STYLE ADVICE: Colors of Winter and Spring

Upon seeing this Fashionista’s outfit, I instantly wanted to cuddle into her big, colorful scarf. It just looked so warm. Right now, Napa is entering the spring where the sun is coming out from behind the rain-filled clouds, but the cold air is still piercing through our clothes and making us cold to the bone. Up until the last few years of college, I never fully grasped the concept of layering. Her outfit is a dream ensemble for this hot and cold weather.

Her interpretation of merging the spring and winter seasons gives her outfit colors that would shine in the gloomy and sunny days of the awkward transition of the seasons. It was refreshing to see her wear an olive green weather-resistant jacket, brown riding boots, a blue button-down and a colorful scarf that knit all the colors together.

Her long parka jacket was her shield against the cold air—a very nice shield, I might add. The olive green color is versatile and a step up from the boring black and white jackets. Spring is all about colors. Seeing the colors from her outfit subtly making its way to the front instantly made me think that she is a friendly person.

For these 40-degree weather conditions, her riding boots added an extra layer of length. If it was a little warmer I may have switched out the tall boots for some booties to add some fun. Overall, it was a pleasure to see color on our otherwise dark rainy campus.

WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

So you’re graduating. Congratulations! You made it through your delinquent days. Now comes the real world of responsibilities, career choices, and disappointment. You had a good four years, though, where your only responsibility was making sure your friend didn’t do that thing she always regrets doing every week.

But you’re graduating, which is a big deal. So what a big deal needs is an outfit that says, “Look at me world, I am ready to be an actual adult.” Outfits like this are always white to signify the crisp and pure perspective you like to be known for. That is exactly what this Fashionista did right. Her white dress is what every college females aspires to find and use for those graduation pictures with your friends and family. You want to get the image of those crazy Thursday nights out of your peers’ heads by wearing a dress that you would never dare wear to your usual bar on Fourth Ave. It’s loose, it’s lacey, and appropriately long. Your grandma will be proud.

Along with the pretty innocent dress comes the heels. The heels turn this lacey young dress into a mature adult dress since you’re four inches taller. These pumps class up the dress a few levels for sure, aside from being straight fire. Beige and brown tones for the shoes are a must for the daytime. If you’re a pro at walking in heels like this Fashionista is, then feel free to go for the four or five inchers, but if you are the person who by the end of the night has the burning need to throw off the heels and walk home bare foot, try sticking to shorter heels or wedges.

Now for the accessories. Gold or rose gold accessories are recommended but not completely necessary. If you want to go the route of silver and diamonds, feel free. Just know that you are on a new level of class that is not usually portrayed by a poor college student. I would suggest keeping the image straight and going for the gold. Layering necklaces is a thing, so do the thing. But most importantly, love what you’re wearing. Be comfortable, be poised, and be rad. You’re entering the scary world where tanning on a Tuesday afternoon is frowned upon, so take advantage of your last two months. Wipe away that tear, pretty thing. It will ruin your makeup and it is a total cliché anyway.

Walking To Class? Studying? Feeling Feelings? There’s a Song For That.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am a music junkie. Regardless of what I am doing, whether it be walking to class or getting ready for the day, I am always bumping to some jams. But, as with most things, one song does not fit every mood. Each moment and emotion calls for a totally different soundtrack to accompany all the feels and memories.

So, I thought I would share some of my favorite songs for when I am in a certain mood to help you guys out if you are looking to expand your musical horizons.

Songs for when you are feeling blue… 

  • “All Fall Down” by OneRepublic
  • “Falling” by Mike Posner
  • “Big White Room” by Jessie J
  • “Idfc” by Blackbear
  • “BLUE” by Troye Sivan
  • “Ivy” by Frank Ocean
  • “Jealous” by Labrinth

(photo via @cfashionista)

Songs for when you are happy…

  • “Penthouse Floor” by John Legend
  • “Basic Beach” by Pell
  • “Off the Ground” by Anderson .Paak
  • “Gaims” by KAMAU
  • “Crave You” by Flight Facilities
  • “Sun Models” by Odesza ft. Madelyn Grant
  • “Caroline” by Aminé

(photo via @cfashionista)

