3 Back-to-School Hacks That Will Keep You Healthy and Energized

It’s that time of the year again—back to school has begun! With the start of the semester comes new classes and new routines. Getting back into the swing of things can be tough, but these three hacks will make getting back to school a breeze. These back to school hacks are all about keeping you healthy and energized, all while saving you money. What more could you ask for?

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1—Cold brew on-the-go 

Caffeine is necessary for college, specifically coffee. If you are in college and don’t drink coffee, what are you doing? Seriously, get on board! Brewing coffee and trying to get out the door before 8 a.m. can be tough, and normally results in a stop by Starbucks on the way to class. However, if you plan ahead, you will avoid spending $3 a day at your local Starbucks and save money by prepping your coffee at home. Simply brew a full pot of coffee and let it sit out until it is room temperature. Pour the coffee into a pitcher and place into the fridge. Once chilled, this coffee is now cold brew that you can enjoy whenever you need your coffee fix. I love pouring this in a to-go cup when I’m racing out the door and need a pick-me-up.


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2—Free workout classes

When life gets busy, it’s often hard to always get that workout in. However, working out gives us energy and boosts our overall mood, so it is essential to squeeze in while at school. Getting in a workout rut is easy to do if you do the same thing every day. Trying different types of workout classes is a great way to mix it up and try new things. Plus, you can bring all your friends with you and make it an outing. Almost all workout class studios offer a free week trial or at least a free class. Take advantage of this and try out all the studios’ free options. You are guaranteed to not get bored if you have a variety to try out. Some of my favorites are yoga sculpt, kickboxing, and pure barre.

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3—Backpack snacks

I know what you’re thinking. Backpack snacks? But trust me, this is a lifesaver! With a full day of classes, it’s tough to find time to run home for a snack or sit down for a meal in the middle of a busy day. Just taking a few minutes in the morning to throw a few snacks in your bag will save you from making a vending machine purchase when you’re hangry. You will save money and have healthier options if you have something packed. Some of my favorite snacks to pack are mixed nuts, RX Bars, and carrots with hummus.


Which hacks are you trying this semester? Comment below with your tips!

Everything You Need for a Great Yoga Session

Yoga is the ultimate workout that every college student should learn and practice. It is an exercise that has been around for thousands of years. Over the past few years, yoga has been trending among college students as it comes with a lot of benefits. Just like any other type of exercises, yoga can burn calories and tone muscles. This is why it is common for college students who want to stay in shape and sculpt their bodies. Furthermore, it is also a mind-body workout that acts as a form of meditation and relaxation through deep breathing and stretching.

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Perfect for college students, yoga can be done anywhere, indoor or out. Whether you are at home, in your dorm room, out in the fields, or even at the beach, all you need is enough space for your yoga mat. Additionally, yoga is the perfect exercise for beginners who want to try basic poses and stretches. It is also stress-relieving to combat your intense school work and beneficial for your mental health.

Sound interesting? Here are a few things you should bring to yoga to get you started.

1—Athletic workout clothes

Always opt for Spandex activewear or breathable sweat-proof material to keep you in style and flexible.

2—Water bottle 

A stylish water bottle can motivate you to drink more water and to keep you hydrated. Research has shown that most people don’t drink enough water daily.

3—Yoga mat 

 A yoga mat is optional, but it can keep you from sliding around in standing poses, and it helps cushion your body while in seated and lying positions.

4—Running shoes 

If you choose to wear shoes, opt for running shoes with good grip and arch support.

5—Your trusty hair tie

Last but not least, a hair tie is also an essential to keep your hair tidy and in place.

What is your favorite workout routine in college? Comment below!

Finding Balance in the New School Year

With school starting again, it’s easy to get swept up in the endless sea of homework, work, and extracurricular responsibilities. Let’s face it, everyday college life can often leave us feeling a little overwhelmed. I’ve compiled a list of four ways you can help keep your physical and mental health in check and find balance in a world full of pop quizzes and eight-hour shifts.

 PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

1—Find time to exercise

Exercise can quite literally help you find your balance. Even if you only have thirty minutes to spare, make sure you squeeze in some sort of workout. Whether it’s just going for a long walk or completing a complex workout at the gym, make sure you get that heart pumping and those muscles moving so you can reap the multiple mental and physical benefits exercise has to offer.

2—Try to cook as much as possible

Look, I get it; we’re all immensely busy, so cooking three square meals a day isn’t always practical. But I find that when I find the time to make myself an omelet rather than just tossing a protein bar in my bag, I tend to feel fuller longer and I feel a small sense of accomplishment knowing that I can do adult things like feed myself. When you cook for yourself, you also know what goes into your meal, unlike those tasty yet mysterious cafeteria and restaurant dishes, which often hide added fats and sugars. Along with your health, your wallet will also thank you for those home-cooked meals because fewer trips to McDonald’s (sadly) means more coins in the bank.

3—Make time for friends

Make time for friends.Even if it means just walking Catherine to stats, or grabbing a coffee with Sam when you have a second. Laughing with friends is one of the best ways to keep your sanity in this crazy college life. Although we’re all super busy, let’s make sure to occasionally put down the textbooks for a girls night out.

4—Find hobbies that interest you

I’m learning to play the guitar, and it has become a massive stress relief for me. While I’m playing, I clear my head so I’m not thinking about anything except how everything sounds. After, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever challenges may come my way for the rest of the day. Find time to do something you enjoy each day, whether it’s meditating, reading a book, or painting.

I’m sure we’re all planning on studying hard this semester and getting those As. Taking the time each day to practice self-care will keep us in the right headspace and physical shape to do just that. Here’s to the new school year; let’s crush it!

How do you find balance in everyday life? Let us know on social media @Cfashionista!

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4 Alternative Workouts for When the Gym Gets Boring

Love it or hate it, regardless of how we feel, going to the gym seems dreadful somedays. Treadmill, crunches, elliptical, leg press, stair master, squats, repeat. A repetitive routine starts to get tiring and “The gym bores” can easily set in. Here are four alternatives ways that you and your friends can enjoy working out outside of the gym.

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Cycling may seem only beneficial to your major leg muscles, but there is actually plenty more that your body will thank you for. Cycling requires balance to stay on the bike, and balance stems from a strong core. It is important to maintain good posture and balance while moving from various positions of sitting, squatting, and standing while going at different speeds. The combinations on the bike vary during the hour long class and are equivalent to sprinting. Cycling is guaranteed to make you sweat a lot, so make sure to stay hydrated by bringing your own water bottle. Check to see if your school gym or home gym offers a cycling class or if there is a local studio near your campus. You can always take a bike ride outside and set your own pace.


Aside from the obvious benefit that yoga is extremely relaxing, this skill requires a lot of balance that challenges your entire body. Yoga can improve your flexibility, which directly correlates to good posture and the elimination of body aches. The stretches incorporated in each exercise help to stretch your spine and result in positive long-term health results. Yoga improves arthritis pains, protects against herniated discs, and helps avoid osteoporosis. Yoga also increases blood flow throughout the body, which decreases your chances of heart attacks and strokes. Besides these amazing health benefits, yoga improves balance, focus, and overall happiness. Check this out for some yoga inspiration!

3—Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a fun alternative if your normal routine consists of building muscle. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro! There are a great deal of indoor rock climbing gyms that plenty of people go to for fun. Rock climbing focuses on all of your major muscle groups including core, upper body, and legs. As a result, it also encourages flexibility. Another great benefit is that climbing takes a lot of mental strength, improving your hand-eye coordination. Make sure to snag a cute pair of flexible pants before you head out.


Get out into some fresh air with hiking! The benefits of hiking include stunning views, full lower body, and cardio challenges. You set the pace and determine the intensity of what trail to take. Ensure you have the proper shoes to hike in to avoid blisters. This is a great activity to do in a group or with one other person. Due to the many distractions along the way, hiking doesn’t feel like you’re working out which makes time fly by.

Do you have any creative ideas for an alternative work out? Show us on social media by tagging us at @Cfashionista!

