Healthy Skin Is Always In

You’ve only got one gorgeous face—you might as well take care of it! With this sunny, summer season settling down, I got the chance to sit and chat with one of the freshest faced girls I know. My older sister, one who’s always had an admirable passion for a clear complexion, shared with me her ultimate routine for beautiful, dewy, and visibly brighter skin. With an emphasis on affordable and environmentally conscious products, this insightful girl gave me her six staple products that make her morning and night routines.

1—Origins Original Skin Retexturing mask with Rose Clay. For those early mornings when you need a little boost and vivacity to your skin, this mask is a perfect relaxant to smooth out your morning skin.

2—OLEHENRIKSEN Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer. With a sheer whipped texture, my BFF skin expert shared how this lotion makes a perfect base for her facial oils and preps for any potential makeup for the day.

3—Glossier Super Glow Vitamin C + Magnesium Serum. A few drops of this light water-like serum absorbs quick and leaves her skin feeling hydrated and strong for a long day at work.

4—The Abnormal Beauty Company 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. Adding a facial oil to the mix gave this seriously hydrated guru her secret touch to a young, dewy complexion.

As for her nighttime routine, this skin guru added these two products in addition to the others.

5—OLEHENRIKSEN Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser. This natural product makes a great base to remove oils and dirt from a day of buildup. Starting by splashing cool water on her face, she takes a pea-sized amount of this amazing cleanser and uses a gentle touch across her T-zone and oily areas of her skin.

6—OLEHENRIKSEN Invigorating Night Transformation Gel. This gel formula works great for daily dullness in the skin and prevents wrinkles early on. A touch before bed to sleep in has your skin waking up feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Don’t forget to love the skin you’re in. I can’t wait to get this regime started and get back to everyone on my progress.

What are your skincare goals? We would love to hear about your skin care routines and your go-to serums and oils. Share your must-haves with us on Instagram and tag @Cfashionista!


4 Drinks to Keep You Cool this Summer

We all know how the summer days can get really really hot. There are a variety of different ways to keep cool such as swimming, sitting in front of a fan, or just staying inside with your AC cranked high. However, there is nothing better than being outside during this gorgeous weather. Thu,s it is essential to find convenient ways to cool down. In this article, I’ll share with you four drinks I like to drink to keep cool for the summer. Plus, they’re easy and inexpensive beverages that you can find all around Toronto, and I highly recommend that you try them!

1—Iced Coffee from Tim HortonsUs Canadians love Tim Hortons’ coffee. It is great because it quenches your thirst, and it will also give you a boost of energy because of the caffeine. Not only is it tasty, but it’s also so cheap. You can also personalize your drink, and ask for no sugar or all the fixings. Also, this drink has less sugar than the others I will be showing you, so the next time you’re dying of heat and you’re around a Tim Hortons, buy an iced coffee. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

2—Slurpees from 7-ElevenSlurpees are the best way to keep yourself cool on a hot day. Personally, I love the Slurpees from 7-Eleven because you can serve yourself and be very creative with the color and flavors. They are only $2! I’m guilty of buying these Slurpees almost every day. Buy yourself a chilling Slurpee, it’ll be sure to do the job.

3—Sharetea (slushy tea)So this beverage is more on the pricey side, but it tastes so good. Even more importantly, it’s organic. The ingredient butterfly pea is an organic ingredient that contributes to a healthy pH balance. The two flavors shown in the photos are butterfly pea with lemon juice and pineapple butterfly pea tea. I enjoyed this drink because of the flavor, and I loved the colors. The one downside is that it’s $7, so it’s more of a “treat yourself” type of summer drink, but it’s definitely worth it.

4—Homemade lemon waterIt’s the most inexpensive drink, and you can make it yourself with things you have at home. All you’ll need is water, lemon, ice, and a jar or pitcher to put everything in. Just let it chill for an hour or so, pour, and enjoy on a nice hot day. I love this easy drink because it’s very refreshing and good for you. Plus, it makes you drink more water. 