Songs for when you are excited…

  • “Can’t Hide” by Whethan
  • “Weekend” by Louis the Child
  • “Catching On” by Elephante ft. Nevve
  • “Changing of the Seasons” by Two Door Cinema Club
  • “All Night” by Chance the Rapper ft. Knox Fortune
  • “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys
  • “Came Up” by Flosstradamus ft. Post Malone
  • “River” by Bishop Briggs

(photo via @cfashionista)

Songs to calm you…

  • “Saved” by Khalid
  • “The Bird” by Anderson .Paak
  • “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap
  • “Talk is Cheap” by Chet Faker
  • “Blue Ocean Floor” by Justin Timberlake
  • “We” by Mac Miller ft. Cee-Lo Green
  • “Hiccup” by Verzache

(photo via @maddyschlosser)

Songs to make you feel empowered…

  • “Goddess” by Banks
  • “Here” by Alessia Cara
  • “***Flawless” by Beyoncé
  • “Runnin'” by Kehlani
  • “Got It” by Marian Hill
  • “Cool Girl” by Tove Lo
  • “Jason’s Song” by Ariana Grande
  • “Do My Thang” by Miley Cyrus

(photo via @cfashionista)

Songs for when you are riled up…

  • “Till I Collapse” by Eminem
  • “m.A.A.d. City” by Kendrick Lamar
  • “Go Off” by M.I.A
  • “Blood in the Cut” by K. Flay
  • “You Got Me” by G-Eazy
  • “Lose It” by Flume ft. Vic Mensa
  • “Wrong” by Max ft. Lil’ Uzi Vert
  • “#icanteven” by The Neighbourhood ft. French Montana

I tried to include a whole variety of artists and genres, so hopefully you find something your ears like! Any must-listen songs I missed? Let me know in the comments below!


WHAT TO WEAR: Unpredictable Weather

It’s no doubt that Chicago has four seasons, but it depends on the day what season you have! Especially now that it is between winter and spring. It can be 70 degrees and sunny one day, then 30 degrees and snowing the next. What is a Fashionista/Fashionisto to do when the weather is so unpredictable? Layer! Stop debating about wearing a sweater or a T-shirt. Wearing layers is key to crazy weather, because when the temperature drops, you can bundle up with a warm cardigan and jacket. But when the sun comes out, the layers can easily come off.

This Fashionista perfectly layered up for another unpredictable day in Chicago. She even captured a pretty spring color palette! Her rose pink shirt and army green cardigan are both from T.J. Maxx. Her tan jacket is from Garage, which layers very nicely and allowed her to stay warm when out in the park. Her jeans are Dollhouse brand from Goodwill, which she rolled at the ankles above her Kohl’s brand brown booties. Her floral statement necklace is also from Kohl’s and adds a nice pop of color.

Even though I live in Chicago now, I never leave my apartment without my mom’s voice in my head saying, “Rachel, did you bring a jacket?” There are so many ways to fashionably stay warm. Layering can include everything from cardigans to bomber jackets to vests and even scarves. Having layers also allows for mixing and matching to change up your look every day. Even if you’re not in a state with four seasons, layers are also important to keep warm when the sun goes down or in air-conditioned places. Stay fashionable and warm, Fashionistas/os!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Colors in Winter Weather

The end of March usually marks the beginning of warm temperatures and sunny skies.  However, Nebraska’s weather is infamous for being unpredictable. One day it will be 70 degrees outside, and the next it’s snowing. This proves extremely frustrating when fellow Fashionistas/os want to start experimenting with fresh spring trends. Off-the-shoulder tops, flowy dresses, and sandals can all be very challenging to wear when temperatures still haven’t reached above 40 degrees.

The easiest way to incorporate spring trends into your wardrobe while still keeping warm is to wear the bright colors forecasted for the season. Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for spring 2017 is made up of 10 colors: primrose yellow, pale dogwood, hazelnut, island paradise, greenery, flame, pink yarrow, Niagara, kale, and lapis blue. With such a wide mix of colors, ranging from bright yellow to deep blue to hot pink, there is surely a trendy spring color that appeals to every Fashionista/o.

This Fashionista was spotted on campus looking spring-ready by dressing in one of Pantone’s predicted hot colors for the season. She was wearing a kale colored, mock-neck sweater, black ripped jeans, and a beige suede jacket with a fur lining. To complete her outfit, she added a pair of black Harley Davidson motorcycle boots and a printed canvas book bag. Her look was extremely chic and fashion forward while still remaining weather appropriate.

