How to Wear White Year-Round

Memorial Day has passed, which means you can pull out all of the white that you’ve stored away because you haven’t worn it since September, right? I did some research into the crazy and confusing fashion myth surrounding wearing white and decided to show you how you can rock it during any time of the year.

Apparently, the rule is that you can’t wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. This fashion rule dates back to the early 1900s when wearing the color white was a symbol of wealth and success. People who were wealthy would save all their white for the summertime, or the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, to show that they were wealthy enough to have a vacation in the summer. The reason behind the specific color white is because it is the coolest to wear during hot summers, so it was a luxury to be able to afford wearing white all summer.

As time passed, this rule was adopted and strictly followed by women in the south because of the extremely hot summers there. However, this rule wasn’t always followed, especially by a very well-known fashion icon: Coco Chanel. She was known for her white wardrobe year-round. So, if she didn’t follow the rule, we don’t have to either, right? The fashion world loves to break rules! Take a look at how I styled white jeans for every season.

For spring, I paired my white jeans with a black floral tunic. The contrast of the white allowed the flowers in the shirt to really pop. I topped the outfit off with a denim jacket because, in the spring in Ohio, layers are your best friend. To complete my look, I threw on my favorite lace-up wedges.

For a fun, light, summery look, I paired my white jeans with a light denim off-the-shoulder top. I completed the outfit with black lace-up flats. Then, to accessorize, I added a white purse and some sunglasses. The addition of the white purse emphasizes the light, breezy nature of the color white for summer.

For this fall outfit, I took a layered black tank top and put a hunter green leather jacket over it. I matched those with the white jeans and added some snakeskin booties to add some pattern to the outfit. I added another little pop of color by pairing this look with a blush pink purse. White denim can be perfect for going out, as seen in this look.

Finally, for my winter look, I threw a comfy burgundy knit sweater over the white jeans. I added some black suede wedges and accessorized with a plaid blanket scarf and a beanie to complete the look. Who says your pants can’t match the snow outside?

Do you wear white year-round, or do you stay away from it before Memorial Day and after Labor Day? Let me know in the comments below! 

How to Stand Out at a White Party

White parties are a summer classic. I love nothing more than all my friends getting together on a beautiful summer day for drinks and snacks dressed in all white. But there’s one problem with white parties… everyone looks the same. One of my favorite things about fashion is how we can use it to express ourselves, but when there’s a strict, all-white dress code, this can be tricky. However, if you get creative, you can totally be the star at your next white party.

Let’s start with this white romper. It is one of my favorite things in my closet right now. It’s lightweight and has a drawstring at the waist so I can wear it loose or rock it fitted at the waist with a pair of cool sneakers and a ponytail. It’s perfect for a white party because, well, it’s white. It is unique and trendy because it has a subtle embroidered bird print on it, rather than a solid white dress or simple white pants.

Rather than white shoes, I decided to rock light, metallic wedges that won’t completely stand apart from the all-white theme, but still pop a little bit. I love a wedge in the summertime, and I really think there isn’t a better shoe to wear to an outdoor party. The shiny gold straps let my personality shine through while allowing me to bring in some other gold accessories, like my stacked bracelets.

Now on to the fun part… that metallic lipstick. I love bold lipstick with white, but for a white party where literally everything down to the smallest toothpick is white, a more neutral lip might be a good call. Neutral doesn’t have to be boring, though. Try a gold metallic lipstick to put a shimmery twist on a basic nude. I love this lipstick because it ties in with my sassy shoes and looks great on a variety of skin tones. Layer it over a lip primer and it will stay all day, no matter how many mimosas you have. It’s awesome for summer, but I’ll definitely be sporting it in the fall and through the winter (hello, my new favorite holiday shade). It’s just bold enough to be the perfect conversation starter.

Next time you receive a little white invitation in the mail, remember to get creative and let your personality (and metallic lips) stand out in a crowd.

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3 Colors You Should Try If You Only Wear Black and White

If you’re anything like me, black and white are staples in your closet. They are your daily uniform in your anything but drab life.  To others, it seems somber and unexciting, but let me tell you, when you find that perfect pair of white linen pants to go with that flirty black top you’ve been dying to wear, no outfit can make you feel inferior.  But what’s a girl to do when her beloved black and white ensembles don’t fit the occasion? Well Fashionistas, that’s what I’m here to help you with.