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5 Ways to Boost Your Mood This Semester

A new year means new trends, new friends, and a fresh start for most people. But let’s not kid ourselves, by October you can find students weeping over a burrito bowl wearing the same sweatshirt they’ve worn for the last two days and a to-do list that’s a mile long. Trying to keep up with academic, financial, and social responsibilities can leave us feeling overwhelmed and undervalued. Over the years, I’ve established some go-to tactics to shake off the stress.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

1—Sweat It Out!

We just established that you have a million things to do, so how will you have time to hit the gym? Relax. Going for a slow jog around the block, doing some yoga on your porch, or even going on a bike ride with a friend will release endorphins to boost your mood.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

2—Treat Yo’ Self

Tom Haverford had it right. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Once a week, take the time to do something just for yourself. It could be ordering in your favorite takeout, making yourself an utterly enchanting bubble bath, or buying the pair of cute booties you’ve been eyeballing since July. Even taking just a little time to focus on something other than your projects will make you feel much better.

3—Say Goodnight.

Getting enough sleep during the school year is a challenge all on its own. But going to bed at a reasonable hour is a major key. Have you ever had a day filled with brain farts where you could never focus on a task or struggle finding the right words when you’re having conversations? Just like your MacBook when you have 1,987 tabs open, your brain gets overworked. And when it does, you’re more irritable, less focused, and in turn more stressed. Have some warm tea, listen to your favorite John Mayer song, and hit the lights.

PHOTO: Anna Coke

4—Reprioritize and Organize.

I used to hate that my mother made me organize my room and my schedule religiously, but because of that I did well in school and was able to tackle a heavy schedule. Taking the time to organize your private space really does wonders for your stress. An open, easy-to-navigate environment (with maybe a nice candle or two) is proven to boost your mood. Figure out what tasks are most important and what things you can wait to accomplish so you can allocate your time more wisely.

PHOTO: Emily Truong

5—Tune it out.

Music is such a great way to lighten the mood and boost productivity. Spotify has loads of great playlists perfect for any occasion. I could listen to John Legend and no matter how moody I am, I’ll feel a million times better. Build a playlist for your study sessions or even just to listen to around campus. Listen to new artists and don’t be afraid to experience new genres.

What are your favorite mood-boosting tips? Share with us in the comments below or on social media by tagging @CFashionista.

4 Things You Can Actually Do to Start the Semester Off Right

As fast as we packed our bags to leave campus for the summer, we’re back moving into our new dorms, putting up decorations, and prepping for the new school year. I always feel extra motivated to start the year on a good note. With these tips, you can start your semester strong and develop some habits to last you throughout the school year.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

1—Create a workout routine

At the beginning of the semester, create a workout routine and build it into your schedule from the first week of classes onward. You’re more likely to stick to it since it has been a part of your daily or weekly schedule since the beginning. I like to take a look at the classes my gym offers or schedule time to go with a friend to hold myself accountable! Whether you try a class or learn to fall in love with cardio, create a routine that works for you. 

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

2—Get a water bottle and stay hydrated

Remembering to carry a water bottle is half the battle to stay hydrated. Buying a cute water bottle at the beginning of the semester is a little incentive to stay hydrated every day. I love carrying my S’well bottle around with me, and because I bring it everywhere, I end up drinking water all day long.

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

3—Set up your planner or online calendar

This may seem obvious to my fellow Type A college students out there, but setting up your planner or online calendar is key to a successful semester. Write in any club obligations, meetings, or practices you have to attend as well as major due dates, exams, and any social plans you have. I love keeping my paper planner as a to-do list of my assignments and responsibilities and my calendar on my phone synched with everywhere I have to be (classes, meetings, gym etc.). Everyone has a different organizational system, but find what works best for you and stick with it.

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

4—Find something to look forward to

During a particularly stressful week, my friends and I like to plan a fun dinner or activity for the weekend to give us a reward at the end of the week. Whether it’s a shopping trip for some new fall sweaters, tickets to a game or concert, or just going out for a meal outside of the dining hall, having something to look forward to is a helpful motivation during those intense study sessions!

By creating a workout routine, remembering to stay hydrated, setting up your calendar, and making plans, you are a few steps closer to a successful semester inside and outside the classroom.