Which drink would you try? Let me know in the comments down below.

The Biggest Fashion Trend on Instagram Has Nothing To Do With Fashion

Summer is always all about adding color pops to your look. But who said you can’t take color beyond your wardrobe? Colorful walls have been popping up as the star of Instagram lately. From the perfect OOTD background to standalone shots, these pops of color are the perfect way to accent a look (and garner a like or two).

This is an example of an outfit I put together with stripes and soft solids with a pop of orange as the background. The stripes are really the center of attention, making the background also noticeably vibrant and fun without distracting us from the bigger focus. The outfit I put together is a beautifully striped dress with a silk beige scarf and a cut-off jean jacket. I like how fitted it was on my body so I decided to pair it off with some Adidas Superstar shoes to give the outfit some street style vibes.

The background in your photos is just as important as the outfit you put together to express yourself. The scenery will set the mood and let your audience know exactly what you want them to take in from your post. This will also make a simple outfit seem more interesting rather than “plain and simple.”

What do you think of these colorful walls that are trending on Instagram—do you think they can make or break your outfit? Show me your take on the trend, and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

Millennial Pink Creeps Its Way Into Our Beauty Routine

It’s not a secret that pink was the color to wear last year. Pantone, the color matching system, named Rose Quartz one of its colors of the year in 2016. Quickly after, pink invaded the market. Millennial pink can be spotted almost everywhere from the fashion industry and Apple products to our makeup collections.

Along with Pantone’s color prediction came one of the most Instagramable makeup trends. From Selena Gomez and Rhianna at the Met Ball to Hailey Baldwin on the Moschino Resort 17 runway, Rose Quartz is being photographed on all the It girls faces. We want to recreate their looks, but, let’s be real. This is a hard trend to pull off in everyday life.

Intense looks are being worn by wearing hues of pink all over the eyes and lips and using draping—a popular blush technique—on the cheeks. Since we aren’t all walking down the red carpet every day, a toned down look is best. To create an everyday look, keep the pigment on your eyes almost sheer by only brushing few layers of powder onto the lid. To create dimension, add some blush to the cheek by draping it from the orbital bone to the cheek bone. Make sure to keep the pigment very light. Add some mascara and clear lipgloss (or chapstick if you don’t like the sticky feeling) to finish off the look.

If a completely pink makeup look is a tad intimidating to you, there are other ways to add the It color to your look. Rose shades can be worn as highlight on your cheeks, or to add some shimmer or on your nails to have a little touch of pink.

How do you incorporate pink into your beauty routine? Create your own look and share it with us on social media by tagging @CFashionista!

How to Preserve the Integrity of Summer Fashion

Summer is upon us! It can be felt in the sweet balmy air, seen in the fresh, bright-colored produce, and experienced in the dynamic change in fashion tailored to warm weather fun.  The shifting of hemlines and arrival of pastel colors and open-toe shoes are a few of the seasonal details that immediately come to mind when I reflect on summer fashion. These carefree summer staples sum up the integrity of summer.

When I began to craft this article, I wanted to focus on the “integrity of summer” and what fashion particulars best illustrate the special quality that is quintessentially summer.  My hometown of Ojai is known for its arts community, Topatopa Mountains, and hot summer weather. Light, breezy garments are a must, and anything with a twist of bohemian fits right in.

This Fashionista is keeping the integrity of summer alive in her breezy, lightweight, wide-leg cotton navy blue jumpsuit. She complemented the look with a wide suede belt with gold fastening details to accentuate her waist. Gold-framed octagon sunglasses and delicate, gold hoop earrings balance the boldness of the belt and contrast nicely with the deep blue of the jumpsuit. She finishes the look with vintage, strappy brown leather heels by Steve Madden. This Fashionista’s outfit showcases summer playfulness and versatility.

