TAKE IVY SPOTLIGHT: Woody Hines and Chris Callis

Our Take Ivy contest was quite a success and it was exciting to see what our readers submitted as their best 1960s look. It was tough to choose but our winner of this contest goes to Woody Hines and Chris Callis from Princeton University who recreated an identical version of a photo from Take Ivy. I chatted with these two Fashionistos and learned a little bit about fashion at Princeton and what inspires their everyday fashion choices. Thanks again to everyone who participated and congratulations to Woody and Chris. 

CF: What school do you go to?

Woody Hines and Chris Callis: We are juniors at Princeton University.

CF: How does fashion from the 1960’s inspire your everyday wardrobe choices?

W/C: 1960s East Coast fashion was really about a casual, quintessentially American look. As we noted in our entry, we love paying fare to the classic brands that pervaded the Ivy League Look of the 1960s: Bass Weejuns, Gant Rugger, etc. Slim chinos tapered through the leg and blue blazers with unstructured shoulders hold a special place in our hearts: they offer a way to feel like you're really getting dressed, while still looking casual and approachable.

CF: Describe your personality in three words?

W: warm, creative, intellectual
C: masculine, athletic, easy-going

CF: Favorite place to shop around campus?

W/C: Princeton's Ralph Lauren is a great spot to shop and hang out. We've got a couple of friends who work there and we go about once a week just to chat. It's got a great vibe and everyone is so knowledgeable. When we're really trying to get some new gear, we take the train into New York and hit all our favorite spots: Bergdorf Goodman, Gentlemen's Resale and INA (two of the best consignment stores in the city), Paul Stuart, and anywhere else that catches our eye. Tough to pin down a favorite shop in New York.

CF: What do you aspire to do after you graduate?

W/C: We're not all too certain what we want to do after college, but it will probably involve menswear, business, and hopefully Prepidemic.

CF: Best thing about college?

W/C: Our friends at Princeton are some of the most hilarious, interesting, intelligent, and fun people you could ever meet. They make going there a blast.

CF: Anything else you want to share with CollegeFashionista readers?

W/C: Again, thanks so much for the opportunity to participate. Love what CollegeFashionista is doing. Prepidemic's got big plans for the next month. Stay tuned for some really exciting editorial spreads! 

*First photograph of Clay Blackiston/ *Second photograph from Take Ivy by T. Hayashida

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