TREND: The Glamorous Ginger

Some of us are drawn to the color red like a bull in Spain. For it’s a statement color, whether it’s on your lips or the sole of your Louboutin, it portrays confidence. But, this Fashionista portrays red in a totally different way – her tresses! Dressing for your hair color can be tricky and sometimes difficult: you want fashion and beauty to complement each other not clash. So, I was instantly attracted to how this Fashionista managed to show off her brilliant hair color and still dress red hot.

Her color palette flows perfectly. The grays and blacks allow her crimson locks to be a statement-making accessory. Thus, her wardrobe pieces are relatively simple and chic. The old-Hollywood glamour that fur implies flatters nicely with her classic, everlasting Chanel quilted bag. I know I am perpetually in pursuit of those adaptable pieces that can be worn a million different ways and will add a dash of instant style to any outfit.

Greens and purples look amazing on any ginger. Reds and pinks tribute any blonde. And if you’re dark, the rainbow is endless; basically any color brings out the vibrancy and thus makes your hair a feature and flaunt it! Work around the hair when finding an outfit. Keep in mind that simplicity in dress will make your hair hue more noticeable.

There’s always something to learn from the way trendsetters dress themselves. Sometimes they show us how to wear a dramatic trend, such as the vest, in a practical way. Other times, an outfit might spark some sort of do-it-ourselves idea, such as her layering. And of course, there are those moments when we see someone trying a fashion-forward look and we realize we’re seeing the next big trend. Inspiration is all around and comes from many different sources, including the hue of your locks. So, don’t get tangled up in the fads, curl around a look that’s right for you.

Hint: Old Navy and American Apparel will your one stop shop for any complimenting hue!

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