How to Style Knee-High Boots

Winter has now officially moved into the Southern hemisphere. Without warning, we are literally blown away by the cooler change. When I think of winter, I think of being covered from head to toe. The thought of wearing a skirt or dress rarely crosses my mind. While I do love winter fashion, it can get a little repetitive after a while. After all, a girl can only have so many knits and beanies. What if I told you there was a way to wear non-winter clothes in the winter while staying warm?

I introduce to you knee-high boots (the name is more daunting than the actual boots). After getting sick and tired of constantly choosing between pants or a skirt and tights, I decided to add a pair of suede knee-high boots to my winter wardrobe. They opened up a whole new world of outfit ideas. Gone are the days that I can’t wear my favorite non-winter outfits without being nervous I may freeze to death. After going through my whole wardrobe, I found the best ways to style your knee-high boots.

Try adding knee-high boots with a pair of patterned shorts and a black turtleneck. This outfit gives off a casual yet sophisticated vibe, and the boots definitely help to dress up the outfit. For something a little different, you could slip your boots under a colorful pleated midi skirt with a black blouse and statement jacket. Try knotting the bottom of the pleated skirt to show off those killer boots. Pairing the boots with a jacket, casual top, and black denim skirt makes sure those knee-high boots stand out the most in your outfit. Lastly, you can style your boots with a cute patterned dress and T-shirt combo with a jacket on top. This outfit lets you rock that spaghetti strap dress even though it’s winter, and it looks adorable. The outfit opportunities that come with wearing knee-high boots are endless.

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WHAT TO WEAR: Fur for Her

That summer heat on your face is a mere memory in the Southern Hemisphere. The cooler change has swept under our feet without us even knowing, and, most importantly, without our wardrobes “winter-ready.” In a time of seasonal change when you want to rock your everyday jeans and singlet combo but it’s a touch too cold to wear alone, there is one thing you can always rely on.

A fur jacket is the perfect blend of comfort and beauty. Fur is in the history of fashion. The many ways you can wear it exceed any satisfactory level. Fur turns up in every season and collection, whether it be in clothes, on throw pillows, earrings, key chains, heels, slides, luxe handbags, pom poms, scarves, purses… you get the point.

This Fashionista shows how this one piece can add a whole lot of warmth and style to an outfit—something that you can have and keep in your closet forever. On top of her raw-hem black jeans and mesh singlet top, she shows off how cozy she is in this black rabbit fur swing jacket. Just when you think that’s all the fur for her, this rad look is finished off with some beautiful pony hair loafers. Wearing fur is an individual choice, and while some may not agree, there are many faux fur jackets for a cheaper price that can give off the exact same look!

Rugged up in an all-black look, some may search for the color in her outfit. Her natural look starts with Ellis Faas foundation, which defines her complexion and skin. It is a more dewy foundation, meaning that it hydrates, smoothes, and leaves a naturally luminous finish rather than matte look. To brighten up the natural makeup look and the whole all-black outfit, this Fashionista wears a Bobbi Brown red lipstick to tie together the fierce fur look.

When you’re in doubt about what to wear during the confusing months of changing seasons, just remember you can always clear the blur with a touch of fur.

WHAT TO WEAR: Global Warming Chic

Winter in the Midwest is not known for its style, namely because people tend to reach for their biggest puffer coats and transform into a collective army of walking marshmallows. Typically, I would be appalled at these puffy minions, but this year is different. 2017 has me questioning a lot of things, one of them being: what on earth are we supposed to be wearing this winter? How does one dress for a season that is arctic one moment and tropical the next? Do early March tornadoes enforce a dress code?The visual displeasure of a puffer coat sea has been replaced by swarms of unorganized fashions. I have been left wondering, what is the reasonable alternative to the puffer coat? Shorts and a tank at noon and a parka by 3 p.m., perhaps? Despite the erratic nature of nature itself, this Fashionista has managed to look fabulous and set a prime example of what to wear this “winter.”

Layering is one of the major successes of this outfit. This Fashionista cleverly avoids the marshmallow look by wearing an olive green military jacket (featuring cute elbow patches) and a lightweight black coat over it. Should the temperature drop, she is prepared to face the cold (stylishly), but if it happens to be a warmer day, she can shrug off the top layer and continue to look put together. Wearing both pieces of outwear unzipped creates a cool vibe that redefines the jackets as fashion pieces rather than mere insulation.

The dark wash jeans serve as a casual base for the outfit, but the sailor style buttons add a unique flair. They give the outfit a semi-nautical vibe that is reminiscent of, and suitable for, warm weather. Comfort is key, so a stretchy pair of skinny jeans is the way to go to keep you from feeling constrained and sweaty if the sun decides to beat down.

Turtlenecks are a huge trend right now, and also serve as a great way to keep warm on chilly days. However, the thin fabric makes this top suitable for any temperature changes to come throughout the day. Florals are to be avoided (it’s not quite spring yet), but solid colors are a definite go-to.

