TREND: Internship Must-Haves

Alright, we all know that U of O hasn't had the warmest of weather this year. So, we must hide our summer clothing in the closet for a little bit longer. This week I am showing what a typical "intern" should wear in the office. Every kind of internship is different, some are formal and some are not. One thing in common for all interns is the motivation to look absolutely fabulous at all times. After all, first appearance says a lot. The following are some tips and tricks to looking great in every internship experience:

  • For Fashionistas:
  • Suits and separates are always a great idea for your professional closet. Also, black, white, and neutral colors allow you to play it safe. You can spice it up with colorful accessories. 
  • Closed-toes sandals, pumps, and dress shoes are perfect types of footwear for a professional outfit. When shopping for these items, don't forget to look for comfortable shoes. You will be wearing these shoes for 5+ hours a day, comfort and style are key.
  • Belts, handbags, and jewelry are easy ways to add your personality to your outfit. They are interchangeable; however, don't overdo it. You don't want to be the one in the room with a screaming purse, bangles, earrings, and necklace. Choose one and go with it!
  • For Fashionistos:
  • Men's internship attire is a fairly easy endeavor. It includes dress pants, button-up collared shirt, tie, sports jacket, dress shoes, and the occasional polo.
  • Some internships may let you get away with dark jeans and a nice jacket.
  • The only dilemma most males find, when choosing the right outfit, is the color combination. I know this can be scary and you may fear being "that guy" who obviously didn't think twice before leaving his house. So, for more information on color combos, check out this chart–it's a no brainer!

Well, this wraps up the office wear advice for all of you ambitious, fabulous people. Don't forget to check back in next week for more inside info on the current fashion trends and where to find the threads.

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