STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Firecracker Red Dress Explodes with Style

This Fashionista is styling a red and black dress that is perfect for all sorts of festivities. With the Fourth of July drawing near, it's always fun to dress up and enjoy the entertainment and this dress provides a comfortable, cute look. The dress does not have a lot of design on it to interfere with any accessories so it gives you a great chance to dress it up even more with a belt or jewelry.

The Fashionista chose to dress her attire  up with jewelry including a necklace, bracelet and ring, all complementing the black half of the dress. My favorite accessory that she styles is her bracelet. It's a braided style with two parts and gives the attire a chic look that stands out. Forever 21 is a great place to look for unique, stylish jewelry because their selection is big and you can usually find any type of jewelry you may be looking for. They have really big styles and littles ones to go with attire that may have a lot of design. Jewelry doesn't have to be expensive to look good in order to make your outfit stand out, you can find really affordable, fashionable jewelry in numerous amounts of store.

The dress that is being styled can be found at Express, a very fashionable store that you can go to for attire you can wear to any festivity or event. Their dresses come in various amounts of designs including different prints, material and style. This Fashionista's dress mixes two different materials together. The top is a cotton material while the bottom is more of a polyester type. The cotton material gives a more comfortable fit for the top half of the dress and the polyester part makes it so that the bottom half of the dress has a little bit of body to it, the tougher material makes it so that the dress does not hug your body like cotton would.

The Fashionista also shows off some very stylish shoes to complete her attire. The brand of the shoes are called, Cordani. These shoes are fashionable yet comfortable enough to work, walk and play in. The original Cordani shoe collection emphasizes fashionable and chic wedges and platforms. Their shoe bottoms are carefully designed to provide even weight distribution to allow you to work or play all day long. The simple, understated designs offer you endless options to wear with all your casual outfits and this fashionista chose the perfect black pair to complement her dress and make it even more stylish and noticeable!

Hint: If you aren't someone who really enjoys wearing wedges or platforms, check out Kohls for a more affordable, comfortable look with a huge selection just for your likes.

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