Color fanatics can incorporate these beautiful Pantone colors into their own outfits by color blocking and wearing striped or floral fabrics—all very popular trends for this upcoming spring season. If you are a bit more hesitant about wearing these brighter shades, try adding a few colorful accessories into your wardrobe. Warmer weather will be arriving shortly. Until then, adding a bit of color into your outfits is the easiest way to brighten your day and try out some fresh, spring trends.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Minimalism Is More

Get down! Take cover! It’s gonna explode! I’m talking about your closets here, people. How many articles of clothing and pairs of shoes did you manage to lug up to college with you? If you’re anything like me, you brought as much as you possibly could, dodging various judgmental looks from your parents and peers. Now your closet’s bursting at the seams, and you’re sitting there justify it by saying, “These closets are just really small!” Yeah, I know the drill. I’m probably the worst clothing hoarder out there, so having to pick and choose clothes to bring with me to school each semester is a major struggle. There’s always the fear that something you don’t end up bringing will be exactly what you need. So how do we free ourselves of all of the excess, and still be assured that we’ll have what we need? Welcome to minimalism, my friends.

I discovered the concept of having a minimalist wardrobe when my tiny college dorm room inspired me to find ways to scale down my closet. Disclaimer: I HAVE NOT DONE THIS YET. As I said, my closet is at an ungodly maximum capacity, so don’t give me any unwarranted praise. Nevertheless, I’ve been interested in the idea of downsizing.

So what exactly does it mean to have a minimalist wardrobe? It basically entails investing in staple pieces, and limiting the number of items that you own while ensuring that the pieces you do have are extremely versatile (meaning you can mix and match them to create endless outfit options). In a way, we’re forced to maintain somewhat of a minimalist wardrobe when we come to school because we pick our favorite, most versatile pieces to take with us. We’re forced to practice minimalism even more so when we go abroad or travel, so it’s a handy concept to master!

Although I haven’t fully committed to minimalism yet, the seeds have been planted. It’s no secret that most of my excessive wardrobe is comprised of black, and some grey and white here and there. Having such a neutral wardrobe makes my clothing hella interchangeable. It’s also easy for me to take risks with certain pieces, like the houndstooth plaid, bell-sleeved turtleneck top I’m wearing in this look (what a mouthful). Because I kept the color scheme simple and paired the top with staple pieces like a black circle skirt and a black leather jacket, my look is unique, but isn’t over the top (well at least I hope not…).

Having such a neutral wardrobe also makes any pop of color extra special (peep my fuchsia lips)! I’d also like to point out that I’m successfully continuing to fight the system by prancing around in anything but jeans, even in the freezing cold (totally off topic, but I had to throw that in there).

So what are you waiting for? Freedom from your mountain of unnecessary clothing is calling your name! In the end, minimalism truly is more.


As March rolls around with the warmer temperature, it is time for winter clothes to go back to the bottom of the closets. Before they do, here are some final words to quickly summarize how to rock simple winter outfits.

For those who prefer having a very simple, minimal wardrobe or are looking for an investment staple piece, a traditional overcoat is definitely the right choice. It is a long sleeved coat with a collar and lapels crafted from a heavy fabric such as wool. Being one of the most classic and flattering staples of menswear, it projects confidence and authority and enhances a man’s silhouette. As shown by the Fashionisto, the overcoat widens the shoulders, lengthens the body, and drapes over any problem areas. This is a perfect coat for the winter weather as it is made of thick fabric, which can help maintain your body temperature as well as protecting you from the rain or snow. Best of all, it can be easily dressed up or down for casual or formal wear. The overcoat is a highly adaptable, good-looking, and functional garment—perfect as the ultimate statement piece for those chilly winter nights.

If you wish to add some personal flair to your statement piece, having a few small tweaks to your subtle overcoat can turn it into something more noticeable. The overcoat worn by the Fashionisto has a leather collar and a metal detail at the left lapel. The pockets also have added leather and metal zipper details, which help refine the overcoat with a touch of chicness. To wear it casually on a daily basis, the Fashionisto chose a light blue shirt, a pair of black jeans, and brown suede Chelsea boots for a simple and minimal outfit.

The fall/winter seasons are often rather daunting as the cold temperatures prompt people to bundle up in multiple layers. However, winter outfits can be easily styled with a few statement coats and other accessories such as scarfs and beanies. Who says you can’t stay stylish and warm during the cold days?

