Now that the Christmas cookies have been eaten and the champagne bottles have been popped, it's time to detox. I don't mean a juice cleanse or anything, I'm talking about a wardrobe detox. With all the bright colors and sequins dresses from the holidays, I feel the need to return to the basics and start dressing in a more minimal manner.  

Today's Fashionista exhibits how simplistic outfits can be beautiful. Against the backdrop of her basic leggings and warm winter cap, the clean lines of her peacoat accent the slightly oversized collar. The rich gray-brown is a great winter alternative to black.  

My style advice this week is to find a bold colored basic or two that you love and leave the rest of your outfit plain. And, who knows, maybe removing the clutter from your outfit may help you remove the other distractions in your life as you head into spring semester.

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