TREND: The Best of Both Seasons

The time between summer minis and fall sweaters can often render one unsure of what outfit to sport during those breezy days. Luckily I found this Fashionista lounging around with some advice. To her there are no such things as designated summer or fall wear. Fashion, in her eyes, tells a story of who you are, what your doing and where your going.

So, if you are a bright person who happens to be caught between seasons heed some advice from this Fashionista and add color with a loose, high-waisted skirt. For this look, skip the belt that would make this outfit bulky. Instead, use a light fall sweater to focus attention on the skirt and to naturally highlight a waistline. Finish off with dark black tights to keep the attention on the item you desire. Lastly don't be afraird to mix seasons. Socks and sandals are going to be a huge trend this fall and are already making their way to the runway. Seize the opportunity and start subtly with some medium healed gladiator sandals to fit in and if you feel more adventurous add different color shoes.

Fall is right around the corner, but that doesn't mean summer styles have got to go.  

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