This look moves effortlessly from a day of shopping and gallery gallivanting to an elegant brunch, and then straight to a date night dinner and summer concert. This Fashionista honors her own unique style by playing up the gold detailing while also tapping into trends by wearing the chic strappy brown heels. She shows us how to create a stylish summer look—alluding to trends while staying true to herself.

How do you keep the integrity of summer in your outfits? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Get the Perfect Summer Natural Makeup Look

This summer, the natural look has taken the fashion world by storm. Even freckles have returned on the fashion scene! People want to look like they have no makeup on and  want to enhance their natural features. Whether it’s a night out or taking cute pictures on the beach, summer is all about looking and feeling like your best self. So, here’s some tips and products to help achieve that perfect summer natural glow look that everyone, including models, are trying to master. 


Make sure you have a good primer. I know sometimes we get lazy and don’t want to prime our face, but making sure you have a primer will not only ensure that your pores are covered, but it also protects your pores by keeping your face hydrated and healthy underneath the products that you place on top of it. 


Pick a light foundation. A really great foundation that keeps everything light especially on those hot days is a must. Choosing a lighter foundation makes sure that you don’t have to worry about your makeup melting. I use L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation. Since it’s a true match product, it not only matches my skin perfectly, but it provides a seemingly natural glow. 


Keep your eyebrows as close to natural as you can by doing light brush strokes with the perfect eyebrow pencil.  I do a slightly bushy look by just filling my brows with natural brush strokes, and it leads to flawless results every time. 


Use waterproof mascara. Use the right brush for your lashes. Having the right brush can help achieve a flirty eye look without having to add fake lashes. 


The highlight is essential for your summer natural glow look. Add highlight under the browbone, on the tip of your nose, Cupid’s bow, the center of your chin, and your cheekbones. This will enhance your features and really give you the glow you are looking for. Lighten up your eyes by putting the highlight on your brush and then placing it on the inside corner of your eyes. This will brighten up your eyes and add to your highlighting that you just did. 

6—Finishing Touches

Don’t forget to set your face with finishing powder and setting spray. I put finishing powder under my eyes and then place it over the areas that I just highlighted. To complete the look, use a setting spray. This method not only finishes the look but also ensures that your look stays on all day.

That’s all you need! Use these steps to achieve a seemingly effortless look. You can also add more or use less as you please but take the time to play around with the look until you feel like it is just right.

Show us your natural glow looks and don’t forget to tag @cfashionista!

Through the Looking Glasses

Glasses were known for being nerdy and unpleasant, but times have changed, seems like glasses are now the new fashion trend. Therefore, to all my friends with astigmatism or 20/50 vision, we’re the cool kids. There are many unique styles of glasses that are currently in trend, let’s take a look through the looking glasses:


These clear frames are the latest frame in 2017! They easily go with any complexion and outfit due to the absence of color. As a result, it is important to wear light make up to not draw away from the frames when wearing this style of glasses. The glasses featured above are called Morning from EyeBuyDirect. They come in a size small with a fitted nose bridge and rounded lens.


Our next trend is well-known as the Harry Potter glasses. These spectacles are called “Small Chillax”. Black, rounded frames give a vintage and hipster look to outfits. These rounded lenses suit smaller faces and are a great accessory to professional clothes or that cute coffee date outfit. It has an adjustable metal nose bridge, which adds more comfort and uniqueness. Rounded lenses are an all-time favorite.

The final style are brow-line glasses. This style is the most famous style of glasses known for the square lenses and brow-line frame. Most noteworthy, these square frames are perfect for round faces to provide contrast to the face. This is a bold and retro look due to its frames and nostalgic look from the 50’s and 60’s. These glasses serve for an everyday look which is why many can say these are the iconic hipster glasses of 2017.

What style of glasses are you rocking? Share your favorites in the comments below!




Exploring new cities and new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. Ever since I got to college, I have made it my priority to find the coolest spots that my friends and I can enjoy and have fun finding. Being that we are right outside of Boston, there are so many neighboring towns and places that you can discover very easily. Some are just a short walk, while others are a quick drive. Nonetheless, it is a way for me and my friends to learn more about the new home we have while at college.