To finish the outfit off and give it some spunk, this Fashionista pulled on a pair of wine-colored Dr. Martens boots. If a snowstorm is to suddenly besiege, she (or at least her feet) will be protected from its cold wrath. The shoes are more durable than fur boots like Ugg boots, and don’t have a typical winter vibe. These shoes can be rocked during any season of the year, or in this case, during our all-in-one season.

You can easily create your own version of this outfit to stay comfy and cute no matter how the weather acts up. The science of climate change might be “too complicated” for some to comprehend, but for now, at least the science of winter fashion can be understood by all.

STYLE ADVICE: Monday Blues

I Hope everyone is keeping warm this chilly March. While it may be spring in some places, Ohio seems to be stuck in winter. I’m itching to trade in my winter parka for a breezy tank, but it seems I’ll have to keep bundled up for a couple more weeks. The upside is a wonderful opportunity to wear your winter styles for a little bit longer than normal and mix things up!

A fun trend to try while it’s still chilly out is color blocking. Color blocking is usually done with two bright colors in the spring and summer to make a loud statement. However, this Fashionista reworked the trend for winter by matching a blue sweater with deep maroon jeans. Wearing two more subdued colors, like baby blue and maroon, is color blocking in a revolutionary way. It’s different and noticeable for all the right reasons, adding a more subdued color mix.

No matter what the season, color blocking requires minimal jewelry to no jewelry. The center of attention for the look should be the contrast between tones, and big jewelry would distract from that. This Fashionista toed the line by only wearing simple gold earrings and a gold watch.

Adding other accessories to color blocking is a balancing act. Adding a hat or funky purse could tip the scale too much, but adding nothing would have the reverse impact on the look. My advice is to add an accessory in a neutral tone or a tone similar to the color block. Her blue scarf matches perfectly with her blue sweater. The tones of the scarf artfully blend into the sweater with subtle pops of yellow.


The weather is getting warmer and the sun is coming out, but the weather in Southern California is still quite chilly. As winter slowly transitions to spring, fashion tends to slowly gravitate toward color and away from neutral or dark tones. With the fluctuating daytime temperatures, people tend to bundle up in the same layers day by day for convenience and minimal effort. As a majority of the crowd tends to look the same, what caught my eye with this Fashionisto was how he chose to incorporate muted pops of color into his outfit, all while pulling together an otherwise all black ensemble.

In this look, this Fashionista has created his base layer by pairing a black SpaceX sweatshirt with black denim jeans. He then chose to elongate his silhouette with a long black coat to pull his all black ensemble together. This Fashionisto begins to add subtle color into his outfit by finishing off his outfit with muted, olive green Vans SK8 High sneakers. This muted color gives a little seasonal twist to this classic high top shoe, making it an easy piece to transition with the changing seasons. For head wear, he popped on a burnt orange colored beanie, making him visually stand out from the ever so common sea of black and gray passersby. His tan canvas backpack finalizes his look, giving a subtle pop of color, covering a majority of the look. The winter season does not necessarily have to associate with plain, drab, boring layered fashion. Subtle pops of color from various accessories such as hats, or backpacks can help add more personality to a look while still maintaining warmth, and functionality.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Plaid and Boujee

Raindrop, crop top. This fabulous Fashionista caught my eye walking around campus in her adorable outfit. She paired together metallic accessories, bold prints, furry textures, and classic colors to create the perfect casual cool outfit.

With a black and white color scheme accented with maroon, she rocked a girly yet edgy look. She wore a black and white fuzzy crop top to add some winter warmth to her outfit. To make it a little chicer, she wore a color-blocked black and maroon leather moto jacket overtop. This outerwear added edge to balance out the girly aspects of her ensemble.

To pair with the texture of her top, she chose a printed skirt. This black and white plaid skater skirt complemented her top well. This pattern also added a bit of boldness to the look.

To bring in the maroon from the jacket, she wore burgundy thigh-high socks with her booties. The brown Timberland booties have a chunky heel and a lace-up front.

For her accessories, she wore black sunglasses to complement the basic color scheme of her outfit. She also added a bright red Kate Spade bag to contrast with the burgundy in her outfit. For her jewelry, she sported a mix of silver and gold. She had an array of silver rings, a few gold bracelets, and a gold Michael Kors watch.

This Fashionista wore an outfit perfect for a chilly winter day at James Madison University. Her bold prints, fun textures, and complementing colors made for the perfect look.

STYLE ADVICE: Weathering the Cold

Jersey has been hit with one of the most confusing winter seasons yet. At one point, I found myself rejoicing at the hint of a possible early spring. Walking around campus in 65- to 70-degree weather was refreshing in contrast to the 20-degree and below weather I expect during the early months of the year. Despite the beautiful days we were teased with for about a week or two, the harsh winter weather came back full force, as expected. Finishing up exams and midterms was bittersweet, as returning home for spring break did not exactly entail a perfect vacation getaway.

