How to Style Your Thrift Store Finds

My favorite place to shop at is definitely thrift stores. I was lucky enough to live in New York City for two years, where they have the best thrift stores to choose from. You can find amazing off-brand items, but you can also find designer items if you search hard enough! I like to incorporate low-end items with high-end items, which makes any outfit appear to be more expensive. In this article, I will show you how I style a “sporty and rich” look, where I pair some sporty items with high-end items that I have thrifted.

When I pick out my outfits in the morning, I like to look as put together as possible, and I do this by pairing cheaper pieces with more expensive pieces. In this outfit, I am wearing a red bodysuit from Reformation that I thrifted from Goodwill. Bodysuits are so easy to wear, and I think that they look sleeker than wearing a T-shirt. Since this bodysuit has an open back, it is perfect for the summer heat. I paired this bodysuit with a pair of Carmar jeans that I bought on sale from LF; LF has the best end of season sale where you can cop their stylish pieces without the expensive price tag.

I love the cutoff details on the bottom of the jeans; it’s a perfect detail to make these basic blue jeans a little more fashion forward. I am wearing my favorite sneakers—my Nike Air Jordan 1’s. Since they are white, they are very easy to pair with almost any outfit, making your outfit sportier and more casual.

Once I put on all my clothes, I think about what accessories to add. When wearing jeans, a belt is a must! My belt is Salvatore Ferragamo that I thrifted from a Salvation Army. I wear rings every single day, and if I don’t, my fingers feel naked. All of my rings were given to me from family or friends, which is why they are so sentimental to me. Lastly, I added two silver chokers that came as a set from H&M, and my purse is from Pleats Please Issey Miyake. Adding jewelry and accessories to an outfit is the perfect way to tie it all together.

Although some of the pieces in this outfit are fairly expensive, if you wait for sales and hunt in thrift stores, you are bound to find some goodies!

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Rocking the Decades—’90s Edition

Recently feeling like you’re in an episode of Beverley Hills, 90210 or swear you just saw Bayside hottie Kelly Kapowski walking down the sidewalk? Well, don’t get too excited, you haven’t been transported into your favorite retro television show. Instead, the fashion got sent to you. The ’90s are back, baby!

When it comes to trying your hand at retro fashion, there’s always the concern of looking like you’re walking into a Halloween party. You want to rock the decade, not win best costume. So here are this Fashionista’s tips on bringing back my favorite decade.

1—Make it authentic. Because the ’90s were not too long ago (hard to believe right?) you can definitely still find authentic clothing at your local thrift store. My favorite thing to snag is a nice retro T-shirt. Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect style and fit while searching through racks of vintage clothes, so don’t be afraid to personalize it! Because you aren’t (and shouldn’t) be breaking the bank with this purchase, imagine what it would look like with some DIY alterations. I love finding an oversize T-shirt and cutting it into the perfect crop-top.

2—Mix old and new. Now that you’ve got your vintage piece, head to your favorite retailer and check out those re-vamped ’90s trends. High-waisted jeans and shorts are so in right now, so you should have no problem finding your perfect pair. Don’t forget to add your favorite kicks to the look. Bulky white sneakers are all that right now, and bonus points if you want to rock the platform.

3—Keep it simple. While I absolutely love ’90s accessories and any excuse to bring out my scrunchies, chokers, and barrettes galore, it’s always good to make sure not to go overboard. Overdoing accessories is the biggest culprit in getting you into that “costumey” category. I like to pick one ’90s accessory (typically a dope choker) and use this to complete the look.

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3 Ways to Enjoy City Life Without Breaking the Bank

We’ve all been there. Really wanting to buy tickets to your favorite band’s concert or absolutely needing to get that new jacket that you saw online. However, the moment you indulge, something comes up where you need that cash, whether it be going out for a night with your friends, trying out a new restaurant, or the famous weekend brunches. Alas, you can’t enjoy it simply because you don’t want to break your bank.

Being a college student in the city has brought these situations to my doorstep often. Living in an area where the cost of living is high and your wages are low can be really difficult, but this is where creativity comes in handy. Check out these three ways I used to still enjoy life in the city without completely going broke!