Navy will always be my favourite black alternative.  It’s a very versatile color but also gives just the right amount of depth and interest without looking too flat.  It’s one of the closest colors to black so you still get the elegance factor of the dark hue but will keep you a little cooler in the spring and summer months!  As pictured above, a navy jumpsuit is the perfect addition to every brunch-loving Fashionista’s closet! Mimosa, anyone?


Bright colors tend to scare me off so this next color is an excellent pink alternative.  Pastel pinks have been a major trend this year, but if you aren’t into that type of intensity, Quarry is your best bet!  Quarry can be described as a washed out, pastel pink with a gray undertone.  It is very light and pairs greatly with all the other lovely white and black pieces you already have.  Personally, I love styling this knitted top with a crisp pair of white shorts or pants to really capture the true tone of the color while also keeping it light and clean.


Gray has become so popular amongst home design experts, so it’s only natural that it’s peaked its head in the fashion world.  This all-round shade has made its way into my closet a few times now and it’s starting to become one of my favourite staple shades (especially in this blouse).  Because of its variety of intensities and undertones, anyone can find the perfect gray to complement their style.

Do you have a color suggestion for all of us committed black and white Fashionistas? Comment below!

5 Things Every College Student Should Know About Money

Whether commuting or dorming, we all know that college life can be expensive and loves to run our wallets dry. We’ve all been there, but no need to worry because I’ve cracked the code on college spending. Here are five easy tips that you should know to help you be a pro spender on a college budget.

Get a main source of cash flow Apply to everything and everywhere. No worries your dream job is still waiting for you somewhere. But for now make up a spiffy resume to show off all you’ve got to offer. Even an on campus, or an minimum wage, your wallet will thank you forever! Maybe even get a side gig like babysitting, dog walking, selling unwanted clothes, or tutoring other students on campus.

Cut down eating out If I do the math, all the money I’ve wasted in Starbucks and Chipotle could probably add up to a new car. Save yourself! Instead pack your own lunches and snacks, and treat yourself only once in a while. This saves you tons and is an excuse to have a cute lunch bag on your hip.

Head to the thrift shop I basically live at the Salvation Army, and if you look hard enough, you can find the cutest pieces for the cheapest price. one mans trash is one college girls new fur coat! Am I right? Heres an outfit with mostly thrifted items!



Learn to say “No” The “Girl Boss” herself, Sophia Amoruso, once wrote that “money looks cuter in the bank than on your feet.” So true! I used to be an avid over spender and all of my money went straight to my closet. But even I looks bomb, my bank account was empty! Discipline yourself and just know that if you don’t have enough the super cute new top, it isn’t meant to be.

Write up a budget plan Yes, literally jot them down on paper. Writing down your spending plans can help visualize attainable goals. Decide how much you need to set aside for spending on necessities like food and laundry. Then decide how much you want to save up and how much you’re willing to spend on fun things like going out with friends or shopping.So there you have it Fashionistas, five tips on how to spend and save smart.

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7 Ways to Rock a Basic White T-shirt

A white T-shirt is a staple garment that every girl needs in their wardrobe. White T-shirts are like a blank canvas of style opportunity. They can be dressed up or down and paired with various garments and accessories. They’re great to pack for traveling and easy to keep clean; bleach returns it to pure white and keeps it looking brand new. I truly love white T-shirts because I use them as a base for my outfits and get creative with the rest. Here are some ways I wear my white T-shirt to create completely different looks:

1—All-American. For an All-American look, wear a white T-shirt with your favorite jeans. They can be light, dark, ripped, or whatever you like! I like to tuck my T-shirt in to define my waist and make my legs look longer. Throw on some basic shoes, and you’re good to go.

2—Scarf Savvy. White T-shirts can be transformed with a scarf. Scarves add color, texture, and pattern to an outfit. I chose this one for the coloration, and I like that it’s not too long or heavy for summer. Scarves can be found almost anywhere in any color and fabric you like.

3—Girly. For a girly outfit, throw on a floral skirt with your white T-shirt. Add some dainty accessories that keep the focus on your patterned skirt to channel some pretty vibes.

4—Statement jewelry. Deck out your T-shirt with jewelry. This is my favorite way to style a white T-shirt because you can have so much fun with it. It’s the perfect time to throw on all the bold jewelry you love that is hard to match with other tops.

5—Professional. White T-shirts can be worn in a professional way too. I like to style a business outfit with a white T-shirt with a cardigan and some pants. Basic white T-shirts pair well with any cardigan, and you can take the chance on a bold patterned one to stand out at the office or stick with black to keep it classic.