What are your favorite ways to prepare for a new semester? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Tips to Help You Beat the End-of-Summer Blues

Even though the end of summer might have you listening to the melancholy melodies of Lana del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness,” don’t let the fast-approaching fall keep you from soaking up the last few weeks of the season. Instead, use these dwindling days of August to get in your happiest and most positive state of mind so you’ll be ready to transition to September with ease.

Indulge in the Little Things

Everyone has that one little thing that automatically brightens their day, whether it’s your morning latte or an episode of your favorite show on Netflix. Doing the things that you love in these last few lazy days of summer will ensure that you’re making the most of the season. So enjoy a picturesque bike ride or an iced coffee on your morning commute, that is, before pumpkin spiced lattes become your one and only drink of choice. After all, it’s the little things that add up to a summer well spent.

Create an Upbeat Playlist

Music is one of the easiest ways to brighten your mood, especially when it’s a mix of all the best upbeat summer jams. Make a playlist of your favorite summer songs and blast them when you’re hanging out with friends or even just packing up your dorm room essentials. Looking for new artists or songs? Check out Spotify for some of their energetic, up-to-date playlists packed with all this summer’s hits that will keep you singing along into September.

Get Moving

Best said by our favorite Legally Blonde Delta Nu, Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.” Okay, so maybe that last part isn’t so relevant, but Elle does make a good point. Working out and staying active is a big part of living a healthy, well-balanced life, and can help you get in your best shape before heading back to school. Whether you take an early morning yoga class, hit the pavement for a run after work, or try something completely new, getting your body moving can help you reach your ultimate fitness and wellness goals before the end of summer.

Wear Outfits That You Love

Every Fashionista knows that a good outfit can make or break your day. However, it’s not always being on-trend that counts. It’s all about wearing pieces that you love. For some girls, it’s wearing their coziest and cutest sorority sweatshirt that makes them feel most confident, while for others, it’s a trendy outfit from head-to-toe, complete with accessories and the perfect pair of shoes. Before the end of summer, enjoy wearing your favorite rompers, dresses, and shorts before bundling up for the chillier months of fall. Look good and feel good in your favorite summer pieces and don’t forget to share a few OOTDs on Instagram.

What are your go-to tips for beating the end-of-summer blues? Let us know in the comments below. 

How I Fell in Love With Working Out

To be honest, I’ve always been one of those people who would rather take a nice long nap instead of going to the gym; in fact, the thought of physical activity made me cringe. But, like everyone else, I still wanted that perfect beach bod but without the hard work. That was until my roommate introduced me to this magical powder, also known as pre-workout.

One of the biggest reasons I couldn’t get my butt over to the gym was because of my lack of energy. Pre-workout solved this problem for me and let me tell you, I don’t know what I would do without it. You can buy it online or at a supplement store. You mix one scoop of this powder with about six to eight ounces of water and voilà! You have a cup of energy, the type of energy that makes you want to move. So, your only option is to go to the gym. It’s truly been a miracle for me.

The next thing, and quite possibly my favorite thing about going to the gym, is picking out my outfit. The best part about workout clothes is that they can be worn all day every day, or at least that’s my excuse for buying a ridiculous amount of leggings and tennis shoes. My favorite outfit to wear to the gym is high-waisted leggings, an athletic tank that I tie in the front or cropped shirt, and sometimes a sweatshirt I’ll tie around my waist. I’ve always believed that feeling good helps you to perform better and when I feel good in my clothes I’m already more motivated.

The third thing that gets me in the gym is weight lifting. Recently, I fell in love with weight lifting. At first, I thought weight lifting was just for guys but I learned that’s completely wrong. Weight lifting is the best way I know how to burn fat and build muscle that tones, and sculpts my body. If I need help figuring out what exercises are best for the female body and examples of how to do them correctly, I go straight to Instagram. Instagram is full of fitness bloggers who share their own fitness journeys. Just seeing their results gives me motivation and reminds me exactly what I’m working towards. A few of my favorites include Cristina Capron, Jill Christine, and Katy Hearn.

