Why You Should Wear White After Labor Day

The color white is complete and innocent. White clothing has, for hundreds of years, represented purity, sophistication, and cleanliness; helping to provide a cooling comfort in warm weather and a staple image for weddings and religious events since the beginning of human history. So, why is it we’ve been told we should pack away most of our white clothing every fall succeeding Labor Day? Where did this rule of “no wearing white” after Labor Day come from? And why are we limiting our closets by hiding our white clothes until the start of each summer?

Well, I have got some news for you! I call nonsense on the whole “no white” after Labor Day rule. After doing my research I have found that there is no real reasoning for or pinpointed orientation of said fashion rule. Some have the theory that late 1800’s socialites created the rule of “no white after Labor Day” simply to make their social groups more exclusive with a set of unreasoned fashion laws. Others theorize that this fashion rule took to society plainly because of the drop in temperature that typically comes after Labor Day.

Nonetheless, following the guideline to no longer wear white after Labor Day frankly seems outdated and unnecessary. Several fashion icons, such as Coco Chanel, have already made their statements by donning white clothing, or suits in Chanel’s case, all year-round. It is time for the rest of the fashion world to follow suit and embrace the color white during all seasons!

Don’t give up your favorite white sweater, hide away your trendy white tote, or box up your all-white sneakers every year when the leaves start to change colors. Especially those living in the south, who don’t really experience the same “cold months” that the north does; don’t sacrifice your white T-shirts in fear of breaking some unwritten fashion law. All-white outfits never fail to make a bold, yet innocent presentation and, not to mention, white looks flattering on almost everyone. Don’t hold back, be bold; its time we make brand new fashion rules of our own!

Coco Chanel has been setting the perfect example for wearing white all months of the year, for many years now. With her undying passion for great clothes and smart designs, Coco Chanel’s classic all-white suits have served as inspiration in my denouncing the rule of “no white” after Labor Day. With her timeless designs in mind, I have created a mini mood board to set the stage and encourage you all to make like Coco Channel and rock white all year-round.

How will you sport the color white this coming fall and winter? Comment down below!

Back-to-School Outfit Inspo From the Coolest Girls on Campus

Created with Topshop

Between scary professors, the guy across the hall, and hundreds of new classmates, the first day back to school is not without its pressure. Yet while the first day back used to be the time to go all out, every cool girl has come to learn over the years that it’s the kiss of death to look like you tried too hard to look good—and who has time, anyway? You have syllabi to review and reunions to host.

Fortunately, we got the chance to catch up with the coolest girls we know to check out their style essentials and back-to-school basics. Keep scrolling for some seriously effortless inspiration on how to style key pieces to impress on your first day back.

When you go to school in NYC, it’s easy to blend in with the millions of people
roaming the streets. Instead of choosing muted colors this fall, I wanted to pick
statement patterns like these attention-grabbing stripes to help me stand out. Plus,
the cream color warms up the top and makes it a great autumn take on nautical
stripes!” – Kiki Murphy, Style Guru at NYU

I’m in an all-girl rock band and I like to add a touch of grunge to all my outfits. I love Topshop’s MOTO line since the pieces are both flattering and badass. I can totally see myself rocking their MOTO Lace Up Denim Mini Skirt both on campus and on stage.” – Tigerlily Cooley, Style Guru at Fordham University

We all have those days when we can’t figure out what to wear for class, which is why
it’s good to own wardrobe staples that are easy to throw on. I like that I can rely on
Topshop for those basics, as well as strong statement pieces for when I want to spice
up those everyday looks. It’s definitely my go-to destination for back-to-school
shopping!” – Jade Sayson, Style Guru at Columbia College Chicago

The first week of school is all about creating a solid foundation for the semester—so why not do it with your wardrobe, too? Instead of going all out with statement pieces and over-the-top looks, create a vibe that’s simple but strong. Feeling inspired, but lacking the basics your wardrobe needs?

Be sure to check out Topshop for 10 percent off everything for all students—because it’s possible to look great and actually still afford all the textbooks you need to pass your classes.