6—Summertime Chill. This outfit is comfy and cool, especially with a pair of sunglasses. I love the polyester black and white pants for cooler summer days. They are lightweight and provide more coverage than shorts. A fitted white T-shirt balances the outfit out since the bottom is so loose, and it keeps the focus on the pants. Add a pop of color like my slippers to bring this cute look home.

7—Sporty. T-shirts can be sporty and chic when styled right. My favorite sporty look includes leggings, Converse, and a denim shirt tied around my waist. This look is stylish yet easy to be active in.

How do you like to style your favorite white T-shirt? Let us know in the comments below and show us your style on Instagram by tagging @CFashionista. 

Is Gingham the New Floral?

Every year, spring rolls around and we all break out our floral prints. Whether it’s on dresses, tops, or skirts, we all associate the floral print with spring and summer. But this year, things are a bit different. The classic black and white gingham print has made a huge comeback this season. You can find it on tops, dresses, skirts, jackets, and even pants! The black and white checks that make up gingham have been a huge success this spring. So step aside floral, gingham is surely here to stay.

This Fashionista’s look incorporated the trend into her outfit with her off-the-shoulder top, which is another style that has been seen everywhere this spring. She styled the top with a pair of white skinny jeans, black mules, and a white and blue bandana to tie the whole look together. Her white jeans make the print stand out and her bandana helps to give the outfit a pop of color, without being too distracting from the top. This outfit is perfect for a day out on the town with friends or a Sunday brunch with family.

Since this print has been seen on so many different types of garments, it makes for a very versatile trend. You can easily switch up the pieces in this Fashionista’s look to fit your personal style for any occasion. Once the weather starts to warm up, you could swap the jeans out for a pair of shorts or even a cute denim skirt. If the mule trend isn’t quite up your alley, then you could opt for some plain white sneakers, like Adidas or Converse, instead. You could even wear a cute and dainty choker necklace instead of a bandana. Any way you choose to style the gingham print this summer, it is sure to look great!

How are you wearing the gingham print this season? Let me know in the comments below!

Out of the Office

When I landed an internship at an insurance company for the summer, I was excited to get a taste of the corporate world and spend my days being a “real adult” in dress pants and oxford shirts. Though I’m loving my job, the novelty of wearing professional clothes has worn off quickly, and I look forward to wearing something a bit more me when I’m out of the office.

This look is one of my favorites for a summer night out. I’m an advocate for white denim, despite my unfortunate tendency to spill coffee on myself at least once a day.  White skinny jeans look crisp and put-together at the office on casual Friday with a cardigan and wedges, but with a flirty top and accessories, they transition into a Friday night look. And no, I won’t be following the “no white after Labor Day” rule. White jeans can be styled for any season!

My embroidered peasant top is breezy and colorful (everything that an oxford is not), and works well with my favorite Kendra Scott earrings. I added wedges and a vintage bag in similar cognac leathers to tie the look together.  

When it comes to my hair, I learned long ago that my blow dryer and straightener were no match for the humidity of Wisconsin summers. For the summer months, I’m letting my natural curls do what they do best and giving my hair a break from the heat.  Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk is the best curl cream I’ve found for defining and moisturizing thick, coarse curls.  

Come Monday morning, I’ll be back in my dress pants, but for now, I’m enjoying this colorful, summery look.

What’s your favorite outfit to slip on when the work day is over? Let us know in the comments below or tag @CFashionista on social media!

Try These Ukrainian Travel Basics This Summer

Many people shy away from the idea of traveling to a country that isn’t heavily “westernized”. As a result, many false stereotypes and ideas are created. After discovering a teaching program called GoCamps, I decided to travel to Ukraine this summer and learn firsthand how Ukrainian people truly live. I will be living with a Ukrainian host family and teaching at a local middle school for a total of two weeks. Let the adventure begin!

1—First Impressions

I have only been in Ukraine for a week so I can only write about my first impressions as an American who has never been here. What I’ve noticed right from the get-go is how friendly everyone truly is. There aren’t many tourists who come to visit so they are eager to help even if they don’t really speak English. I must admit that the language barrier makes it hard to travel in Ukraine. However, many young people speak enough English to help you around. I recommend bringing an unlocked phone and buying a Ukrainian sim card which you can get at any convenience store for around $2. In comparison to the U.S., everything costs much less in Ukraine. For example, the most you’d pay for a cappuccino at a nice café is around $1.The architecture here is amazing as well. I have only seen their capital, Kyiv, and Chernivsti, the town I am teaching in, but the main buildings in both these cities are very colorful.