1—When it’s free, it’s your friend. As a college student in D.C., it’s absolutely necessary to indulge in the wonderful free sites the city has to offer. All the Smithsonian museums are free, and if that doesn’t do it for you, you can always take a quick stroll around the monuments and enjoy the view. Not only is it a great place to check out the sites, but it’s great to just relax. I love to go and write there or even just enjoy a great book!

2—Grocery shopping is great. While living in a city, it becomes almost all too easy to go out to eat for almost every meal (especially when your dorm has a Whole Foods next door and Chick-fil-a downstairs.) However, if I’ve learned anything from living in a city for so long, it’s that cooking can save you lots of money. So instead of spending $12 dollars on that bowl from sweetgreen, maybe try to use that same money to buy salad ingredients for the week. It’s honestly become one of my favorite past times, strolling the aisles with my favorite tote and feeling like a real adult.

3—Be an explorer. Life can become extremely routine in college, even in a city. You go to the same places, eat the same foods, and see the same faces. I try to break my cycles and do something different every once in while. Whether that be checking out a neighborhood I haven’t been to in D.C., or exploring the inner workings of Georgetown, I love to see what’s out there for me to find. One note for this tip is to always be prepared, and have on great shoes for walking around.

Trying out these three things really helped me. Even though I think they’re great, it’s important to find out what works for you.

What tips do you recommend for saving a buck in the big city? Comment below!


Can you pinpoint the last time you stepped foot in a zoo? Any New York native will attest the Bronx zoo is a childhood staple. I recently found myself rewinding back old times, tripping here once again (and flooded among the crowds of “fieldtripees”). What lead me toward a brief trip down memory lane? A chance to bring my french friend for her first experiential trip (oh and free admission on Wednesdays doesn’t hurt).

A day filled with walking means lets-be-practical footwear. Personally, I know my go-to’s are unquestionably my leather high-top Vans that I unregretfully live in. At this point my Vans are practically a part of me, with how well-worn perfect fit they’ve morphed. Undoubtedly, I could, and without any trouble, write an ode in dedication to my love of Vans. Don’t think I could more highly recommend a shoe – that’s saying a lot since I’m not the type to just give compliments away.

Summer is slow to warm up our lovely NY this year (or more so weather challenged with an indecisive mother nature to back it) so light layers have been getting me through. I’m not quite ready to let go of my black jeans just yet. A transparent long sleeve also works as an in-between seasonal piece. It’s all paired with my hat, courteous of a Mexico trip a few months back, and a thin button-up coat to throw over when the sun goes into hiding.

Though admittedly, I was shaky in support for the whole sad caged animal dilemma, I was happy to hear the Bronx zoo is paired with a wildlife refugee, WCS. All in all, I’d safely call it a successful trip and a cheap one at that (though I’d hardly discourage donations for the wildlife rescue). Get out to a zoo with a cause and be a kid again.

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Banking on Blue

It’s almost summer, and while the color blue might be cool, the weather, banker stripes, and off-the-shoulder ruffles are hot! One can never go wrong with classic denim, and it’s easy to admire the banker-stripes trend for this season. With its vibrant hue of blue contrasting with crisp white, this sharp color combination is hard to resist. One could say I’m feeling “right on the money.” Feeling confident, stylish, and having the right touch of feminism and flare, I’ve got all that life throws at me “in the bag!”

The blouse that I have chosen for this look combines three of this season’s hottest trends: ruffles, off-the-shoulder, and banker stripes. The blouse I wear is similar to this blouse, which incorporates the “Flashdance” shoulder, another hot trend this season. I chose to keep the look casual and cool by pairing my Paige Denim high-waisted flare jeans with this blouse, keeping with my blue and white aesthetic. Pairing red-hot white platform sandals with my look, I’m ready to strut, whether it be on Wall Street or Worth Avenue.

This look combines a fun, flirty mix of styles that complement each other all the same. While the denim texture of the jeans is more on the masculine side, remnant of menswear, the off-the-shoulder ruffles provide a flirty contrast that this look craves. The look embodies a ’70s vibe, and all of the sudden I feel as though I’m Carly Simon circa Summer of 1975, taking a break from the recording studio to jump onto the boat.