The Struggle is Real for Female Sneakerheads

Growing up, society tells girls that women are meant to wear heels. If a woman wears sneakers after a certain age, they are considered a tomboy and somehow less feminine. This was a very hard concept for me to overcome, as I was more self-conscious growing up and always tried to fit in with what was normal. At events like school dances, I would force myself to wear heels because that was what everyone wore. No matter how much my feet ached, I would wear heels because that was what I was supposed to be wearing.


As I got older and started to come to terms with my personal style, the idea of fashion norms started to become foreign to me. Why should I be restricted to a certain footwear just because of the gender I happen to be? Once I began questioning the standards society put on women’s style, my eyes opened to new forms of fashion regardless of the gender they were meant for. This is when my love for sneakers started to flourish, and I grew into the sneakerhead I am today.

Being a female sneakerhead is not easy, and comes with its fair share of problems. The biggest struggle all women face when going sneaker shopping is the idea of “shrink it and pink it.” Sneaker companies are stuck in the mindset that all women want to wear exceedingly girly apparel. Do not get me wrong—I love almost anything pink and sparkly— but that doesn’t mean that I also won’t rock a pair of classic Air Force 1 Sneakers. The main problem is that there isn’t the same selection for women when it comes to sneakers. Although buying shoes made for boys is an option, they do not always have the same craftsmanship at a lower price.

It is also extremely intimidating shopping for sneakers as a woman. The sneaker community is male-dominated and therefore can come across as slightly domineering when shopping at a store with an all-male staff and clientele. As stated before, many sneakers are made for men, therefore when a woman shops at a store made solely for sneakers, most employees cannot help but come across as more condescending.

Although the sneaker game is not as accepting of women, it has started to change over the years. With collaborations such as with Rihanna and Puma, the door has opened for women creators and lovers of shoes who have not felt as respected in a male-dominated world. Rihanna designs shoes for women while still being able to maintain comfortable, chic attire, something male designers seem to forget.

It is time for women to leave behind the judgment placed on their style and enter a world full of comfort.

What are the sneakers that made you fall in love with the culture?  Show us on social media and tag @CFashionista!

I’ve Tried All The Natural Teeth Whitening Hacks. Here Are the Ones That Actually Work.

Okay, so I don’t know about you but I drink way too much coffee for my own good and, frankly, my own teeth. For those of you who are huge fanatics of soda and caffeine, you know you have this problem too when you feel like your teeth are no longer pearly whites. The white strips are questionable and getting your teeth professionally whitened is a luxury a college budget really can’t afford. Luckily, you can have your coffee and pearly whites too utilizing some natural products you already own.

Here’s exactly how to naturally whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

Oil Pulling

This method has been extremely popular for a very long time, and the reviews are absolutely positive. This method involves using just a spoonful of coconut oil (or sesame oil) and swishing it in your mouth, back and forth, for anywhere from five to twenty minutes before spitting it out. You could even just add a couple drops onto your toothbrush and scrub away. There are numerous other health benefits to this, so feel free to look them up, but this is great for cleaning your gums and keeping your overall oral health up to speed.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has also been an effective and well-known way to whiten your teeth at home by making a DIY paste. Simply mix baking soda with water to form a paste, and scrub your teeth with your toothbrush with this paste for only one to two minutes. You can repeat this every other day for about a week or two, but don’t over do it because this can make your teeth very sensitive, so alter accordingly.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV has always been a hot product to fix and treat a variety of things, but this product is most well-known for its acne healing abilities and anti-microbial properties. However, apparently this method is also popular for whitening your teeth! You can either dilute it with water and swish in your mouth for ten to twenty minutes or put some on your toothbrush and scrub away. And, don’t forget to rinse.

Banana Peel

This is a method that is not well known but definitely worth giving a shot. Simply take the peel from a ripe banana and rub it on your teeth for at least two minutes. This gives the minerals such as Calcium and Vitamin D in the actual banana peel to start promote whitening. Afterwards, brush your teeth with some toothpaste, rinse, and you are done!

Lemon Rinds

This is probably the best smelling option out of the five methods here. You can either choose to use the lemon juice from the lemon or simply use the skin. If you are using the juice, dilute with some water and apply using a toothbrush for about one to two minutes before rinsing. If you are using the rind, just rub the skin on your teeth for about two minutes and rinse. Do not do this more than two to three times a week!