2—Fashion Tips

I suggest wearing white. White is an easy color to style and it will contrast nicely with the colorful surroundings. Embroidery is a fun way to make white clothing more interesting. It’s also essential to wear comfortable shoes. The landscape is very hilly and the streets are cobblestone, which doesn’t making walking in heels very fun.

In general, the young people of Ukraine are very fashionable. Girls often have nicely manicured nails and perfect hair. Side note—I got the best manicure I’ve ever gotten done for only $14 in Kyiv. Their fashion style is very chic and business casual like.

Overall, I’ve had a great experience in Ukraine full of many happy surprises. I’m glad I came with no expectations and I’m ready to come back again soon! 

What are you summer travel plans! Let me know in the comments below!

Feeling Nautical

With the summer season quickly approaching, there are various trends that have been standing out recently. It is evident that they will be making appearances all summer. Some of these trends include wearing bandanas as neckties, off-the-shoulder tops, wide-leg pants, and many more. In this article, I will explain how you can make stripes, another major trend for the summer, look high-fashion, laid-back, or sporty.

In the outfit that I am wearing above, I wanted to make the stripes the focal point of this ensemble. I paired a long sleeved, off-the-shoulder striped top with a classic pair of white jeans. I finished off the look with some nude, lace-up block heels. These are all items that are a must-have in your summer 2017 wardrobe. Any of these pieces are very versatile and can be used for whatever look you are trying to achieve or recreate. By incorporating the blue and white stripes with the white pants, this outfit screams Memorial Day BBQ.

This outfit is perfect for those of you who enjoy looking put together, but also require that comfort at all times, no matter what you’re wearing. To dress up this outfit, try adding some silver jewelry with a choker to top it off. Another piece of advice is to try wearing your hair up when wearing off-the-shoulder tops—doing so will keep the focus on the outfit, will minimize the potential distractions from your hair, and will keep the whole look simple.

If you want to take another approach on the stripes trend, try wearing a striped T-shirt with a pair of medium wash jeans and a classic pair of Adidas or Converse sneakers. Otherwise, if you choose to keep the look really comfortable and casual, switch off the jeans for some black leggings and call it a day. Striped clothing is a trend that is consistently evolving, allowing you to always look polished and nautical.

Try incorporating stripes into your next outfit and show us by tagging @Cfashionista on social media!

5 Ways to Up Your White T-Shirt Game This Summer

As summer zooms quickly in around the corner, we’re all pulling out our staple clothing pieces for the hotter temperatures, including the ever-so-classic white T-shirt. You know the one—it fits just right, goes with anything, and can’t even begin to compare to any of the other hundreds of T-shirts in your closet. It’s worn on repeat so often throughout the summer that people might be growing suspicious, wondering if you only own one outfit. What do you say to changing it up a bit next time you pull it out?

1—Be a sport. Recreate this look simply by pulling out some other closet staples. Most everyone owns a pair of jeans, white sneakers, and a gray sweater. These combined with a white T-shirt make for a casual, sporty look just right for any on-the-go occasion. Add a chic statement bag, like this trendy backpack, to increase the style factor of the outfit.

2—Top it Off. Opt for the on-trend lace-up flats this time in place of the standby sneakers for a sleeker look. This also gives your feet a chance to breathe a little. While cut-off denim shorts are another summer staple, you can bring more to the simple white T-shirt and shorts look by topping it off with a lightweight jacket. Who says you have to put away all forms of outerwear for summer? This is the time when air conditioning is turned up to full-force, so keeping a jacket close by not only creates a chic style but keeps you warm inside.

3—Simple Statement. Make a simpler look stand out with delicate details. A lace bralette adds dimension to the top portion of the outfit, as well as high-waisted jeans—extra points if it has button detail. Tie the white T-shirt into a knot at the top of the jeans to accentuate curves, and go for a pair of white strap heels for a more stylishly feminine look.

4—Tie it Up. Thinking of trying something new with that romper you’ve also been wearing on repeat? Rather than wearing it the typical way, try pairing this summer trend with a white T-shirt. Wear the romper half-way, then tie the sleeves around the waist, making sure to cinch the tie on the smallest part of your upper half to create a balanced look.

5—Stand Out. Go bold with a pair of loose split-front culottes, tying the T-shirt on top into a front knot to create an hourglass shape. A look perfect for the office or a day out when you want to dress a little extra nice. For an even more chic look, wear lace-up heels in millennial pink.

How do you wear this white T-shirt summer trend? Show us on social media and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!