Soon enough I was back in my sweaters, sweatpants, and heavy winter jackets. Likewise, this Fashionisto had to resort back to the layers in order to withstand the cold. From going into his spring break in T-shirts and light hoodies, he was sadly back in flannels and heavy jackets. The important thing in this type of weather is staying warm and staying comfortable. Comfort and warmth are two highlights of this Fashionisto’s ensemble as he sports a camel colored jacket, which features an attached gray hoodie layer underneath over a cozy flannel. He paired this with light wash jeans and Vans that complement the tones in his flannel. Accessory wise, simplicity can be found in an everyday watch and a snapback to tie the whole outfit together.

Layering is important, especially in unpredictable weather. The jacket this Fashionisto is wearing is unique in that it has two layers providing extra warmth. For Fashionistas who want to achieve the same layered look, throwing on a jacket over a cardigan and a flannel would be one way to do so. For shoes, if you wanted to make the outfit a bit more stylish or add a little something extra, tall riding boots or combat boots could replace the sneakers. Also, adding a cute beanie or warm headband could be accessories to consider. All in all, for Fashionistos like this one and Fashionistas like me, staying warm is most important, but if you can manage to do so and still put together a stylish outfit, it’s a win-win! Stay warm and stay tuned for coverage on hopefully warmer weather outfits!

WHAT TO WEAR: The Layers to Success

Hey kids, it’s that time of year again! The time of year when its too cold to wear just a shirt, but also too warm to wear a heavy parka. Are those fur boots of yours still acceptable when it’s this warm? Have you reached the point in the school year when you can get away with showing up to class looking like a couch potato? Come on guys, I know we are all riding the struggle bus here trying to figure out “What to Wear,” but have no fear: My stylish friend and I are here to help!

This Fashionista is rocking the perfect “in between season” look. When it comes to picking out outfits during this time of year, you have to dress smart. One way to do this is to dress in layers. I especially love how all of the colors come together beautifully. The black scarf is a key element in her outfit. It takes on the role of tying the whole outfit together. It keeps you warm and looking cute all at the same time. Her army green jacket is the perfect fit for this weather. It’s heavy enough to keep her warm, but it is also still breathable enough for those days when it starts to heat up. This shade of green is so versatile, which is one of the many reason why I adore it. My eyes are always drawn to black booties when I see them. These shoes are so chic, yet easy to pair with any outfit. They are perfect for on-the-go! Lastly her jeans are super cute! A pair of blue jeans can go with anything from a sweater to a T-shirt, so its super easy to mix and match things with.

Whether it is super cold or super warm out, you always have to dress for the weather. Whether that means bundling up, or in this case dressing layers, dressing smart is the way to do it. I hope this gives you some inspiration for “ What to Wear” during these tricky in-between season times.

WHAT TO WEAR: Wintertime Neutrals

It’s been nothing but snow these past few weeks, and I’m loving it! Before spring arrives, let’s take one last look at a classic approach to a winter day outfit for the city.

Although the chill continues to roam outside, this Fashionisto is keeping warm on the inside with cozy stripes and khaki staples. I love the use of safe, neutral tones—especially when it comes to winter. I think earthy colors like dark gray, maroon, brown, and navy blue are perfect to strut in the snow before spring arrives with bright patterns and pastels. His earthy tones perhaps reflect the mood of his city destination, as he traveled to Manhattan later that day. Especially during the winter daytime, Manhattan is alive and well, even when its passersby sport almost nothing but basic colors and neutral tones.

What I didn’t expect was the hidden pop of pattern from his socks, though. The socks still keep with the outfit’s theme of earthy colors, yet include a funky pattern that complements his ASOS sweater well. The socks’ triangular and rectangular straight-line design of stripes also fits well with the sweater’s two-striped color scheme—both in shape and in color palette. He also plans to balance his neutral colors with matching khakis from Tommy Hilfiger and khaki Sperry Top-Siders. This outfit is comfortable yet fashionably in season. I love the color scheme for this time of year. Spring is right around the corner, and I can’t wait for it—but until then, wintertime fashion is the way to go!


What I found striking about this Fashionista was her mauve faux fur coat. Why sacrifice looking fashionable to be warm when you can always have both! A piece like a fur coat adds drama to any look while keeping you cozy. This Fashionista balanced her luxe, rocker vibe look by keeping the rest of her outfit monochromatic.

Let’s start with her pussy bow blouse. Usually, this blouse is tied into a bow on top, but she kept things casual and styled it like a scarf. This, as well as the zipper detail on her blouse, adds texture and more interest to the outfit.

Next are the distressed black denim jeans. Distressed jeans, especially those ripped at the knees, have been very popular in street style fashion. What’s cool about knee-cut jeans are how it exposes a bit of skin, depending on how you are standing. The contrast between the dressy blouse and edginess of the distressed jeans is rad.

Lastly are her accessories, shoes, and nails. Her silver buckle Western belt matches with the zipper detail on her top, making her outfit nicely streamlined. Other details of this Fashionista’s outfit that makes it look sleek are the oversize black clutch, the pointed toe black ankle boots, and her nude-colored nails.

Anything in black is versatile for any type of outfit. If you are feeling wary about styling a particular statement piece, take notes from this Fashionista. Rock that fur coat, but keep the details of your ensemble in the same color family. Then finish off with chic black boots to ground your look and add some pep in your step. You will be a showstopper on campus for sure!