Have you tried to whiten your teeth using any of these methods? Let us know in the comments below!

A White-Hot Look for the Summer

Currently, I’m abroad in Greece visiting family and eating way too many chicken gyros. I’m also taking notes on some of the best upcoming fashion trends from Europe. My inspiration for this outfit comes from the white and blue scenery that makes Greece so famous. I decided to add some personal touches as well.

For my look, I chose a breezy white cotton shirt that provided protection from the afternoon sun. This is what I consider one of my classic shirts, which can be used for almost any occasion. The breathable fabric is especially ideal for warm days. This pair of high-waisted blue jean shorts is one of my favorite items in my closet because it fits me like a glove and is a staple to have during the summer days. With these shorts, all I need is a couple of tank tops and I have several outfits ready to go.

I bought this white embroidered backpack in Greece, and I’m already in love with it. The stitch work is gorgeous and on trend with the embroidery craze this year. The backpack is also big enough to fit my water bottle into for impromptu nature walks in the Greek countryside or afternoon shopping in the outdoor marketplace.

I try to make most of my wardrobe interchangeable (so I can save both time and money), and these sunglasses are a perfect example of that. They are chic, simple, and versatile. The gold necklace is from my cousin’s jewelry shop in Crete and features an ancient Cretan depiction of two honey bees. Gold hoops help to round out my outfit and make my white-hot summer ensemble look even hotter.

What’s your summer look? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

Monochrome is Having a Moment

If you’re anything like me, then it’s likely half your closet is full of basics in black, white, and gray. These pieces are pretty great for layering in the winter, but maybe aren’t as useful on their own during the summer months. Transition your basic pieces to be anything but average with a monochromatic look.
Monochromatic outfits are a top to bottom look featuring only one color. Monochrome can be done so many different ways. Creating an outfit in one color and adjusting the shade or hue might be something you learned as a kid. I remember my mom telling me at a young age that yes, I was allowed to wear head to toe pink as long as the shades were complimentary.
Mixing two shades of one color is a great way to ease into the monochromatic style. If you do decide to take it even further, the same shade can be used so that different pieces of your outfit blur together. This creates a striking and visually stimulating interest to the eye.
One of my favorite ways to style the monochromatic trend is with neutrals. Neutrals are user friendly and not overly intimidating to the beginner. It’s especially nice that most neutral colors and are very similar in shade even across product lines. This makes finding a matching set much easier and makes your options almost endless.
This trend is versatile for all seasons, because it works by color and not by cut or silhouette. I love that I can wear this trend so many ways and reinvent some of my most basic pieces.
Let me know what your favorite color for monochrome is in the comments below!

The Perfect Romper for Your Summer Wardrobe

We are right in the middle of summer which for many of us means balancing the challenge of trying to stay fashionable and keep cool in the summer heat. I’ve struggled with the same issue, but I’ve finally discovered the perfect item for my summer closet: a white romper. Rompers have been a massive trend over the past year because they allow you to look cute, casual, and fashionable all at the same time. In addition, white is a perfect color to wear in the heat because it won’t trap heat as much as darker colors will. That’s why I made sure to have a white romper in my closet to rock at any summer picnic, backyard party, or get together!

For this look, I wore a flowy, long-sleeve romper with lace-detailed sleeves. Because the romper is low-cut, I also paired it with a white lace bralette that matches the style of the romper. This is helpful for when the neck nine falls a little too low, as the bralette will seem like one with the romper in the event that it does make an appearance. 

In order to make sure that the white outfit didn’t look too flat with just one color, I added a black belt around the waist and a matching black choker. The belt and choker add contrast to the overall outfit and they help bring everything together.

Finally, I added a multicolored purse to accent the look, giving the outfit a pop of color. This outfit gives you a lot of freedom to be creative with colorful accessories that match your own personal style. Feel free to pop on our favorite sunglasses or a cute floppy hat to make this look your own!

How are you styling a white romper this summer? Show us on social media and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

White Jeans—The Perfect Summer Essential for Everyday

When I look at my summer wardrobe, for the most part, I see bright colors, patterns, and sundresses but sometimes they just take too much time to style. My go-to easiest piece of clothing this summer season has been my white jeans. I decided to style my white jeans four different ways just to prove to all of you Fashionistas that they are a staple piece for the summer.