This day in particular, I was trying out a new salad place in Newton Highlands called Sweet Green. It was healthy and delicious, if you were wondering. But this Fashionista across the parking lot caught my eye. She was wearing something completely unexpected and so edgy-chic, I couldn’t help myself from stopping her. She is wearing leather pants from American Eagle Outfitters that create a rocker image. Her other major statement piece was the pale pink ripped sweater. It is such a comfy look, yet the sweater has so much personality. Her accessories include the beige clutch and cat-eye sunglasses. These add to her look and create feminine details. She seriously looks like a model strutting her stuff in those little black booties down the outlet strip.

I love how she took such unique pieces and created a showstopping look for a simple shopping spree day. I asked this Fashionista what fashion advice she lives by and her response was incredible. She said, “I try to step outside my comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to break your norm, and always wear only what you want and not what people expect you to wear.” I couldn’t have said it any better than this super edgy-chic Fashionista.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: European Classics

One of the most daunting tasks a true Fashionista must face when studying abroad is packing and planning a wardrobe. We are attached to each and every piece of our clothing, we want to bring it all, and we are obsessive over-packers! All that aside, we want to look the part of a chic European traveler, so carefully contemplating each piece we pack and planning outfits three months in advance is no foreign concept. This girl right here envisioned this perfect outfit for studying abroad in Siena, Italy!

One simply classic piece for the spring and summer months are those perfect white jeans. If you’re a little edgier or adventurous, grabbing a pair that is distressed is a great subtle touch to spice it up without going over the top. And though white jeans go with practically everything, another staple here is a super on-trend denim off the shoulder top. No doubt this trend has carried its way across the ocean to Italy and held its own among the teens in the city who sport similar attire. To keep the colors light and springtime appropriate, this Fashionista opted for a spunky pair of light blue-gray gladiator sandals to tie it all together.

Because it is getting very warm in Italy and summer is on its way very soon, the flowy material of the shirt and open sandals are great for keeping cool if you plan on being outside a lot (which you should!). To finish the look off and keep the theme with the airy and dreamy feel of the look, she paired a couple of thin and muted bracelets, with a dainty pendant necklace. Her bag is also perfectly compact for walking through the streets of the city while also holding all the things she needs, and keeping them protected!

If you’re on your way to Europe (maybe even Italy!) for vacation or for a semester abroad, here is a perfect example of what you should expect to see on the streets. Of course, you don’t have to conform, and you never should, but this Fashionista marvelously executed the effortlessly simple style that has taken over European fashion.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sunny Days Are Here

I know what you are thinking, “an embroidered piece again Kathleen?” But, it was not even just the jeans the whole outfit was a win from head to toe! Embroidered pieces are a great twist on the classic floral for spring. This season you have to try this trend out, because who knows when it will die out. If you’re worried about this trend being a tad bit too “kiddish,” there are ways to dress it up.
For, example my Fashionista did an excellent job at making her jeans edgy. Instead of just throwing on a white T-shirt, she dressed them up with a yellow leather jacket.
She also decided to use the jacket to bring out the detailed stitching in the jeans. My love for leather jackets is like no other; I think they can dress up the most casual of outfits, as well as dress down a more formal outfit. This Fashionista, however, was headed to class, so it just shows the versatility of them.
Depending on where you live you might be able to rock a leather jacket this early in spring if it’s warm enough. There are still a lot of other spring colors that you can rock if you cannot find a yellow leather jacket. For instance, this blush-toned one for is a perfect choice.
She kept the rest of her outfit minimal, not wanting to distract from her already “loud” pieces. With a black crop top and a pair of sling back mules, she completed this look.
This spring I say, go on and buy those pieces you have had sitting in your shopping cart for a couple of days and enjoy the new fun trends that are out. I’m sure it is safe to say spring is here and it’s ready to stay!