The Athlete’s Guide to Going-Out Attire

When you’re an athlete, you’re constantly on the go. Whether you are literally running to class or finishing up several sweaty (and smelly) hours at the gym before a night out, freshening up after workouts is not easy. In fact, our busy athletic schedules sometimes deter us from socializing afterward.

Being the Fashionistas that we are, however, we shouldn’t have to choose between working out and going out! Here are some quick and simple tricks every athlete should use when transitioning into going out attire.

PHOTO: Rachel Zuckerberg

1—Dry shampoo

While taking a full post-workout shower is ideal, time does not always allow for this to happen. Depending on how sweaty you are, you may want to rinse off your body—but, keep your hair dry! This is where the dry shampoo comes in. Rather than waste time drying your hair, spritz some dry shampoo over your tresses instead. To use, shake the bottle and hold it a couple inches away from your head before applying. If you hold it too close, your hair may look powdery. Aim the spray towards your roots, and try to get under the different layers of your part. The dry shampoo will soak up the grease from your hairline, and give you the volume that your workout took away.

PHOTO: Amber Sudra

2—Comfy shoes

There’s nothing worse than jamming your aching, post-workout, toes into a pair of pumps or stilettos—except maybe dancing in them afterward. Thankfully, there are many comfortable (and fashionable) shoe options that can be worn going out instead of heels. Athletes can opt for supportive shoes, such as lace-up booties or stylish sneakers. Depending on where you are partying, these may be better options anyway! Parties are known for being shoe-destroyers, so regardless of your athletic status, it is best to leave your favorite heels at home when attending a party.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

3—Sleek ponies

The ponytail is every athletic girl’s best friend. Chances are, you were wearing one during your workout—and, with a few tweaks, you can reuse the style at night. A ponytail is a great style for going out because it smooths away flyaways and even masks the appearance of greasy hair. Ponytails are a particularly trendy look at the moment and have even been worn on the red carpet by multiple celebs, including J-Lo, Blake Lively, and Reese Witherspoon. Additionally, pulling your hair back gives you more opportunities to accessorize. Try fun earrings or a bold lip color for some flare.

Whatever you put on, don’t forget to wear it with confidence! You’ve worked for it (literally).

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All the Outfits to Wear This Recruitment Season

With formal recruitment right around the corner, many girls wonder what they should wear for this important week. Outfits are crucial for recruitment because it gives active members in each chapter the first impression on every girl that they talk to. Wearing cute shoes or a sparkly necklace can make girls more memorable. Of course, outfits are not everything, but it is important to have a guide as to what to wear each day. I will be explaining what most girls wear throughout formal recruitment, and will also be giving tips and tricks for this amazing week.

At San Diego State University, the outfits get progressively fancier as the week goes on. On the first day, a popular outfit that I saw was ruffled shorts, floral off-the-shoulder tops, and sandals. Many girls wear rompers, jean skirts, and a nice top. It is also fine to wear a simple dress on this day as well. The active members in the chapters will be wearing jeans or shorts so it is fine to dress more casual. I would recommend saving your fancy outfits for the end of the week.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

As the days go on, girls wear wedges instead of sandals and classy dresses instead of jean skirts. On the third and fourth days, I saw long sleeve rompers, brown wedges, floral flare out dresses, and gold jewelry. The last night of formal recruitment is Preference Night and this is the fanciest day. You should be bringing out the most formal dress in your closet for this night. A royal blue dress with nude high heels would be a perfect outfit for the last day.

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

It is important to remember that the outfits for recruitment should be classy and put together. Also, make sure that your shoes are comfortable to walk in. You will be standing in these shoes for long periods of time in all of the houses. Bring flip-flops or sandals with you for walking in between houses since they can be far from each other. I would also recommend bringing a makeup bag and body spray to touch up in between events.

Formal recruitment can be a stressful time for everyone, but in the end, you will find which chapter you truly belong in. Outfits for recruitment may vary from person to person, but it is always important to stay true to yourself and to still show your unique fashion style. I hope this article helps out anyone who is preparing for formal recruitment in the upcoming weeks. Best of luck, and I hope all of your sorority and recruitment wishes come true!

Have you gone through formal recruitment? What did you wear? Let me know in the comments below! 

Featured photo by Maddy Haller.

An Outfit for the On-the-Go Young Adult

As a college student, one way to describe myself is busy and on the go. Between getting the grades I want, having a social life, and having an internship, I stay doing something at all times. With a busy, on the go schedule, we lose the need for creating looks we feel great wearing. I know when I’m in a rush, I tend to throw on whatever I can grab first, not caring about what looks good or what I think is a good outfit. Usually an XL T-shirt and leggings will do the trick for me.