White Jeans Look One

My first look is a super casual look. I love the all-white look not only for winter but for summer too! I paired this pair of white jeans with a boyfriend fit white T-shirt. I finished off the look with my jean jacket that is always shoved into my tote in case it gets chilly. My favorite part of the outfit is my gray block sandals. These are perfect to dress up the outfit. This outfit is a good day to night outfit, so wear it with sandals throughout the day and when it is time to go out, slip on the heels.

White Jeans Look Two

My second look is something completely different for me. I paired my white jeans with a gray high side slit T-shirt. I cuffed the jeans to lace up my chestnut suede sandals. To finish off the look, I once again pulled out my jean jacket and a simple knotted necklace. This outfit is perfect for an easy work outfit or a quick lunch with friends.

White Jeans Look Three

This next look is what I like to call my retail look. This is an easy work outfit for me. I paired my white jeans with a simple black off-the-shoulder blouse. I finished off the look with my pair of Jack Rogers jelly sandals. This is a quick outfit when you are running late but still need to look like you put yourself together.

White Jeans Look Four

This is my fourth and final look. This out of my four looks is most definitely my favorite. I paired my white jeans with my favorite shirt for the summer. My shirt is the Tess top from the Mimi Miller womenswear summer collection. I paired this outfit with my medallion gray heel and a matching medallion choker. This outfit is great for a nice dinner out or a quick weekend brunch.

How do you guys wear your white jeans? Let me know in the comments below!

Sunshine and White

Styling for summer can be hard. Trying to stay cool while also being cute can be tricky, but flowy and lightweight clothing is key. Yellow and white are great for this season and pair very nicely together. Our Fashionista here has perfectly demonstrated how to rock this fun color combo.

Few people are able to pull off anything yellow simply because they don’t know how to correctly wear the color. This muted shade of yellow complements her olive skin tone and dark hair, as well as the white pants. The material of the top is lightweight, meaning that it won’t create too much body heat in this ridiculously hot summer weather.

The pants in this outfit are fabulous. The white pants give the overall look a lighter and more appropriate feel for the season. Wide pant legs tend to be extremely flattering on everyone, but especially shorter girls. They give the illusion of longer and taller legs while also dressing up the outfit. The tie belt adds a little extra detail to the otherwise plain and simple pants.

Brown wedges are a wardrobe essential. They are classic and can turn any casual outfit into more of a dressy one. The straps on this particular pair are cute and add detail. Not only do the wide leg pants make this Fashionista’s legs look longer, but paired with the wedges, she looks even taller. They pair together very well.

I love the subtle jewelry in this outfit. The metal tone of the necklace is very “in” right now. It’s delicate yet chunky at the same time. The watch is cute and simple, and it pairs greatly with the look.

This is outfit is a great look for the summer. Whether it’s to a nice lunch with your girlfriends or for a date night dinner out, this is a versatile outfit for the whole season.

How do you style yellow and white? Post a picture, and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista! 

Oh Chic, What Do I Wear This Summer?

Summer is my favorite season—the warm weather, cool vacations, and of course, the fun fashions. It is the time to say goodbye to flannels and scarves and hello to sundresses and sandals.

This season try something new, stray away from the typical bright colors and bold prints and wear the chicest combination: black and white. It is a classic combination that never goes out of style.

I know what you are thinking: who would want to wear black in the summer? Fear not, I know it may be hot, but adding subtle pieces of black into your outfit adds the chic element to any of your summer looks.

This Fashionista’s look is very simple. She is wearing a white lace sundress that is off the shoulder, which makes it perfect for any summer outing. She paired it with black gladiator sandals that tie up. The fringe on the end is a fun little addition. A summer outfit would not be complete without a pair of sunnies to go with it. She chose classic black sunglasses to finish the outfit off. The lace detail in the dress does not call for many accessories, but this Fashionista chose to wear cute little flower earrings. Simplicity is essential this summer.

Black and white pieces are super easy to work with. They always leave room for a pop of color, so try a bold lip to really make the outfit stand out. So bring on the concerts and barbecues because you are summer ready Fashionistas!

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