When it comes to accessories, I stuck with gold accents that pop oh-so-perfectly with blue and white, a variation that would make any sailor starstruck! I chose to keep it simple with the exception of these pieces in order to make my white tassel earrings a vocal-point of my outfit. While the summer is still young and anything could happen, I’m willing to take a gamble for good style, and I’m “banking on blue!” ( & so should you) 🙂


WHAT TO WEAR: Hopping Into Spring

Lovely spring is finally here! There have been so many cool looks and outfits going down the streets of New York City lately. With so many people out and a plethora of inspiration, it’s been so amazing to be out and be a part of it!

I spotted this amazing outfit on this adorable Fashionista this past month! What caught my eye about her outfit right away was the oversize, comfy looking T-shirt dress that she rocked so well. Her long blonde hair flowed beautifully through the wind making her a definite head-turner!

I asked this Fashionista what her inspiration was behind the look, “I love St. Tropez,” she began, “and I’m a big thrifter for sustainability reasons. So when I saw this Wildfox T-shirt I was so excited. And, I looked it up… It retailed for like $400 or something!” she told me. Amazing! I love hearing thrift stories! It’s like clothes are getting a chance at a second life.

This Fashionista also went for a bold statement with some beautiful accessories that I’m still obsessed with! She went for a necktie which are so in right now! Neckties have been a huge trend, as they should be. They’re so simple and easy to style, as well as cute! The necktie is my favorite part of this outfit. I love the color blocking she’s creating, with such a simple accessory piece. The maroon and yellow overlays nicely with the blue dress that creates a vibrant look for spring!

Another accessory piece that is making a statement are her cat-eye sunglasses. They give such attitude to the look and really makes one look sassy and sweet at the same time! Cat-eye styled sunglasses are personally my favorite, so I was able to connect to the accessory piece in a great way. It’s another great element to style up this look that includes unique accessory pieces. It’s silly, but I also include beautiful long, golden hair as an accessory! It’s so beautiful, especially on her, because she’s so tall and it flows with the necktie and T-shirt dress so well. For shoes, she’s wearing white sneakers, which looks best with T-shirt dresses in her opinion. “It’s just so comfy, you know?” she told me. I do–It looks comfy!

This Fashionista achieved the goal of using just two simple accessory pieces, the neck scarf and sunglasses, to dress up a simple graphic T-shirt dress with sneakers. It caught my eye and that of many others I’m assuming!

I hope to be seeing this Fashionista around campus a lot more to totally obsess over more outfits!

STYLE ADVICE: School Cutie

This style post is for those of you that are living in an unpredictable weather situation. Here in Maryland, every day it switches between too hot or way too cold. I’m not sure if mother nature realizes its spring! I spotted this cute Fashionista on campus, baring the crazy weather with her cute outfit.

This Fashionista has a minimalist approach on style but who cares when you look that cute? Simplicity is very common when running around campuses, but she really pulls it off. Our Fashionista is wearing a turtleneck striped shirt, this shirt does have a little crop to it, making it perfect for some warmer weather. Due to the unpredictable weather, our Fashionista felt she needed to add a North Face vest to protect against some recent wind and rain. The black vest adds a nice texture and plain color in contrast to her striped shirt.

Many people question why white shoes are purchased, I personally love white shoes to add a pop of bright color to an outfit. It’s totally ok if they get dirty! Don’t be scared to by white shoes they can easily be cleaned using bleach and a washer and dryer. This Fashionista’s outfit is on the darker side so her shoes help to brighten it up and look more appealing for the spring weather. I am a huge fan of cuffing jeans, I think they always look great with a simple outfit and this Fashionista pulled off that look! Sometimes during school, there is little to no motivation to dress cute, but this Fashionista made a cute look using simple clothes.

