I love cognac. It gives me a head rush; it makes me warm and happy inside. The funny thing is, I’m talking about the color, not the drink.

Last week I stressed the importance of adding gold accents to your wardrobe. But now that it’s August and the last weeks of summer are starting to trickle down (tear), it’s time to begin thinking about your transition into fall. For this coming season (and quite franky, any season), I am head over heels in love with cognac. While it's an extremely versatile color for winter, spring, summer or fall, I think it is ultimately the color of autumn. Cognac is the same rusty hue of natural leather, and yet the same warm tone of the leaves that crunch under your feet as you begin another semester at school. I love cognac accessories, from handbags to strings of leather bracelets, but I especially adore the color on riding boots.

When I met today's Fashionista in Chicago’s Loop neighborhood at the end of July, she was enjoying her last few weeks of summer. In an outfit suitable for the workplace, she sported a navy blue tee, khaki pants, gladiator sandals and a cognac bag and matching belt. Her hair was effortlessly swept into a bun, and her tortoise sunglasses shaded her eyes. The look was a classic; it was perfect for class yet still great for a summer internship. The natural leather accents pulled together a timeless color palette.

This fall, I urge everybody to invest in some cognac. One or two pieces in this fabulous tone can bring together any look, as we see here. Cognac is versatile and goes with any style, whether you're preppy, bohemian, athletic or something all your own. This Fashionista's gorgeous cognac handbag is part of Michael Kors new fall collection. Skinny leather belts, great atop denim or high-waisted skirts, are in abundance across all price points, but I love this one by Linea Pelle.

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