Now my advice to you is to find the thing that makes you fall in love with working out. Figure out what it is that’s holding you back and think about how you can fix it. One of the biggest things I learned is that fitness really is a journey. You have to be patient and remember that the times you want to give up the most are the times that it’s most important to keep going; it doesn’t just happen over night.

 So, what motivates you to get your sweat on? Tag @Cfashionista on social media and let me know!

Tips for Your First Half Marathon

As my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. I woke up thinking to myself, “Am I really about to run a half marathon today?” This past June I ran my first half marathon. I would have never thought when I started that I would be able to run 13.1 miles because truthfully, I struggled to run even one mile. When I decided to register for the half marathon, I began to research some helpful tricks and tips to make my experience much more enjoyable (as much as it could be at least)!

Every blog and article I read told me to drink lots of water. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference it made in my training. I felt so much better running when I had water in my system before my run. I struggled with remembering to drink water often throughout my day, so I highly recommend the app called “My Water.” It reminds you every two hours to drink more water, and I lived by it.

Another thing that I found to be super helpful was to buy new athletic wear before I started to train. It motivated me to run because I wanted to wear my new clothes. Plus, it’s really hard to resist a good reason to buy new clothes. Some stores that I purchased my athletic wear from were Forever 21, Gap, Nordstrom, and Ross. These stores always seemed to have the best deals.

Lastly, this is the tip that I found to be the most helpful. Running and training for a half marathon is purely a mind game. When I first started I would have never believed that I could have run 13.1 miles, but once I began to train and I could see the way my body was progressing and getting adjusted to the training, I was able to believe in myself. When you start to train, remember to just take baby steps because you will eventually get to where you need and want to be. Running a half marathon takes a lot out of you, but it’s more mental than physical. Just remember to push toward that last mile and reach that goal that you’d been striving for, because, in the end, you will feel amazing about yourself.

Running a half marathon is something that is such an amazing accomplishment, and with these helpful tips, I hope that I can encourage you to sign up for a half marathon and challenge yourself.

Do you have any tips for running a half marathon? Let me know in the comment below, and be sure to tag @Cfashionista while you train!

Here Are 3 Fitness Apps to Help You Stay in Shape

As a college student, it hasn’t always been easy finding time in my busy schedule to focus on staying fit. Going into my sophomore year I decided to really focus on my health and make it a priority. It wasn’t always easy making time out of my hectic days for the gym, so these fitness apps really came in handy. I could now use any spare time to get in a workout without it being time-consuming like a trip to the gym can be.

1—MyFitnessPalThis is the first fitness app I downloaded, and it’s still my favorite. This is an app where you can set a goal weight for yourself depending on your needs, whether it’s to gain, lose, or maintain your current weight. Then, it tells you how many calories and nutrients you should be consuming daily to reach your goal. It’s super simple to track the foods you eat by scanning them in through the barcode scanner, and it will show you all the nutritional facts you need to know! This app really helps make you aware of not only how many calories you’re consuming, but how much fat, sugar, and sodium is in the food you’re eating. This app has overall helped me to make healthier food choices and to understand what I am putting into my body.

2—The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute WorkoutI particularly love this app because you can get a quick workout done in just seven minutes. If you have more time to spare, then you can choose longer workouts up to 32 minutes with varying levels of difficulty, or customize your own! This app is one of my favorites because I think it is the perfect study break. Instead of sitting on social media for seven minutes, you can spend your study break getting some quick exercise in to clear your mind. The different workouts are super easy to follow and don’t require anything but at least seven minutes of your spare time!

3—SworkitI love the variety this app has to offer. To start a workout you can choose from strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching, then it goes into even more variety such as choosing upper body or core strength. You are able to choose specific workouts that will cater to your individual goals, and you can customize any of the workouts to only do the exercises you like to do. Every time you start a new workout the exercises are always different, adding variety to your workout! You’re also in control of the duration of your workout, and once finished it will tell you how many calories you burned.

If you have ever had a hard time finding time for fitness in your life, I promise these apps will make it possible! These apps not only make it easier, but they make it more fun to work out and prioritize being healthy.

What are your favorite fitness apps? Let me know in the comments below.