Stay tuned for more style trends at Stevenson University!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leopard, Navy, and White

Getting to visit New York several times in the past two months, I am blessed to have the opportunity to see New York City’s amazing street style. I notice that people in New York mainly prefer wearing black and dark-colored outfits. I enjoyed my time learning new things and checking out fascinating fashion exhibitions at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I also have met and talked to a few students on campus. However, this Fashionista’s outfit caught my attention with all the details in her look.

It is obviously a very dark outfit from head to toe, which is very “New York” by the way! What caught my attention was how she manages to put on small pieces here and there in order to pop off her whole dark-colored outfit. This Fashionista wears a long cotton sweater dress in rose beige color. Then, she covers herself up by a long navy coat hopefully to beat that harsh New York weather in early February. Her thick scarf and velvet cap in navy help too! I love that she manages to keep her entire outfit in one color and then pops the look off by adding a pair of white sneakers. Hence, her white Adidas becomes one of the statement pieces of this look. The Adidas logos behind the shoes are also designed in navy which put the whole look together. From there, this Fashionista amazed me even more by putting on her leopard patterned socks which are little details but really draw people’s attention to her chic and cute outfit. The second statement piece of this outfit is her multi-colored backpack that she got from Rebecca Minkoff. It gives a very interesting touch to the entire outfit which makes it impossible to stop admiring her stylish appearance.

From this Fashionista’s look, I learned that if I pay enough attention to little details, I can pull off a supposedly simple and plain outfit. Be brave to challenge yourself and experience little items in your closet, you will be surprised of how significantly you could freshen up some of your old and boring looks. These tips not only draw people’s attention to your outfit, but also let them see how creative you are!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Where’s Frank?

This Fashionista knows that it is all in the details!! The little things in an outfit are what make it unique and are also a huge part of creating a great look.

As a music fanatic and huge Frank Ocean fan myself, this cutie on campus caught my eye! Her big blonde curls, some essential wardrobe must-haves, a bold print coat and T-shirt underneath really made a statement about her friendly and fun personality!

She wears a leopard print coat from Zara, staple black leggings and Nike Air Force 1’s for a simple but very cute look. What makes the outfit so unique is the ‘Wheres FRANK’ T-shirt, which was made by her friend, before Frank Ocean released his two-newest albums (Endless and Blonde). Her friend made a few of these T-shrts for sale, because like most of us, he was wondering when Frank Ocean would come back into the spotlight with new music!

As college students, we can’t go anywhere without a cute bag for our laptop and books, and this Fashionista is no exception! Sporting a tote bag to finish off her look, she without a doubt, knows how important it is to focus on the details of her outfit and of course the details in her textbooks!

Music is a big part of my life, and I can imagine it’s a big part of many of yours as well. It’s a great feeling when you connect with an artist or a song and there’s something being expressed from you to the world, through the music. I get the same feeling from my clothing.

Whether it be; a music inspired T-shirt, leopard print coat, or your favourite pair of jeans; we express our taste through our clothes and that in itself is pretty unique!

WHAT TO WEAR: Hitting the Town

It’s a beautiful, sunny day, and you find yourself with the urge to hit the town. With a new found sense of energy, you find yourself wanting to get ready and look presentable for once. For men, finding the perfect mix between the casual and stylish demands that this task needs can be difficult. However, I was able to come up with the perfect look that will have ladies turning their heads.

Every man should have a basic pair of blue jeans in their wardrobe. Jeans are a perfect way to start out your outfit because they are never uncomfortable, yet they look as though you put at least some effort. Pairing jeans with a nicer, un-banded sweatshirt will bring you maximum comfort and will look mega-trendy when paired with a longer shirt underneath. I chose this KITH waffled sweatshirt because it successfully adds some detail and texture to the outfit that makes it a little more exciting than your average sweatshirt. For this look specifically, I layered a short sleeve tunic since walking around can make you work up a sweat. Say goodbye to uncomfortable shoes that could be detrimental to your active day is a must.

All white tennis shoes will perfectly bring the look together by adding simplicity and class. If you don’t have white tennis shoes essentially any monotoned shoe will be able to complete this look.

Whether you’re going to an outdoor mall or just moseying throughout downtown, this look will achieve the casual yet trendy demands of a day out.