What we don’t realize is that creating a simple outfit is easy to do, and it doesn’t interrupt our on-the-go schedules. A fun, casual look only requires seconds of throwing together a few pieces, and then you’re ready for the day—no matter where it decides to take you.

First, what you’ll need is a nice, comfortable, and chic top. In the pictures, I’m wearing a pale pink velvet crop top. This shirt is perfect for any occasion. It feels good to wear, adds color to my outfit, and isn’t too casual dressy. It’s perfect for a picnic and day of exploring. You could also see a movie, grab coffee, or even go to the grocery in a top like this.

Next are some fun bottoms. Once again, comfort is key. In the pictures, I’m wearing boyfriend jeans. These are simple, but also make an outfit just a little bit cuter than a normal jean or jean shorts. I can wear these anywhere I need to go without looking like I’m trying hard, but still maintaining a sense of style.

The final step is shoes. As an on-the-go student, you don’t want to walk around in shoes that’ll hurt your feet and give you blisters, so this is where a simple sandal or slip-on shoe is perfect.

Having a few on-the-go outfits planned and in your closet will help you look your best at all times. These outfits are perfect for wherever life takes you! Post your on the go looks on Instagram and make sure to tag @Cfashionista when you do!

How to Combine Vacation and Work Outfits

I got the opportunity to intern in London this summer. London is a beautiful city and so is Europe in general. The downside to this trip was I could only bring one suitcase and one hand luggage unless I want to pay extra. My trip plans included traveling to seven other countries over the weekend excluding England. Luckily my job was pretty casual since it was a media company. That being said it’s still not easy to combine work outfits with vacation outfits. Plus it can get pricey. So I decided to show my four favorite outfits that I wore to work and my weekend travels under $35 with simple black flats unless stated otherwise.

For my first trip in Europe, I went to Amsterdam, Netherlands. I wore a black and white cotton overall dress and combined it with a simple white top. The upside to this look was I could combine the dress and top with any other outfit when I go to work. I like mixing the dress with various neutral color tops.

For my third trip in Europe, I went to the city of love: Paris, France. For Paris, I wanted a more sophisticated look. I wore a houndstooth-print mini skirt with a 3/4 sleeve mesh yoke crop top. I decided to top it off with my black combat boots. The cool thing about this look was it was super easy to combine the items with other items for work. I was able to pair the skirt with most of my black, white, and red tops. The black top went with any bottom.

For my fourth trip in Europe, I went to Barcelona, Spain. Picking out an outfit for this city was a little more difficult since it had to be beach-related. However, it was still manageable. I bought the perfect swimsuit cover-up for the beach and work. This cover-up can easily be worn with a tank top underneath for work. The material of the product is thick enough to make it hard to see through, which makes it work-friendly but if your cover-up is sheer, you can also wear shorts or leggings.

For my last trip in Europe, I went to Vienna, Austria. For this trip, I went with the classic look a black dress. However, in this case, I wore a high-low black dress. A black dress is something you can wear anywhere and doesn’t need to be paired with anything. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best route to go.

What outfits do you wear to work and vacations? Show us your favorite outfits on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista. 

Here Are My 3 Go-To Looks for Working at an Internship

So you landed the internship. You’re so excited for what challenges lie ahead, but one of the most difficult struggles is often overlooked: what to wear! How can you show your style and personality while still being professional?

One of the most convenient outfits for a day at the office is a jumpsuit. These can easily be styled with any kind of heel, and are a great option for days when you hit the snooze one too many times. Jumpsuits come in so many colors and styles, making it an essential staple in your professional closet. My shoes are Steve Madden and my jumpsuit is from Forever 21.

Another amazing staple in your professional closet is colored dress pants. I’ve purchased so many colored pairs of pants like these from Forever 21 so I can mix and match them with anything in my closet. While my striped pants have a thicker fabric, and may not be great for a hot summer day, there are many cuts of dress pants like these that are more breathable and practical for summer weather. I styled this look with a basic black purse and black heels. My shoes are Steve Madden and my top is another great staple piece in my wardrobe from Charlotte Russe.

The black skirt and dress shirt combo is a classic for a professional wardrobe. You can give the look a little bit of flare with a fun button-down shirt and purse. In my case, I don’t have a purse that gives the look the pop of color, but I highly recommend purchasing a red or pink bag to wear with this sometimes bland combo. All pieces in this look are from Forever 21!

As for makeup, a bold lip goes a long way. I love wearing a berry red lip with minimal eye makeup. This look is another great time-saver in the morning. I strongly believe in the “less is more” concept, but your makeup routine is completely dependent upon your personality, so don’t be afraid to experiment and wear looks that make you feel confident on the job!

