wearing professional clothes has worn off quickly, and I look forward to wearing something a bit more me when I’m out of the office.

This look is one of my favorites for a summer night out. I’m an advocate for white denim, despite my unfortunate tendency to spill coffee on myself at least once a day.  White skinny jeans look crisp and put-together at the office on casual Friday with a cardigan and wedges, but with a flirty top and accessories, they transition into a Friday night look. And no, I won’t be following the “no white after Labor Day” rule. White jeans can be styled for any season!

My embroidered peasant top is breezy and colorful (everything that an oxford is not), and works well with my favorite Kendra Scott earrings. I added wedges and a vintage bag in similar cognac leathers to tie the look together.  

When it comes to my hair, I learned long ago that my blow dryer and straightener were no match for the humidity of Wisconsin summers. For the summer months, I’m letting my natural curls do what they do best and giving my hair a break from the heat.  Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk is the best curl cream I’ve found for defining and moisturizing thick, coarse curls.  

Come Monday morning, I’ll be back in my dress pants, but for now, I’m enjoying this colorful, summery look.

What’s your favorite outfit to slip on when the work day is over? Let us know in the comments below or tag @CFashionista on social media!

Picnic Perfect

It’s that time of year again. Memorial Day Weekend traditionally marks the beginning of the summer season. That means that our summer styles can officially come out of hibernation in the back of our dark closets and step into the sunlight. Whether you are attending a cookout, grad party, or barbecue, this adorable outfit composed of versatile pieces will make your next look a summertime success.

Summertime style is all about looking, feeling, and staying cool during the hot weather. For an outdoor picnic this Fashionista chose a casual pair of destroyed denim jean shorts. This light wash denim looks great paired with almost any kind of T-shirt, tank, or off-the shoulder shirt. It exudes a casual, daytime vibe suitable for a sunny summer gathering. The light wash will also make any tan really pop due to the contrast created by pairing a light color with a darker skin tone.

Since Memorial Day has passed and the ban on wearing white has officially been lifted, this Fashionista chose a timeless white crop top to pair with her high-waisted shorts. It is important to note that when selecting a top that is cropped, one wants to make sure that there is a tasteful amount of skin showing, just enough to be flirty but not inappropriate. A plain white T-shirt with a scoop or V-neck could be substituted in the case that one does not desire to rock a crop top.

The simplicity of this Fashionista’s outfit selection leaves plenty of room for accessorizing. For an inexpensive, versatile accessory try a bandana! They can be rolled, tied, or twisted and worn as a headpiece, bracelet, or necktie. They also come in all kinds of fun colors, and patterns so feel free to mix it up. Since it is summertime, sunglasses are a great way to add visual interest, as well as functionality, to your look. When picking frames, consider the shape of your face, and based on that it will be easier to determine what style of shades will be the most flattering. As always, choose bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that best complement your personal coloring to further enhance any look.

If there’s a chance that your summer gathering might last into the evening after the sun has gone down, tie a seasonal flannel around your waist. This Fashionista chose a red and blue flannel, but there are plenty of other colors that would go great with this simple ensemble. Once the sun has set and if the night is on the chilly side, the flannel can be worn as a light jacket to keep warm.

Finally, to top off your look, one must choose the perfect pair of shoes. This Fashionista opted for a chic pair of gladiator sandals, but one could also wear high top sneakers or flip flops to complete the ensemble!

What styles do you think are best suited for a summer get together? Share your favorite summer looks with us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

3 Tips for the Perfect Nighttime Look

We all understand the struggle of rummaging through our closets in order to find the best outfit to wear out on the town. Should I mix and match these jeans with the top I wore to work this morning? What did I wear last weekend? Been there, done that. So I have decided to share three of my Fashionista tips on how to achieve the perfect nighttime look with the items that are most likely already hanging in your closet.

1—A killer top. Choosing a cute top may be difficult to do when you feel like everybody has seen you in most of the shirts that are in your closet. However, nobody memorizes every top in your closet. Select a blouse that is flirty and fun, like this blush pink, plunging neckline top. One of the things I love about it is the silky material. By finding the perfect top, your nighttime look can be killer.

2—Statement jewels. Adding necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings to your outfit can transform it from boring to amazing. Sometimes, the only thing I remember about someone’s look is their statement jewels. This Fashionista paired a long and layered silver statement necklace that instantly draws your attention to her neck and face. She also added a stone ring that is to-die-for. To spice up your night look, throw on a necklace that will catch everyone’s eye.

3—Shoes, shoes, shoes. So many people will tell you that shoes can make or break a look. Add a pair of heels, chunky wedges, or a pair of sandals to your outfit that will leave you feeling confident and able to walk around all night. This look has a pair of open-toed, nude heels that are great during the day at the office but also paired with your night look.

There are so many options when it comes to styling an outfit to wear around the town. Walk into your closet like it is a store. Mix and match items that you wouldn’t normally pair together and rock it.

What are your three tips for the perfect nighttime look? Let me know in the comments below!

WHAT TO WEAR: Thrifty Threads

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, let’s pay some homage to the greatest mom wardrobe staple to be passed down to our generation. This Fashionista snagged her pair of mom jeans from the thrift store for under a dollar! But if “thrifting” for the genuine thing doesn’t work out for you, you’re still in luck—mom jeans are everywhere, and they come in so many styles, from the classic pair to the more urban look of distressed black denim.

Now to top off your “new” jeans. School’s out, summer is so in, and the best way to celebrate is to pull your favorite crop top out of your closet to bask in the sunlight. Crop tops are a perfect pairing for high-waisted pants, and this Fashionista contrasted her denim with a knit halter top. The pastel is perfect for the upcoming season, and the thicker fabric is great for the days when it still feels like spring. To make this outfit more interesting, add an accent belt. A skinny belt like her black one works, but don’t be afraid to go bigger and bolder!

To finish off your look, don’t forget a stand-out pair of sunnies to complete your vibe. Get some round frames or go even more retro with a heart shape. And last but not least, this is your perfect opportunity to bust out the old sneakers; the more beat up the better if you want a vintage look. This Fashionista used her favorite pair of Vans, but those Converse you haven’t put on for a few months would work perfectly.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Perfect Formal Look

Do you ever get really excited to dress up for an event but then realize your outfit falls short? It’s normal to feel like your favorite dress or outfit is missing something. The key to a perfect formal look is making sure you have the right accessories. You can take a more casual dress or jumpsuit and add more glam by adding the perfect touches. Nude heels pair well with almost any outfit and will instantly dress a look up. They are definitely a wardrobe staple in anyone’s closet. With chokers being all the rage these days, you can find dressier ones at so many stores for an inexpensive price. Chokers help make an outfit less boring. Rather than a regular crossbody bag or a backpack, a clutch will instantly take your outfit from daytime casual to dressy night out.

This Fashionista photographed wore a jumpsuit for her formal plans, and the great thing about jumpsuits is their versatility! Jumpsuits can be worn to a lunch with your mom or on a night out with the girls, depending on how it’s styled. This jumpsuit in particular is neat because of its crossover straps. Also, nothing is easier than a jumpsuit; all you have to do is throw it on and you’re set. One and done. Nothing makes you feel more like a boss than a good jumpsuit.

However, just remember that as long as you rock any look with confidence, you will feel good. Confidence will always be your best accessory.