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Swinter Wonderland

Weather on the East Coast has been dramatically unpredictable over the past several weeks. From being 70 degrees last Friday afternoon to having a snow day four days later, us Marylanders have no idea what to wear to accommodate these inconsistent weather conditions! But have no fear, another Fashionisto is here to save the day and help you tackle this crazy climate change!

Since we never know what the temperature is going to be outside, layering is going to be crucial for any successful outfit. Our Fashionisto has conquered the layered look by having a stylish deep green and navy button-down underneath a light gray quarter zip with navy accents that complement the button-down.

One clothing item that will never go out of style is a good pair of khakis. This Fashionisto mentioned to me that he gets more use out of his pair of khakis than any other pants in his closet! If you don’t like wearing regular fit khakis because of the loose cut ankles, you could also wear a pair of khaki joggers to complete this outfit. Khaki joggers are a nice switch-up from khakis because they have elastic closings around the ankles, making it easier to tuck into a pair of boots. This outfit can also be mastered by throwing on a dark wash pair of jeans as well.

This University of Maryland Fashionisto slipped on his favorite of shoes, his LL Bean Boots, in order to prepare for any unexpected weather that may begin during his day of walking around campus. For winter, spring, summer, or fall, these boots are the perfect complement to any outfit. They can outlast any other shoe in the rain or snow, all while remaining comfortable on your feet throughout long days of trudging around on campus.

To tie this entire casual look together, our Fashionisto threw on his favorite watch. He likes being a few minutes early to each of his classes, and is also aware that he needs to leave even earlier because you never know what type of weather to expect nowadays! But hey, at least he’s dressed for success against mother nature!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Last of Sweater Weather

If you already didn’t know, Florida temperatures can be pretty unpredictable. This is especially true after experiencing a warm and sunny spring break only to come back to freezing weather. Where were these cold fronts during the month of December? Anyway, this is why as a Floridian it’s important to always keep a sweater around.

Blush has been a must-have color in my closet this season, so this open-shoulder cowl neck sweater had no problem making it into my collection. I just love how the sweater fits and feels! What’s especially great about this sweater is that it’s perfect for a cool day, but the open shoulders allow for a more breathable fit as it gets warmer throughout the day.

During the day I normally stick to a blue jean, but I decided to wear black jeans to switch things up in order to make my sweater truly pop. I’m also a huge fan of tall boots so I decided to give them their last go before winter is truly over by the end of this month. The gray boots also contrasted nicely against black jeans and truly tied the look together. While I’m a huge fan of accessorizing, I decided to keep this look minimal and comfortable.

Tired of your same old cable knit sweaters? Give yourself an upgrade with one like mine! Looking to change your look from day to night? Add a chunky statement necklace, thigh high boots, and even add a darker lip color. You can also pick your hair up and switch your studded earrings to the latest hoop trend. The possibilities are always endless!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rock On With Ya Bad Self

Cherrio old chaps, greetings from London, England! This Fashionista and I traveled across the pond for some royal treatment and amazing site seeing. Her inspiration for today’s look was from the deep roots of alternative rock that originated in London. This classic look started in the late ’60s when rock music set the charts on fire. Musicians like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and The Who set the bar for rock ‘n’ roll and helped pave the way for our favorite rock bands today. This Fashionista is taking a page from her rock ‘n’ roll inspirations with this look!

First, she is rocking her Michael Kors leather jacket that she wears almost every day. Then, she added her favorite pair of high-waisted ripped jeans with a unique belt from Topshop. She tied the entire look together with her rebellious low-cut vintage Jimi Hendrix concert T-shirt. The T-shirt is from a thrift store in her neighborhood that she cut into a V-shape and laced together to make it a bit edgier. By adding a cute a gray and white camouflage sneaker, she is looking both trendy and comfy. Now, who doesn’t love accessories to jazz up your outfit? The long chain ear cuff is from Urban Outfitters and the studded ear cuffs are Rebecca Minkoff. An ear cuff is the perfect earring to make yourself stand out a little and be rebellious. She is also rocking her mirror-framed sunnies on one of the occasional sunny days in London.

While in London, there is a lot to do and a lot of different street styles. Taking in all the different looks and embracing the culture made me have a new appreciation for fashion. I cannot wait to bring some of these looks back to the States and share them with you all!