Ultimately, your confidence and hustle will be the best accessories to your professional internship style. Hopefully these looks inspire you to dig deeper into your wardrobe and experiment with new professional looks!

How do you dress for success? Let us know in the comments!

Why You Should Wear White After Labor Day

The color white is complete and innocent. White clothing has, for hundreds of years, represented purity, sophistication, and cleanliness; helping to provide a cooling comfort in warm weather and a staple image for weddings and religious events since the beginning of human history. So, why is it we’ve been told we should pack away most of our white clothing every fall succeeding Labor Day? Where did this rule of “no wearing white” after Labor Day come from? And why are we limiting our closets by hiding our white clothes until the start of each summer?

Well, I have got some news for you! I call nonsense on the whole “no white” after Labor Day rule. After doing my research I have found that there is no real reasoning for or pinpointed orientation of said fashion rule. Some have the theory that late 1800’s socialites created the rule of “no white after Labor Day” simply to make their social groups more exclusive with a set of unreasoned fashion laws. Others theorize that this fashion rule took to society plainly because of the drop in temperature that typically comes after Labor Day.

Nonetheless, following the guideline to no longer wear white after Labor Day frankly seems outdated and unnecessary. Several fashion icons, such as Coco Chanel, have already made their statements by donning white clothing, or suits in Chanel’s case, all year-round. It is time for the rest of the fashion world to follow suit and embrace the color white during all seasons!

Don’t give up your favorite white sweater, hide away your trendy white tote, or box up your all-white sneakers every year when the leaves start to change colors. Especially those living in the south, who don’t really experience the same “cold months” that the north does; don’t sacrifice your white T-shirts in fear of breaking some unwritten fashion law. All-white outfits never fail to make a bold, yet innocent presentation and, not to mention, white looks flattering on almost everyone. Don’t hold back, be bold; its time we make brand new fashion rules of our own!

Coco Chanel has been setting the perfect example for wearing white all months of the year, for many years now. With her undying passion for great clothes and smart designs, Coco Chanel’s classic all-white suits have served as inspiration in my denouncing the rule of “no white” after Labor Day. With her timeless designs in mind, I have created a mini mood board to set the stage and encourage you all to make like Coco Channel and rock white all year-round.

How will you sport the color white this coming fall and winter? Comment down below!

Back to School in Style

The summer has flown by, and now it’s time to get ready to head back to school. I love the summer as much as the next person, but I am beyond excited to go back to school. I will be a sophomore this year at James Madison University. I am no longer a fearful freshman. I  have more confidence in my place at school and I want my outfits to reflect that this year.

My favorite thing about summer fashion is how carefree it is. I want to capture that feeling in my outfits for the upcoming school months, as well as make them wearable for the cooler months ahead.

For me going back to school was always such an exciting time. My favorite part was shopping for new school supplies and a new first-day outfit. It’s an opportunity to start fresh for the year and try out something new; going back to school represents endless new possibilities for the year ahead. This all starts with the outfit. Since I was young, I loved to plan what I would wear for the first day of school. The importance of “back to school fashion” is to show who you are for the coming year and to be able to express yourself in a creative way.

Now that I am in college, my “back to school” outfit has to be both cute and functional. I go to school in the south, so the first day is always hot! Even though I would love to wear a nice pair of jeans, it would be nearly impossible in the late August heat.

I am pairing my jean skirt from Free People with my tan lace up T-shirt from Topshop.

I added a gold choker with a silver pendant to the look, as a statement piece.

The shoes I choose to pair with this look are my short brown boots that are a staple in my wardrobe for the fall months. They are easy to pair with many outfits and can fluctuate,  being worn in a casual or more dressy setting.

The colors in this look are very subdued and neutral, in preparation for the upcoming tones of fall. I also have a navy blue backpack, which I will use to carry all my books and laptop to each class.

This look is one of my favorites to begin the transition from summer to fall fashion, as it is easy to add layers to and uses neutral colors that remind many of autumn.

Step out of your comfort zone, this coming school year. If I could give one piece of advice to incoming freshman, it would be to use this fresh start as a way to cultivate your sense of self.

What are you planning on wearing as a “back to school” look? Let us know in the comments below!

Fall Fashion Essentials

For lots of us, the end of August means the end of summer. We pack up our rooms at home and make the transition to going back to school. As summer ends, fall begins and we leave our pool days in bikinis behind for bonfires wrapped in blankets. We also leave our summer wardrobes behind for fresh new fall ones. It can be tough when deciding what to pack versus what to leave behind, but below are six pieces that I don’t even hesitate to throw in the suitcase.

Jean Jacket

You’ll find yourself pairing this jacket with just about any outfit you throw together; its versatility is my favorite part about it. It’s perfect for layering!

Ripped Jeans

Whether you dress them up with a fur vest and booties, or down with an over-sized sweater and converse, you can’t go wrong with ripped jeans.

Knee-High Socks

This fashion trend is one that I’ve been sporting for years. Not only are knee-highs the way that I stay warm during the fall months, but they add so much to an outfit. You can bunch them up when paired with booties, pull them over the knee when paired with knee-high boots, or hide them underneath your outfit completely if you’re just trying to keep warm.


We can’t forget about our feet! For a night out, booties are the perfect option. A closed toe and thick heel make walking much more comfortable and keep your feet out of the cold. This makes booties so functional and fashionable!

Suede Skirt

For the girls’ nights out, this skirt is the perfect pairing with your booties. The color and texture of the skirt give it a fall feel, while still giving you the option of showing off your legs. You can throw tights on underneath or your knee-high socks to hide some skin for the colder temps.

Leather Satchel

Some girls switch up their bags depending on the season and some like to keep it the same throughout the whole year. Regardless of which girl you are, a leather satchel is the perfect way to go. Especially for fall, leather is the best move because of its water/weather resistant quality and its tendency to match almost every outfit.

My favorite part of fall has to be the fashion that comes along with it. I love the versatility of my essentials. Balancing school, work, and a social life sometimes leaves us with very little time to focus on fashion so the items on this list make it quick and easy to get ready and go. Enjoy the beauties of summer while they last. Before you know it, they’ll be fading away and it’ll be time to say hello to all of the beauties fall has to offer, especially its fashion.

I’m always looking for more to add to this list of essentials so let me know your favorite fall-time pieces in the comment section below!

How to Incorporate Lingerie into Your Outfit

It’s now August and almost fall, though the hot weather still continues. It’s too hot to dress up, but I still want my outfit to stand out and not look too simple. During these hot summer days, I like to incorporate lingerie into my outfit. Wearing lingerie as an outfit staple is not a new trend. People have worn lace bralettes, lace bodysuits, and slip dresses in recent years. Since the phrase “free the nipple” is thrown around frequently, more women feel comfortable wearing no bras in public. A lot of models and celebrities started to show up in front of cameras wearing lingerie. Since then, women’s clothing stores sell a variety of lingerie that you can wear outside.

I personally love wearing lingerie as part of my outfit, however, I am not confident about my body and feel uncomfortable showing too much. For people like me, I recommend wearing a camisole with some lace. It’s not too different from actual clothes, and the lace and satin material will dress you up. Lingerie stores and even vintage shops have a variety of camisole with lace in different colors. H&M also has a cute camisole with lace at an affordable price, and the dark gold color gives you a mature look. This black silk camisole with lace from Revolve is a really useful piece too because you can never go wrong with black. In order to not look too sexy during the daytime, I would match this camisole with jeans or oversize casual pants.

I chose gray for my outfit because it will not look too sexy or inappropriate during the daytime. My camisole is from Victoria’s Secret, and I matched it with black jeans for a casual look. I also like finding cute vintage lingerie at vintage shops. It’s fun and cheap, and you can find unique pieces that no one else has. Lily Ashwell has a vintage-inspired camisole with lace in gray.

How do you wear your lingerie? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista. 

3 Back to School Looks Inspired by the ’90s

One of the things I love about fashion is that it is always evolving as trends are recycled and modernized. The ’90s are definitely one of my favorite fashion eras because a lot of my favorite shows and fashion trends were made during that time. I decided to create three outfits inspired by the ’90s that can be worn around campus!

1—Stripes and shortsThis first outfit is inspired by the crop top and stripes trend back in the ’90s. I wore a black and white striped crop top with a pair of vintage high-waisted denim shorts to cover up some belly. I finished this outfit by adding some black sandals that are not too high for walking around campus.

2—Plaid to meet youIn this next outfit, I wore a red plaid skirt with a white button-down. I added a large choker and fishnet stockings for a bold grunge feel. Finally, I wore chunky black boots that are easy to stomp around in on campus. The ’90s were all about the plaid and grunge look, so this outfit was definitely inspired by those trends.

3—Primary colorsWe all have those days where we are running late, so dressing up is definitely not on our check list. Being comfortable is number one on that list, so for this last outfit, I paired a red tank top with mom jeans to run around campus in. Then, I added an old watch so I can see the time during class. If you are feeling chilly, make sure to grab a plaid button-down or a jacket to cover up! Fashion is what you make of it because it is expressive to you personally and represents who you are. So, why not have fun with it?

Let me know in the comments what your fashion style is and what you are planning to wear this back to school season!